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Account of the burning of the villages of Auchterarder, Muthill, Crieff, Blackford, Dalreoch, and Dunning, about the beginning of the year 1716. (Maitland Club. Miscellany. Edinburgh, 1843. 4°. v. 3, p. 441-474.) + CP

Reprinted in A. G. Reid's Annals of Auchterarder, p. 147-155, Crieff, 1899.

Crieff: its traditions and characters, with anecdotes of Strathearn. Edinburgh: D. Macara, 1881. xi(i), 304 p. 12°. CR

Porteous, Alexander. The history of Crieff, from the earliest times to the dawn of the twentieth century. By Alexander Porteous, with introduction by W. P. Faterson, D.D. Edinburgh: Oliphant, Anderson & Ferrier, 1912. xviii, 423 p., 3 plans, 40 pl., 1 port. 4°. CR

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1709. 1 plan. (Scottish notes and queries. Aberdeen, 1902. sq. 8°. series 2, v. 2, p. 1-2.)



Anders, Felix. Culross and Saint Mungon. (Scots magazine. Perth, 1900. 8°. new series, v. 25, p. 99-107.) * DE

Beveridge, David. Culross and Tulliallan; or, Perthshire on Forth. Its history and antiquities, with elucidations of Scottish life and character from the burgh and kirk-session records of that district. Edinburgh: W. Blackwood & Sons, 1885. 2 v. 8°. CR

Reviewed in Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine, v. 139, p. 380-389, Edinburgh, 1886.

Hallen, Arthur Washington Cornelius. Notes on the secular and ecclesiastical antiquities of Culross. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Proceedings. Edinburgh, 1878. sq. 8°. v. 12, p. 245-253.)


Jervise, Andrew. Poetical maxims from a painted room in the old house at Culross, called "The Palace," with notices of the history of the building and its probable founder. (Society of Antiquaries of


History and Description, continued.

Local History, continued.

Scotland. Proceedings. Edinburgh, 1859. sq. 8°. v. 2, p. 339-344.) CPA

Johnston, James, of Straiton. Statement addressed to the worthy and independent electors of Stirling, Dunfermline, Inverkeithing, Queensferry, and Culross. n. p. [1832. 1 p.l., 56 p. 8°. * C p.v. 434

CUMBERNAULD, DUMBARTONSHIRE Narrative, A, of the surprising work of God in the conversion of souls in Kilsyth, Finnieston, and Cumbernauld, and the revival of religion in Anderston and Paisley; with an account of the remarkable occurrences which took place at the dispensation of the sacrament at Kilsyth, on 22d September 1839. Glasgow: D. Maclure, 1839. 32 p. 12°. ZWGF p.v. 13

Russell, Miss H. J. M. The name of Glasgow, and the history of Cumbria. (British Archæological Association. Journal. London, 1890. 8°. v. 46, p. 43-52.)


Armstrong, Robert Bruce. Military report on the districts of Carrick, Kyle, and Cunningham. (Ayrshire and Galloway Archæological Association. Archæological and historical collections. Edinburgh, 1884. 4°. v. 4, p. 17-25.)

† CA

Paterson, James. History of the counties of Ayr and Wigton. Edinburgh: J. Stillie, 1863-66. 3 v. in 5. fac., pl. 12°. CR

v. 1, Kyle; v. 2, Carrick; v. 3, Cunningham. Pont, Timothy. Cuninghame topographized by T. Pont, 1604-1608, with continuations and illustrative notices by James Dobie. Edited by John Shedden Dobie. Glasgow: John Tweed, 1876. xix, 426 p., 1 plan, 4 pl. 4°. tt CRB

Robertson, George. Topographical description of Ayrshire; more particularly of Cunninghame: together with a genealogical account of the principal families in that bailiwick. Irvine: Cunningham Press, 1820. xii, 13-442 p., 1 map. fo. ++ CR

CUPAR-ANGUS ABBEY, PERTHSHIRE Bannister, Henry Marriott. Pagine scelte di due codici appartenuti alla Badia

di S. Maria di Coupar-Angus in Scozia, con una breve descrizione di H. M. Bannister. Contributo alla storia della scrittura insulare. Specimen pages of two manuscripts of the abbey of Coupar-Angus in Scotland, with a short description by H. M. Bannister. Roma: Danesi, 1910. 13 p., 5 fac. 4°. (Bibliotheca Apostolica Vaticana. Codices e Vaticanis selecti phototypice expressi jussu Pii pp. x. consilio et opera curatorum Bibliothecae Vaticanae. Series minor. v. 2.) Reserve

Italian and English.

