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This machine combines all the advantages of the tommon Thresher with the over-shot cylinder, adjustable concave and changeable fea tures, for left or right hand working, so long manufactured by the proprietors. It also has the journals of its cylinder hung in universal boxes or bearings, thereby always avoiding any binding and friction between them.

This machine is furnished with a Fan, placed beneath the feeder's table, which is driven by an outside pulley, over which the main band passes and drives it in its circuit from the Horse Power to the pulley o! the threshing cylinder. A Shoe, with screens and sieves, is also placed partly under and after the cylinder, and is similar to that in a common hand grain fanning-mill, except the sieves and screens, which are all of an improved and peculiar construction,

This frame work is extended some six to eight feet in length aft the center of the cylinder, and is lined up its sides, and covered over the top. Within this extended and enclosed portion of the frame are placed a light wood riddle, filling the whole area, and with a close wood bottom directly beneath it. Both riddle and bottom receive a vibratory motion endwise, but in contrary directions, so that while the riddle serves to separate the straw from the grain, and carry it of at the extreme end, the tight bottom serves to convey rapidly and steadily the chaff and grain which has fallen from the riddle upon it, back towards the cylinder, and discharging it directly upon the finger board of the shoe.

Among the inost important improvements introduced by the proprietors in their machine, and which have given it its wide celebrity and its extensive use during the last two harvests, are the following, which need but be known to be appreciated.

First, an endless apron of canvas, with hard wood slats extending
crosswise the machine, which are about two inches wide and two in
ches from centers, and three-eighths of an inch thick, and confined
edgewise to the endless apron, and with lugs at the ends, so as to
forin cells between the slats when moving in a plane, for receiv.
ing, holding and conveying the grain, while the straw and coarse
chaff are suspended upon their edges and from the grain in the cells.
This apron is placed immediately at the discharging side of the cylin.
der, and at an inclination upwards and nearly parallel with the in.
clined portion of the top of the machine, as seen in the cut.
It is well known that in all over-shot machines

the grain and straw are to be threshed, and the work to be crowded, there is an extension

threshing and cleaning perfectly all hard grains, but when light grains are discharged at different angles, the grain taking a more downward which is attached if desired, and is shown attached in the cut. When direction, wbile the straw is carried higher and farther from the ma- not in use, or being transported, this extension may, with the side. eh ne, and is allowed would strike the floor separately, and form al boards and pulleys, which appear above the main frame, be detached

This endless apron is so placed in relation to the cylinder, as to avail seen, allowed to drop down upon the frame itself, thus making a comitself of this described first and almost perfect separation of the grain pact and safe machine for transportation, while it is simple of adjust. and straw, making at a low estimate Ninety Per Cent of the entire ment for any person of ordinary capacity. separation at this point. The apron moving rapidly in the same di. rection with the grain, the concussion upon its slats is so slight as not cleaned grain, and one for the tailings and partially cleaned grain

The grain as it is thrashed, is discharged by two spouts, one for the to fracture the kernels of the most tender kinds of grain, and and, when ordered, an elevator for returning the tailings back to the causes little or no wear upon the slate from the same cause. the upper end of this apron, the grain from the cells falls directly upon labor saving attachment, and requires also but a slight force to keep

At riddles, &c., is attached, and for many kinds

of grain is found a great the inner end of the tight bottom, hy which it is conducted with the it in motion. riddled grain to the shoe as before described, while the straw is caught by a revolving beater with strong iron teeth, which teeth, as it revolves, Price of these Improved Machines, in setts complete, $250.00 are projected outward, and comb rapidly forward the straw, tossing Price of Horse Power, Endless Chain or Lever principle,. 120.00 and opening it for the free discharge of any grains which may be re.

Price of Threshing Machine and Cleaner combined,..... 130.00 tained in it. These teeth, on their circuit with the beater, recede Price of sett of Bands and Extras, ....

5.00 within the beater at each revolution during the returning part of its Price of Elevator for tailings, (always an extra charge,).. 10.00 circuit, thereby avoiding the possibility of clogging or winding of the For further particulars and descriptions, see the recently published straw upon it.

