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1858. 1711119

1859. 163,373

Milk, quarts.
Blackberries, quarts, ..
Fish, (for market,) tons,
Guano, tons, ..





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they will arrive out in ample season for the grand Imperial weighing of the fleeces, &c. They made a report highly Fair, to take place at St. Petersburgh in September next. commendatory of Gen. G.'s flock of Spanish Merinos, as

well as of his Black Hawk and other horses and Short" What the Farmers and Gardeners of Long Island Horned cattle, which is too long for publication in our produce for market and procure from New-York, is well columns. It appears that 30 Spanish Merino ewes were illustrated in the following figures, for which we are in- sheared which had been washed, and 44 which had not debted to an attentive correspondent in Brooklyn, J. been washed. The average weight of fleece for the forI. Shipman, Esq. These statements include very little mer lot was 6 lbs. 2 07., and for the latter not quite 81 from the immediate vicinity of that city however, the lbs. Three bucks were also sheared of the same breed, greater part of the articles enumerated having been giving fleeces respectively of 13 lbs. õ oz., 12 lbs. 6 0%, shipped from stations over twenty miles out from Brook- and 13 lbs. 3 oz.--and these, as well as all the others, are lyn. Market gardeners within that distance generally said to have been fleeces of only one year's growth or bring in their produce in wagons, and carry out manure under. on their return. The table below gives the shipments of the articles named during the years 1858 and 1859, by GENESEE VALLEY HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY.-At the Railroad into Brooklyn and New-York:

late exhibition of this Society, the collection of roses was Potatoes, bushels, ...

perhaps unsurpassed by anything of the kind in this counPeaches, baskets,

5,014 (crop failed.) try. Corinthian Hall presented a brilliant display. Ell

wanger & Barry and A. Frost & Co., each had on the table

between 400 and 500 varieties, among which there were

1.712 1.721 nearly three hundred sorts of hybrid perpetuals in each Horse manure, carmen loads, Ashes, bushels...

collection. The former had about fifty kinds of Moss Jay, tons, .....

1,200 2,900

roses. But it was not so much the large number, as the The accounts of the Long Island Railroad Company also richness and rareness of many of the specimens that renshow that the number of cart loads of stable manure boat- dered them remarkable. The combination of colors as ed from New York city and sent eastward on their line, shown in the profusion of brilliant flowers, bursting buds, has been constantly upon the increase for the past six and green leaves, in a large portion of those from Ellwanger years. For instance the number of cartloads shipped & Barry excited much admiration. during

The Strawberries embraced many fine collections. The The year ending March 31, 1855, was.

best six, selected from about fifty sorts from Ellwanger & do. 1857, wag,

39,102 Barry, were Wilson's, Victoria, Triomphe de Gand, Gene

see, Brighton Pine and Scott's Seedling. A dish of Tri

omphe de Gand, from H. E. Hooker & Co., took the first As AgricultURE THAT IS NOT EXHAUSTIVE.–Our friend into favor for its great size, fine quality, hardiness and

prize for a single variety. This variety is rapidly growing of the Homestead in commenting upon the fears express. ed by Liebig, Mechi and other “good people,” that the

productiveness. world at large and England particularly are destined to ultimate barrenness, remarks very justly-and to Ameri

9 The Boston Cultivator mentions the importation can farmers very suggestively—that it is better to know by Mr. Howard of a Kerry bull and two Kerry heifers for how to get 90 bushels of corn to the acre, and exhaust

Mr. A. W. Austin, also of a noted steeple chasing the land by so doing if you do not manure sufficiently, mare” for a gentleman of that city, and eight superior than not to know how to get over 20, or not to dare to for Cotswold sheep from Mr. Read of Cirencester, as follows: fear of robbing your grandchildren.” But what goes be-one ram and two ewes for D. B. Hinman, Esq., of fore this remark will help to explain its meaning :

Westchester, Pa., one ram and two ewes for Richards “ As a general rule those farms are undergoing the ex. Albert Fearing, Esq., of Hingliam, Mass.