Cupar-Angus Abbey. Rental book of Cupar-Angus; with the breviary of the register. Edited by C. Rogers. London: printed for the Grampian Club, 1879-80. 2 v. pl. 8°. CR

Jervise, Andrew. Memorials of Angus and the Mearns: being an account, historical, antiquarian, and traditionary, of the castles and towns visited by Edward I. and of the barons, clergy, and others, who swore fealty to England in 1291-6; also, of the abbey of Cupar, and the priory of Rostinoth. To which is added an appendix of original documents. Edinburgh: A. & C. Black, 1861. x, 32*, 504 p., 1 1., 8°. CR

Millar, Alexander Hastie. Notes on the ancient burgh seal of Crail, and the seal of the chapter of the abbey of Coupar. illus. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Proceedings. Edinburgh, 1903. sq. 8°. v. 37, p. 160-165.) CPA

Wilson, James. Charter of the abbot and convent of Cupar, 1220. (Scottish historical review. Glasgow, 1911. 4°. v. 8, p. 172-177.) CPA

With an additional note on the charter by Sir Archibald Campbell Lawrie.

Original charters of the abbey of Cupar, 1219-1448. (Scottish historical review. Glasgow, 1912. 4°. v. 10, p. 272286.)



Reid, Alan. Notes on the churchyards of Currie, Kirknewton, and the Calders. illus. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Proceedings. Edinburgh, 1906. sq. 8°. v. 40, p. 217-245.) CPA


M'Neill, Peter. Cuittle, or Cuthill. (In his: Prestonpans and vicinity... Tranent, 1902. 12°. CR p. 247-255.)


Scott, William B. A Scottish kirk-session book, 1691. (Fraser's magazine.

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Lawrence, W. Notes on the "Moss of Auchmaleddie," in the parish of New Deer. 1 pl. (Scottish notes and queries. Aberdeen, 1898. sq. 8°. v. 11, p. 26.) CPA The plate represents two bronze shields found in the moss.


F. The abbey of Deer. (Scottish notes and queries. Aberdeen, 1890. sq. 8°. V. 3, p. 54-55.) CPA

Ferguson, William. Old Deer. An old book and an old record. (Scottish notes and queries. Aberdeen, 1890. sq. 8°. v. 4, p. 24-25.) CPA

Monuments in the abbey church of Deer, 1600 to 1770. (Scottish notes and queries. Aberdeen, 1897. sq. 8°. v. 10, p. 190-191.) CPA

Resignation of the abbey of Deer lands. (Scottish notes and queries. Aberdeen, 1899. sq. 8°. v. 12, p. 189-190.)



Aberdeen, Deeside and Braemar.. Edinburgh: A. & C. Black, 1856. viii, 63 p., 3 maps, 1 pl. 16°. Stuart 8760

Anderson, Robert. Brown's Deeside guide. (Scottish notes and queries. Aberdeen, 1906. sq. 8°. series 2, v. 7, p. 187189.) CPA

See also note in v. 8, p. 22.

Banks, W., & Sons. Scenery on the Dee-side, on the route from Aberdeen to Balmoral. [Edinburgh, 18— ?, 1 l., 14 pl. ob. 24°. Stuart 9136

Shand, Alexander Innes. Old Deeside: its songs and stories. (Cornhill magazine. London, 1908. 8°. new series, v. 25, p. * DA 252-267.)


Records of the presbyteries of Inverness and Dingwall. 1643-1688. Edited with an introduction from the original manuscript by William Mackay. Edinburgh: T. & A. Constable, 1896. lii, 384 p., 1 fac. 8°. Scottish History Society. Publications. v. 24.) CPA

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Bower, John. The history and antiquities of Melrose, Old Melrose, and Dryburgh Abbeys; with a description of Abbotsford, Eildon Hills, etc. [By John Bower.] Melrose: J. Bower [18471. viii, (1)10-99 p., 3 pl. 16°. CRF

With additional engraved title-page.

