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Abercromby, Mr, in Sardinia, 587. Bawr, Madame, tale by, 609.

Beattie, Dr, on Gray's elegy, 242.
Æneas, Payne Knight's criticisms on, 375. Beauty, Christopher on the faculty of,
Africa, Jonathan in, 172-its deserts, 464. 29—relations of virtue to, 259.
Agricultural interest, overthrow of, by the Blair, Dr, on Virgil's description of thun-

free-traders, 115—population of Wales, der, 12.
character, &c. of the, 330.

Blanc, Louis, his “ Protest,” 231.
Agriculture, alleged injury from the game Blind, one of the Baden insurgents, 208.

laws to, 73-distressed state of, in Ire. Bolingbroke on the national debt, 665.
land, 774-and Spain, 719.

Boroughs, predominance given by the
ALBUM, OUR, for the last page of, 205. Reform Bill to, 113.
Alfieri, the autobiography of, 294. Boswell's Life of Johnson, on, 296.
Alison on taste, remarks on, 13-on Vir Botany Bay, effects of the transportation
gil, 246—on Homer, 255.

system on, 528.
America, increase of its shipping under the Braybrooke Lord, his edition of Pepys'

reciprocity system, 117, 118-cost of Diary, 501.

raising grain in, 120—forests of, 464. Bread stuffs, importation of, 766.
Andalusia, Mr Dundas Murray's work on, Brentano, one of the Baden insurgents,

206, 207, 208, 211, 215.
Anne, Queen, national debt under, 666. Brigands, Spanish, 706.
Anti-game law association, the, 63. Bright, Mr, motives of, in his anti-game-
Antro de Nettuno in Sardinia, the, 40. law agitation, 63-on poaching, 70.
Ardara, early paintings in, 46.

Brougham, Lord, on the marriage law of
Army, Cobden's crusade against the, 584. Scotland, 269—on transportation, &c.,
Art, specimens of early, in Sardinia, 46– 525.
influence of religion on, 261.

Brown, Dr Thomas, on Gray's elegy, 241.
Artist, the, not a mere imitator, 412. Bugeaud, Marshal, 227.
Asia, its mountains, 462-table-lands,463. Buonaparte and the Bourbons, Chateau-
Assignment system for convicts, advan- briand's pamphlet called, 304.
tages of the, 532.

Burritt, Elihu, 583.
Atala et Réné, Chateaubriand's, 301. Bute, Lord, bribery under, 666.
Atheism, Christopher, &c. on, 31.

Butler's Analogy, the argument for im-
Attitu in Sardinia, the, 43.

mortality from, 311.
Audiganne, M.,on the state of France, 233. Byron, on a passage from, 367—his de-
Australia, commerce of, in relation to the scription of Velino, 372–his autobio-

convict system, 527-exports per head graphy, 295.
to, ib.-obstacles to free emigration to, Cabrera, the last insurrection of, 707.

Cadet de Colobrières, the, 607.
Austria, the contest between, and Hun- Cæsar's Commentaries, on, 292.
gary, 589—Cobden on, 591.

Campbell, Lord, attack on Lord Lynd-
Austrian loan, Cobden on the, 602.

hurst by, 131-on the Scottish marriage

Canaanites, presumed relics of the, in
Bacon, Lord, on the principles of trade, Sardinia, 36.

Canada bill, debates on the, 131-com-
Bad temper, Christopher on, 5.

merce of, in relation to the convict
BADEN INSURRECTION, the, 206-as one system, 527-exports per head to, ib.
result of the revolutionary movement,

effects of free trade on, 776.
429—its causes, &c., ib.

Baden-Baden, state of, 431.

MEDY, 471.
Baltic shipping, increase of, under the Cape, commerce of, in relation to the con-
reciprocity system, 117, 118.

vict system, 527-resistance in, to its
Banditti, Sardinian, 41.

being made a penal settlement, 535.
Bank, danger of the, in 1823, 675-char Cardiganshire, rarity of the English lan-
ter act of 1844, the, 758.

guage in, 328.
Barton, Bernard, letters of Lamb to, 149. Carlist movement, the late, in Spain, 707.

MOIRS, 292.

Carlsruhe, the revolt at, 206—-capture of, Colonies, effects of the protective system
by the Prussians, 215.

on, 110-virtually disfranchised by the
Carta de Logu of Sardinia, the, 40.

