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Table showing the entries in the record books of the Smithsonian Museum in

1866, 1867, and 1868.

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The total number of entries during the year thus amounts to about 10,000; of which 4,000 are of birds, 2,000 of ethnological objects, 800 of eggs, &c.

Approximate table of distribution of duplicate specimens, to the end of


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255, 909

Additions to the collections of the Smithsonian Institution in 1868. Adams, Dr. A.-Nest and egg of white-winged crossbill, New Brunswick. Adams, W. H.- Arrow-head, Illinois. Agnew, Samuel A.- Fossils and Indian relics, Mississippi. Albuquerque, Frederick.-Two boxes of birds and mammals, Brazil. Ames, James T.-Beads, &c., from Indian graves, Lake Superior and Massa

chusetts. Andross, W.-Indian relics from Connecticut. Arnold, Benjamin W.-Phalangidæ and myriapods, Kentucky. Baggett, J. B.-Box of novaculite and associated minerals, Arkansas. Baird, Prof. S. F.-Stone implements, worked bones, shells, and bones of ver

tebrates, from ancient shell-heaps in New Brunswick and Massachusetts; bones

from cave near Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Barnes.—(See Surgeon General.) Bauermeister, W.-Box of minerals, Indiana. Belden, Lieutenant, U. S. A-Box Indian objects, Wyoming Territory. Berendt, Dr.—Bottle of reptiles and nest of caterpillar, from Mexico and Gua

temala; earth eaten by Indians of Mexico. Berthoud, Dr. E. L.-Box human bones and fragments of mastodon, Colorado

Territory. Bischoff, Ferd.-General collections from Japan, East Siberia, Gulf of Califor

nia, and Alaska. Blackmore, W.-Collection of electrotypes of ancient British coins and medals;

model of Stonehenge. Blake, Charles.-Stone axe, Massachusetts. Bliss, L. W.-Three skulls of mound builders, Wisconsin. Boardman, G. A.-Indian relics, ancient Indian anchor, skins of birds and mam

mals, and birds eggs from Maine, and bird skins from Florida. Bolles, Rev. E. C.-Box of diatomaceous earth, Maine. Bowman, J.B.-Two pieces marble, one of ash-wood, from Ashland, Kentucky. Breuer, John.-Relics from ancient shell-beds and Indian graves, at Hingham,

Massachusetts. British Museum.-One can of fishes from Zanzibar. Brown, Dr. G. H.-One box petrified wood, jasper, agate, &c., from the West

Bryan, 0. N.-Indian pottery and stone implements, Maryland.
Bryant, Mrs. E. B.- Indian rehics, Massachusetts.
Burr, Feariny.-Brass trinkets from modern Indian graves, Massachusetts.
Burroughs, J.-Geothlypis philadelphia and eggs, New York.
Calleja, Manuel L.–Box of birds, Costa Rica.
Canfield, Dr. C. A.-Two boxes specimens of natural history from California.
Carmichael, Daniel.–Stone implements, Maine.
Christ, Richard.–Stone axes, arrows, &c., Pennsylvania.
Cole, Levi.-Stone sinker and arrows, Massachusetts.
Coole, J. M.-Specimens of corundum and emery, Pennsylvania.
Cope, Prof. E. D.-One can of the fresh-water fishes of Virginia; one box miocene

shells, Maryland; one can alcoholic specimens.
Corbin, N. J.-One lamprey eel and one snake, District of Columbia.
Curtis, Dr. M. A.–Field mice in alcohol.

, W. H.-General zoological and other collections, Youkon river, Alaska Territory. Davidson, George, United States Coast Survey.One box geological specimens,

two cans shells, and one lot of botanical specimens, and specimens of woods,

Alaska Territory.
Davis, Henry.-Package shells, myriapods, &c., Iowa.

Davis, Dr. E. H.-Casts of North American antiquities, types of figures in

“ancient monuments of Mississippi valley." Davison, C. E.-Lepidoptera in alcohol, Michigan. Dayton, E. A.-Indian implements, pottery, bones, and minerals, Tennessee. Destruges, Dr. A.-Box of bird skins, reptiles, &c., in alcohol, South America. Devereux, J.H.-Three boxes Indian relics from mounds in Tennessee, Ohio, &c. Donahoe, Thomas.–Pileated woodpecker (Hyl. pileatus) in the flesh. Dole, E. 7.-Insects from Ohio. Dow, Captain J. M.— Tapirus Bairdii, and other specimens in alcohol, minerals

and fossils, Insects, of Central America; antiquities from Costa Rica and Chiri

qui. Earle, W. H.-Mallotus in clay nodule, Ottawa river, Canada. Eaton, Frank.—Indian stone relics, Pennsylvania. Edwards, Dr. W. H.-Two boxes of fossil coal plants, Indian relics, &c., West

