The Cultivator, Volumen1

L. Tucker, 1844
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Página 93 - Honor and shame from no condition rise ; Act well your part, there all the honor lies.
Página 116 - ... of her whole population. It extends its benefits equally to all conditions, and in all local situations. It not only gives profitable employment to the man of leisure, but it passes the threshold of the laborer, offering him amusement and instruction, after his daily toil is over, without increasing his fatigues, or subtracting from his earnings. It is an interesting reflection, that there is no portion of our territory, so wild or remote, where man has penetrated, that the library has not peopled...
Página 22 - This is continued through the day, taking care not to have anything in the kettle that will give color to the sap, and to keep it well skimmed. At night I leave fire enough under the kettle to boil, the sap nearly, or quite to syrup, by the next morning. I then take it out of the kettle, and strain...
Página 64 - For my own part I do not scruple to avow the conviction, that ere long, a knowledge of the principal truths of Chemistry will be expected in every educated man, and that it will be as necessary to the Statesman and Political Economist, and the Practical Agriculturist, as it is already indispensable to the Physician, and the Manufacturer.
Página 254 - ... and one, two, or more on the tips or points of the serratures of the leaves. The reniform glands grow also on the footstalks of the leaves, but those on the leaves are placed within the serratures, connecting, as it were, the upper and lower teeth of the serratures together ; their leaves, when taken from a branch of a vigorous growth, have more glands than the leaves of the globose varieties. It will, however, sometimes happen that glands are not discernible on some of the leaves, especially...
Página 64 - Wurtzburg, for the express purpose of facilitating the application of chemical truths to the practical arts of life, and of following up the new line of investigation and research — the bearing of Chemistry upon Physiology, Medicine, and Agriculture — which may be said to be only just begun.
Página 64 - It only remains for me to add a hope, that this little offering may serve to make new friends to our beautiful and useful science, and be a remembrancer to those old friends who have, for many years past, taken a lively interest in all my labors. JUSTUS LIEBIG. Giewen, August, 1852. CONTENTS. LETTER I. The Subject proposed. Materials employed for Chemical Apparatus : — GLASS — CAOUTCHOUC — COKK — PLATINUM. THE BALANCE. The " Elements" of the Ancients, represent the forms of matter.
Página 234 - Train up a child in the way it should go, and when it is old it will not depart from it.
Página 127 - ... aquiline curve of the nose, with short, fine glossy hair on the face, and generally hair on the legs, the skin pretty smooth, that is, not rolling up or doubling about the neck and body,* as in some other flocks; the crimp in the wool was not so short as in many other flocks, the wool was somewhat longer, but it was close and compact, and was soft and silky to the touch, and * In this feature Mr. Jarvla
Página 52 - Knevels for the able and instructive address delivered by him this evening, and that he be requested to furnish a copy for publication.

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