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Accounts of the burning of the villages of Auchterarder, Muthill, Crieff, Blackford, Dalreoch, and Dunning, about the beginning of the year, 1716. (Maitland Club. Miscellany. Edinburgh, 1843. 4°. v. 3, p. 441-474.) + CP

Reprinted in A. G. Reid's Annals of Auchterarder, p. 135-140, Crieff, 1899.

Wilson, John. Dunning: its parochial history; with notes, antiquarian, ecclesiastical, baronial, and miscellaneous. Perth: Constitutional Office, 1873. 1 p.l., vi, 112 p.

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Ramage, C. T. Drumlanrig Castle and the Douglases: with the early history and ancient remains of Durisdeer, Closeburn, and Morton. Dumfries: J. Anderson & Son, 1876. xxiii, 411 p. 8°.



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Account of the attempt to surprise the castle of Edinburgh during the Rebellion of 1715. (Edinburgh magazine and literary miscellany. Edinburgh, 1818. 8°. v. 2. p. 25-26.) * DE

With reprint of a letter dated 10 September 1715. Account, An, of the ceremony of beginning the public works of the city of Edinburgh, by laying the first stone of the Exchange, on Thursday the 13th of September 1753. 1 pl. opp. p. 425. (Scots magazine. Edinburgh [1753]. 8°. v. 15, p. 425430.)

* DE

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This description of Edinburgh was communicated by the author to Sebastian Munster, for his Cosmographia printed at Basle, 1550. It is here reprinted from that work, compared with the edition of 1572.

Translated in P. Hume Brown, Scotland before 1700, p. 106-108. Edinburgh, 1893. With reproduction of the map. Alesius means exile or wanderer. Alane was the author's original name.

Alexander, William Lindsay. Our Lord's miracles of healing demonstrative of the truth and illustrative of the character of his religion: a discourse delivered in St. George's Church... October 25th, 1843, on behalf of the Edinburgh Destitute Sick Society. Edinburgh: William Whyte and Co., 1843. 20 p. 8°. ZEC p.v. 67

Amicus, pseud. A sketch of the present state of Edinburgh. (The Athenæum. London, 1807. 8°. v. 2, p. 139-144, 253-257, 348-357.) * DE

Anderson, Robert Rowand, and ANDREW KERR. Observations on the structure of St. Giles. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Proceedings. Edinburgh, 1882. sq. 8°. v. 16, p. 284-288.) СРА

Anglo-Scotus, pseud. The new High School. (Edinburgh magazine and literary miscellany. Edinburgh, 1823. 8°. v. 12, p. 471-475.)

* DE Armstrong, Walter. The National Gallery of Scotland. illus. (Magazine of art. London, 1890. f°. v. 13, p. 1-7.) † MAA

Arnot, Hugo. The history of Edinburgh, from the earliest accounts to the year 1780... With an which is added, a sketch of the improvements of the city, from 1780 to 1816. Edinburgh: T. Turnbull, printer, 1816. xvi. 598 p., 1 map. 8°. Stuart 7544

Artemus Ward, Esq., at the Edenberry Yewniversetty. Edited by author of "Oudendale"... Edinburgh: E. Livingstone, 1865. 14 p. 12°. STK

Election squib issued during the rectorial contest in 1865.

Attenborough, J. M. The first Edinburgh school of literary critics. (Westminster review. London, 1902. 8°. v. 157, p. 669681.) * DA

Auld Reekie. (Blackwood's magazine. Edinburgh, 1905. 8°. v. 178, p. 92-110.) * DA

Aus dem Tagebuche eines in Grossbritannien reisenden Ungarn. Pesth: G. Heckenast, 1837. 12°. * C p.v. 1057

ch. 18: Iona, Staffa. ch. 19-20: Die schottischen Hochlande. ch. 21: Edinburgh.

Avus Edinensis, pseud. Letter to Mr. North, on a subject of much local interest.

History and Description, continued.

Local History-Edinburgh (City), continued. (Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine. Edinburgh, 1822. 8°. v. 12, p. 756-759.) * DE On the proposed new High School. B. Historical notices of the cathedral church of St. Giles, Edinburgh, with suggestions for its exterior decoration. (Edinburgh magazine and literary miscellany. Edinburgh, 1817. 8°. v. 1, p. 320-323.)

* DE B., H. W. Edinburgh in 1886. 1 pl. (The Graphic. London, 1886. f°. v. 33. p. 554.)

