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Skrifter 5° Række. Histor. og Philos. Afdeling. 1. Bind. 4to. 1852.

Tables du Soleil, exécutées d'apres les Ordres de la Soc. Roy. des Sciences de Copenhague par MM. P. A. Hansen et C. F. R.

Olufsen. 4to. Copenhague. 1853. Professor Hausman.

Die Mineral Regionen der obern halbinsel Michigan's (N. A.) am Lake Superior und die Isle Royal. Von C. L. Koch. 8vo. Göttingen. 1852.

Magnetische und Geographische Ortsbestimmungen im Oesterreichischen Kaiserstaate. 1851. 4to pamph. Prag. 1852. Paleontographical Society.

Report of the Council to a General Meeting held March 24, 1851. 8vo pamph. J. S. Bowerbank, Esq.

On a Siliceous Zoöphyte, Alcyonites Parasiticum. From the Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London for No. vember, 1849. Pamph.

On the Pterodactylas of the Chalk Formation. From the Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, January 14, 1851. 8vo.

Microscopical Observations on the Structure of the Bones of Pterodactylus Giganteus and other Fossil Animals. From the Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London for February, 1848. 8vo.

On the Siliceous Bodies of the Chalk and other Formations, in Reply to Mr. J. Toulmin Smith. From the Annual and Magazine of Natural History for 1847. 8vo pamph. London. 1847. F. G. W. Struve.

Mersungen zur bestimmung des höhenunterschiedes zwischen dem Schwartzen und Caspichen Meere. Von G. Tuss, Sawitch, und Sabler. 1836 und 1837. 1 vol. 4to. St. Petersb. 1849.

Beobachtung der totalen Sonnenfinsterniss am 28 (16) Juli, 1851, in Lomsæ. Von Otto Struve. Svo pamph. St. Petersb. 1851.

Résultats des Operations géodésiques de M. M. G. Fuss, Sawitch, et Sabler, exécutées en 1836 et 1837, dans la Province la Caucasienne. 4to pamph. St. Petersb. 1849.

Stellarum Fixarum imprimis duplicium et multiplicium Positiones Mediæ pro Epocha 1830.0, deductæ ex Observationibus Meridianis Annis 1822 ad 1843 in Specula Dorpatensi Institutis. Folio. Petro. poli. 1852.


Sur les Dimensions des Anneaux de Saturne. Par M. Otto Struve. 4to pamph. St. Petersb. 1852.

Exposé Historique des Travaux exécutés jusqu'à la fin de l'Année 1851 pour la Mesure de l'Arc du Méridien entre Fuglenkes 70° 40' et Ismail 45° 20'. Suivi de deux Rapports de M. G. Lindhagen sur l'Expédition de Finnmarken en 1850 et sur les Opérations de

Lapponie exécuteés en 1851. 4to pamph. St. Petersb. 1852. Walter Channing, M. D.

Professional Reminiscences of Foreign Travel. 8vo. Boston. L. A. Huguet Latour.

A Retrospective Glance at the Progressive State of the Natural History Society of Montreal. By Major R. Lachlan. Svo pamph. Montreal. 1852.

Journal d'Agriculture et Transactions de la Société d'Agriculture du Bas Canada. Vol. V. Nos. 9 - 12. Vol. VI. Nos. 1-4.

8vo. Montreal. The Mayor of Boston.

A Memorial of Daniel Webster, from the City of Boston. 8vo. Boston. 1853. Museum d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris.

Archives. Tome V. Liv.4- Tome VI. Liv. 1-4. 4to. Paris.

Catalogue Méthodique de la Collection des Reptiles. Deuxième Livr. Paris, 1851. Catalogue Méthod. de la Coll. des Mammifères de la Coll. des Oiseaux et des Collections annexées. 2 pamph.

Paris. 1851. (Through A. Vattemare.) Hon. Robert C. Winthrop.

Map of the United States, and their Territories between the Mis. sissippi and the Pacific Ocean, and a Part of Mexico. (Compiled

by Order of Congress.) A. August Duméril.

De la Texture Intime des Glandes, etc. 8vo. Paris. 1844.

Note sur une nouvelle Espèce de Reptile de la Famille des Geckotiens, et appartenant au Genre Stenodactyle. 8vo. 1851.

Des Odeurs, de leur Nature et de leur Action Physiologique. 4to. Paris. 1843.

Dr. A. A. Duméril, et Dr. Demarquay.

Recherches experimentales sur les Modifications imprimées à la Température Animale par l'Ether et par la Chloroforme et sur le Mode d'Action de ces deux Agents. 8vo. Paris. 1848. Drs. A. A. Duméril, Demarquay, et Lecomte.

Considerations Physiologiques sur les Modifications que subit la Température Animale sous l’Influence de l'Introduction, dans l’Economie de différents Agents. 8vo. Paris. 1852.

Annuaire de Thérapeutique et de Matière Médicale. (Through Dr. D. H. Storer.) George C. Rand.

Sermon after the Interment of Hon. Daniel Webster. By Nehemiah Adams, D. D. Charles Cramer.

Brief Astronomical Tables, on a simple Plan for the Expeditious Calculation of Eclipses in all Ages. By W. Drew Snooke. Thomas J. Sumner, Esq., of S. C.

Analysis of the Cotton Seed and Plant. Svo pamph. Philadelphia. 1852. Charles M. Wetherill, Ph. D.

