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Two hundred and eighty-fourth meeting.

May 26, 1846. — ANNUAL MEETING. Dr. BIGELOW, Vice-President, in the chair.

The Treasurer made his Annual Report, which was refer. red to Mr. F. C. Lowell, as a committee to audit and examine. . Mr. Lowell subsequently presented the audited Report, subjoined to the record.

Chief Justice Shaw, referring to the loss which the Fellows of the Academy had recently sustained in the decease of their late distinguished President, spoke at some length of the many talents, accomplishments, and virtues of the late President, and expressed a strong hope that some proper public expression of respect for his memory might proceed from the Academy.

Mr. Everett followed with some eloquent and feeling remarks upon the character of the profound scholar, whose varied excellences had made him so widely known and so deeply regretted, and offered the following resolutions.

“ Whereas, it has pleased Almighty God to remove from this life the Honorable John Pickering, late President of the American Acad. emy of Arts and Sciences,

Resolved, That the Fellows of the Academy are deeply sensible

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of the loss they have sustained, in the decease of their late honored President, whose eminent talents, various and exact learning, and widespread reputation, reflected the highest credit upon the literature of the United States, upon the numerous institutions of which he was a member, and especially upon the Academy over which he presided, with such credit to himself, and such advantage to his associates.

Resolved, That, as members of the community, we lament the loss of a citizen of unblemished integrity and primitive simplicity of manners, who, by a long career of public service and private virtue, gave new lustre to an honored name.

Resolved, That the Fellows of the Academy sincerely sympathize with the bereaved family of their lamented President, and that a copy of the resolutions be transmitted to them, in token of respectful condolence.

Resolved, That a Eulogy on the late President be pronounced by a Fellow of the Academy, to be appointed for that purpose.”

These resolutions having been unanimously adopted, the Hon. Daniel A. White was appointed to deliver a Eulogy upon the late President, at such time and place as he may select. It was also

Voted, That the Secretary be instructed to convey a copy of the resolutions to the family of the late President, and to cause them to be published in two or more newspapers.

The Corresponding Secretary read a communication announcing the death of Frederick William Bessell, the distinguished astronomer, one of the Foreign Honorary Members of the Academy.

Mr. Bowen, from the committee appointed at a former meeting to revise the By-laws, made a report, comprising a draught of the Statutes, as modified by various resolutions passed since the year 1834, which report, with several new resolves proposed by the committee, was accepted ; and the Statutes, as revised and amended, were ordered to be printed, under the direction of the Committee on Publications, at the close of the current volume of the Memoirs of the Academy.

The Marquis of Northampton, President of the Royal Society, was chosen a Foreign Honorary Member of the Academy.

Henry J. Bigelow, M. D., of Boston, was chosen a Fellow of the Academy

At the annual election, the following gentlemen were chosen officers for the ensuing year, namely:

JACOB Bigelow, M. D., .. President.
Hon. EDWARD EVERETT, . Vice-President.
Prof. Asa Gray,...... Corresponding Secretary.
OLIVER W. HOLMES, M. D., Recording Secretary.
A. A. Gould, M. D., . . . Librarian and Cabinet-Keeper.

It having been voted that the several committees heretofore elected by ballot be named by the chair, the following gentlemen were accordingly appointed the members of the several standing committees.

Rumford Committee.
John WARE,


Committee of Publications.
Amos BINNEY, Francis BOWEN, Asa GRAY.

Committee on the Library.

The following donations to the library have been received since the 1st of January, 1846.

Lieutenant Gillis, U. S. N. Magnetical Observations made at the Naval Observatory, Washington. 8vo. 1845. (Congressional Document.) From Honorable R. C. Winthrop.

Alexander H. Everett. Miscellaneous Writings. 8vo. Boston, 1845. From the Author.

W. S. Sullivant. Musci Alleghanienses, sive Enumeratio Muscorum atque Hepaticarum quos in itinere a Marylandia usque ad Georgiam per tractus Montium. Decerpserunt Asa Gray et W. S. Sullivant. 8vo. Columbus, 1846. From the Author.

Report on Scientific Nomenclature made to the Association of Amer

ican Geologists. 8vo. pamph. New Haven, 1846. From the Geological Association.

Dr. S. G. Morton. Memoir of William Maclure. 2d ed. 8vo. pamph. 1844. From the Author.

Transactions of the American Philosophical Society. Vol. IX., New Series, Part 2. 4to. Philadelphia, 1845. From the Society.

0. Rich. Bibliotheca Americana Nova. 8vo. London, 1846. From the Author.

Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy. Vol. XX. 4to. Dublin, 1845. From the Royal Irish Academy.

S. Swett. Sketches of Distinguished Men of Newbury and Newburyport. No. 1. (Captain Moses Brown.) 8vo. pamph. Boston, 1846. From the Author.

S. Borden. Tables of Bearings, &c., ascertained by the Trigonometrical Survey of Massachusetts. 8vo. pamph. Boston, 1846. From Mr. Borden.

Annuaire Magnétique et Meteorologique du Corps des Ingenieurs des Mines de Russie. No. 1. (2me Année, 1842.) 4to. St. Petersburgh, 1844. From the Imperial Academy of St. Petersburgh.

Magnetical and Meteorological Observations made at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, in 1843. 4to. London, 1845. From the Royal Society.

Philosophical Transactions. Part 2, for 1845. From the Royal Society of London.

Astronomical Observations, made at the Observatory of Cambridge, by Rev. Charles James Challis. Vol. XIV., for 1842. 4to. Cam. bridge, 1845. From the Author.

Two hundred and eighty-fifth meeting. August 12th, 1846. — QUARTERLY MEETING. The PRESIDENT in the chair.

The Corresponding Secretary read a letter from the Marquis of Northampton, accepting and acknowledging with much courtesy his election as a Fellow of the Academy.

Professor Peirce read the following astronomical communications from William Cranch Bond, A. M., Director of the Cambridge Observatory.


Observed at Cambridge Observatory, corrected for Collimation, Level,
and Azimuthal Deviation of the Transit Instrument, and for Clock
Rate and Error on Sidereal Time.
Lat. +420 22' 49". Lon. West of Greenwich, 4 h. 44 m. 32 s.

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* Bl is the initial of William C. Bond; B, that of George P. Bond.

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