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M. Alexander Vattemare.

Rapport sur les Poids et Measures Métriques envoyés au Governement des Etats-Unis d'Amerique. Par M. A. Vattemare. 1852.

(Lithographie.) Folio. Francesco Zantadeschi.

Trattato del Magnetismo e della Elettricita dell’Abate Francesco Zantadeschi. 2 vols. Milan. 1846. Jared Sparks.

A Reply to the Strictures of Lord Mahon and Others, on the Mode of editing the Writings of Washington. 1 vol. 8vo. Cam. bridge. 1852.

Letter to Lord Mahon, being an Answer to his Letter addressed to the Editor of Washington's Writings. 8vo pamph. Boston. 1852.

Remarks on a “ Reprint of the Original Letters from Washington to Joseph Reed during the American Revolution, referred to in the Pamphlets of Lord Mahon and Mr. Sparks.” 1 vol. 8vo. Boston.

1853. G. Tilesius.

Namen der Mitglieden, und Statuten des Münchener Vereins für Naturkunde. Von G. Tilesius. Svo pamph. Munich. 1849.

Isis, Encyclopädische Beitschrift. No. 1. 8vo. 1850. Munich. Dr. C. Jelinck.

Magnetische und geographische Ortsbestimmungen im Oesterreichischen Kaiserstaate. Vierter Jahrgang 1850. Von Karl Kriel.

4to pamph. Prague. 1851. Universidad de Chile.

Anales de la Universidad correspondientes al Ano 1843 – 52. 9 vols. 8vo. Santiago. F. Engel and K. Schellbach.

Darstellende Optik. Heft 1, 2, mit 14 Fig. Folio. Berlin. C. F. P. de Martius.

Flora Braziliensis. Fasc. XI. Folio. Lipsiæ. 1852. Charles F. Winslow, M. D.

Cosmography; or Philosophical Views of the Universe. 16mo. Boston. 1853. Edward Everett.

Annual Report of the Superintendent of the Coast Survey, showing the Progress of that Work during the Year ending November, 1851. 8vo. Washington. 1852. (Pub. Doc.)

Carolo Girard.

Smithsonian Report. Bibliographia Americana Historico-Naturalis. A. D. 1851. Svo pamph. Washington. 1852. Captain J. H. Lefroy, R. A.

On the Probable Number of the Native Indian Population of British America. From the Proceedings of the Canadian Institute. 12mo pamph. Toronto. 1852. Journal of the Society of Arts and of the Institutions in Union.

Vol. I. Nos. 1-51. Vol. II. Nos. 52 - 62, to January 27, 1854. T. S. Hunt, of the Geological Commission of Canada.

Theory of Chemical Changes and on Equivalent Volumes. 8vo pamph. New Haven. 1853. J. C. Dennis, F. R. A. S.

A Diurnal Register for the Barometer, Sympiesometer, and Thermometer. 1 vol. 4to. London. Asa Gray.

Bibliothèque Universelle de Genève. Janvier et Fevrier, 1853. 4** Serie. Nos. 85, 86. Svo pamph. Genève. 1853. F. C. Zantadeschi.

Ricerche fisico-mathematiche sulla Deviazione del Pendolo dalla sua Trajettoria. 4to pamph. Padova. 1852. H. A. Ramsay.

Letter to Dr. James Bryan, on the Southern Negro, &c. Svo pamph. Philadelphia. 1853. Amasa McCoy.

Funeral Oration on the Death of Webster. 8vo pamph. Boston. 1853. Royal Academy of Sciences, foc. of Belgium.

Bulletins de l'Académie. Tome XVIII. Part II. Tome XIX. Part I. et II. 3 vols. 8vo. Bruxelles. 1851 - 2.

Mémoires couronnés et Mémoires des Savants Étrangers, publiés par l'Acad. Tome XXIV. 1850 - 51. 1 vol. 4to. Bruxelles. 1852.

Mémoires couronnés, etc. Collection in 8vo. Tome V. 1er Partie. 8vo pamph. Bruxelles. 1852.

Mémoires de l'Académie Royale de Belgique. Tome XXVI. 40. Bruxelles. 1851. 1.vol.

Annuaire de l'Acad. Roy. de Belgique. 18th Year. 1 vol. 16mo. Bruxelles. 1852.


Observatory, Brussels.

Annales de l'Observatoire Roy. de Bruxelles. Publiés par A. Quetelet. Tome VIII. 2me Partie. Tome IX. 2 vols. 4to.

Bruxelles. 1852. A. Quetelet.

Annuaire de l'Observatoire Roy. de Brux., par A. Quetelet, pour 1852 et 1853. 2 vols. 16mo.

Observations de Phénomènes Periodiques, pour l'Années 1849 – 51. 3 pamphs., 4to. Bruxelles. 1849 – 51.

Sur les Tables de Mortalité et de Population. Par A. Quetelet. 1 pamph. 4to. Bruxelles. 1850. M. E. Quetelet.

Recherches sur les Médianes. 1 pamph. 4to. Bruxelles. 1850. Usher Parsons.

Discourse on the Battle of Lake Erie, delivered before the Rhode Island Historical Society. 8vo pamph. Providence. 1853. Colonel Edward Sabine, R. A.

Address before the British Association, 1852. 8vo pamph. London. Alexander Vattemare.