Bradley, Esq., of Brattleboro', Vt., and two ewes for hausting skinning process fastest, where the crops are and hare been smallest. Go on with your draining and deep plowing, and exhausting tillage,' just so long as you get increasing

RF E. CORNELL, Esq., of Ithaca, has lately returned fertility to reward your labors, but at the same time add those from Kentucky, with a number of Short-Horns selected substances which you remove, or stand ready to do so the mo- during his visit in that State—including three heifers of ment, or rather just before the supply in the soil is too much Mr. ALEXANDER's breeding, five bred by Mr. Jonn CURD exhausted. If you fail in your calculations, and a year or of Lexington, and one bred by the Messrs. WARFIELDS. two the crops drag hard upon the supply, the world will not They will prove a valuable addition to the Improved Stock coine to an end; there is manurial material enough left in of that part of the State. the soil and at large in the world, and a little time and proper additions will make all right. This is not a desirable condition of things, certainly; but it is much better to be able to James Hall of this city, for a basket of very large and

FINE CHERRIES.–We are under obligations to Prof. take all out of a soil that you choose, than to be able only to fine cherries, from his garden at Hall's Place, where he take a certain limited portion." In other words, if we in the older States can make ma

has proved himself a most skillful fruit-culturist. Among nure enough to get really good crops off from our land, them, were superior specimens of Elton, Napoleon Bigarnow, we can make and procure enough to maintain these reau, Knight's Early Black, Wendell, White Bigarreau,

and Coe's Transparent. crops, in all probability. What is true of all pursuits in the world—the rarest cases of apparent chance alone ex

We acknowledge a fine lot of mammoth Black cepted—is we believe equally true in Farming:-if we do Raspberries, raised by Mr. H. H. Doolittle of Oaks Corour very best in the present, the future will to a great de ners, Ontario Co., through Messrs. Wollenman & Lochner gree take care of itself, “Alas,” sadly says our contem- of this city. porary, Alas, we know of not one solitary farm whereon * Our friend John Wilson, of the Albany Nursery, as much manure is made as possible !” This is the great sends us an excellent sample of Brinckle's Orange Rasppoint, to which all experience abroad and at home bears berry. ample witness that our attention must be mainly directed, in order to secure a system of Agriculture that is not ex

THE SYRIAN GRAPE. - It will perhaps be news to some haustive.

of your readers, to hear that the Palestine or Syrian grape

ripened in the open air at Lynchburg, in this State, last Gen. J. S. GoE of Fayette Co., Pa., had his An- year, bearing bunches three feet in length and twelve nual Sheep-Shearing on the 31st ult., an account of the or fifteen inches broad. I procured a vine one year old proceedings at which was received too late for our last last fall, which has stood the winter without any protection, number. A President of the meeting was chosen, who and is now making a tolerable good growth. appointed a committee to superintend the shearing and Jioni. Co., 1'a.



18 As the time approaches of our usual Autumn Ex- Tås APPLE INSECT.-Mr. Weir of Lacon, III., has af. hibitions, it is proper to remind the reader, in a word or vored me with specimens of the apple insect spoken of two, of the good Ends they are intended to subserve, and by him in the Country GENTLEMAN of May 31st. It is to urge a more general Support of their Agricultural So- the largest species of the weevil kind which we have in

our country, and is the New York weevil, (Ithycerus Xovce. cieties upon our Farmers large.

boracensis,) thus pamed by Forster in the year 1771, other The truth is, that it is not the individual efforts of any names having since been given it by other writers who were board of Officers, nor the local contributions of any sin- unaware it had already been described. It however is a gle District, that can render e Society or its Shows iv the very rare insect in our State at the present day.

Asa FITCH. highest degree successful. The whole Region embraced

MACHINERY IN FARMING.-The most laborious part of under its constitution, whether it be Town or County or farming operations is now rendered, through the improveState, inust be actively interested, and no single village or ments in machinery, a pleasant pastime; instead of scourtowns or counties should be left with the whole responsi- ing the neighborhood, as formerly, for able-bodied labor. bility of its support. Farmers often nearly or quite ne

ors to cut grain and grass, the proprietor of a farm can glect the meetings and the affairs of their Societies, and ride on eliptics, and driving his favorite team, cut his then complain that their localities have been slighted or whole crop in a very short time. The hay is gathered into their own interests not looked after. If their voices had winrow in the same pleasant manner, with the independ. been present to share in the Counsel, temperately advocat- dent borse tooth rake, provided with a seat for the driver ing for themselves no more than they were willing in turn -and with “Jarrett's Patent Self-Unloading and Adjustto accord to others, the Result would probably have been ing Hay Elevator” it is carried into the mow, however different-common Co-operation and common Forbearance, bigh, by horse power. This improvement in the bay fork an earnest and perhaps sometimes an apparently self-sacri- will effect a great saving of time and labor in unloading ficing Activity, are essentials

, upon the importance of which hay, being so constructed as to require no attention from we fear a Sermon night be advantageously preached be the person managing it, cither in tripping the fork or adfure half the County Organizations in the State.

iusting it again for another load, both being perfectly done We do not propose to undertake the task at present, by the operation of the elevator itself.

