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Report of the Stockholders of the Dauphin and Susquehanna Coal Company. Philadelphia, 1848.

Dr. J. C. Flügel. Literarische Sympathien öder Industriel Buchmacherei, ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Neueren Englischen Lexicographie von Dr. J. G. Flügel. Leipsic. With other pamphlets on the same subject. From the Author.

Edward Everett. Speech in Support of the Memorial of Harvard, Williams, and Amherst Colleges, delivered before the Joint Committee on Education, in the Hall of the House of Representatives, Boston, February 7th, 1849. 8vo pamph. From the Author.

Report on the Memorial of W. T. G. Morton, and the Remonstrance of Dr. Charles T. Jackson. Svo pamph. Congressional Document, No. 114. From the Author.

Annals of the Lyceum of Natural History, New York. Vol. IV., No. 5. Feb., 1846. 8vo. New York, 1846. From the Lyceum.

Joseph Leidy, M. D. Observations on the Existence of the Intermaxillary Bone in the Embryo of the Human Subject. Pamph. From the Author.

Annual Report of the Trustees of the State Library of the State of New York; made to the Legislature, January 15, 1849. 8vo. Albany, 1849. From the Regents of the University of the State of New York.

Proceedings of the Friends of a Railroad to San Francisco, at a Public Meeting, Boston, April 19, 1849. Second Edition. Pamph. Boston, 1849.

Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society. Vol. V., No. 42. January to March, 1849. 8vo. Philadelphia. From the Society.

A. D. Bache. Report of the Superintendent of the United States Coast Survey. December, 1848. Congressional Document. From Hon. Robert C. Winthrop.

J. C. Fremont. Geographical Memoir upon Upper California ; in Illustration of his Map of Oregon and California ; addressed to the Senate of the United States. With the Map. Congressional Document. Washington, 1849. From Hon. R. C. Winthrop.

A. Guyot. The Earth and Man. Lectures on Comparative Phys. ical Geography in its Relation to the History of Mankind. 12mo. Boston, 1849. From the Author.

Reports from the Secretary of the Treasury of Scientific Investigations in Relation to Sugar and Hydrometers, made under the Superintendence of Professor A. D. Bache, by Professor R. S. McCulloh. Congressional Document. 8vo. Washington, 1848. From the Comptroller's Office, Washington.

Samuel Geo. Morton, M. D. Additional Observations on a New Living Species of Hippopotamus of Western Africa. (Extr. Jour. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philad.) 4to. Philadelphia, 1849. From the Author.

Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge. App. I. to Vol. II. ; containing an Ephemeris of the Planet Neptune for the Date of the Lalande Observations of May 8th and 10th, 1795, and for the Oppositions of 1846, 1847, 1848, and 1849. Computed by Sears C. Walker. 4to pamph. Washington, 1849. From the Smithsonian Institution.

Annals of the Lyceum of Natural History, New York. Vol. V., No. 1. 8vo. May, 1849. From the Lyceum.

Journal of the American Oriental Society. Vol. I., No. 4. 8vo. New Haven, 1849. From the Society..

Verhandlungen der Kaisersl. Leopold.-Carol. Akademie der Naturforscher. Band XXIII. Suppl. Enthal. F. A. W. Miquel Illustrationes Piperacearum. 4to, with 92 Plates. Band XXIV. 4to. Breslau and Bonn, 1846, 1847. From the Acad. Naturæ Curio


Augustus Mason, M. D. The Cholera : Brief Hints for its Prevention, &c., &c. 8vo pamph. Lowell, 1849. From the Author.

Professor Von Boguslauski. On a New Micrometer and its Application to the Determination of the Parallax of Mars. (Ext. from the Transactions of the Royal Astronomical Society, London.) 4to pamph. From the Author.

Uranus, Synchronistisch geordenete Ephemeride aller Himmelserscheinungen des Jahr. 1849. Erstes und Zweites Quartal. 8vo. Breslau, 1849. From the Editor.

Übersicht der Arbeiten und Veranderungen der Schlesischen Gesellschaft für Vaterlandische Kultur im Jahre 1847. 4to. Breslau, 1848. From Professor Boguslauski.

Sixty-second Annual Report of the Regents of the University of the State of New York; made to the Legislature, March 1st, 1849. 8vo. From the Regents.

American Journal of Science and Arts. Second Series, No. 22. July, 1849. From the Editors.

E. B. O'Callaghan. Documentary History of the State of New

York ; arranged under the Direction of the Hon. C. Morgan, Secretary of State. Vol. I. 8vo. Albany, 1849.

B. A. Gould, Jr. Account of the Observatory of Pulkova; as written for the North American Review, July, 1849. 8vo pamph. From the Author.

Jas. 0. Halliwell. Rara Mathematica: or a Collection of Treatises on the Mathematics and Subjects connected with them. From Ancient inedited Manuscripts. Second Edition. London, 1841. From the Editor.

Three hundred and twentieth meeting.

May 29, 1849.- ANNUAL MEETING: The PRESIDENT in the chair.

