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Notes on the Highland regiments in the British army.

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Notices of the Highland dress and armour, collected from various sources, and arranged for the Transactions of the Iona Club. Collected by Donald Gregory and William F. Skene. (Iona Club. Transactions. Edinburgh [1847]. 8°. 25-52.)

v. 1, cp

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The Perthshire militia of the seven

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History and Description, continued.
Clan History (General), etc., continued.

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Plates double-page, with text on one side.

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Reviewed in Tait's Edinburgh magazine, v. 4, p. 531-532, Edinburgh, 1837; Edinburgh review, v. 66, p. 416-439, London, 1838.

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Map lacking.


See notice of original edition in Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine, v. 11, p. 387-396, Edinburgh, 1822.

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The plates are after MacIan.

Stuart, John Sobieski Stolberg, assumed name of John Hay Allan, and CHARLES EDWARD STUART. The costume of the clans,

with observations upon the literature, arts, manufactures, and commerce of the Highlands and Western Isles during the middle ages; and on the influence of the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries upon their present condition. Edinburgh: J. Menzies, 1845. 3 p.l., (i)iv-vi, lxiii, 171(1) p., 2 1., 36 pl. fo. Stuart 99

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The last clan-rising in Scotland.

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The 84th Regiment of Foot, or Royal Highland Emigrants, Second Battalion. 1775-84. (In: A military history of Perthshire, 1660-1902. Perth, 1908. 4°. p. 68-69.) † VWZH The Fourth (or Breadalbane) Regiment of Fencible Men. 1793-1802. 1 pl. (In: A military history of Perthshire, 16601902. Perth, 1908. p. 148-167.) † VWZH Independent troops of horse. 168991. 1 pl. (In: A military history of Perthshire, 1660-1902. Perth, 1908. 4°. p. 19† VWZH




The 95th Regiment of Foot. 178083. (In: A military history of Perthshire, 1660-1902. Perth, 1908. 4°. p. 87-88.) † VWZH The 105th and 109th Regiments of Foot. 1761-64. (In: A military history of Perthshire, 1660-1902. Perth, 1908. 4°. p. 65-67.) + VWZH The 116th Regiment of Foot. 179495. 1 pl. (In: A military history of Perthshire, 1660-1902. Perth, 1908. 4°. p. 100102.) + VWZH The Perthshire Fencible Cavalry; or, Perthshire Fencible Light Dragoons. 1794-1800. (In: A military history of Perthshire, 1660-1902. Perth, 1908. p. 168175.) † VWZH The Perthshire Regiment of Fencibles. 1749-99. (In: A military history of Perthshire, 1660-1902. Perth, 1908. 4°. p. 176-178.) + VWZH

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Anderson, James. The ladies of the Covenant; memoirs of distinguished Scottish female characters, embracing the period of the Covenant and the persecution. Glasgow: Blackie & Son, 1852. 1 p.1., vxxxvi, 627 p., 16 pl. illus. 12°. Stuart 4180 Reviewed in Hogg's Instructor, new series, v. 7, p. 195-197, Edinburgh, 1851.

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494 p. 2. ed. 12°.

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Blackie & Son, 1857. xvi p., 1 1., 3-683 p., 12 pl. 12°. *R-SNE (In: The 8°. p. 1Stuart 7543

The martyrs of the Bass. Bass Rock... Edinburgh [1848. 382.)

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Stuart 7880 Aberdonians

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Barrett, Michael. (Dublin review. 124, p. 348-372.)



Based on the Brev. Aberdonensis, Acta Sanctorum, and Forbes, Kalendars of Scottish saints.

Behaviour, The, and character of Samuel Macpherson, Malcolm Macpherson, and Farquhar Shaw, the three Highland deserters, who were shot at the Tower, July the 18th, 1743... London: Printed, 1743. (Reprinted in: Gaelic Society of Inverness. Transactions. Inverness, 1875. 8°. v. 3, p. 154-166.) NDO

Biography, continued.

Collected Biography, continued.

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the state in Scotland, from the beginning of the reign of King David 1. to the union of the two kingdoms... To which is added, an appendix, containing several original papers relating to the lives, and referring to them. v. 1. Edinburgh: R. Fleming & Co., printers, 1726. 6 p.1., 480 p. f°. †† AGH

No more published.

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The cases recorded are: Sir John Borthwike (1540), Thomas Forret and others (1538), Robert Lambe and others in Perth (1543), George Wischart (1545), Adam Wallace (1550), Walter Mille (1558).

