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I. Boyhood And Youth

II. The Vigor Of Life

III. Practical Politics

IV. In Cowboy Land
V. Applied Idealism .

VI. The New York Police

VII. The War Of America The Unready

'VIII. The New York Governorship

IX. Outdoors And Indoors .

v X. The Presidency; Making An Old Party Pro
Gressive ......

XL The Natural Resources Of The Nation

XII. The Big Stick And The Square Deal

XIII. Social And Industrial Justice .

XIV. The Monroe Doctrine And The Panama Canal
XV. The Peace Of Righteousness . . . .

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Theodore Roosevelt


"Her mother, my grandmother, one of the dearest old ladies, lived with us"

"Two Georgia girls" — Martha Bulloch and Anna Bulloch

"'My Uncle Jimmy' Bulloch was a dear old retired seacaptain — a veritable Colonel Newcome" . . .

"My Uncle Irvine Bulloch was a midshipman on the Alabama, and fired the last gun discharged from her batteries in the fight with the Kearsarge" .

The proprietor of the "Roosevelt Museum of Natural History"

"This, and subsequent natural histories, were written down in blank books in simplified spelling, wholly unpremeditated and unscientific"

Presented to Mr. Roosevelt by the "Tennis Cabinet"

Joseph Murray as he looks to-day

Michael J. Costello

The Cow-punchers

On the long circle .

Sheriff duty ....

"Seth Bulloch became, and has ever since remained, one of my stanchest and most valued friends"

Theodore Roosevelt

Mark Hanna

Matthew Stanley Quay
Jacob A. Riis
Otto Raphael

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Captain Edward J. Bourke ......

Theodore Roosevelt and the children of the tenement .
A Spanish cannon on the lawn at Sagamore .
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt and a group of Rough Riders
General Joseph Wheeler, in the foreground, Commander of

the left wing of the army before San Juan Hill
On the firing line . .......

"Mr. Loeb gave me much information about various im

proper practices in the insurance business" .. "I got Mr. Perkins to serve on the Palisade Park Commis

sion ... to save the Palisades from vandalism" .
Father Doyle of the Paulist Fathers
Sagamore Hill ....
Under the porch at Sagamore
Before the morning ride at Sagamore
From the summer house at Sagamore
Jack and his master
The north room at Sagamore
The mistress of Sagamore Hill
The sixteen cousins
Bubbles ....
Daisies .....
Josiah and his master .
The obstacle race around the old barn
The small boy of the White House
The first grandchild at Sagamore Hill
Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt
His favorite author
Oscar Straus
Herbert Knox Smith
William H. Moody
Charles J. Bonaparte
Paul Morton
James R. Garfield
Gifford Pinchot

Father Curran .........

Xledal awarded by Mr. Roosevelt for two years' continuous service on the Panama Canal

Colonel G. W. Goethals ...

"Kindred spirits of the strenuous life"

Confiscated by the Berlin police. What are they afraid of
Is it this?

Nobel prize diploma in case .

George von Lengerke Meyer, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Russia

Nobel peace prize medallion

Senator Lodge .....

President Roosevelt and the gun pointers of the U. S. battleship Missouri ....

Brass Buddha

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