Mr. Everett announced that the comet discovered by Mr. George P. Bond, on the 11th of April last, at nine o'clock, P. M., was observed at Moscow, on the same evening, at half past nine o'clock. It was also seen in England, by Mr. Graham, on the 14th of April.

A memoir, “On some Applications of the Method of Mechanical Quadratures,” by George P. Bond, was communicated.

Professor Agassiz gave a further exposition of his observations on the structure and devolopment of the Medusæ.

A letter was read from Mr. Henry Dexter, the sculptor of the marble bust of the former President of the Academy, the late Hon. John Pickering, LL. D., recently placed in the hall, inclosing the list of the subscribers by whom this memorial was procured and presented to the Academy.

The Treasurer's Annual Report, with the auditor's certificate, was read and placed on file ; and the appropriations for the current year, as proposed by the Treasurer, were voted.

Professor Charles U. Shepard, and Professor Charles B. Adams, of Amherst College, were elected Fellows of the Academy.

The annual election was held, and the following officers were chosen for the ensuing year, viz. :


JACOB Bigelow, M. D., .. President.
EDWARD EVERETT, LL. D., Vice-President.
Asa GRAY, M. D., ..... Corresponding Secretary.
AUGUSTUS A. GOULD, M. D., Recording Secretary.
J. INGERSOLL Bowditch, · Treasurer.
HENRY J. Bowditch, M. D., Librarian and Cabinet-Keeper.
The Standing Committees were appointed as follows:-

Rumford Committee.
DANIEL TREADWELL, Francis C. Lowell,


Committee on the Library.

Committee of Publication.
Asa Gray, Louis Agassiz, W. C. Bond.

Three hundred and twenty-first meeting.

August 8, 1849. — QUARTERLY MEETING. The PRESIDENT in the chair.

The Corresponding Secretary read letters of acceptance from Dr. Joseph Leidy, of Philadelphia, and Professor Charles B. Adams, of Amherst College.

Professor Gray gave some account of Argyroxiphium, a remarkable genus of Compositæ, belonging to the mountains of the Sandwich Islands ; of which a second species was obtained by the naturalists of the United States Exploring Expedition under Captain Wilkes. Dr. Gray thinks that “ The genus should be referred to the division Madieæ (a group which belongs entirely to the western side of America, principally to California, and of which the radical leaves of some Californian species exhibit a somewhat similar silky covering); on account of the nearly obsolete pappus of the ray-achenia, and their inclosure in the involute scales of the involucre, and because there is an inner series of scales interposed between the ray-flowers and those of the disk. It has been remarked that, when a genus of two or more species is peculiar to a group of islands, the different islands are apt to have each their own peculiar species. In this instance, while the species on which this characteristic genus was founded belongs to Hawaii, growing on the high mountains of Mouna Loa and Mouna Kea, the second species was found only on the island of Maui, at the base of a high crater; and a plant of an allied, but very distinct, genus was gathered on the island of Kauai. The new Argyroxiphium has much larger capitula than A. Sandwicense, from which it also strikingly differs in the total absence of pappus, just as the Californian Lasthenia (Hologymne) glabrata does from the genuine species of Lasthenia, Burrielia (Baeria) chrysostoma from the other species of that genus, and Ptilomeris calva, Nutt., from its congeners ; adding another to a singular class of cases, all occurring in the same part of the world. The species may therefore be briefly characterized as follows: “A. MACROCEPHALUM : capitulis nutantibus maximis (14 unc. dia

met.); ligulis discum vix æquantibus ; receptaculo conico;

pappo nisi coronula disciformis nullo. “The A. Sandwicense has a convex or depressed-conical, not a flat, receptacle : the pappus is better represented by the figure of Hooker (Icones Plantarum, tab. 75) than by the description of De Candolle.

“The allied genus referred to has much the habit of Argyroxiphium, but in its floral characters is more nearly related to Lasthenia. As it is one of the most striking of the new plants obtained during the cruise, it may be appropriately dedicated to the commander of the expedition ; I have therefore characterized it, in the Botany of the voyage, now in preparation, under the name of

“WILKESIA, Nov. Gen. “Capitulum homogamum, multiflorum. Involucrum campanulatum, gamophyllum, subtri-quadrilobum, lobis apice 3 - 4-dentatis villoso-ciliatis. Receptaculum convexum, nudum. Flores hermaphroditæ, conformes. Corollæ tubulosa, glabræ ; limbo dilatato campanu. lato 5-lobo. Antheræ ecaudatæ. Styli rami cono hispidulo compla. nato apice subulato superati. Achenia elongata, compresso-quadrangulata, ad angulos hirtella. Pappus persistens, e paleis 8-9 lanceo. latis acuminatis rigidis hispido-ciliatis. – Herba grandis crassicaulis ; foliis lineari-lanceolatis nervosis coriaceis, adultis glabratis tomentulosociliatis, caulinis subverticillatis bậsi coadunatis; capitulis in paniculam amplam digestis longe pedunculatis ; floribus ut videtur albidis.

“ W. GYMNOXIPHIUM. - In Montibus Kauai, Ins. Sandwicensium."

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