W. P. howerer-having merely thrown out these hints, in order to New-Jersey. aud, that, with this general Support extended to our Societies, they will become with each recurring year a more EF We note a current rumor that the time of the efficient Agency in promoting the material interests of United States Agricultural Exhibition at Cincinnati, is to those who labor thus earnestly in carrying them on-not be from Sept. 12 to the 20th. Moreover that "no cattle only in a general point of view increasing the weight and will be received, on account of pleuro-pneumonia, but power of the name of FARMER, but also, through chan- large premiums will be offered for horses, machinery, steam nels more direct, raising the standard of his Practice, pro- fire engines, etc.” moting the improvement of bis Stock, the adornment of

The Tennessee State Fair, this year, takes place at his Grounds with Fruits and Flowers, and the attractive. Nashville, opening Sept. 10th. The Programme offered ness of his Home for those who are growing up--either to is a liberal one, and a special invitation is extended to cling to, or abandon his pursuit, according to the kind of competitors from other States, as will be seen from the Example he sets them in following it. With the Prosperity which now seems in a greater de call the attention of Manufacturers and all'interested in

Advertisement published in another column, to which we gree than usual, to be promised to the Farmers of the exhibitions of the kind. Country, we trust they will be prepared to join with more zeal in the management of the coming Exhibitions of their

The Illinois State Ag. Society has issued its circular Societies. So far as we learn of the present condition of announcing $15,000 in Premiums. Fair at Jacksonville

, Societies in this State, their Autumn Shows bid fair to Sept. 10-14-President, Lewis Ellsworth, of Naperville; meet with at least the customary degree of success-Let Secretary, John Cook, of Springfield. old jealousies, if there are any, be laid aside, and new

18" The State Board of Agriculture of Indiana are to exertions put forth, to render them worthy of the Agri- hold their Show for 1860 at Indianapolis, Oct. 15-20, with culture of New-York and the Energy of her population.

a prize list amounting to $12,000, “open to the world "

President, G. D. Wagner; Secretary, W. T. Dennis. 19" We have received from Messrs. Blymgers, Bates

The St. Louis Ag. and Mech. Association are ready & Day, of Mansfield, Ohio, a sample of Sorghum 'Sugar, with another schedule of premiums amounting, they say, made by Mr. O. N. Brainerd of Marion, Iowa, from Green to over $20,000. The Show opens Sept. 24, and continCane, upon “Cook's Improved Portablo Sugar Evapor- ues during the week-President, Andrew Harper ; Secre. tor.” This valuable invention is now manufactured by tary, G. O. Kalb. the above Firm, wlose Advertisement will be found in an

* The Premium List is now ready for the Fifth Ex. other column.' The sugar sustains the opinion of its hibition of the Kentucky State Ag. Society at Bowling quality therein expressed.

Green, Sept. 18–22. It is judiciously arranged and liberal MORE SEEDS.---The Washington correspondent of a

in its offers. President, Col. L. J. Bradford, of Augusta ; New-York paper writes that the “Commissioner of Pa Secretary, R. W. Seott, Frankfort. tents, Gov. Thomas, desiring to infuse new life into the society will be held at Lexington, Sept. 27, 28—President,

IF The Second Fair of the Sanilac Co. (Mich.) Ag. Agricultural departmeut of liis office, bas sent out Col. John Sheldon ; Secretary, Charles Waterbury. Clemson to Europe to purchase good seeds suited to our climate and wants. That gentleman has large practical takes place at the city of that name Sept. 19-21—Presi

7" The Rock Island Co.. (III.) Ag. Society's Fair experionce and ability as an agriculturist. Wheats, Italian dent, Ben Harper; Secretary, D. F. Kinney. barleys, &c., are to be special objects of acquirement. New and valuable seeds and plants are also to be obtained at Kingston, Sept. 26–28—President, C. L. Kiersted;

7 The Ulster Co., (N. Y.) Ag. Society, holds its Fair at any cost consistent with the appropriatiou of $60,000." Secretaries, S. Frame and B. B. Hoornbeck.