Another feature is sereral geries of wood fingers, lying within and Illuminated Catalogue of the Albany Agricultural Works, which is upon the straw riddle: these fingers are about twenty inches long, furnished gratis on application and receipt of three cents to prepay and with each vibration of the riddle, are made to rise and fall several postage on same. Local agents solicited where none are now appointinches, thus virtually suspending the straw and agitating it at the same ed, to whom liberal discounts will be allowed. Address time. These fingers are very light, and move without noise, and regaire but a moiety of force for their action.

EMERY BROTHERS, This machine, as shown by its frame work, is found sufficient for July 5-w&mit.

No. 62 and 64 State St., Albany, N. Y





The subscriber has a farm containing 100 acres situated in Prince

Tho Cost of Draining Reduced One-Hall Wm's Co., Virginia, which he wishes to sell, or exchange for a blacksaith's stand, or a small farm in the State of New York. For further

BY THE USE OF particulars address

June 28-w2mit.*
Occoquan, Prince Wms. Co., Va.

PRICE, with wheels, axle-tree and reversable tongues, $50. Satis. THOROUGH-BRED AYRSHIRES AND faction warranted. Also SHOVELS, made expressly to be used in NORTH DEVONS FOR SALE.

connection with the Ditcher-just the thing-Price $1.50.

D, CALLANAN The undersigned having offered his residence for sale, will dispose

June 21-wi3tm3t* Callanan's Corners, Albany Co., N. Y. of his entire stock of Thorough-Bred Cattle at reduced rates, in lots to suit purchasers. There are several animals of great merit in this herd, which are only rarely to be secured. Will also sell his stock of Horses and Colts, including three of the best Stallions of their age pared to furnish DRAINING TILE of the first quality, cut 14 that can be shown. For particulars address

inches in length, with a calibre-have on hand in large or small quan. ALFRED M, TREADWELL, ties for Land Draining. ROUND, SOLE AND HORSE-SHOR TILE. We war.

Madison, Morris Co., New Jersey, rant every Tile to be hard burned and perfectly round. June 28W4tm2t.

or 45 Fulton-st., New York City.

D ,


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MACHINES. THE BEST IN THE WORLD. The Mower bas been for many years the leading one in this country. It has been oftener victorious in honest triala among intelligent farmers, than any other. It has also become the leading Mower in Great Britain and France. In the severest tests ever applied to mowers in Europe, it has easily beaten all competitors. The Emperor Napoleon has several Allen Mowers at work on the furnished if required.

Orders from all parts promptly attended to, and practical Drainers Royal farms. Eminent agriculturists in various parts of Europe give

We will not be undersold by any manufacturer in the United States. thern the preference over all others. They are celebrated for light draft, perfection and rapidity of work,

7 Price List sent on application.

An Tile delivered free of charge on board cars or boat, in this City. simplicity, great strength and durability. A platform can be attached

Factory on the Western Plank Road near the Asylum. at the expense of $10, which makes them the best and most economi.

MCBRIDE & CO.. cal reapers in use. Grain Cradles and Scythes for meadows and lawns.

May 24-wtfm2t (formerly Artcher & Alderson)

Albany, N. Y. Horse and hand, hay and gleaning rakes, with steel and wood teeth, with and without wheels. Unloading forks, by the use of which a

L BANY T I L E WORKS, horse is enabled to do the severest work of the season. THRESHERS AND WINNOWING MACHINES AND HORSE The Subscribers, being the most extensive manufacturers of DRAIN


ING TILE in the United States, have on hand, in large or small quan. Cider, Wine and Fruit Mills and Presses. Corn Shellers and Ilay Cutters for hand and horse power.

tities, for Land Draining, ROUND, SOLE and HORSE-SHOE TILE, Every description of Agricultural and Horticultural Implements.

warranted superior to any made in this country, hard-burned, and FIELD, GARDEN, AND FLOWER SEEDS-a full assortment,

over one foot in length, Orders solicited, Price List

sent on application.

C. & W. McCAMMON, FERTILIZERS-Peruvian and American Guano, Bone Dust, &c.,

Jan. 5-wtl.-Feb 1-mts.

