Gallery of Irish Writers: The Irish Writers of the Seventeenth Century

J. Duffy, 1857 - 240 páginas

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Página 235 - I have lost in your brother not only an ingenious and learned acquaintance, that all the world esteemed; but an intimate and sincere friend, whom I truly loved, and by whom I was truly loved : and what a loss that is, those only can be sensible who know how valuable and how scarce a true friend is, and how far to be preferred to all other sorts of treasure.
Página 230 - Case of Ireland being bound by Acts of Parliament made in England stated...
Página 194 - Duffy was not in my company, as he most falsely swore. " To the sixth, I say, that I was never at any meeting or council, where there was mention made of allotting or collecting...
Página 187 - Tis rare that any man hath had such time as you have had — five weeks' time — to provide your witnesses. If your witnesses are so cautious, and are such persons that they dare not or will not venture for fear of being...
Página 197 - I hope you will believe the words of a dying man. And, that you may be the more induced to give me credit, I assure you that a great peer sent me notice ' that he would save my life if I would accuse others...
Página 199 - I should, or could live a thousand years, I have a firm resolution and a strong purpose, by your grace, O my God, never to offend you ; and I beseech your Divine Majesty, by the merits of Christ, and by the intercession of His Blessed Mother, and all the holy angels and saints, to forgive me my sins, and to grant my soul eternal rest.
Página 238 - ... that the book published by Mr Molyneux was of dangerous tendency to the crown and people of England, by denying the authority of the king and parliament of England to bind the kingdom and people of Ireland, and the subordination and dependence that Ireland had, and ought to have, upon England, as being united and annexed to the imperial crown of England.
Página 196 - I should belie myself) the chief crimes laid to my charge, no wise man that knows Ireland would believe me. If I should confess that I was able to raise 70,000 men in the districts of which I had care, to wit, in Ulster, nay, even in all Ireland, and to have levied and exacted...
Página 81 - Oxford, for the prosecution of his mission, he had the degree of doctor of laws conferred upon him by that university.
Página 199 - To the final satisfaction of all persons, that have the charity to be. lieve the words of a dying man : I again declare before God, as I hope for salvation, what is contained in this paper, is the plain and naked truth, without any equivocation, mental reservation, or secret evasion whatsoever ; taking the words in their usual sense and meaning, as Pro. testants do, when they discourse with all candour and sincerity. To all which, I have here subscribed my hand, Oliver Plunket.

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