" The New-Jersey State Fur takes place this year at 16 A Society has been organized at Milwaukee, called Elizabeth, Sept. 4-7. The Premium Lást is issted and the "Wisconsin Agricultural and Mechanical Association," may be liad, we presume, by application to W. M. Force, based upon the same plan as that which has been so sucSecretary, Trenton. President, N. N. Halsted of Harri. cessful at St. Louis. Seventeen citizens have already subson; Treasurer, C. M. Saxton of Orange.

seribed $7,000, and the Fairs are to be held at the Cold The next show of the Clinton Co. Ag. Society is Springs, two miles west of the city-President, Dr. E. B. to take place at the Cumberland Park, Plattsburgh, Sept. Wolcott; Secretary, J. A. Lapham. Hon. W. D. McIn10 and 11.-President, Hon. P. G. Ellsworth; Secretary, doe is mentioned as one of the prime morers in the under W. H. Bailey



Tall Cabbage.-A Sonora (California) paper gives the As the tendency of growth is to lengthen the arms, so the following account of an immense cabbage plant now grow- tendency of pruning should be to shorten these arms again, ing in the garden of Mr. Bennett, formerly of this city, so as to keep the head in a reasonably compact and handbut now a resident at that place:-“It has already attained the enormous height of eight feet. The stalk is some form. Cutting out the dead ends of the limbs will about the size of a man's wrist, and stretches up four feet in many instances exactly accomplish this purpose. Now, before it exhibits any leaves or branches. It is more than at midsummer, is the best time to do it. one year old, and Mr. B. thinks as it is of the evergreen family, that it could be profitably cultivated for shade and

(For the Country Gentleman and Cultivator.) ornamental purposes. The most interesting fact connected ON CURRANT WINE MAKING, &c. with this remarkable vegetable is, that an appreciating sparrow has built her nest among its branches, which who have written me on this subject, I have to state that I

In answer to A. R. of Troy, C. B. H. of Buffalo, and others already contains three little eggs.

Her tedious process of

do not know any who have plantations of currants on a large incubation will soon be rewarded by a callow brood, to scale, although there is no doubt there are many in different enliven her home amongst the swaying branches of the parts of the country who cultivate them extensively. I old cabbage trec."

neither know of any especial work published on the manufacLES J. H. KLIPPART, Secretary of the Ohio State Board ture of wine from currants. The best receipt I know, and of Agriculture has sent us copies of the Premium List and which I have used in making it, will be found in the COUNTRY regulations for the State Show which is set down for Sept. ent-viz., one part of the juice of the currant, threo pounds

GENTLEMAN for Junu 28 of this year, by another correspond25—28, at Dayton. Competition at the Ohio Fairs is open of best refined sugar, and as much water as to make one galto other States—if anybody has what is better than the lon; put the whole in a cask, and roll it to dissolve the sugar. Buckeyes can produce, they wish to convince themselves Put it under cover to ferment, either in a vat or in the cask of the fact. Hence outsiders are always welcome as ex- that is to hold it; when the fermentation is over bung it, and hibitors, and may carry away whatever prizes they can stow it in a cool cellar, when it is ready for use or shipment. win. Indiana and Kentucky, particularly, this year should the receipt given in no. of 28th June, is practically the same. “ make a note" of these facts.

The only market I know for the disposal of the wine, is at

the South and the West Indies, as also in the neighborhoods Franklin County is to hold its next Fair at Ma- where it is made, most families using it there. Consignments lone, on the 11th to 14th of September. The address will can be made either to Mobile, New Orleans, San Augustine, be delivered by Horace Greeley on the 13th, at 1 o'clock, Pensacola, &c., and the West Indies generally. About forty P. M. The premium List has been greatly increased, the or fifty years ago there existed a currant yard near Provi. show grounds enlarged and beautified, a half-mile track dence, R. I., producing from 800 to 1,200 gallons of currant prepared, and vigorous efforts are being made to make the wine per acre, which was then chiefly exported to and sold in exhibition all that it is desirable a County Fair should be. the West Indies. F. A. Nauts. New-York, July 12, 1860. A. Lindsay, Esq., is the President, and Smith Palmer, Secretary.