Albany, N. Y. R. L. ALLEN, 189 & 191, New York. June 143-mit.


I have for sale a number of volumes of the FRUIT AND INSECTS The Proprietors of these Works manufacture

of the STATE NATURAL HISTORY, with colored plates and des

criptive letter press. Will be sold low to early applicants. LEVER POWERS for from Four to Eight Horses,

HARRY'E. PEASE, Lithographic Engraver and Painter, ENDLESS CHAIN POWERS for One, Two and Three Horses. May 3w3tm3t

518 Broadway, Albany, N. Y, COMBINED THRESHERS AND WINNOWERS. THRESHERS with Vibrating Separators.


GRAIN CRADLE. Also MALES' PATENT CONVERTIBLE CORN SHELLER AND CIDER MILL, which is a very desirable machine for farmers, and transportation. One dozen can be packed in a box of about six cubic

They are so improved as to be taken down and packed in bores for will compare favorably

with any other machine in either shelling corn feet. We also make the Grapevine Cradle. All of the above are or grinding apples for cider. Full descriptions of all these machines, prices and terms, may be made of the best material and workmanship. For Price List, address

I. T. GRANT & CO. found in our Descriptive Circular, which will be furnished to all ap. plicants.

May 1-m12t

Junetion, Rensselaer Co., N. Y. We give belowa statement relative to our Two-Horse Endless Chain Powers and Combined Threshers and Winnowers, made in course of

AND THRESHcorrespondence by Volney Belnap, of North East, Pa. It gives a fair

ING MACHINES for sale by

A, LONGETT, idea of their capacity when well operated. He says of his machine, May 1-m3t

34 Cliff street, New York. which is the first of four sent into that neighborhood, the first one you Bent is thought rather the best :

"I have threshed 108 bushels of wheat in 2 hours and 59 minutes, without stopping, and pot a wet hair on my horses. I also threshed

obtain the original variety for field or garden culture, address 140 bushels of oats in 1 one hour and 35 minutes, and the oats very

WM. LAWTON, New Rochelle, N. Y. damp at that."

T Circulars, with ample directions, will be forwarded to all appli. FOR CIRCULARS

cants, free.

Aug. 1-12 Or any desired information relating to these machines, address

G. WESTINGHOUSE & CO., May 24—weow6tm2t.

Schencctady, N. Y.



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for the spring trade large numbers of our Mohawk Valley Clipper Plows with steel mold-board and land-side, with steel or cast point, as desired, and would refer you to the following persone, who have them in use:

John Johnston, Geneva, N. Y.
J. Ingersoll, Ilion, N, Y.
Wm. Summer, Pomaria, s. C.
R. C. Ellis, Lyons, N. Y.
Col. A, J. Summer, Long Swamp, Florida.
A. J. Bowman, Utica, N. Y.
A. Bradley, Mankato, Minesota.

F. Mackie, Utica, N. Y.

MPROVED CULTIVATING AND We are also manafacturing Sayre's Patent Horse Hoe and Potato Covering Machine, Sayre's Patent Cultivator Teeth in quantities for

HILLING MACHINE. the trade; and all kinds of steel and swage work in the agricultural line. Send for a circular, SAYRE & REMINGTON,

Price $10--Weight 80 Pounds. Jan. 26—wtf Mar. 1-mt, Union Agricultural Works, Utica, N. Y. Potatoes, Peas, Beans, Cotton, and any other crop that requires hoe

This Implement is recommended for Cultivating and hoeing Corn,

ing. The wings contract and expand to suit any width of rows. It GRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. Passes between the rows, the share shaving the weeds from the cen

ter of the furrow, shoving them outward until they come to the teeth.

which turn inward on each side and turn them back again into the HORSE HOE8, expanding.

furrow, and also the weeds that grow on the sides of the furrow, and CIDER MILLS AND PRESS.

buries them so deep that no ordinary shower will wash them outCORN SHELLERS, various kinds.

leaving the earth perfectly mellow; and it can run close to the plants

without injuring them. When the plants require killing, the teeth ar EXCELSIOR FAN MILLS, three sizes.

taken off, and the wings shove the earth up under the plants, instead STALK AND HAY CUTTERS.

