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behalf of the establishment of meteorological observations at certain stations in Massachusetts, was authorized to apply to his Excellency the Governor for the appropriation recently made for that purpose, and to superintend its expenditure in furtherance of the object for which it was appropriated.

Mr. Eliot also gave an account of an organ with perfect intonation, the octave being divided into thirty-seven parts, which has recently been constructed, and is now on exhibition in Boston.

Dr. Locke, of Cincinnati, at his own request, made to the Chairman of the Rumford Committee, had leave to withdraw his communication on the Electro-Chronograph, &c., and to substitute another, if he shall think proper to do so.


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Col. Edward Sabine. Directions for the Use of a Small Appa

ratus to be employed with a Ship’s Standard Compass, for the Purpose of ascertaining at any Time, whether at Sea or in Harbour, the changing Part of the Deviation, which is usually different in different Parts of the Globe. Svo pamph. London, 1849. From the Royal Society of London.

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