COOK'S PORTABLE SUGAR EVAPORATOR, 2 The First Annual Exhibition of the Breckenridge

For Making Sorghum Sugar. County (Kansas,) Agricultural and Mechanical Society is

The most Rapid Evaporator in the World ! Announced for the present season at Emporia-President,

IS A PERFECT SELF DEFECATOR. R. H. Abraham; Secretary, P. B. Maxon. Like many of the most successful Societies in older regions, the Premiuns offered will be chiefly made up of Agricultural Papers.

les A Horticultural Society in apparently prosperous condition, exists at St. Paul, Minnesota, and we have received, too late for earlier notice, their schedule of prizes awarded at an exhibition announced for the 4th instant. Alex. Buchanan, President; S. Hewson and M. Ford, Secretaries. We trust the Show went off finely.

e The Tenth Annual Fair of the Gallia County, Ohio, Agricultural Society, is to be held at Gallipolis, Sept. 11th and 12th. President, Augustus S. Guthrie ; Secretary, J. L. Vance ; Treasurer, J. C. Neal. Much obliged otherwise prevent granulation, and hence is

Is the only one which removes certain gummy mattters which would for the compliments to our journals in the Premium List. The only Machine which makes Sorghum Sagar sua les The Show of the Jackson Co. (Mo.) Ag. Society,

cessfully! is put down for Sept. 4-9, at Independencc City. B. F. It is simple, portable, takes but little fuel, and never fails to give Thompson, President; Schuyler Lowe, Secretary.

perfect satisfaction.

Prices, &c., of Evaporator.

No. 2-Pan 45 by 72 inch. galvanized iron, $45; same size copper, $65.
No. 3-Pan 45 by 90


No. Pan 45 by 108 do. do. Throughout a large portion of the country, as all are No. 2-245 pounds.

No. 2-about 2 barrels per hour. No. 3–280 pounds.

No. 3-about 3 barrels per hour. aware, a part of the limbs of apple orchards are found

No. 6330 pounds.

No. about 4 barrels per hour. dead, moro especially towards the extremities, and gen- Operates admirably;"-American Agriculturist.

" Entire success." -Cleveland Plaindealer. erally believed to be the effect of some of the past severe ** Very valuable invention."-Scientific American,

"Makes actual veritable sugar."--N. Y, Tribune. winters. Many trees are recovering, becoming more "The most fuccessful."--Ohio Cultivator.

"Working wonders."-Milwaukie Democrat vigorous, and bearing, but the dead limbs remain. These

The following are the names of a few of the many who have made dead branches now need pruning out; and we are not sure best New Orleans.

this “actual, veritable sugar," equal in appearance and flavor to the that an advantage may not result to the trees from this H. Mansfield, Lexington, O.; Enoch Payne, Springfield, Ill. ; 0. N.

Brainard, Marion, Iowa; leaac Karsner, Florida, 0.; J. Q. Beattie, disaster, by teaching many orchardists to prune better than Defiance, 0, John Richards, Tecumseh, Mich., Jobń Reed, Mans.

field, O.; W. Corothers, Lexington, O.; E. S. Ráker, Locust Corner, they ever have done. The general and erroneous pro- Ohio, &c., &c.

Send for Circular to BLYMYERS, BATES & DAY, pensity is to trim upwards,-60 thin out and cut off all July 26-w&mtr.

Mansfield, Oh... below, but a few main limbs which are thus converted to Frill exceed 500,000. Prices as follows:

RAPE ROOTS.-Our stock of Grape roots bare and crooked poles, supporting the foliage and crops

Catawba, one year old,

$15.00 per 1000 on their extreme upper epds. Instead of this absurd

two year old,

Isabella, one year old, course, the heads should be thinned out above, and the Diana, one year old,..

25.00 per 100 Liberal discount to dealers.

J. M. McCULLOUGH & SON. growing part brought down nearer the centre of the tree.

July 26 --w17t.

200 Main St., Cincinnati, Ohio,








65; do. do. 85. CAPACITY FOR BOILING GOOD CARE, Juick,



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Morris Co., N. J.