of rolling it like a double mold plow and covering them up, and the GRAIN CRADLES AND HORSE RAKES, &c., &c.

circle in the back part of the wings shapes the hills. For further in-
formation apply to

Por sale by A. LONGETT,

84 State st., Albany, N. Y. May 1-mat

34 Clif street, New-York. Dealer in all kinds of Seeds and Implementa. May 10-röm



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Just Published:


J. M. THORBURN & CO., ing out and Working the Farm, and how to Erect Buildings, Fences,

15 John Street, New York, Farm Gates, etc. The work also embraces

Offer to the trade and others, the following varieties of TURNIP THE PARMER'S WORK-SHOP,

SEED, all of which they warrant of the game superior quality as have With full directions for selecting and using all kinds of farm and shop heretofore given such universal satisfaction. tools. The whole illustrated by 200 original illustrations, 1 vol. 12 mo.;

Cts. per Ib. 489 pages. Price $1.25.

Early White Dutch,

75 Also, recently published:

Red Top Strap Leaf, THE YALE AGRICULTURAL LECTURES. Delivered at the

Red Top..

75 Agricultural Convention, New Haven, February, 1859. 12 mo.

White Strap Leaf Flat,

75 Cloth. Price,.

White French (extra,).

75 50c.

Large White Globe. THE COMPREHENSIVE FARM RECORD. Arranged for en.

Large White Norfolk, tering all the operations of the farm for 25 years, ...

Long White Tankard,

50 43.00 Sevans Egg..


Vertue's Long White,

75 GLASS. By Thos. Rivers, .

Green Globe,

50 40c.

Waite's Eclipse,

Yellow Malta..
Yellow Finland,

75 every family.

41.00 Yellow Stone, COUSIN MAUDE AND ROSAMOND. A new volume by Mrs.

Robson's Golden Ball, Holmes, .......

Yellow Aberdeen, $1.00

Long Yellow French, CATALOGUES describing a full assortment of AGRICULTURAL Improved Ruta Baga, (American,).

Dales' Hybrid, BOOKS sent free to any address.

75 Skirving's do.....


50 No. 25 Park Row, New York,

Purple Top, do.....

Marshall's Purple Top do..... Agricultural Book Publishers, and Proprietors of the Horticulturist.


Bullock's Heart, June 1+wGtmlt.

50 Dickson's Imported, do...


do., (extra,).


50 FAN MILLS. : Also Round and Prickly Spinach, each,.

50 Corn Salad or Fetticus,

.$1 00 They will chaff and screen wheat in passing through the mill once, Rose Colored Chinese Winter Radish, per oz. 20c., per lb.,., 1 50 In the most perfect manner, and all kinds of grain and seed. War

J. M. THORBURN & CO., ranted the very best in use.

June 14w6t.

15 John street, New York. Patent Rights for sale of all the Western States, Address

I. T, GRANT & CO., May 1-m12t

WHITMAN & CO., BALTIMORE, MD., Junction, Rensselaer Co..

N. Y.

Inventors and Manufacturers of the most improved Agricultural Implements and Machinery adapted to American and Foreign

trade. for 1860. Patented Feb, 22, 1859.

Their long experience in this business has given them an extensive The success of this Mower during the past harvest is without a paral. foreign correspondence and acquaintance, which, together with their Jel in the history of Mowing Machines. In introducing it, I offered to facilities for manufacturing, enables them to compete successfully the farmers a mower at a less price than any in use, one that was with any part of the world in the manufacture of Agricultural Malight, durable, and capable of doing perfect work. It has performed chinery. inore than I claimed for it; the reduction in price and draft is equal They manufacture Horse-powers and Threshers, Reapers and to 25 per cent., as the trials and tests show, (see my pamphlets for Mowers, Corn Shellers, Straw Cutters, Plows and Castings, and every 1860.) I have added

some improvements to it for this year-a lever variety of goods in their line of business. arrangement for raising the cutter-bar, some of the parts are strength. Foreign and home orders are solicited, and will meet with prompt ened, and the driving wheels are enlarged.

attention. May 10-wtf, E. WHITMAN & Co., Baltimore, Ma. I continue to manufacture, as heretofore, Manny's celebrated Com. bined Reaper and Mower; with Wood's Improvement, this machine

A CARD. fally maintains its reputation as the best combined Reaper and Mower yet introduced, and inferior to none as a Reaper or Mower.