Virginia. Ellsworth, Mr.–Stone implements and marine animals, Massachusetts. Engelmann, Dr. George. ---Series of Junce, (American.) Feltz, George B.–Stone hoe, Massachusetts. Fenton, Elisha.-Minerals and Indian relics, Pennsylvania. Fernald, C. J.-Ancient pipe, Aroostook county, Maine. Fink, Hugo.—Specimens of wood of Mexican trees. Fitski, Edward.-Silver quartz, Zellerfield, Hanover. Flint, Dr. Earl.-Collection of plants from Nicaragua. Forte, A. E.-Box of insects, Lake Superior. Frolich, Jacob, jr.-One inferior maxillary bone, (human,) Arkansas. Gerrish, Noah W.-Indian relics, Massachusetts. Giraud, J. P.-Type of Icterus Audubonii, Texas. Glorer, Prof. T.-Bone of bear, horns of spike buck, Florida; African tattooing

apparatus, Indian arrow-heads. Gorilon, T. W.-Mole cricket, Ohio. Grunt, Captain E. M.-Stone idol from Tennessee. Gray, Dr. C. C., and Dr. Mathews.-One box Indian curiosities from Montana

Territory. Grayson, Colonel A.J.—Three boxes birds, &c., Mazatlan, Mexico. Gregory, J. J. H.-Indian relics, Massachusetts. Grinnan, A. G.-Bottle of reptiles and Indian relics, Virginia. Gruver, F.-One box birds, California. Gunn, Donald.-Two boxes birds' eggs from west of Lake Winnipeg; zoological

specimens, Hudson's Bay territory. Hackenburg, Dr. G. P., United States army.-Baculite, Mauvaise Terres. Hugue, Henry.-- Alcoholic collections and specimens of natural history, Gua

Hagemann, G. A.-Cryolite, &c., Greenland.
Haley, Mr.–Stone axe from Maine.
Hamilton, James.-Stone chisel, Pennsylvania.
Hammond, Phillip.-Lower jaw of a porpoise, Massachusetts.
Hathaway, Gideon P.-Large Indian pestle, Massachusetts.
Haymond, Dr. Rufus.-Box Indian relics from Indiana.
Hawkins, Samuel.-Sharks' teeth, Mississippi.
Hazzard, G. W.-Sulphuret of iron, Pennsylvania.
Hielscher, Thomas — Three bottles insects, minerals, &c., Minnesota.
Hitchcock, Prof. Edward.—Indian relics from New England.
Hitz, R. B.-Collections of specimens of natural history, geology, and ethnology,

Dakota and Montana.
Hoorer, Harry.-Minerals and Indian relics, Pennsylvania.
Hopkins, Prof. W. H.—Newly-formed sandstone, New York.

Horan, Henry.-Skin and skeleton of Madagascar rabbit, and skull of goat. Howard, Captain W. A., U. S. R. II.-Two skeletons of the sea otter, one skin

of sea otter, (young,) and ethnological collections, Aleutian islands. Horoell, R.-Indian relics, southern New York. Hudson, W. H.-Box of bird skins, Buenos Ayres. Ives, Frank.-Specimen of orthoceratite. Imperial Botanic Garden, St. Petersburg.-Two boxes of plants, Russian empire. James, Prof. Charles A.-Living horned frog. Jeffries, J. B.-One box titaniferous ore, Virginia. Jenks, Prof. J. W. P.-Large collection of Indian relics, Massachusetts. Jewett, Charles.-Recent marine shells, coast of Maine. Jewett, Colonel E.-Collection of Florida shells, Indian relics, New York, New

Jersey, &c. Jones, Prof. C. M.-Geological and zoological collections, Connecticut. Keenan, T. J. R.-Insects, fossils, and Indian relics, Mississippi. Keim, the late Hon. George W., through his children.— Three boxes Indian relics,

Pennsylvapia. King, Clarence.-Fifty boxes of general collections, made in Novada and Utah,

during United States geological survey of 40th parallel. Larkin, E. P.-Birds, &c., in alcohol. Latimer, George.--Six jars alcoholic specimens, and one oval stone ring, West

Indies. Lawrence, George N.—Three species of humming birds, South America. Linceum, Dr. G.–Zoological specimens and fossils, from Texas, &c Lincoln, Benjamin.-Box Indian relics, Maine. Limpert, W. R.-One box birds' eggs, and two bird skins, Ohio. Lockett, S. H.-Minerals and fossils, Louisiana. Lockhart, James.-Insects, &c., of Hudson's bay. Logan, Thomas M.-Skull of Digger Indian, California. Lowe, Abram.--Relics from ancient shell heaps and Indian graves, Massachusetts. Lyon, Sidney S.--Seven barrels and four boxes of bones of mound builders, and

relics from mounds in Kentucky. McComas, Dr. I. Lee.-Skin of Lepus americanus, (white,) two goshawks, and

skull of red fox, from Maryland. McCulloch, Hon. H., Secretary of the Treasury, United States.Specimens of

coal from Cook’s inlet, Alaska Territory. McDougal, J.-Two boxes birds' eggs, Youkon river. McFarlane, R.-Sixteen boxes, eleven packages, and one keg of specimens of