Cram, Ralph Adams. The ruined abbeys of Great Britain. New York: The Churchman Co., 1905. pl. 8°. COF

p. 171-191: Melrose and Dryburgh, 6 pl. Dryburgh Abbey, its monks and its lords. [Edinburgh: printed by G. Robbj for the proprietor, 1873. 44 p., 1 plan. 4. ed. 16°. CRB

Morton, James. The monastic annals of Teviotdale; or, The history and antiquities of the abbeys of Jedburgh, Kelso, Melros and Dryburgh. Edinburgh: W. H. Lizars, 1832. xi pp., 2 1., 328 p., 19 pl. 4°. CR Ross, Frederick. The ruined abbeys of Britain. London: Wm. Mackenzie, n. d. ++ CB The Premonstratensian abbey of Dryburgh, p. 125-148.


Ross, Thomas, and W. T. OLDREEVE. Report...on Dryburgh Abbey. (In: Great Britain. Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments and Constructions in Scotland. Edinburgh, 1909. 8°. Report. no. 1, p. 53-55.) CP

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Irving, Joseph. The story of ten years' progress in the burgh of Dumbarton. [Dumbarton, 1865.1 4 p.l., 5-34 p., 8 1., 3 pl. 16°. * C p.v. 1042

Marwick, Sir James David. The river Clyde and the Clyde burghs. The city of Glasgow and its old relations with Rutherglen, Renfrew, Paisley, Dumbarton, PortGlasgow, Greenock, Rothesay, and Irvine. [Edited by R. Renwick. Glasgow: Scottish Burgh Records Society, 1909. 1 p.l., 4, v-x p., 1 1., 254 p. 4°.



Chalmers, George. Dumbarton-shire. (In his: Caledonia. London, 1824. 4°. V. 3, p. 856-914.) † CP

Irving, Joseph. The book of Dumbartonshire: a history of the county, burghs, parishes, and lands, memoirs of families, and notices of industries carried on in the Lennox district. Edinburgh: W. & A. K. Johnston, 1879. 3 v. fac., maps, plans, pl., port. sq. 4°.

no. 200 of 400 copies printed.


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Barker, John. Notes on the municipal history of Dumfries. (Dumfries and Galloway notes and queries. Dumfries, 1912. sq. 8°. series 1, p. 329-337.) Per. Dept.

Corrie, John M. The Dumfries post office, 1642-1910. A record of progress and development. 6 pl. (Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society. Transactions. Dumfries, 1912. 8°. 1911-12, p. 38-118.) * EC

M'Diarmid, William R. Notes on the old town hall of Dumfries, commonly called the Mid Steeple. 1 pl. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Proceedings. Edinburgh, 1886. sq. 8°. v. 20, p. 186-189.) СРА

McDowall, William. History of the burgh of Dumfries, with notices of Nithsdale, Annandale, and the western border. Edinburgh: A. & C. Black, 1873. 1 p.l., viii, 9-787 p., 1 plan, 3 pl. 2. ed. 8°. CR With additional lithographed title-page.

Shirley, G. W. Dumfries market cross. (Dumfries and Galloway notes and queries. Dumfries, 1911. sq. 8°. series 1, p. 192197.) Per. Dept.

The English raids on Dumfries in 1570. (Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society. Transactions. Dumfries, 1911. 8°. 191011, p. 217-245.) * EC

The market cross of Dumfries. illus. (Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society. Transactions. Dumfries, 1911. 8°. 191011, p. 201-214.) *EC

Shirley, Mrs. G. W. Two centuries ago in Dumfries. (Dumfries and Galloway notes and queries. Dumfries, 1911. sq. 8°. series 1, p. 144-149.) Per. Dept.


Black, George Fraser. Notice of antiquities found in Dumfriesshire, and now preserved in the National Museum in Edinburgh. illus. (Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society. Transactions. Dumfries, 1890. 8°. 1887-90, p. 207-214.) *EC

Notice of various antiquities found in Dumfriesshire, and now preserved in

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