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The Assembly Herald

Published Monthly by order of the General Assembly
A. W. HALSEY, D.D., JOHN DIXON, D.D., William H. Scott, Committee

Office, 1328 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

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CONSIDER: Strategic points in our missionary conquest. The

world field. Plans best adapted to arouse the Home Church to her great opportunity.

Begin the year with prayer. Read Andrew Murray's The
Key to the Missionary Problem." He says: Oh, if we could make
this problem a personal one-if we could fill the hearts of the people
with a personal love for the Saviour who died for them the indiffer-
ence of Christendom would disappear, and the kingdom of Christ would

Use the Year Book of Prayer. The subjects of the first week are:
Jan. 1. For an outpouring of the Spirit.

2. For the unnumbered millions who have never heard of Christ.
3. For governments and those in authority, that they may be in

full sympathy with the Christian missionary and his work.
4. For the native Church.
5. For the Board of Foreign Missions, members and officers.
6. For the seven Women's Boards, with all their Synodical and

Presbyterial societies and auxiliaries.
7. For the Presbyterian Church in the U. S. A., that it may be a

missionary Church.

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PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Home Missions. OFFICE, 156 Fifth Ave., Editorial Superintendent—Rev. J. R. N. Y.

Miller, D.D. Secretary-Rev. Charles L. Thompson,

Business Superintendent John H.

Assistant Secretaries-Rev. John Dixon, Manufacturer-Henry F. Scheetz.

D D., Mr. John Willis Baer.
Treasurer-Harvey C. Olin.

Church Erection. OFFICE, 156 Fifth Ave., Superintendent of Schools—Rev. Geo. F.

N. Y.
McAfee, D.D.

Corresponding Secretary-Rev. Erskine Foreign Missions.

N. White, D.D.
OFFICE, 156 Fifth

Treasurer-Adam Campbell.
Ave., N. Y.
Corresponding Secretaries—Rev. Frank

Ministerial Relief. OFFICE, 1319 Walnut
F. Ellinwood, D.D., LL.D., Mr.

Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Robert E. Speer, Rev. Arthur J.
Brown, D.D., and Rev. A. Woodruff

Corresponding Secretary-Rev. Benj. L. Halsey, D.D.

Agnew, D.D. Treasurer-Charles W. Hand.

Treasurer and Recording Secretary

Rev. William W. Heberton. Field Secretary-Rev. Thomas Marshall, D.D., 48 Le Moyne Block, Chicago, Freedmen. OFFICE, 516 Market Street, Ill.

Pittsburg, Pa. Education. OFFICE, 1319 Walnut Street, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer Philadelphia, Pa.

-Rev. Edward P. Cowan, D.D. Corresponding Secretary-Rev. Edward Recording_Secretary-Rev. Samuel J. B. Hodge, H.D.

Fisher, D.D. Treasurer-Jacob Wilson.

Aid for Colleges and Academies. Publication and Sabbath-school Work. OFFICE, 78 La Salle Street, Chicago, Ill. OFFICE, 1319 Walnut Street, Philadel.

Secretary-Rev. E. C. Ray, D.D.
phia, Pa.

Treasurer-E. C. Ray.
Secretary - Rev. Elijah R. Craven,
D.D., LL.D.

Permanent Committee on Temperance. Recording Clerk-Rev. Willard M. Rice, OFFICE, Penn Building, Pittsburg, Pa. D.D.

Corresponding Secretary-Rev. John F. Treasurer-Rev. C. T. McMullin.

Hill, D.D. Superintendent of Sabbath-school and Recording, Secretary-Charles 8. McMissionary Work — Rev. James A. Clelland, D.D. Worden, D.D.

Treasurer— William C. Lilley.

BEQUESTS TO THE BOARDS. In the preparation of wills, when it is desired to make bequests to any of its Boards, care should be taken to insert the corporate name as known and recognized in the Courts of Law. Bequests to the Board of Foreign Missions.-To “The Board of Church Erection.-To "The

Board of Foreign Missions of the Presby. Board of the Church Erection Fund of terian Church in the United States of the General Assembly of the PresbyteAmerica."

rian Church in the United States of

America." Board of Home Missions.-To "The

Board of Relief.—To “The Presbyterian Board of Home Missions of the Presby

Board of Relief for Disabled Ministers terian Church in the United States of

and the Widows and Orphans of DeAmerica, incorporated April 19, 1872, by

ceased Ministers." Act of the Legislature of the State of New York."

Board for Freedmen.-To “The Board of

Missions for Freedmen of the Presbyte. Board of Education.-To "The Board of rian Church in the United States of

Education of the Presbyterian Church America." in the United States of America.'

Board of Aid for Colleges.-To "The Board of Publication and Sabbath-school Presbyterian Board of Aid for Colleges Work.-To "The Trustees of the Pres.

and Academies.” byterian Board of Publication and Sab- N.B.-If Real Estate be given by will, let it bath-school Work.”

be carefully described.



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BIRD'S EYE VIEW, UNIVERSITY OF WOOSTER The aim of this, the only Bible Training School connected with the Presbyterian Church, is to give special training for Foreign Missionaries, Home Missionaries, Pastors' Assistants, Y. M. and Y. W. C. A. Secretaries, S. S. Teachers and other Lay Workers-a training in matter and in methods for more effective work.

The course seeks the mastery of the English Bible, and the making of not only scholars but apt teachers of the Word. Thorough work will be given in Psychology, Pedagogy, Sociology, Music, Rhetoric and Public Speaking and Reading. Careful study will be made of Church History, and of the History and Practical Questions of both Home and Foreign Missions.

For circular containing detailed statement of courses and for other information, address

Rev. S. F. VANCE, Wooster, Ohio

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