Madam Dorrington of the Dene, Volumen605


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Página 185 - IN the hour of my distress, When temptations me oppress, And when I my sins confess, Sweet Spirit, comfort me ! When I lie within my bed, Sick in heart and sick in head, And with doubts discomforted, Sweet Spirit, comfort me...
Página 185 - I love (and have some cause to love) the earth ; She is my Maker's creature, therefore good : She is my mother, for she gave me birth ; She is my tender nurse ; she...
Página 185 - I love the sea, — she is my fellow-creature, My careful purveyor; she provides me store; She walls me round; she makes my diet greater; She wafts my treasure from a foreign shore: But, Lord of oceans, when compared with thee, What is the ocean or her wealth to me?
Página 185 - Cause my speech is now decayed; Sweet Spirit comfort me! When (God knows) I'm tossed about, Either with despair, or doubt; Yet before the glass be out, Sweet Spirit comfort me!
Página 200 - To PRIMROSES FILLED WITH MORNING DEW. Why do ye weep, sweet babes ? can tears Speak grief in you, Who were but born Just as the modest morn Teem'd her refreshing dew ? Alas, you have not known that shower That mars a flower, Nor felt th...
Página 216 - The mountains look on Marathon, And Marathon looks on the sea. And musing there an hour alone, I dreamed that Greece might still be free, For standing on the Persians' grave, I could not deem myself a slave.
Página 201 - Speak, whimp'ring younglings, and make known The reason why Ye droop and weep ; Is It for want of sleep, Or childish lullaby? Or that ye have not seen as yet The violet ? Or brought a kiss From that Sweet-heart, to this? — No, no, this sorrow shown By your tears shed, Would have this lecture read, That things of greatest, so of meanest worth, Conceived with grief are, and with tears brought forth.
Página 115 - And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to thee. Holy Father, keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one, as we are.
Página 185 - LOVE, and have some cause to love, the earth; She is my Maker's creature, therefore good; She is my mother, for she gave me birth; She is my tender nurse — she gives me food. But...
Página 185 - Lord of oceans, when compared with Thee, What is the ocean, or her wealth to me? To heaven's high city I direct my journey, Whose spangled suburbs entertain mine eye ; Mine eye, by contemplation's great attorney, Transcends the crystal pavement of the sky : But what is heaven, great God, compared to Thee ? Without Thy presence heaven's no heaven to me.

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