++* DE Bain, Joseph. Additional notices of St. Margaret's Chapel, in the castle of Edinburgh. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Proceedings. Edinburgh, 1889. sq. v. 23, p. 91-92.) CPA

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Ballantyne, Robert Michael. Photographs of Edinburgh, with descriptive letterpress. Glasgow: A. Duthie, n. d. 27 1.. 13 pl. 4°. Stuart 7535

Ballingall, William. Edinburgh past and present. Its associations and surroundings drawn with pen and pencil. [By William Ballingall., Edinburgh: Wm. Oliphant & Co., 1877. xiv, 153 p., 32 pl. illus. 4°. † CR Barbé, Louis A. Edinburgh and her patron saint. (In his: In byways of Scottish history. New York (1913]. 8°. P. 191197.) СР

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Bartholomew, John. Plan of Edinburgh & Leith with suburbs... Constructed for the post-office directory. Edinburgh: J. Bartholomew, 1875. 26 in. x 22 in. folded 24°. Stuart 8938

Begg, James. How to promote and preserve the true beauty of Edinburgh; being a few hints to... Lord Cockburn on his late letter to the lord provost. Edinburgh: Johnstone & Hunter, 1849. 16 p. 8°. *C p.v. 446

Bell, George. Day

wynds of Edinburgh.

and night in the Edinburgh: John

stone & Hunter, 1849. 36 p. 3. ed. 8°.

SFG 3 Edinburgh: Johnstone & Hunter, 1850. 36 p. 6. ed. 12o. * C p.v. 674 Belloc, M. A. Royal Hoyyrood. 11 illus. (English illustrated magazine. London, 1901. 8°. v. 25, p. 567-576.) * DA

Besant, Annie. Edinburgh slums. (Our corner. London, 1885. 8°. v. 6, p. 334340.) *DE

Bickers between Edinburgh and Leith; originally published in the Edinburgh Observer. Edinburgh: Stirling & Kenney, 1829. 20 p. 8°. CR

Bird, Isabella. Visit to Dr. Guthrie's Edinburgh ragged schools. By the author of "The Englishwoman in America" ri. e., Isabella Bird). (Leisure hour. London, 1861. 4°. v. 10, p. 247-251.) * DA

With portrait of Dr. Guthrie.

Black, Adam, lord provost. View of the financial affairs of the city of Edinburgh, with suggestions for compromise with the creditors. Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, 1835. iv, 20 p. 8°. CR

A vindication of the municipality extension and police and sanitary_bills Edinproposed by the Town-Council. burgh: A. & C. Black, 1848. 15 p. 8°. * C p.v. 436

Black, George Fraser. The Scottish National Museum of Antiquities. 1 illus. (Caledonian. New York, 1901. 8°. De* DD cember, 1901, p. 17-21.)

Bonar, Andrew R. The Canongate of Edinburgh. 1 illus. (Leisure hour. London, 1865. 4°. v. 14, p. 700-703.) * DA

Borthwick, John. Examination of the considerations, submitted to the householders of Edinburgh, on the state of their representation in Parliament. Edinburgh: Manners & Miller, 1824. 49, 6 p. 8°.


Boswall, Donaldson. Notice of an ancient bulwark discovered on the sea-shore of the lands of Wardie, near Edinburgh. illus. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Archæologia Scotica. Edinburgh, 1857. 4°. v. 4, p. 302-304.) + CPA

Botfield, Beriah. Notices of libraries. 95 p. (Philobiblion Society. Miscellanies. London, 1861. 8°. v. 6.) * GAA Library of the Faculty of Advocates, Edinburgh, p. 33-42; Library of the University of Edinburgh, p. 43-47.

Branford, V. Old Edinburgh and the Evergreen. (The Bookman. London, 1895. f°. **GDD v. 9, p. 88-90.) British Association for the Advancement of Science. Excursion handbook. Edin


burgh. [Edinburgh:, printed in the year 1758. 26 p. 8°. CR p. box

Burials in the abbey of Holyroodhouse. (Scottish antiquary. Edinburgh, 1901. 8°. v. 15, p. 143-151, 214-227.) CA

Butler, D. The Tron Kirk of Edinburgh; or, Christ's Kirk at the tron: a history. Edinburgh: Oliphant, Anderson, and Ferrier, 1906. 382 p., 1 1., 1 plan, 20 pl., 4 CR port. 4°.

