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SOME apology may seem to be necessary from an individual, who, invested with no authority, and but feebly qualified for the task, yet presumes on statements which have been so well and so wisely advocated by men of unquestionable piety and learning, with less than uniform success: but as the faith of David aided by the power of God, gave might to the smooth pebble, so the earnestness of deep desire, directed by the goodness of God, may cause that even this frail missive, taken from the


running stream," may find the aim which the author means.

The following pages have been written with a hope that they might invite inquiry into the subject of Catholic Divinity, of which they profess to offer no more than a series of hints. That they may conduce to a thoughtful ex

amination into a system, replete with divine illumination, is the utmost to which the author presumes to aspire, although hopeful that even this poor offering to the cause of truth, may, through the divine permission, be blessed to the Christian's advancement in true Godliness.

The Author cannot close these few remarks without offering the testimony of her grateful thanks to the Rev. R. K. Thom of Drumlithie for his kind and invaluable assistance during the execution of this little work.

St. James's Cruden.

Feast of St. Bartholomew, 1847.

"Christian is my name, but Catholic my surname.

The former

gives me a name, the latter distinguishes me. By the one I am approved; by the other I am but marked."-S. Pacian.

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