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Barrington, Daines. Observations on the vitrified walls in Scotland. (Society of Antiquaries of London. Archæologia. London, 1782. 4°. v. 6, p. 100-103.) † CA Dunagoyle, Bute.

Galloway, William. Notice of the chapel dedicated to St. Blane at Kingarth in Bute. 6 pl. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Archæologia Scotica. Edinburgh, 1880. 4°. v. 5, p. 317-335.) + СРА

Hewison, James King. The isle of Bute in the olden time. Edinburgh: W. Blackwood & Sons, 1893-95. 2 v. illus. sq. 8°. CR v. 1. Celtic saints and heroes.

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Beaton, David. Some references to witchcraft and charming. From Caithness and Sutherland church records. By Historicus. (Orkney and Shetland old lore series of the Viking Club. Old lore miscellany. London, 1909-1910. 8°. v. 2, 110-115, 171-172, 193; v. 3, p. 47-48.)


Brand, John. A brief description of Orkney, Zetland, Pightland-Firth & CaithEidnburgh: W. Brown, 1883. 18, 247 p. 8°. CRB no. 148 of 157 copies printed. Verbatim reprint of edition of 1701.

1 pl. (In: John Pinkerton, A general collection of...voyages and travels...London, 1809. 4°. v. 3, p. 731-810.) † KBD Reprinted from the Edinburgh ed., 1701.

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Cambrian Archæological Association. Report of the excursion of the Cambrian Archæological Association, in connexion with the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, to the western islands of Scotland, Orkney and Caithness, June, 1899. Edited by R. Cochrane. Dublin, 1900. xii, 186 p. 8°. CVA Conservative meetings in Caithness. Reception of Sir George Sinclair; dinners at Thurso and Wick, &c. n.p. [1836.1 58 p. 8°. AGH p.v. 23

Mackay, Angus. Sutherland and Caithness in ancient geography and maps. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Proceedings. Edinburgh, 1908. 8°. v. 42, p. 7994.)



Mayhew, Samuel Martin. Notes north Caithness and Orkney. 2 pl. (British Archæological Association. Journal. London, 1889. 8°. v. 45, p. 265-279.) CA

Mowat, John. A list of books and pamphlets relating to the north of Scotland, with special reference to Caithness and Sutherland. (Old-lore miscellany of Orkney, Shetland, Caithness and Sutherland. London, 1909-11. 8°. v. 2, p. 238-242; v. 3,

49-54, 170-176, 224-225; v. 4, p. 45-47, 99101, 151-152, 201-205; v. 5, p. 38-43.)


Old-lore miscellany of Orkney, Shetland, Caithness and Sutherland. Edited by A. W. Johnston and A. Johnston. v. 1date. London, 1907-date. 12°. (Old-lore series of the Viking Club.) CR

V. 1-2 title reads: Orkney and Shetland miscellany.

Pope, Alexander. On Caithness, Strathnaver, and Sutherland. (In: T. Pennant, A tour in Scotland. London, 1776. 4°. v. 1, 4 ed., p. 336-366.) + CPW

St. Clair, Roland. The bishopric of Orkney. References to lands in Caithness. (Old-lore miscellany of Orkney, Shetland, Caithness and Sutherland. London, 1911. 8°. v. 4, p. 17-19.)


Sutherland, George Miller. Notes on Caithness history. (Celtic magazine. Inverness, 1880-81. 8°. v. 5, p. 271-274, 361364, 445-449; v. 6, p. 59-65, 277-280.) * DE Legendary history of the Cheynes, Keiths, and Gunns.


Reid, Alan. Notes on the churchyards of Currie, Kirknewton, and the Calders.

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Book, The, of the Thanes of Cawdor. A series of papers selected from the charter room at Cawdor. 1236-1742. [Edited by Cosmo Innes., Edinburgh: T. Constable. 1859. lxxvii, 471 p., 3 fac., 2 pl., 2 tables. 4°. (Spalding Club.) † CP

Campbell, Hugh. Cawdor Castle. 16 illus. (Pall Mall magazine. London, 1897. 8°. v. 13, p. 4-18.) *DA

Cawdor or Calder Castle, Nairnshire. 1 pl. (In: The antiquarian itinerary. London, 1818. 8°. v. 7.) CBD

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Clyde and Glasgow Harbour Acts. [Binder's title of a collection of copies of four acts of Parliament, 1754, 1768, 1809, and 1840, relating to the improvement of the river Clyde and enlarging the harbour of Glasgow.j Glasgow: Constitutional Office, and London: Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1840. 46, 21, 78, 154, xvii p. 8°. VDNA

Falls of the Clyde. 1 illus. (Penny magazine. London, 1832. 4°. v. 1, p. 253254.) *DA in the Dublin, * DA


Gaughan, Jessie A. Firth of Clyde. (Irish monthly. 1910. 8°. v. 38, p. 251-260.)

Marwick, Sir James David. The river Clyde and the Clyde burghs, the city of Glasgow and its old relations with Rutherglen, Renfrew, Paisley, Dumbarton, PortGlasgow, Greenock, Rothesay, and Irvine. Glasgow: The Scottish Burgh Records Society, 1909. 2 p.l., 4, (1) vi-x, 254 p. 4°.


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COLONSAY AND ORONSAY, ARGYLLSHIRE Murray, Mrs. Frances. Summer in the Hebrides. Sketches in Colonsay and Oronsay. [By Mrs. Frances Murray.] Glasgow: J. Maclehose & Sons, 1887. xi, 175 p., 1 map, 7 pl. 12°. CRB

COLZEAN CASTle, Ayrshire

Culzean Castle, Ayrshire. The seat of the earl of Cassilis. 1 pl. (The English annual. London [1837]. 8°. p. 150-151.)


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With introductory remarks by Rev. Charles Rogers. London: Grampian Club, 1877. 76 p. 8°. CRF

Fortune, E. Charlton. A royal Scottish burgh. illus. (Harper's magazine. New York, 1910. 8°. v. 121, p. 661-669.) *DA Crail, Fifeshire.

Millar, Alexander Hastie. Notes on the ancient burgh seal of Crail, and the seal of the chapter of the abbey of Coupar. illus. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Proceedings. Edinburgh, 1903. v. 37, p. 160-165.)


sq. 8°. CPA

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