DEVONS FOR . The subscriber offers for sale his residence, consisting of 164 acres of

The undersigned having offered his residence for sale, will dispose land, with fine improvements, including a spacious Mansion House, of his entire stock of Thorough-Bred Cattle at reduced rates, in lota grapery, fruit of all kinds, coumodious barns and farm buildings. to suit

purchasers. There are several animals of great merit in this tenent houses, &c. Morris county is celebrated for the favorable er: berd, which are only rarely to be secured. Will also sell his stock of fects of its climate upon consumptives or those troubled with bronchial Horses and Colts, including three of the best Stallions of their age affections. This property is an attractive one to a gentleman of that can be shown. For particulars address meang, Madison is distant 1 hour and 20 minutes from New York

ALFRED M. TREDWELL, city, by Morris and Essex Railroad. For particulars address the

Madison, Morris Co., New

Jersey, owner, ALFRED M. TREDWELL, 45 Fulton-st., New York City.

June 23-W4tm2t.


In consequence of above, I offer for sale, in lots to suit purchasers, LL KINDS OF AGRICULTURAL BOOKS. my entire stock of Thorough Bred Cattle, at reduced prices. For par ticulars address as above.

July 19—W4tmit.

Farmers, Gardeners, Nurserymen, Fruit-growers, Dairymen, Cattle

Dealers, and all persons interested in tilling the soil or adorning their MERYS' PATENT COTTON GIN, sortment of Books relating to their business that can be found in the

grounds and dwellings, will be supplied with the most complete as MANUFACTURED BY

world, by


Agricultural Booksellers and Publishers of the Horticulturist,

No. 25 Park Row, New York,

Catalogues gratis. Books sent by mail. AGENTS WANTED. ALBANY AGRICULTURAL WORKS, Mar 15--W15tin3t ALBANY, N. Y.

obtain the original variety for field or garden culture, addresg

WM. LAWTON, New Rochelle, N. Y. I Circulars, with ample directions, will be forwarded to all appli. cants, free,

Aug. 1-m121.







CORNER CLINTON AVENUE AND KNOX STRERT, ALBANY, N. Y. The Subscribers, being the most extensive manufacturers of DRAIN. ING TILE in the United States, have on hand, in large or small

quan. tities, for Land Draining. ROUND, SOLE and HORSE-SHOE TILE, warranted superior to any made in this country, hard-burned, and over one foot in length. Orders solicited, Price List sent on application.

C. & W. McCAMMON, Jan. 5—wtl.-Feb 1-mts.

Albany, N. Y.






. They will chaff and screen wheat in passing through the mill once. in the most perfect manner, and all kinds of grain and seed. War ranted the very best in use. Patent Rights for sale of all the Western States. Address

I. T. GRANT & CO. May 1-m12

Junction, Rensselaer Co..

N. Y. The Cotton Gin is one of the most important among modern Inven. tions and any improvements in it, or its operations, are, as they should be, eagerly sought for by the cotton producer. The enormous amount of cotton, and its great value, which is annually made in this The Cost of Draining Reduced One-Half country, causes even the smallest improvement in its manipulation to

BY THE USE OF command a ready adoption; and the numerous inventions and patents granted therefor since the introduction of Whitney's Saw Cotton CALLANAN'S DITCH DIGGER AND SUBSOILER. Gin, go far to attest the great necessity and inducements for improvements. It is believed by the makers, who are familiar with previous PRICE, with wheels, axle tree and reversable tongues, 850, Satisefforts and patents, that their own improvements are among the most faction warranted. Also SHOVELS, made expressly to be used in valuable since Whitney's time, and that they are chiefly in a different connection with the Ditcher-just the thing --Price $1.50. direction from nearly all other inventors, and which have been over. Address

D. CALLANAN looked by them. One of the best points in their improvement is that

June 21-w13tm3t* Callanan's Corners. Albany Co., N. Y. it is applicable to all saw ging now in use, as well as those being man. ufactured by the proprietors, while it is both simply and cheaply ap.

