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City Hall

(Telephones-Unless otherwise stated, call Main 4600

or Central 1 for any of the officials listed below).

Mayor's Secretary--Fred W. Thomas.

Thomas S. Farrell, Director.

Director's Secretary-Stanley Spírakus. DEPARTMENT OF LAW

228 City Hall.

Division of Water--
W, S. FitzGerald, Director.
Assistant Directors--Alfred Clum, J. C. Mansfield,

J. T. Martin, Commissioner, 211 City Hall.
J. D. Marshall, W. D. Cole, 304 City Hall.

Division of Light and Heat

W. E. Davis, Commissioner, 228 City Hall. 304 City Hall. Chief Prosecutor-James L. Lind.

Board Assistant Prosecutors-Edward Stanton, E. J. Rus

of Control-Mayor Davis, President, and

Directors FitzGerald, Bernstein, Beman, Sprosty.
sick, Nathan C. Beckerman, Joseph Nuccio, John

Neai, Waite and Farrell,
J. Sexton.

Fred W. Thomas, Sec

retary, Room 305 City Hall. Central Police Station. Main 1330

Central 4021

Civil Service Commission-Louis A. Deutsch, Presi-
Chief Clerk-J. M. Crawford,

dent; Ralph W. Edwards and Benjamin Parmely,


Simon, Secretary, 414

City Hall.
Alex Bernstein, Director.
Director's Secretary, Alva R. Corlett,

Sinking Fund Commission-Mayor Davis, Presi-
314 City Hall.

dent; Clarence J. Neal, Secretary, and President Division of Streets

of City Council H. C. Gahn. John G. Tomson, Commissioner, 124 City Hall

J. H. Morris, Asst.

Secretary, 128 City Hall.
Street Cleaning, Street Repairs, Paving Permits.
Division of Engineering and Construction-

Buard of Revision of Assessments-Mayor Davis,
Robert Hoffman, Commissioner, 618 City Hall.
Paving, Sidewalks, Sewers, Bridges and Docks

President; Clarence J. Neal, Secretary, Directors
(Rivers and Harbors), Sewage Disposal, Plats

FitzGerald and Bernstein, and President of City

Council H. C. Gahn, 305 City Hall.
and Surveys, Street Signs and House Numbers.
Division of Garbage-
Aaron Caunter, Supt. of Collection, 2430 Canal

Road. Telephones: Central 4894, Main 2736.

Fielder Sanders, 830 Leader-News Bldg., Main 5271,

Central 348.

Floyd E. Waite, Director.
Director's Secretary-Joseph R. Ray, 435 City Hall
Division of Parks-

Lyman 0. Newell, Commissioner of Parks, 435
Harry C. Hyatt, City Forester, 435 City Hall.

Division of Recreation-

J. F. Potts, Commissioner of Recreation, 435 City

l'resident-Harry C. Gahn. Division of Markets-


George P. Samman.

1 Alva R. Dittrick.

8700 Lorain Ave City Architect

2 John A. Biaschwitz.

10622 Parkhurst Dr. F. H. Betz, 604 City Hall.

3 Samuel B. Michell.

7915 Madison Ave. N. W Street Lighting

+ Frank J. Faulhaber

2185 West 67th St. Albert Moritz, Superintendent, 112 City Hall

John P. Becker.

3308 Fulton Rd.
Clayton C. Townes.


Jerry R. Zmunt.

.2172 West 14th St. Lamar T. Beman, Director.

8 Michael H. Gallagher.

1381 West 44th Pl. Director's Secretary-A. E. Maska, 327 City Hall

9 James J. McGinty.

2741 Commercial Rd. Division of Health

John W. Reynolds.

1758 East 27th St.
Dr. H. L. Rockwood, Aeting Commissioner, 116
Dr. Martin Friedrich. Medical Ex-

Thomas W. Fleming.

2342 East 40th St.
117 City Hall.

Herman H. Finkle.

