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ADDRESS to Prince Regent, 167; to Friends, 169; Holy Spirit, admitted by the Indians as a reprover,

to the inhabitants of Altona, 198; to the 31; baptism of, 355.
attendants of the Queen of Denmark, 214;

to the convicts of Aggerhuus, 233; to the Indians visited by Thomas Shillitoe, 364; their be.
Prince of Waldeck, 254; to the King of

lief of the Divine Being, 367; meeting England, 275; to Prince Witgenstein in

with the Massassaguas, 374; speech of, 380; Prussia, 296; to persons in the higher sta

meeting with them, 383.
tions, 300; to the King of Denmark, 304; to
the English Protestants in Russia, 324;

to the King of England, 480.

Keith, George, 21. Andrews, Edward, narrative of his convincement,

L. 411.

Light of Christ, its universality defended, 51; DiAtonement, 441.

vine and saving nature of it, 55; opposed by

the Beacon, 353. Baptism, and bread and wine, 32, 55; of the Holy Lloyd, Thomas, 486. Spirit, 355.

Bownas, Samuel, Joseph Besse's testimony respect- | Mediation of Christ. 214. 441.

ing him, 1; journal of his life and travels, 2; / Meetings, held mostly in silence, 72;
visited under the ministry of A. Wilson, 3; | Ministro

| Ministry, sanctification necessary to prepare for it, appears as a minister, 4. Remarkably

1; danger of extremes, 36; danger of untempted and relieved through prayer. Re

dervaluing the gift, 57; advice to those fuses money offered to him, 7; applies to

engaged in it, 58; to keep to the Spirit, work to obtain the means of travelling, &c.

63; difference between the true and false, 9; preaches at a funeral with his Bible

in his hand, 10; disputes on baptism, 12;
travels in Scotland, 13; imprisoned, 14;
preaches in the street, 15; argument upon

Sandham, Robert, 486.
the Scriptures being the rule of faith and

Scriptures, a rule subordinate to the Spirit, 16, practice, 16; how he became a minister, 17;

325; never denied by Friends, 52; devisits America, 21; examined and commit

claration respecting them, 436. ted on Long Island, 25; commences shoe

Shillitoe, Thomas, journal of; testimony of the making in jail, 27; conversation with an

Monthly Meeting concerning him, 74; Indian, 29; also with John Rogers, a Bap

education, 78; turned out of his father's tist, 31; on election, 33; liberated, 35;

house for joining Friends; first appears as preaches at a disturbed meeting with his

a minister, 80; travels as a minister, 82; Bible in his hand, 37; visits Ireland, 41;

visits Dunkirk with a committee, 83; prosecuted for tithes, 42; second visit to

preaches at a market cross, 84; exercises America, 49; arguments in defence of the

on a visit to the king, 85; goes to Guernlight of Christ, 55; great storm at sea, 60;

sey and Jersey, 88; called to relinquish

business and devote his time to the service visits the north of England and Ireland, 62; sets forth the folly and emptiness of all

of his Divine Master, 93; summoned as a forms of religion without the virtue and

witness on a singular suit, 94; second visit power of the spirit of Christ, 69.

to Guernsey, 95; further outward sacri. C.

fices, 99; instructive dream, 100; remark

able meeting, 106; address to the rulers, Chester, Edward, narrative of, convinced by his

108; takes passage for Ireland, 111; joins fireside, 71; becomes a minister-death,

Elizabeth Ridgway in visiting the drinking 73.

houses, 114, 118; returns home and in Christian Friends, a sect, 203.

1810, again lands in Ireland, 125; visits Christ, faith of Friends concerning the Lord Jesus, the drinking houses at Clonmel, 126; re441.

strained in social calls, 127; interview D.

with a Catholic bishop, 128; attends the Declaration of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting re

Yearly Meeting and arrives at his own specting the separation of the Hicksites,

home in peace. In 1811 sails again for and their erroneous principles, 431.

Ireland—a great storm, 130; commences E.

his service at the drinking houses in Cork, Election and reprobation, 33.

132; confidence in Divine protection unExham, John, 486.

der abuse, 133; visits another Catholic

bishop, 138; necessity of renewed purifiGarton, William, 486.

cation for service, 139; instance of declin


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