TEEL PLOW S.-We are manufacturing plied. The improvement consists chiefly of a central cylinder shaft of wood or other light material, so suspended within the hopper, upon its journals at both ends, as to occupy the hollow space within the Plows with steel inold-board and land-side, with steel or cast point, 29 cotton roll in the hopper, which is produced by the centrifugal force desired, and would refer you to the following persons, who have them of the revolving mass.

in use: This shaft is thickly studded throughout its surface with radially

John Johnston, Geneva, N. Y. projerting pointed pins, which become imbedded in the cotton, cau. J. Ingersoll, Ilion, N. Y. sing the shaft to revolve in unison with the roll by the force and Wm. Summer, Pomaria, s. C. motion which the cotton receives from the action of the saws upon


. R. C. Ellis, Lyons, N. Y. Its purposes and objects are to produce a uniform motion of the roli Col, A. J. Summer, Long Swamp, Florida throughout its whole length and circumference, and to support the A. J. Bowman, Utica, N. Y. seed cotton and prevent that portion which is presented to the action A. Bradley, Mankato, Minesota. of the sows from being compressed by the weight of the cotton roll 1. Mackie, Utica, N, Y. upon the saws; also to avoid the consequent cutting and napping of We are also manufacturing Sayre's Patent Horse Hoe and Potato the lint which would be caused thereby. Its use produces a constant Covering Machine, Sayre's Patent Cultivator Teeth in quantities for motion of the roll positively relative to that of the saws, and preserves the trade; and all kinds of steel and swage work in the agricultural its cylindrical form, irrespective of the different and varying veloci. line. Send for a circular,

SAYRE & REMINGTON. ties of the saws, or the centrifugal force of the revolving mass in the Jan, 26-wtf Mar, 1-mtf. Union Agricultural Works, Utica, N. Y. hopner

This shaft, with its pins prevents all choking, clogging, bridging dition of the seed cotton, as the positive and forcible motion produced hr the action of the sawg upon that portion of the seed cotton roll The subscriber, desirous of reducing his herd in numbers, offers for lying between the saws and the shart

and communicated through it sale at moderate prices, and its pius to the whole roll, is sufficient to overcome all such irregu. larities, as : Isn to admit of the gin heing worked un to the maximum BULLS, COWS AND CALVES power applied, be it more or less, without danger of stopping the ope. Ofexcellent quality, with good Pedigrees ration of the kin or injuring the quality of the lint. It also enables

. the gin to be worked with almost any power, and at any velocity,

On application by mail a Catalogue will be sent with with uniforon results; consequently increasing the capacity for work in like proportion.

Pedigree and Price of each Animal offered for Sale. The proprietors bave also completed their attachment for the gin,

Address by mail, at Rhinebeck, N. Y., which enables the whole to be operated upon the field, if desired, and

WILLIAM KELLY without any lint room or gin house being required, and also for cleang.

Ellerslie Farm, one mile ing the lint from all dust and sand, delivering it at one and the same

South of Rhinebeck Station, Hudson River Railroad operation in fit condition for baling and the market. The attention

June 7-w7t.
of cotton growers and dealers in like kinds of machinery is called to
them. The prices of the gins and condensers are as follows:
The 45 Saw Gin with improvement,..

Pure Bred Durham Cattle at 975 to $250. Spanish Merino

and without improvement,


French Merino sheep at $10 to $30. Improved white pigs, *8 each. The Cotton Duster and Condenser for same, ...........


Madagascar rabbits at $10 per pair. Brood mares, served by “ Bush For each additional Saw,.......

Messenger," at $125 to $300. Black Hawk, Morgan, Bashaw and Mes. 2.50

senger Stallions, from six months old up to full grown and trained For larger Duster and Condenser for each extra saw,. 1.00 animals, at $75 to $600). All orders addressed to the manufacturers will receive prompt atten- the Express Office.

All animals sold will be carefully boxed or haltered, and placed at tinn. EMERY BROTHERS, 62 & 64 State-st., Albany, N. Y. My residence is 1% miles east of Brownsville, Fayette county, Pa July 26—"kmll

Post Once Dox No. 6. May 10-71 JOHN S GOE.


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HIS PARALLEL LEVER HAY PRESS, 1 saved.) is furnished with the ahove horse presses if desired, or separateproved during the last year, and as now manufactured and sold defies will be readily understood, when it is known that the horse is not re. all competition. It has been awarded the first premium by the N. Y.

moved from the sweep to lower down the press. For particulars ad.

dress the subscriber, or the patentee, Peter Philip, Hudson, N. Y. State Agricultural Society, for six successive years, and by the U.S.