SELF RAKING REAPER I have added to this machine a Self-Raking attachment of my own invention, the most simple in its structure and mode of operation of public that they are still engaged

in the manufacturing of this celebra. anything of the kind ever offered to the public.

ted Machine, at their shop near MATTHEW'S STORE P. Office, lowARD Price of two-horse Mower, delivered here on the cars,

480 COUNTY, Mo., and are prepared to fill orders at any time. Circulars one-horse do, do.

do. do.

70 containing certificates, terms, and all other particulars, sent postpaid Combined Machine, do. do. do.

120 to all who may apply to us as above. OWEN DORSEY & CO. Do. with Self-Raking Attachment, 140

Ap. 26-w8t.

WALTER A, WOOD, Ap. 26-w10t

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, Y


last seasop, is for sale by the undersigned sole agents in Philadelphia, Farmers, Gardeners, Nurserymen, Fruit-growers, Dairymen, Cattle at $75 and $85. In all the requisites for easy draft, light weight, clean Dealers, and all persons interested in tilling the soil or adorning their and perfect cutting, simplicity and strength, it is not equalled by any. grounds and dwellings, will be supplied with the most complete as

thing in the market. Early applications necessary to secure machines. sortment of Books relatirg to their business that can be found in the Also, for sale as heretofore, Manny's Combined Reaper and Mower. world, by

Price, $123, with all the recent improvements.


Agricultural and Seed Warehouse, Seventh and Market Streets, Phila. Agricultural Booksellers and Publishers of the Horticulturist,

No. 25 Park Row, New York,

Ap. 5w13t. 1 Catalogues gratis. Books sent by mail. AGENTS WANTED. War 15w15tm3t

MPROVED SHORT-HORN CATTLE. O A R D M A N G R A Y & CO. The subscriber, desirous of reducing his herd in numbers, offers for

sale at moderate prices,
Ofexcellent quality, with good Pedigrees.

On application by mail a Catalogue will be sent with
Pedigree and Price of each Animal offered for Sale.
Address by mail, at Rhinebeck, N. Y.,


Ellerslie Farm, one mile South of Rhinebeck Station, Hudson River Railroad.


The AYRSHIRE BULL DUNDEE 7TH, to which was awarded the W A R R A N T E D !

first prize by the N. Y. S. Ag. Society last fall. Inquire of

E. P. PRENTICE, May 31-w4t

Mount Hope, near Albany. Send for Circulars, giving full description.


The subscriber, intending to give up breeding, wishes to dispose of Ap 5–w&mte

his entire herd of Short-Horns. The animals are all young and in ve. ry fine order-either imported or the produce of Imported Cows,


got by Imported Bulls, all descended from the celebrated herd of the by Baron Von Liebig-just published, and for sale at this Office. ces. Enquire of

DR. HERMAN WENDELL, Sent by mał, post-paid, for $1.

May 24

Hazelwood, Albany, N. Y.




BOARDMAN, GRAY & CO., Manufacturers, S

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Contents of this Number. GEORGE E. WOOD W A R D,


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29 Broadway, New-York. Farther Glimpses of Norfolk,


Country Seats, Parks, Rural Cemeteries, &c., artistically laid out, Preparation for the Wheat Crop,


and Plans and superintendence for Buildings and Rural Improve. Other Regular or Occasional Crops, 202 ments of every class. The Allotment System of Great Britain,.

203 Trial of the Mole Plow at Union Springs,.

205 Duane's Seeding Machine,


PANISH MERINO SHEEP.-N. & N. Bottum, Experience with the Mole Plow, by H. R. JEROME and A, P.....


Breeders of pure blood Atwood Sheep, of the Hammond stock. Importance and Value of Manure, by JOHN JOHNSTON,

207 Jan. 26-Wlyr.

Shaftsbury, VI, Field Culture of the Onion, No. II, by J. W. PROCTOR,

307 Trial of Universal Plows at Brattleborough, by L, H, T.,


JustPublished, one vol. 12 mo.--$1.25. Patent Office Report for 1859, ....