natural history and ethnology, Mackenzie River district, Hudson Bay territory. Maloney, H. D.-Indian relics, Tennessee. Merritt, J. C.-Indian arrows, Long island. Mills, Major W. H.-Bow, arrows, and equipment of Apache Indians. Minor, Dr. Thomas T.-Two boxes minerals, animals, and ethnological speci

mens, Alaska Territory; drawings made by Winnebago Indians. Moore, C. R.-Indian relics, and skin of Jaculus hudsonicus, Virginia. Nelson, W.-Fulgora, and large grasshopper and sea snake, Panama. Orton, Prof.—Box of plants, Venezuela; can of alcoholic fishes, South America. Palmer, Dr. Edward. Ten boxes specimens of natural history and ethnology,

Kansas and Indian territory.
Palmer, Dr. Charles.-Stone


Parker, Dr. N.-Bones from ancient shell heaps in New Brunswick.
Payne, Dr.-Box of minerals.
Peabody, Leonard.--Indian relics from Maine.
Pearsall, R. F.- Nest and eggs of Empidonax trailli, New York.
Peyton, Robert E., M. D.-Micaceous ore of iron, Virginia.
Pollis, Mr.-Slate spear, Maine.


Pouell, Prof.-Two boxes birds, Colorado.
Rcere, J. F.-Collection of bird skins, South America.
Reid, Peter.-Box of flint arrow-heads, New York.
Reinhardt, Dr. J.-Skeleton of Cerrus alces, Scandinavia.
Rice, Louis V.-Fossils from Lake Huron.
Rodifer, Jacob.-Minerals from Virginia.
Ross, A. C.—Indian relics and elephant's tooth, Zanesville, Ohio.
Ross, B. R.-Specimens of Bernicla leucopsis, and other birds, fossils, &c., Hud-

son's Bay territory.
Salvin, 0.-Four birds, and box of eggs, Central America.
Sampson, Uriah.Stone


Massachusetts. Sargent, Daniel.-One box flamingo eggs, from the Bahamas. Sartorius, Dr.-—Collection of birds and alcoholic specimens, Mexico. Schoolcraft, Mrs. M. H.-Indian relics, axes, arrow-heads, &c., and plaster casts

of inscription on Dighton rock. Schott, Dr. A.-Botanical and zoological collections, Yucatan. Sellman, Dr. J.-Sharks' teeth, Mississippi. Seagrave, O. B.-One snake and two lepediptera, Florida. Shaw, Eben.--Stone mortar, Middleboro', Massachusetts. Sheppard, Lewis.-One milk snake. Sherwood, Andrew.-One box of rocks and fossils from Pennsylvania. Shimer, Prof. Henry.-Living golden eagle, from northern Illinois ; bird skins

from Illinois. Slagel, J. W.-Indian stone axe and other relics, and miocene fossils, from

Maryland. Smith, Dr. J. B.-Box of birds, Bahia, Brazil. Spencer, Dr. L. B.--Stalagmite from Virginia. Starke, Mr.-Insects, shells, minerals, &c., Venezuela. Stearns, R. E. C.-Collection of shells, California. Steele, G.-Indian relics, California. Stinson, Captain James.—Tertiary shells, New Brunswick. Stone, J. M.-Fossil shells, Illinois. Stratton, Thomas.—Two packages minerals, &c., Mt. Baker, Washington Ter

ritory. Stratton, L.-Indian relics from New York. Sumichrast, Dr.Zoological collections, Orizaba, Mexico. Sundevall, Prof. C. J., Stockholm.--Birds of St. Bartholomew and Galapagos

islands, (for Academy of Sciences.) Surgeon General United States Army.—Minerals, &c., Upper Missouri; box of

minerals collected by Dr. B. B. Miles, United States army. Sylvester, S. H.-Indian relics, Massachusetts. Talen, Rev. V.-Specimen of granite used in Mormon temple, Salt Lake City;

also photograph of the building.
Thaxter, L. L.- Turdus swainsoni and pallasi, Massachusetts.
Thomas, M., & Sons.-A complete skeleton, and separate head of Irish fossil elk.
Thompson, Rev. D.-Box fossils and Indian relics, Ohio.
Thompson, MIrs. J.-Cane carved by Nisqually Indians.
Todd, Dr. W. II.--Relics from ancient shell beds in New Brunswick.
Tolman, Mr.-One box birds' eggs, Illinois.
Tyler, Samuel.-Indian stone axe, Prince George county, Maryland
Ullrich, Lewis.One specimen garfish, and two boxes lepidoptera, Ohio.
University of St. Thomas, Costa Rica, Prof. Lucien Platt.-Two boxes miner-

als, &c.
Van Patten, Dr. C. H.-Two mammals, Guatemala.
Von Frantzius, Dr. A.-Birds, mammals, &c., from Costa Rica.
Wakefield, Dr. E. St. George.--Skin of Arkansas siskin, Arispe.

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