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Two hundred and ninety-sixth Meeting.

May 25, 1847. — ANNUAL MEETING. The PRESIDENT in the chair.

A communication was received, through Mr. Bowen, from Mr. John B. Williams, U. S. Consul at Russell, Bay of Islands, New Zealand, being a meteorological register kept at that place, by Mr. Williams, as follows: –

METEOROLOGICAL REGISTER Kept at Russell, New Zealand, from April 24th, 1843, to Aug. 14th,



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Fahrenheit Thermometer Date. in the Shade.

Winds and Weather.
8 A. M. 12 M. (8 P. M.
April 24,

N. W.; rain squalls.
N. W. and pleasant.

N. and strong gales.

N.; rain, strong gales, ends pleasant.
N. W.; clear and pleasant.
S. W.; clear, ends squally, with rain.

Light airs, calms, ends strong breeze, S. E.

N. E. and pleasant.
58 Light airs from S. W. and pleasant.

" " N. E. «*
59 S. E.; strong breezes and cloudy.

« « «
63 N. E. " " and rain.
60 N., with rain; ends S. W. and squally.

S. W.; light breeze.

S. W.; strong breezes from S. W.
53 66 16

57 W.; light breezes and clear.
61 Gale from E. S. E., attended with rain.

E.; strong winds, and rain.
E. N. E.; rain ; ends clear.
S. E.; light breezes and rain.

" and foggy.
E. N. E. and rain squalls.
N.; squally.
N.'W., and heavy squalls.
s. W.; light breeze, and pleasant.
S. E. and squally; ends N.W. to N.E. and pleasant.
Strong breezes and pleasant.

W. S. W.; strong breezes.
56 W., and pleasant.

S. S. W. and pleasant.
S. S. E. and pleasant ; latter part rain.
Gale from S.'S. E., with rain.

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Fahrenheit Thermometer

in the Shade.
18A, M., 12 M. 18 P. M.

Winds and Weather.

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S. W.; cloudy and squally.
S. E. and pleasant.
N. by W. and pleasant.
N. by E.; rain, and strong gales,

W. to's. W
E. N. E.

by E. and rain.
W. by N. and squally.
W. by S. and squally.
W. S. W. and strong breezes.
Calm and rain.
8. W. and foggy; strong breezes.
N. and foggy
N. E. and rain.
N. and rain.

[blocks in formation]

N. W.; strong breezes and fine weather.
W.; strong breezes and squally.
S. W.; clear and fine weather.
S. E.; light airs and clear.
S. S. E.; strong breezes and clear.
s.; light airs and cloudy,
N.; light airs and cloudy.
N. W.; strong breezes and squalls of rain.
N. N. W.; strong breezes and squally.
W. by N. and light airs.
N. W.; strong breezes and rain. .
S. S. W.; squally, with rain.
S. S. W.; fine breezes, with rain.
S. S. W. and clear.

S. W.; squally, attended with rain.
IS. W.; heavy squalls, attended with rain.
Heavy squalls of rain from W. SW.
N. W. to S. W. and passing clouds.
Heavy rain from S. E.
E. ; a gale, with heavy rain.
JE. and clear; ends passing clouds.

E.; strong breezes and squally.
JE. N. E. ; strong breezes and rain.
Strong gales from E.
E. and squally.
E. N. E.; strong breezes with rain.
E. S. E.; "

" **
JN. E. to N. W. and cloudy.
N. W.; squalls of rain.
W .: *
Winds variable ; heavy squalls of hail and rain.
W. and rain squalls.
W. and squally, with rain.

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53 W.; fine breezes and clear.
56 S. E. ; squally; hail, thunder and lightning.
60 W. S. W.; clear; ends cloudy.
58 N. N. W.; strong gales and cloudy.
58 s. W.; strong breezes and clear.

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