210 Qats-Importance of Change of Seed,

212 ILCH COWS AND DAIRY FARMING; Grubs and Cut Worins, by C. HARVEY,..

212 Manurial Resources of the Farm,

213 and Disease, of Dairy and other Stock; the selection

of Milch Cows, Lois Weedon System of Wheat Culture,

314 with a full explanation of Guenon's Method, the Culture of Forage How to Lay Tile, by E.J. P.

215 Plants, and the production of Milk, Butter and Cheese; embodying Notes from the Connecticut Valley,

216 the most recent improvements, and adapted to Farming in the United General System of Farining, 217 States and British Provinces. With a Treatise upon the Dairy

HusInquiries and Answers....

224 bandry of Holland; to which is added Horsfall's System of Dairy Oats and Carrots Grown Together, by M. 8. K.,

Management By (HARLES L. FLINT, Secretary of the Massachu. Disintegration of Soil, by G. P. S...

setts Board of Agriculture; Author of "A Treatise on Grasses and Draining - its Importance and Results, by Joux JOHNSTON,

Forage Plants," &c. Liberally Illustrated. White Clover in Pastures, ...

The above valuable work--the best, we have no hesitation in saying Letter from JOHN JOHNSTON,..

yet issued upon the subject--is for sale at the office of this paper. Callanan's Ditcher-Cheap Draining, by GEO. JACKSON,.

Albany, Jan. 1-WÂmtr.


223 Notes for the Month, A Fly Proof Wheat, by ISAAC DILLON,


YALE LECTURES.-Now Ready and for Unloading Hay, by G. H. GREGG,..


AGRICULTURAL LECTURES. Cloth-50 cents. Paper-25 cents-either THE GRAZIER AND BREEDER.

edition sent by mail, postpaid, on receipt of the price named. Pleuro-Pneumonia-Results of Investigations about it,

218 In Albany Six Years Ago, by E. P. PRENTICE,....

219 M. CLAY, Breeder of Pure SHORT HORN Symptoms of the Disease, by Dr. I. M. WARD,

213 In New Jersey,


PIGS, Whitehall P, 0., Madison Co., Ky. Herd of Suffolk Polled Cattle..


Dec. 1-wt. Stock for Feeding--the Sheep,

202 Feeding Lean Cattle for Beer, by B.,...


CEREFORDS FOR SALE.-A few thoroughLive Stock of Franklin County, Mass.,

916 Results of Mr. Alexander's Sale,

Imported Stock.

G. CLARKE, Course vs. Fine Wooled Sheep, by JURIAN WINNE.

Dec. 17-wtf.

East Springfield, Otsego Co., N. Y. HORTICULTURAL DEPARTMENT.

A ELTZER AND VALK, ARCHITECTS, The New Apple Insect, by A SUBSCRIBER, Blacksmith's Scales for Peach Trees, by G. H, BRUEN,


Bible House, Astor Place, New York City. Origin of Various Plants,..

212 Pears on Quince Stocks, by Tros, RIVERS,


Success of the New American Style. The Kirtland Raspberry, by Geo. W. CAMPBELL...

224All gentlemen are adopting it who have seen our samples. Those de. Growing Currants for Wine Making, by F. A, NAUTS,

225 siring plans, &c., of us, will find out our terms and further particulars, by enclosing stamp and sending for circular.

Feb. 2_wtf. RURAL ARCHITECTURE. Value of Balloon Frames, by Suel Foster, .....


A Select Flock of

OUTH AND OXFORD DOWN SHEEP. Products of a Premium Dairy Farm, .......

205 Milk from Warren Leland's Dairy,


Consisting of a BUCK THREE YEARS OLD, FIFTEEN EWES Cheddar Cheese-Ilow Made.......

AND SIXTEEN LAMBS, in excellent condition. 214

For want of pasturage, the lot entire, if applied for soon, will be sold DOMESTIC ECONOMY.