Reform Bill, 113 — influence of the
Carthaginians in Sardinia, the, 34--their transportation system on their com-
disappearance, 36.

merce, 527.
Castlemaine, Lady, 516.

Comic, present rage for the, 145.
Cavaignac, General, during the June con- Commerce, effects of the protection sys-
flict, 231, 232.

tem on, 110-effects of the new cur-
Caxtons, the, Part XIV. chap. lxxx., 48 rency system on, 123—colonial, influ-

–chap. 1xxxi., 55-chap. 1xxxii., 59- ence of the transportation system on,
chap. lxxxiii., 60 — Part XV. chap. 527.
1xxxiv., 151-chap. lxxxv., 152-chap. Commons, house of, all classes represented
lxxxvi., Vivian-at the entrance of life in, prior to the Reform Bill, 111.
sits the mother, ib.--chap. lxxxvii., Confiscations, the revolutionary, in
The preceptor, 155-chap. lxxxviii., France, 225.
The hearth without trust, and the world Conjuror, the, 692.
without a guide, 157-chap. Ixxxix., Constitution, the German, and its rejec-
The attempt to build a temple to for. tion, 425.
tune out of the ruins of home, 159— Consumer and producer, different in-
chap. xc., The results--perverted am- terests of, 112.
bition, &c., 160—-chap. xci., 164-chap. Convict system, general review of the,
xcii, 165– chap. xcii., 167 – chap. 519, et seq.
xciv., 171-Part XVI. chap. xcv., 277 Convicts, instruction of, in a trade, 520.
-chap. xcvi., 283—chap. xcvii., 285– Copper, smelting, &c. of, in Wales, 329,
chap. xxviii, 286-chap. xeix, 289-

chap. c., 290—Part the Last, chap. ci., Cordova, General, in Italy, 709.
391--chap. cii., 393-chap. ciii., 394- Corn Laws, the abolition of the, 115.
chap. civ., 396---chap. cv., 397-chap. Corunna, the embarkation at, 696.
cvi., 400-chap. cvii., 403—chap. cviii., Cotton manufactures, profits &c. on, in

America, 473.
Celtic race, character of the Welsh, 335. Cowan, Mr, on the game laws, 68.
Chapman’s Homer, on, 257.

Crichton, Mr, on game-law prosecutions,
Charles II., sketches of the time of, 501, 70.

Crime, increase of, 126,773-statistics of,

for Wales, 332-statistics of recent,
Chartisin, prevalence of, in Wales, 337. 519.

Criminals, reformation of, in New South
Chauteaubriand, vanity of, 300--his suc- Wales, 526.
cessive works, 301.

Chatham, Lord, his system of colonial Crushing of the Pedestal, 108.
policy, 471.

Cruachan, thunder-storm on, 8.
Christ's Hospital, Charles Lamb at, 135. Cuba, state of, prospects of its separation
Christianity, Christopher on, 30.

from Spain, &c., 711, et seq.
Christian morality, on, 30.

Cunninghame, Mr, on the reformation of
Christina, Spain under, 704.

convicts, 526.
CHRISTOPHER UNDER Canvass, see Dies Currency system, the new, and its effects,

122, 756, 759, et seq.
Christopher in the Sulks—a sketch, 3. Davenant, Dr Charles, on the national
Church of England, state of the, in Wales, debt, 663.

333—of Scotland, opposition of, to the Dead, mourning for the, in Sardinia, 43.

marriage and registration bills, 266. Death, Butler's argument regarding, 382.
Civil RevolutiON IN THE CANADAS-A Delta, Disenchantment by, 563.
REMEDY, 471.

Democracy, error of principle of, 222.
Clamor Publico, the, 710.

Democratic tendencies in Wales, influ-
Classes at Yverdun, the, 104.

ence of dissent on, 337.
Classical, on the significance of, 25. De Ruyter, Admiral, 511.
Claudius in Hamlet, on, 639, 646.

Close boroughs, advantages of the, ill. Dickens, the works of, 380.
Coal, export of, from Wales, 329, 330. Dies Boreales, No. I.,sonnet on reading, 18.
Cobden, review of the career of, 581, DIES BOREALES, No. II. Christopher

et seq.---speech of, at the Hungarian under canvass, 1---Christopher in the
meeting, 591.

sulks, a sketch, 3-on temper, 52
Cockburn of Ormiston, character of, 351. thunder-storm, 6, et seq.–Virgil's de-
Coleridge, intimacy of Lamb with, 136– scription of thunder, 11-Lucretius,
Talfourd's account of, 142.