Chemical Examination of two Minerals from the Neighborhood of Reading, Pa., and on the Occurrence of Gold in Pennsylvania. 4to. Philadelphia.

On a new Variety of Asphalt (Melan-Asphalt). 4to. Philadelphia. 1852.

On the Neutral Sulphate of the Oxyde of Ethyle, and the Products of its Decomposition by Water. 4to. Philadelphia. 1848.

On a new Apparatus for the Determination of Carbonic Acid, and on Kemp's Thermostat. 8vo. Philadelphia. W. T. G. Morton.

Statements supported by Evidence of Wm. T. G. Morton, M. D., on his Claim to the Discovery of Anæsthetic Properties of Ether, submitted to the Honorable the Select Committee appointed by the Senate of the United States, Thirty-second Congress, Second Ses

sion, January 21, 1853. Washington. 1853. 1 vol. Royal Netherlands Institute.

Verhandelingen der Eerste Klasse van het Koninklijk-Nederlandshe Institut van Wetenschappen, &c. te Amsterdam. 3° Reeks, 5° Deel. 4to. Amsterdam. 1851 und 1852.

Jaarboek. Voor 1851. 8vo. Amsterdam.

Tijdschrift voor de Wis-en Natuurkundige Wetenschappen. 5° Deel. 1o, 2o, 3o of laatste Aflever. 8vo. Amsterdam. 1851 – 52. Linnaan Society of London.

Transactions. Vol. XXI. Parts I. and II. 1852 and 1853. Vols. XVI. – XIX. 4to. London. 1829 – 45. 4 vols.

Proceedings. Nos. 47 - 53, and 54, pp. 221 – 268. 8vo. London.

List of the Society, 1852 and 1853. 8vo.

Charter and By-Laws of the the Society. 8vo. London. 1848. Royal Society of Sciences, Upsal.

Nova Acta Regiæ Societatis Scientiarum Upsaliensis. Third Se ries. Vol. I. Part I. 1851. 4to. Upsal. 1851. Royal Institution of Great Britain.

List of Members, Officers, &c., with the Report of the Visitors of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, for the Years 1851 and 1852. 8vo pamph. London. 1851 and 1852.

Notices of the Meetings of the Members. Part II. July, 1851, to July, 1852. Part III. November, 1852, to July, 1853. 8vo pamphs.

London. 1852 and 1853. Wilhelm Braumüller.

Almanach der Kaiser. Akad. der Wissen. 8vo. Wien. 1852. Royal Academy of Sciences, Stockholm.

Ofversigt af Kongl. Vetenskaps-Akademiens Förhandlingar. Åttonde Årgången 1851. Med tio Taflor. 8vo. Stockholm. 1852.

Ofversigt af Kongl. Vetenskaps-Akademiens Förhandlingar. Nionde årgången 1852. Med tre Taflor. 8vo. Stockholm. 1853. Lieutenant-Colonel J. D. Graham.

Message from the Governor of Maryland, transmitting the Reports of the Joint Commissioners, and of Lieutenant-Colonel Graham, United States Engineer, in Relation to the Intersection of the Boundary Lines of the States of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware.

8vo. Washington. 1850. William Scoresby, D. D., F. R. S., &c.

Magnetical Investigations with Illustrations. 2 vols. 8vo. London. 1844 and 1852. Royal Irish Academy.

Transactions. Vol. XXII. Parts III. and IV. 2 vols. 8vo. Dublin.

Proceedings for 1851 – 52. Vol. V. Part II. 8vo pamph. Dublin. John Bartlett.

Chemical Field Lectures for Agriculturists. Translated from the German of Dr. Julius Adolphus Stöckhardt. Edited, with Notes,

by James E. Teschemacher. 12mo. Cambridge. 1854. Joseph Leidy.

Description of the Remains of Extinct Mammalia and Chelonia, from Nebraska Territory. 4to pamph. Philadelphia.

Memoir on the Extinct Species of American Ox. — Description of an Extinct Species of American Lion, Felis atrox. — A Memoir on the Extinct Dicotylinæ of America. 4to pamph. Philadelphia. 1852. James Hall.

Paleontology of New York. Vol. I. containing Descriptions of the Organic Remains of the Lower Division of the New York System (Equivalent of the Lower Silurian Rocks of Europe). Vol. II. Organic Remains of the Lower Middle Division of the New York System. 2 vols. 4to. Albany. 1847 and 1852. Hon. D. A. White.

A Sermon preached at the Installation of Rev. George W. Briggs as Pastor of the First Church in Salem, by Rev. J. H. Morison.

8vo pamph. Salem. 1853. Martyn Paine.

Materia Medica and Therapeutics. 1 vol. 12mo. New York. 1848.

A Discourse on the Soul and Instinct, physiologically distinguished from Materialism. 1 vol. 12mo. New York. 1849.

The Institutes of Medicine. 1 vol. 8vo. New York. 1847. Medical and Physiological Commentaries. 3 vols. 8vo. New York. 1840.

Memoir of Robert Troup Paine, by his Parents. 1 vol. 4to. New York. 1852. Gould and Lincoln.

Cyclopædia of Anecdotes of Literature and the Fine Arts, with numerous Illustrations, by Hazlitt Arvine. 1 vol. 8vo. Boston.

Annual of Scientific Discovery or Year-Book of Facts in Science and Art, for 1852 and 1853. 2 vols. 12mo. Boston. 1852 and 1853. VOL. III.


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