Renseignements sur la Fabrication des Monaies Françaises. Par M. Durand. Folio pamph. Paris. 1852.

Mémoires de la Société des Sciences Naturelles de Cherbourg. Vol. I. 1° Livraison. Svo pamph. Cherbourg. 1852.

Mémoires de la Société des Sciences Naturelles de Cherbourg. Vol. I. 2, 3, et 4 Livraison. 8vo. 3 pamphs. Cherbourg.

1852 and 1853. (From the Society.) Xavier Heuschling.

Statistique du Royaume de Baviere. 4to pamph. Bruxelles. 1850.

Recensement General. 4to pamph. Bruxelles. 1845.

Sur l’Accroissement de la Population de la Belgique, pendant la Période decennale de 1831 à 1840. 4to pamph. Bruxelles. 1842.

Des Naissances dans la Ville de Bruxelles, considérées dans leur Rapport avec la Population. 4to pamph. Bruxelles. 1843. .

Sur le Mouvement de l'Etat Civil en Belgique, pendant les Quatre Années 1841 à 1844. 4to pamph. Bruxelles. 1845.

Essai sur la Statistique Générale de la Belgique. 8vo pamph. Bruxelles. 1844.

Bibliographie de la Statistique en Allemagne. 8vo pamph. Bruxelles. 1845.

Bibliographie Historique de la Statistique en France. Svo pamph. Bruxelles. 1851. .

Le l'Impot sur le Revenu. Svo pamph. Bruxelles. 1848.

De la Reforme des Impots en Belgique, comme Moyen de soulager le Paupérisme et d'en arreter les Progres. 8vo pamph. Bruxelles. · 1844.

Des Impots dans leur Rapport avec l’Agriculture. 8vo pamph. Bruxelles. 1849.

Nouvelle Table de Mortalité de la Belgique. 8vo pamph. Paris. 1851.

De l'Influence paludeuse sur la Santé et la Durée de la Vie. Svo pamph. Bruxelles. 1848.

Notice Biographique sur le Baron de Reiffenberg. 8vo pamph. Bruxelles. 1850.

Notice Biographique sur Guillaume-Benjamin Craan, Auteur du Plan de la Bataille de Waterloo, etc. 8vo pamph. Bruxelles.

1850. Société de Phys. et d'Hist. Nat. de Genève.

Mémoires. Tome XIII. 1er et 2me Partie. 4to. Geneva. 1852 and 1854. 2 pamphs. Société du Museum d'Hist. Nat. de Strasbourg.

Mémoires. Tome IV. 2me et 3me Livr. 4to pamph. Strasbourg and Paris. 1853. Edward Hinkley.

Tables of the Prime Numbers and Prime Factors of the Composite Numbers from 1 to 100,000; with the Methods of their Construction and Examples of their Use. 1 vol. 8vo. Baltimore.

1853. From the State.

Report on Insects injurious to Vegetation. Published by Order of the Legislature of Massachusetts. By Thaddeus W. Harris, M. D. Second Edition. 1 vol. 8vo. Boston. 1852. J. W. Foster, and J. D. Whitney, United States Geologists.

Report on the Geology of the Lake Superior Land District. Part II. The Iron Region, with the General Geology. With Maps. 2 vols. 8vo. Washington. 1851.

Thomas Maclear, Esq., F. R. S.

Contributions to Astronomy and Geodesy. Second Series. 4to pamphs. London. 1853. Edward Everett.

The Discovery and Colonization of America, and Immigration to the United States. A Lecture delivered before the N. Y. Hist.

Society, June 13, 1853. 8vo pamph. Boston. 1853. Harvard Natural History Society.

Annual Address before the Harvard Nat. Hist. Soc., by Rev. Thomas Hill. 8vo pamph. Cambridge. 1853. Professor Owen, F. R. S.

Description of some Species of the Extinct Genus Nesodon, with Remarks on the Primary Group (Toxodontia) of Hoofed Quadrupeds, to which that Genus is referable. 4to pamph. London.

1853. Charles M. Wetherill, M. D.

Examination of Fusel Oil from Indian Corn and Rye. Svo pamph. Arthur J. Stansbury.

Map, indicating the Proposed Course of the Steam Navigation between San Francisco and Shanghae. Folio. Baltimore. Colonel J. J. Abert.

A Collection of Tables and Formulæ useful in Surveying, Geodesy, and Practical Astronomy, including Elements for the Projection of Maps. Prepared for the Use of the Corps of Topographical Engineers, by Captain T. J. Lee, U. S. A. 8vo. Washington. 1 vol.

1853. Second Edition, with Additions. R. W. Gibbes, M. D.

Documentary History of the American Revolution, consisting of Letters and Papers relating to the Contest for Liberty, chiefly in South Carolina, in 1781 and 1782, from Originals in the Possession of the Editor, and from other Sources. 1 vol. 8vo. Columbia, S.C.

1853. Colonel Edward Sabine, R. A.

On the Periodic and Non-Periodic Variations of the Temperature at Toronto, Canada, from 1841 to 1852, inclusive. 4to pamph.

London. 1853.
Captain C. W. Younghusband, R. A., F. R. S.

On Periodical Laws in the Larger Magnetic Disturbances. 4to pamph. London. 1843.

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