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To the Public. [Petition soliciting subscriptions on behalf of William Murray Borthwick. [Edinburgh, 1825. 3 p. 8°. AN (Borthwick) p.v.1

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Biography, continued.

Individual Biography, continued.

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* DA

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p. 315-321 contain an appendix of original documents.

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Biography, continued.
Individual Biography, continued.

BRUCE, OF TILLYCOULTRY Cunninghame, John. Letter to the Right Honourable Ilay Campbell, lord president of the Court of Session. [By John Cunninghame. London: printed for the author, 1805. 51(1) p. 8°. AGH p.v.7

Relates to the estate of Bruce of Tillycoultry.


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James Bruce the Abyssinian traveller.

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ŻEC p.v. 91

Presentation copy to Prof. John Stuart Blackie.

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+ CP

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From a ms. in the library of the University of Edinburgh.

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p. 159-201 contain an appendix of original letters.


E., E. Remarks on the character and writings of the late Mrs. Brunton, author of Self-Control and Discipline. (Edin

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BUCHANAN, REV. CLAUDIUS Pearson, Hugh Nicholas. Memoirs of the life and writings of Rev. Claudius Buchanan. Oxford: University Press, 1817. 2 v. 8°.

London: T. Cadell and W. Davies, 1819. 2 v. 3. ed. 8°. AN London: R. B. Seeley and W. Burnside, 1834. xv, 43711, p. 4. ed. abridged. 16°. AN

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