15--Thomson's, 16-arrival of Talboys,
Colonial policy, British system of, 471. 17—on the signification of classical, 25

et seq.

-on scholarship, 27-on beauty and England, growth of, under the navigation
morals, 29 – Christianity and its laws and restrictive system, 108-feel-
morality, 30—Scepticism and its re- ing of alienation in Wales from, 327–
sults, 31--No. III., on impersonation, crime in, compared with Wales, 332—
238--Shakspeare, 239--Inishail and the naval contest of, with the Dutch,
its churchyard, 240-Gray's elegy, ib.-- 509--statistics of crime in, 519.
on Alison and Virgil, 246-on a pas- English Mail-Coach, or the glory of
sage in Hamlet, 252-and one in motion, 485-going down with victory,
Homer, 255—the self-sustainment of 496--continuation : the Vision of Sud-
the Homeric heroes, 258 - Alison's den Death, 741.
Essay on Taste, 259_on virtue and English autobiographies, rarity of, 299-
vice, 260-influence of religion on art, language, partial diffusion of the, in
261-on materialism, 262—No. IV. 363 Wales, 328.
-a rain storm, 364—on angling, 366 Enzio, King of Sardinia, sketch of, 38.
-on Byron's description of the Cli- Erbe, one of the Baden insurgents, 208.
tumnus, 367--and of Velino, 372-on Essai Historique, Lamartine's, 301.
immortality, and Butler's argument for Evelyn, the diary of, 502-account of
it, 380-No. V. on Macbeth, 620.

Lady Frances Stuart by, 515.

Expatriation, effects of, in reforming cri-
Disraeli’s Essay on the literary character, minals, 525, et seq.

Exports, decrease of, 123—colonial, influ-
Dissent, statistics of, in Wales, 333-fos- ence of the transportation system on,
tering of chartism by, there, 338.

527--influence of free trade on, 765.
DOMINIQUE, a sketch from life : the two Famille Recour, the, 609.

students, 77--Mother and Son, 79 Farmers, alleged injury from game to the,
The double duel, 83-Five years later, 73—and farming in Wales, state of,
85-The Horse-riders, 87-Foes and 330--of Canada, effects of the restric-
Friends, 91.

tive system on, 476.
Dormitory at Yverdun, the, 99.

Female characters of Shakspeare, the, 239.
DOUBLEDAY'S FINANCIAL HISTORY OF ENG- Fergusson on Gray's elegy, 242.
LAND, review of, 655.

Feudal system, alleged origin of the
Dream-Fugue on sudden death, a, 750. game laws with the, 66.
Dreams, the, in Shakspeare, 642.

Fickler, one of the Baden insurgents, 206,
Drysdale versus Jamieson, game-law de- 208, 211.
cision in, 75.

Finance, importance of the subject of, and
Dudevant, Madame, La Petite Fadette general ignorance regarding it, 655.
by, 607.

Finances, the French, effects of the late
Dumas, Alexandre, recent novels of, 610 revolution on, 232—the Russian, Cob-
-works announced by, 619.

den on, 595—the Spanish, statistics re-
Dutch, naval contests of the, with Eng- garding, 711, et seq.
land, 509.

Fire of London, the, 508.
Dyer, George, 141.

Fleet, the English, state of, under Charles
Earth, peninsular tendency in the, 461- II. 510.
its interior, 462.

Foreign interference, Whig, 586.
Eas-a-Bhrogich, cave at, 9.

Foreign shipping, increase of, under the
Ecclesiastical property, abuses connected reciprocity system, 117.
with, in Wales, 354.

Foudras, the Marquis de, novels of, 609.
Economists, rise of the, 113.

Foundlings, numbers of, in Paris, 226.
Education, sketches of the Pestalozzian Fountainhall's diary, on, 502.

system of, 93, et seq.-relations of crime FRANCE, THE REVOLUTION OF 1848 ix,
in Great Britain to, 520.

