A Treatise on the Law of Partnership

Little, Brown, 1866 - 653 páginas

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Página 493 - If any bankrupt, at the time he becomes bankrupt, shall, by the consent and permission of the true owner thereof, have in his possession, order, or disposition, any goods or chattels, whereof he was reputed owner...
Página 68 - It is clearly settled, though I regret it, that if a man stipulates that as the reward of his labor he shall have, not a specific interest in the business, but a given sum of money, even in proportion to a given quantum of the profits, that will not make him a partner; but if he agrees for a part of the profits as such, giving him a right to an account, though having no property in the capital, he is, as to third persons, a partner, and in a question with third persons no stipulation can protect...
Página 168 - Another, more applicable to the subject under consideration, is that a partner, certainly the acting partner, has power to transact the whole business of the firm, whatever that may be, and consequently to bind his partners in such transactions, as entirely as himself.
Página 92 - The advance of money by way of loan to a person engaged or about to engage in any business on a contract with that person that the lender shall receive a rate of interest varying with the profits, or shall receive a share of the profits arising from carrying on the business, does not of itself make the lender a partner with the person or persons carrying on the business or liable as such : Provided that the contract is in writing and signed by or on behalf of all the parties thereto.
Página 185 - Contractor, Executor, or Administrator shall lose the Benefit of the said Enactments or either of them, so as to be chargeable in respect or by reason only of any written Acknowledgment or Promise made and signed by any other or others of them...
Página 6 - Commentaries on the Conflict of Laws, Foreign and Domestic, in regard to Contracts, Rights, and Remedies, and especially in regard to Marriages, Divorces, Wills, Successions, and Judgments.
Página 66 - But if he will lend his name as a partner, he becomes, as against all the rest of the world, a partner, not upon the ground of the real transaction between them, but upon principles of general policy to prevent the frauds to which...
Página 135 - Every man who has a share of the profits of a trade ought also to bear his share of the loss.
Página 7 - Digest of the Decisions of the Courts of Common Law and Admiralty in the United States.
Página 185 - Benefit thereof, unless such Acknowledgment or Promise shall be made or contained by or in some Writing to be signed by the Party chargeable thereby ; and that where there shall be Two or more Joint Contractors, or Executors or Administrators of any Contractor, no such Joint Contractor, Executor, or Administrator shall lose the Benefit of the said...

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