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King John.
Prince Henry, his Son; afterwards King HENRY III.
ARTHUR, Duke of Bretagne, Son of Gerprey, late

Duke of BRETAGNE, the elder Brother of King

John. William MARESHALL, Earl of PemBROKE. Geffrey Fitz-Peter, Earl of Essex, Chief Justiciary

of England. WILLIAM LONGSWORD, Earl of SALISBURY. Robert Bigot, Earl of NORFOLK. Hubert de BURGH, Chamberlain to the King. Robert FaylCONBRIDGE, Son of Sir Robert Faul


Philip FAULCON BRIDGE, his half-Brother, Bastard Son

to King RICHARD The First. James Gurney, Servant to Lady FAULCONBRIDGE. Peter of Pomfret, a Prophet. PHILIP, King of France. Lewis, the Dauphin. Arch-duke of AUSTRIA. Cardinal PANDULPH, the Pope's Legate. Melun, a French Lord. Chatillon, Ambassador from France to King John. ELINOR, the Widow of King Henry 11. and Mother of

King John. CONSTANCE, Mother to Arthur. BLANCH, Daughter to ALPHONSO, King of Castile,

and Niece to King John. Lady FAULCONBRIDGE, Mother to the Bastard, and

Robert FAULCONBRIDGE. Lords, Ladies, Citizens of Angiers, Sheriff, Heralds,

Officers, Soldiers, Messengers, and other Attendants.

SCENE, sometimes in England, and sometimes in France.

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SCENEI.-—Northampton. A Room of State in the Palace.

Enter King John, Queen ELINOR, PEMBROKE, Essex,

SALISBURY, and Others, with Chatillon. K. John. Now, say, Chatillon, what would France

with us? Chat. Thus, after greeting, speaks the king of France,

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