Box No. 87, Post-OFFICE, Protection from Red Ants, by A LADY READER and T. R. P....... 215 June 21-W4t.

Salem, Mass, Recipe for Charlotte Russe, by MARY........

230 Three Valuable Recipes, by L....


A Book for Every Farm-House,

MOUNTRY LIFE-A Handbook of AgriTHE POULTRY YARD. Domestication of Wild Fowl-the Guan. by C. N. BEMENT........ 209 Copeland. Beautifully Illustrated. Price, common edition, 62-Fine,

63. For sale by L, TUCKER & SON, Co. Gent, office, Albany. THE BEE-KEEPER'S DEPARTMENT. Harbison's “Bees and Bee-Keeping."


From choice stock recently imported for sale by the subscriber at $5.00 per pair.

CALVIN MAY, JR. Duane's Seeding Machine, ... 206 / The Guan, .......

June 21-w3t.

Keene, N. H.


SPANISH E G G s. enumeration and description of useful plants and weeds, which merit the notice or require the attention of American agriculturists. By Wm. Darlington, M. D. Every Farmer or Farmer's Son who wishes

NOTICE.-I can receive no more orders for these eggs this season. to know the names and character of the plants growing on his farm, I shall, however, have for sale in the fall some very fine young fowls should study this book. For sale at the office of the Co. Gent, and for description of which see future advertisement Cultivator.

June 7--wti.

WM, R. HILLS, Albany, N. Y.

CATTLE-224 lbs. for $7.50--IN CASKS. The very best in the FACTOR IN IMPROVED STOCK,

world. Sold only by

June 7-w8t.

84 State St., Albany, N. Y. Breeder of DEVON CATTLE, NEW-OXFORDSHIRE SHREP, &c. Feb. 16-wtf

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OHN T. ANDREW, West Cornwall, Cr., T.


.–SHEDD & EDSON Caps rendered anti-mildew, and with improved metal eyelets in Court st., BOSTON, Mass., having had several years' experience in bers, this department, will continue to act as Consulting Engineers on al Prices range from 28 cents to 62 cents, according to size and quality kinds of Farm Improvement. Special attention is also given to ma of caps. The articles offered this year are superior to any offered king SURVEYS, LEVELS, and PLANS for Drainage, and

other Farm before, and we think are perfectly adapted to the purpose. Work, Plans furnished which show accurately the surface undula

CHASES & PAY. tions, the buildings, orchards, and all else that appertains to a farm. May 31-mltw8t

Boston, Mass J. HERBERT SHEDD.

WILLIAX Epson, Mar 8--W150

THE FRENCH RASPBERRY FOR SALE SW IN E. tection, and hears two annual crops of fruit." Isabella Grapevines

one to two years old, 45 per $100; 940 per 1000; two to three years old,

$10 per 100; $75 per 1000; three to four years, $15 per 100; $195 per The subscribers have on hand and for sale, pure blood SUFFOLK 1000. Exchanges for Pear Stocks, if desired, win

be made. PIGS, bred from their importations and descendants. Address Fruit

and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs and Plants in general. JOSIAH STICKNEY or ISAAC STICKNEY,

RICHARD M. CONKLIN. Ap 19-w6tlam

Boston, Mass. Sept. 29_wtl. Evergreen Nursery, Cold Spring Harbor, LL

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[graphic][subsumed][subsumed][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]



, nature, resting upon clay, and is very fertilo

kept so by the abundant application of fertilizing material, J. J. THOMAS, ASSOCIATE EDITOR, UNION SPRINGS, N. Y. for English farmers do not depend upon Nature, as many

do in our river-bottoms, spontaneously to bring forth grain C. M. SAXTON, BARKER & Co., Ag. Book Publishers, 25 Park Row. and herb after their kind, but continually furnish the fields, SERIES was commenced in 1853, and the seven volumes for 1853, 4, 5, 6, tional resources of art.

THE CULTIVATOR has been published twenty-six years. A New however rich they may naturally appear, with the addi7, 8 and 9, can be furnished, bound and post-paid, at $1.00 each. TERMS-FIFTY CENTS A Year.-Ten copies of the CULTIVATOR and

Mr. W. CHAPMAN, whom I visited at Medlam, near New Ten of the ANNUAL REGISTER OF RURAL AFFAIRS, with one of each free to the Agent, Five Dollars.