C., J. O. Remarks on the annuity tax and seat-rents. Written for the committee of inhabitants, by J. O. C. Edinburgh: the committee, 1828. 31 p. 8°. ZWGS p.v. 22

Cabinet, The, album of views of Edinburgh. With historical and descriptive account. n. t.-p. [Edinburgh, 189 - ? 8 p., 1 folded pl. containing 29 views. 8°. CR Title from cover.

Campbell, John. Leaves from the diary of John Campbell, an Edinburgh banker in 1745. (Scottish History Society. Miscellany. Edinburgh, 1893. 8°. v. 1, p. 537559.) CPA

Canongate. Extracts from the records of the burgh of the Canongate, near Edinburgh, 1561-1588. (Maitland Club. Mis4°. cellany. Edinburgh, 1840. v. 283-359.)

2, p.

† CP

Carlyle, Thomas. "Jenny Geddes." 1637. (In his: Historical sketches of notable persons and events in the reigns of James 1. and Charles I. London, 1898. 2. ed. 8°. p. 299-310.) CI

Cecil, George. Some impressions of Edinburgh. illus. (English illustrated magazine. London, 1909. 8°. v. 40, p. 176-179.)


Chambers, Robert. The ancient domestic architecture of Edinburgh. Edinburgh Castle as before the siege of 1573. By Robert Chambers. [Edinburgh, n. d. 2 p.1., 36 p. illus. 8°. * C p.v. 428

Read before the Architectural Institute in Edinburgh, July, 1856.

Edinburgh merchants and merchandise in old times. [By Robert Chambers.] [Edinburgh, 1859. 2 p.1., 28 p. 8°. *C p.v. 428 Lecture delivered before the Merchant Company of Edinburgh, Feb. 14, 1859.

Edinburgh papers. Edinburgh merchants and merchandise in old times. Edinburgh: W. & R. Chambers, 1859. 2 p.l., 28 p. 8°. TLH p. box 1

Notes on St. Roque and the chapel dedicated to him, near Edinburgh. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. ceedings. Edinburgh, 1855. sq. 8°. p. 269-271.)


v. 1,



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Sketch of the history of the Edinburgh Theatre-Royal... [By Robert Chambers.] Edinburgh: Wood & Co., 1859. 1 p.l., 24 p. 8°. NCOM

Traditions of Edinburgh. Edinburgh: printed for W. & C. Tait, 1825. 2 v. 16°. CR Severely reviewed in the Monthly review or literary journal, v. 108, p. 125-130, London, 1825. A new edition, much amended. Edinburgh: W. & R. Chambers...1847. vi, (1)8-348 p., 1 pl. 12°.


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Cobban, J. Maclaren. A tale of old Edinburgh. (Chambers's Journal. Edinburgh, 1894. 4°. series 5, v. 11, p. 552-555, 569572, 583-586, 600-604.) * DA

Cockburn, Henry Thomas Cockburn, lord. A letter to the lord provost on the best ways of spoiling the beauty of Edinburgh. Edinburgh: Adam & Charles Black, 1849. 29 p. 2. ed. 8°. CR Edinburgh: A. C. Black, 1849. 29 p. 4. ed. 8°.

Edinburgh: A. 1849. 29 p. 5. ed. 8°.


* C p.v. 483

& C. Black,

CR p. box

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New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1856. 442 p. American ed. 8°. CR

RUSSEL, Alexander. Exposure of the attack on Lord Cockburn's "Memorials." [By Alexander Russel.] Edinburgh: A. & C. Black, 1856. 34 p. 8°. *C p.v. 669 Reprinted from the "Scotsman" of Sept. 3, and Nov. 8, 15, and 29.

Coles, Frederick R. Antiquarian notes on various sites in the neighbourhood of Edinburgh. illus. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Proceedings. Edinburgh, 1899. sq. 8°. v. 33, p. 330-353.) CPA

Notes on Saint Anthony's Chapel; with views and plans. illus. (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Proceedings. Edinburgh, 1896. sq. 8°. v. 30, p. 225-247.) CPA

Collegiate Church and Hospital of the Holy Trinity, Edinburgh. Charters and documents relating to the church and hospital of the Holy Trinity, and the Trinity Hospital, Edinburgh. A. D. 1460-1661. With a preface by J. D. Marwick. Edinburgh: Scottish Burgh Records Society, 1871. xxx, 187 p. 4°. (Scottish Burgh Records Society. [Publications. v. 18.1)

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