N. R. Irons, &c., for Stationary Presses and Capstans, for sale. Agricultural Society in 1857 and 1859, or every time it was exhibited. It is made

in different sizes, for hand or horse power, at prices vary: | Agents wanted in every State to introduce and sell therp. ing from $65 to $165. As a horse press it has no equal. As a hand

I have finished portable horse presses, as well as hand presses, conpress it exceeds beyond description any and all hand presses yet instantly on band, and can furnish the trade, or will fill orders direct. vented.

Circulars containing sizes, prices, &c., sent free on application. Philip's Patent Capstan, (by which the danger and tedious opera


EVI DEDERICK & CO., tion of the common capstan is entirely obviated, as well as much time July 3-w&mlt.

Albany. N. Y,





B. K. BLISS, Springfield, Mass.


They are so improved as to be taken down and packed in boxes for The following yarieties have been grown with much care, from se transportation. One dozen can be packed in a box of about six culic lected roots, and can be confidently recommended to those who de. feet, We also make the Grapevine Cradle. All of the above are sire a reliable article.

Cts. per Ib. made of the best material and workmanship. For Price List, address Early White Flat Dutch,..


1. T. GRANT & CO., Red Top Strap Leaved Flat,

May 1-12

Junction, Rensselaer Co..

N. Y. White, do. do.

50 Extra White Flat, (very superior,).



ING MACHINES for sale by

A. LONGETT, Long White Tankard,

May 1--m3t

34 Cliff street, New-Yrok.
Long Red
Long White Improved, (extra fine.)
Large White Globe,


Large White Norfolk,
Large Red do.
Robertson's Golden Ball, (excellent for keeping.)
Yellow Aberdeen,
Yellow Malta,
Long Yellow French,.

Yellow Dutch,.
Yellow Finland,
Teltow or Small Berlin,

01.00 Freneuse,

75 Stubble Stone,.

50 Dale's Hybrid.

50 Ruta Baga, (Skirving's.).

50 do do. (Laing's Improved.).

50 Waite's Eclipse Purple Top,

50 A liberal discount to dealers. A Descriptive Catalogue of Seeds

ELEGANT ROSEWOOD CASES! will be mailed to all applicants enclosing a postage stamp:


GOOD AND DURABLE ! July 19-w3t.

Springfield, Mass.

W A R R A N T E D !






STRAWBERRIES! STRAWBERRIES !! Send for Circulars, giving full description.

As the season for planting out beds of Strawberries again returns, one naturally asks himself the question, what variety shall I plant?

BOARDMAN, GRAY & CO., Manufacturers, Our answer in all cases is, “Wilson's Albany." Price of plants per

ALBANY, N. Y. 100, $1; per 1000, 88. A liberal discount to the trade. Packing, for which no charge is make, guaranteed extra. Send your orders for

Ap 5–W&mtr the same to the Albany Nursery of

JOHN WILSON. July 12-w12t.

Albany, N. Y. THI


at 85 per 100; 640 per 1000; $150 per 5,000; needs no winter pro. IRUE DELAWARE GRAPEVINES— one to two years old, 45 per $100; elo per 1000; two to three years old

tection, and bears two annual crops of fruit. Isabella Grapevines, Village, Anna, Clara, and other new varieties. Wilson's Albany 1000. Exchanges for Pear Stocks, if desired,

will be made. Strawberry, Kirtland Raspberry, &c. GEORGE W. CAMPBELL, Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs and Plants in general. Dec. 15-w9mos.

Delaware, Ohio

Sept. 29-wtr. Evergreen Nursery, Cold Spring Harbor, L. I.

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Breeders of purc blood Atwood Sheep, of the Hammond stock. Jan. 26-wlyr.



Bulls, Bull Calves, Heifers and Heifer Calves for sale, with good pedigrees, sired by my prize bull Empire. JOSEPH HILTON May 17--wti.

New Scotland, Albany Co., N. Y. JOHN T. ANDREW, WEST CORNWALL, Cr.,


Feb. 16wtf

I have for sale a number of volumes of the FRUIT AND INSECTS of the STATE NATURAL HISTORY, with colored plates and descriptive letter press. Will be sold low to early applicants.

HARRY E. PEASE, Lithographic Engraver and Painter, May 3-w3tm3t

518 Broadway, Albany, N. Y.

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