Bolingbroke, was farming, I think, about two hundred THE COUNTRY GENTLEMAN," a weekly Agricultural Journal of 16 quarto pages, making two vols: yearly of 116 pages, at $2.00 per acres, a part of it his own land—in this respect, as well as year, is issued by the same publishers.

in the close personal attention given by him to his pursuit,

reminding me more nearly than any other English farmer Editorial Notes Abroad. I saw, of some of our own best farmers. He was also, I

believe the only “yeoman " with whom I spent any time, No. XXXIII---Farming in Lincolnshire. for this word does not signify in England what we generalNot to dwell longer now in Norfolk, although my Notes ly take it to mean, the whole “ middle class ” of agriculinight bear me out in a chapter or two farther on such a

turists, but is confined strictly to those who are proprietors very attractive subject, let me revert for a moment to the as well as cultivators of the soil on which they live. About Eleventh Letter in this Series, dating from Boston in Lin. forty acres were in permanent grass, and the usual stock colnshire, July 25, 1859. Some glimpses were therein

of the farm was 30 to 35 or 40 “ beasts," and about 200 given of the practice of one or two Lincolnshire farmers

sheep. There were at the time of my visit, however, 220 in the northern part of the County, whence, coming down sheep on the place. The pasturage upon these fens is into the more central and eastern district in the vicinity

wonderfully good, although there is a smaller proportion of the city just named, I was obliged to leave a gap in the of it

, as compared with arable land, in this particular disnarrative which it is the purpose of the present writing to

trict than in many others. Upon 20 acres Mr. C. was then fill as well as may be practicable after such an interval of pasturing 94 sheep, 18 beasts, and a mare and foal—the

sheep having been there since “Lady Day," April 5, and time. The Feng--A Yeoman Farmer.

the cattle since May. The stock is wholly taken off from The farms I visited near Boston, were several miles to the pastures from Oct. 16 or Nov. 1, according to season, the northwest of that city, just upon the border of the fen for about a month, “to ease the land a little ;" then it is country, and the wolds that rise between it and the higher re-admitted and the pastures again grazed until March, at inland district, known as the moors or Lincoln Heath. The the rate of about 24 sheep per acre. One “beast” is condrainage of these fens has been made very complete at a sidered as about an equivalent for four ewes or five year. great expense. The original condition of the land was ling lambs. most -“ deplorable,” writes Mr. Clarke of Long-Sutton ;

Feeding Sheep and Cattle. " being flooded with deep water every winter, in summer The sheep were sheared in May, yielding an average of covered with thistles and nettles five feet high, and the 10 pounds of wool per head, of a kind that sold last year annual number of rotten sheep was incredible.” The area for about 12x. (say $3) per fleece. Mr. C.'s aim, as a good comprised altogether in what are called the East, West farmer, was to clip 10 shillings' worth (say $2.50) of wool and Wildmore Fens, is about 40,000 acres. A capacious to every acre of his land. The breed is what is called the "catch-water ” drain was first carried around, along the Lincolnshire, although, as I have heretofore remarked, a range of wolds, cutting off their outflow and carrying it tinge of the Leicester has given more symmetry and earlier away into the river Witham or elsewhere, while the whole flesh-taking capacities to the larger frames of the original surface of the almost perfectly flat lowland was cut over Lincolns." On these fens, however, the Lincoln strain with canals to receive the fen-water at a lower level. is more in the ascendant than is probably the case on the These canals receive their contents from open drains, heath; the character of the climate or pasturage, or both, along the roads, between the fields, and wherever, in enables them perhaps to do better justice to a large frame fact, they can be made serviceable in carrying off the sur-than the upland farmers can, in putting on it a good coatplus water, and are many of them so large that flat boats ing of flesh at an early age. Mr. C. bred most of his own come up to bring manures from Boston and take away sheep, and considers the lambs to have cost him by the the produce to market. The soil, whore I saw it, is mostly time they are a twelve-month old, about an average of 458.

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