A History of Counterinsurgency [2 volumes]

Gregory Fremont-Barnes
ABC-CLIO, 2015 M05 5 - 798 páginas
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This two-volume history of counterinsurgency covers all the major and many of the lesser known examples of this widespread and enduring form of conflict, addressing the various measures employed in the attempt to overcome the insurgency and examining the individuals and organizations responsible for everything from counterterrorism to infrastructure building.

How and when should counterinsurgency be pursued as insurgency is growing in frequency and, conversely, while conventional warfare continues to decline as a means by which political rivals seek to impose their will upon each other? What lessons from the past should today's policymakers, strategists, military leaders, and soldiers in the field keep in mind while facing off against 21st-century insurgents?

This two-volume set offers a comprehensive history of modern counterinsurgency, covering the key examples of this widespread and enduring form of conflict. It identifies the political, military, social, and economic measures employed in attempting to overcome insurgency, examining the work of the individuals and organizations involved, demonstrating how success and failure dictated change from established policy, and carefully analyzing the results. Readers will gain valuable insight from the detailed assessments of the history of counterinsurgency that demonstrate which strategies have succeeded and which have failed—and why.

After an introductory essay on the subject, each chapter provides historical background to the insurgency being addressed before focusing on the specific policies pursued and actions taken by the counterinsurgency force. Each section also provides an assessment of those operations, including in most cases an analysis of lessons learned and, where appropriate, their relevance to counterinsurgency operations today. The set's coverage spans modern counterinsurgencies from Europe to Asia to Africa since 1900 and includes the ongoing counterinsurgency operations in Afghanistan today. Its wide, international approach to the subject makes the set a prime resource for readers seeking specific information on a particular conflict or a better understanding of the general theories and practices of counterinsurgency.

  • Provides an extremely broad coverage of counterinsurgency that spans the period from 1900 to the present day and addresses geographical areas such as Algeria, India, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan, Malaya, Cyprus, Vietnam, and many other regions and countries
  • Supplies historical and geographical perspectives that enable the reader to examine each chapter as an independent case study and compare and contrast each event with others to draw lessons across time
  • Includes an extensive bibliography that covers all aspects of modern counterinsurgency-based themes, including geographical regions, theory, and tactics


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1 Introduction
2 Methods of Barbarism British Counterinsurgency in South Africa 190002
3 Glimpsing the Future The Irish Struggle for Independence 191621
4 Colonial Rebellion and Counterinsurgency in Palestine British Pacification of the Jewish and Arab Revolts 193648
5 The Defeat of a Colonial School of Pacification The French in Indochina 194554
6 The Malayan Emergency British Counterinsurgency Phases and the Triumph of Geodemographic Control 194860
7 The Mau Mau Revolt in Kenya 195256
8 Breaking the Camels Back The Departure from the Philosophy of Cultured ForceThe French Counterinsurgency Campaign in Algeria 195462
3 Model Campaigns of Futility The Portuguese in Africa 196174
4 The Model Counterinsurgency Dhofar 196275
5 Confrontation Countering Indonesian Insurgency 196366
6 The British in South Arabia 196367 A Tale of Two Insurgencies
7 The Vietnam War The Spectrum of Conflict 195475
8 OneSided COIN A PoliticoMilitary Study of the Rhodesian Bush War 196680
9 Northern Irelands Troubles 196998 Principles versus Practice in Counterinsurgency?
10 Battling the Mujahideen Soviet Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan 197989

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Title Page
Editors Note
1 Island in Revolt Britains War against EOKA during the Cyprus Emergency 195559
2 Searching for a Solution to a Conundrum Indian Counterinsurgency since 1956
11 Counterinsurgency in Turkey Confronting Kurdish Separatism and the PKK since 1984
12 Russian Counterinsurgency in Chechnya 199496
13 Culture and Complexity Counterinsurgency in Iraq 200311
14 Afghanistan The Graveyard of Counterinsurgency?
15 The Future of Counterinsurgency? The Crisis of Classical Theories
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About the Editor and Contributors
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Gregory Fremont-Barnes, PhD, is senior lecturer in war studies at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, UK, where a third of officer cadet teaching focuses on insurgency and counterinsurgency.

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