2479 East 40th St.
pert, Communicable Discases,

Charles A. Kadlecek

5314 McBride Ave. Dr. Bogor G. Perkins, Director of Laboratorios,

14 Stanley F. Dembowski Dr. R. C. Roueche, Chief Bureau

3736 East 71st St. 118 City Hall.

15 Ilm. F. Thompson.

9213 Miles Ave. of Food and Dairy Inspection 226 City Hall.

16 Frank Soika..

3117 East 116th St. Charlotte Ludwig, Director of Field Nurses, 117

17 Daniel A. Carroll. Harold Knopf, Aeting City Chemist,

6414 Woodland Ave. 18 Harry C. Gahn.

2205 East 79th St. 609 City Hall,

19 Perry D. Caldwell.

2126 East 96th St. Division of Employment

20 Charles B. Stannard.

1679 East 82nd St. Charles F. Arndt, Commissioner, 109 City Hall

21 John Sulzmann..

1338 East 81st St. Bureau of Immigration

22 Edward A. Meyers.

. 1739 East 70th St. John Prucha, Chief, 103 City Hall.

Adam J. Damm.

1046 East 74th St. Bureau of Outdoor Relief-106 City Hall

24 E. H. Krueger.

899 Parkwood Dr. William A. Kenney, Supt.

25 J. R. Hinchliffe

11219 Wade Park Ave Parole officer

26 William Roll..

.15322 St. Clair Ave
Turney H. Braund,
327 City Hall.

Clerk-C, J. Benkoski, 316 City Hall.

A. B. Sprosty, Director.
Division of Police
Frank W. Smith, Chief, Central Police Station

Main 26, Central 542. Secretary of Police De.

partment, W. W. Norris, Room 330 City Hall. Division of Fire

Civil Branch
George A. Wallace, Chief, 328 City Hall,


Chief Justice--William H. McGannon.
Prevention Bureau. Thomas F. Connell, Chief

Judges-Daniel B. Cull.
Warden, Room 328 City Hall. Secretary of the

Wm. B. Beebe.
Fire Department, Room 330 City Hall,

Geo, P. Baer.
Division of Buildings-

Samuel H. Silbert.
E. W. Cunningham, Commissioner, 605 City Hall

David Moylan.
Samuel Hatcher, Commissioner of Division of

Walter McMahon.
Smoke, 330 City Hall,

Charles L. Selzer.

Bailiff --J. Martin Thumm,
Clarence J. Neal, Director,

Cit: Hall. Main 4600, Central 1.
Division of Accounts--
C. S. Metcalf, Commissioner, 226 City Hall,

Criminal Branch
Division of Treasury
Russell V. Johnson, City Treasurer, 216 City Hall

Julges-Samuel E. Kramer.
Division of Assessments and Licenses--

Frank C. Phillips.
L. C. Cukr, Commissioner, 226 City Ha.l.

('entral Police Station. Main 1330, Central 4021.
Division of Purchases and Supplies -
Edward Shattuck, Commissioner, 219 City Hall.

Clerk-Peter J. Henry.

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City Hall


Ciiy Hall

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Clerk of Council,

The City Record the sum of $1,265.89 covering the the terms and agreements with

grading, draining and paving of reference to said party walls conPublished weekly under authority West blvd., from Lorain ave. to tained in said respective deeds. of the Charter of the City of Adelaide ave.

Together also with all the gran-
File No. 6054.

tor's right, title and interest in and By Director Waite.

to the easements appurtenant to Subscription (by Mail) 50cts a year Resolved, by the board of control, the premises above described,

that the commissioner of purchases granted by R. O. White and others Address all communications to

and supplies be, and he is hereby to Sarah A. Tyler by deed recorded C. J. BENKOSKI,

authorized and directed to pur- in volume 177, page 7 of Cuyahoga

chase from the owners thereof for county records. 316 City Hall park and boulevard purposes the The consideration to be paid for

the above described parcel of land Entered as second-class matter parcel of land hereinafter described

is $45,000.00. February 18, 1914, at the post-office at and for the consideration hereinafter stated for said parcel:

Said money to be drawn out of at Cleveland, Ohio, under the Act of March 3, 1879.

Situated in the city of Cleveland, the funds derived from the sale of county of Cuyahoga and state of bonds authorized by ordinance No.