The account of the trial and execution of Wishart was written by John Knox and published in London in 1547 or 1548. It is therefore the earliest printed work of the Scottish reformer. But one copy only of the tract is known to exist. It was reprinted by Fox in 1564 in the work above mentioned, and again by Knox himself in his History of the Reformation (Works, ed. by Laing, v. 1, p. 149-171) because Fox's work was costly 'and rare to be had."

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The Scots worthies...who testified or suffered for the cause of Reformation in Scotland, from the beginning of the sixteenth century to the year 1688...revised, corrected, and enlarged by a clergyman of the Church of Scotland... With a preface and notes by William M'Gavin. Glasgow: W. R. M'Phun, 1835. 2 v. 8°. AGH

Irving, David. The lives of the Scotish poets; with preliminary dissertations, on the literary history of Scotland, and the EC early Scotish drama. Edinburgh: A. Law8°. AB rie, & Co., 1804. 2 v. The martyrs, heroes, and bards of the Scottish Covenant. New York: R. Carter & Brothers, 1853. 2 p.l., vii-viii, 9-264 p., 8 pl. 16°. ZDVH

Gilfillan, George.

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Graham, Henry Grey. A group of Scottish women. London: Methuen & Co. [1908. xvi, 343 p., 4 pl., 11 port. 8°. CP Contents: 1. Scotswomen of early times Dervorguilla (1213-1290). 2. Some Scottish amazons"Black Agnes of Dunbar" (1313-1369). 3. Jane, countess of Sutherland (1545-1629). 4. Elizabeth, duchess of Lauderdale (d. 1698). 5. Women of the Covenant. 6. Lady Grisell Baillie (1665-1746). Anne, duchess of Buccleuch and Monmouth (16511732). 8. Catherine, duchess of Queensberry (d. 1777). 9. Miss "Nicky" Murray (d. 1777). 10. Susannah, countess of Eglinton (d. 1780). 11. Mrs. Alison Cockburn (1713-1795). 12, 13. Elspeth Bu chan (1738-1796) Isobel Pagan (1741-1821). 14, 15. Jane, duchess of Gordon (1749-1812). 16. Lady Anne Barnard (1750-1825). 17. Mrs. Grant of Laggan (1755-1838). 18. Lady Louisa Stuart (1757-1851). 19. Miss Clementina Stirling Graham (1782-1877).

Scottish men of letters in the eighteenth century. London: A. & C. Black, 1908. xii, 441 p., 2 pl., 30 port. 8°. NDP


1. Dawn of literature: Allan Ramsay, Hamilton of Bangour, Robert Blair. 2. Early Scottish philosophy: Hutcheson, David Hume. 3. John Home. 4. Principal Robertson. 5. Adam Ferguson, Dr. Hugh Blair, William Wilkie, Dr. Blacklock. 6. Adam Smith. Literary judges: Lord Kames, Lord Monboddo, Lord Hailes. 8. James Boswell. 9. James Macpherson. 10. Dr. Thomas Reid, Dr. James Beattie. 11. Scottish men of letters in England: Mallet, Thomson, Smollet. 12. Women of letters: Lady Wardlaw, Lady Grisell Baillie, Mrs. Cockburn, Jean Elliot, Lady Anne Barnard, Lady Nairne. 13. Song writers: Skinner, Bruce, Fergusson. 14. Robert Burns. 15. Henry Mackenzie, Dugald Stewart, Close of the century.

Haig, David, joint author. See Brunton, George, and DAVID HAIG.

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[v.] 1. .Oxford and Cambridge. Howie, John. Biographia Scoticana; or, A brief historical account of the most eminent Scots worthies...who testified or suffered for the cause of reformation in Scotland, from the beginning of the six

v. 1: A dissertation on the literary history of Scotland, A dissertation on the early Scotish drama. The life of Thomas Lermont. The life of John Barbour. The life of Andrew Winton. The life of King James the First. The life of Henry the Minstrel. Intermediate sketches. The life of Robert Henryson. The life of William Dunbar.

v. 2: The life of Gavin Douglas. The life of Sir David Lindsay. The life of John Bellenden, D.D. Intermediate sketches. The life of Sir Richard Maitland. The life of Alexander Scot. The life of Alexander Arbuthnot. The life of Alexander Montgomery. The life of King James the Sixth. The life of Allan Ramsay. The life of Alexander Ross. The life of Alexander Geddes. The life of Robert Fergusson. The life of Robert Burns.

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MacGregor, James, dean of Lismore. Short chronicle, being chiefly an obituary relating to the Highlands, and compiled early in the sixteenth century. Communi

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