Ohio and known as being part of 45156 and said commissioner of The regular meeting of the board original Brooklyn township lots purchases and supplies is hereby of control was called to order at Nos. 51 and 70 and being further authorized to pay to the owners of 10:00 a. m., Friday, December described as follows:

said parcel of land the sum of 27th, 1918.

Beginning on the northwesterly money named as the consideration Present: Directors FitzGerald, line of Detroit ave. N. W. at its for the foregoing parcel of land, Bernstein, Beman, Sprosty, Neal, point of intersection with the upon delivery to the city of CleveFarrell and Waite.

southwesterly line of W. 25th st.; land of good and sufficient deed toAbsent: Mayor Davis.

thence northwesterly along said gether with certificate of title The minutes of the previous southwesterly line of W. 25th st., showing said premises to be free meeting were approved as pre

105 feet 4 inches to the most east- and clear of all incumbrances, and sented and on motion of the acting erly corner of land conveyed to to the satisfaction of the director president the following resolutions John Pollack by deed recorded in of law. were adopted:

volume 213, page 229 of Cuvahoga File No. 6055.

county records; thence southwest- By Director Farrell. RESOLUTIONS

erly along the southeasterly line Resolved, by the board of control, File No. 6051.

of land so conveyed to John Pol- • that the director of public utilities By Director Bernstein.

lack, 50 feet to the most southerly be and he is hereby authorized and Resolved, by the board of control, corner thereof; thence southeast- directed to enter into contract with that the director of public service erly on a line parallel with said the R. E. Bronson Company lowest be and he is hereby authorized and southwesterly line of W. 25th st. and best bidder for high pressure directed to enter into contract with 45 feet 10 inches; thence north- steam separators for the division The Geo

. A. Rutherford Company, easterly on a line parallel with the of light and heat in the sum of lowest and best bidder for the con- northwesterly line of Detroit ave. nine hundred sixty-seven

and struction of shelter houses

N. W., 29 feet 6 inches; thence 50/100 dollars ($967.50), in accordClark ave. viaduct, in the approxi- southeasterly on a line parallel ance with their bid received Decemmate sum of three thousand seven

with said southwesterly line of W. ber 13, 1918. hundred and sixty-seven dollars

25th st. 59 feet 6 inches to said File No. 6056. 183,767.00) in accordance with its northwesterly line of Detroit ave. By Director Farrell. bid received December 20, 1918.

N. W.; thence northeasterly along Resolved, by the board of control, By Director Bernstein.

said northwesterly line of Detroit that contract No. 12021 with An

ave. N. W. 20 feet 6 inches to the tonio Marra for installing water Resolved, by the board of control, place of beginning, be the same mains in various streets for the that subsidiary agreement No. 1006, with E. Š. Iannetta, making highways. more or less, but subject to all legal division of water in the sum of

eight thousand six hundred eight certain additions to and amending contract No. 11925, in the sum of

Together with all of grantor's ($8,608.00) dollars, be and the $492.12, covering the construction

right. title and interest in and to same is hereby approved. of a sewer in Forest ave. S. E.,

certain party walls located partly File No. 6057. from E. 111th st. to E. 116th st., be

on the premises above described By Director Beman.
and partly on premises contiguous Resolved by the board of control,
thereto, as respectively set forth that the bill for 1,500 bushels of

and described in the deed from notatoes, purchased from the Resolved, that the director of

Carlos 0. Benton and wife to Sarah Brandt Company, for the infirmparks and public property be and

A. Tyler recorded in volume 175, ary, in the sum of two thousand, he is hereby authorized to enter

page 310 of Cuyahoga county rec- six hundred and thirteen dollars into subsidiary agreement with the

ords, and in the deed from John H. and sixty cents ($2,613.60) be and Cleveland Trinidad Paving Co.

, Tyler to John Pollack, recorded in

Sargent, guardian of Sarah A. is hereby approved. making certain additions to and

Be it further resolved. that this rolume 213, nage 229 of Cuyahoga chall constitute the authority for county records; and subject to all the commissioner of accounts to



File No. 6052.

and the same is hereby approved.
File No. 6053.
By Director Waite.

amending contract No. 11909 in


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