Lamartine's account of, 219.
Ehrenberg, discoveries of, regarding the Franchise, practical extent of the, before
Infusoria, 466.

the Reform Bill, 111.
Eichbald, Lieutenant, in Baden, 208, 210. Francis' CHRONICLES OF THE STOCK Ex-
Eleanora, Guidicessa of Sardinia, 39. CHANGE, review of, 655.
Electric Telegraph, proposed introduction Frankfort parliament, the, and its fall, 425.
of, into Spain, 721,

Frankfort, occupation of, by the Prussians,
Embarkation, the, 696.

427--atrocities of the Red republicans
Emigrants, annual number of, 537.

in, 598.
Emigration, increase of, under the free. FREE TRADE AT ITS ZENITH, 756.

trade system, 126, 772-its expense to Free trade, review of the effects of, 108.
different localities, 533.

FRENCH NOVELS OF 1849, the, 607--auto-
Emulation, rejection of, by Pestalozzi, 95. biographies, multitude and character
Enfant Trouvé of Paris, the, 226.

of, 298-materialism, on, 261.
Enghien, the Duc d', conduct of Chateau- Fröbel, one of the Baden insurgents, 208.
briand on the murder of, 304.

Funding system, general ignorance re-


garding the, 655—evils accruing from Guy, Thomas, founder of the hospital, 669.
it, 666.

Gwynne, Nell, Pepys' account of, 516.
Fuorisciti in Sardinia, the, 41.'

Hamlet, on a passage in, 252.
Gagern, Herr von, 435.

Hazlitt, Talfourd's account of, 143.
Game, increased consumption of, 71. Hecate of Shakspeare, the, 625.
Game Laws in Scotland, the, 63-exa- Hecker-Lied, the, 435.

mination of the arguments against, 68 Heidelberg, the insurrection in, 206–

-alleged cost of prosecutions under, 69. entrance of the Prussians into, 214.
Gang system for convicts, evils of the, 532. Hélène, remarks on, 607.
Gayford, Mr, on the injury done by game, Herschel, Sir J., on gravitation, 459.

Heskir, imprisonment of Lady Grange at,
Génie du Christianisme, Chateaubriand's, 347.

Hesse-Darmstadt, revolutionary attempt
Gentilhommes Chasseurs, the, 610.

at, 208.
Gentry, the Welsh, character of, 335, 338. Heyne on the Homeric heroes, 257.
Geography, physical and general, distinc- Highlanders, improvement in the charac-
tion between, 460, 461.

ter of the, 336.
George II., debt contracted under, 666. Himalayas, heights, &c., of the, 462.
German unity, failure of the realisation Hirschfeld, General, in Baden, 212.
of, 424.

History, association of, with locality, 655.

ATTAINED! 424-northern and Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, acquisition of,
southern, disunion between, 428.

by Prussia, 434.
Gibbon’s autobiography, on, 292,

Homer, the dreams in, 642.
Girardin, M. during the revolution of Hope of Rankeillour, connexion of, with
1848, 227.

the case of Lady Grange, 348, 350.
Girondists, Lamartine’s History of the, Hospitality, Sardinian, anecdotes of, 42.
220, 221.

Hugo, Victor, and the Peace Congress,
Giudici in Sardinia, the, 37.

583-his Nôtre Dame, 655.
Glasgow, increase of pauperism in, 127, Humboldt's Cosmos, remarkson, 456, et seq.
772–the Queen's visit to, 361.

Hume's Autobiography, on, 293.
Godwin, William, Talfourd's sketch of, Hungary, the movement in, its objects,

&c., 588-meeting to sympathise with
Goegg, one of the Baden insurgents, 206, it, 590--the executions in, 599.
208, 211.

Ilay, Lord, 353, 355.
Goethe, on the autobiography of, 295— Imitation not the perfection of art, 412.
the centenary of, 435.

Immortality, Christopheron, 3+ --Butler's
Good temper, Christopher on, 5.

argument for, 380, et seq.
Gore district in Canada, state of, 473. Impersonation, on, 238, 645, 646.
Government, indifference of the, to Scot- Imports, increase of, 123, 766.
tish affairs, 264.

Imprisonment, experienced inefficiency of,
Grain, importation of, under the free-trade 519-its expense, 521-causes of its
system, 118, 119, 766.

failure, 522.
Grammont's memoirs, on, 501.

India, completion of the British empire
GRANGE, Lady, new light on the story of, in, 108.

Industry, effects of the late revolution on,
Gravitation, Sir J. Herschel on,


in France, 233.
Gray's Elegy, on, 240.

Inishail, churchyard in, 240.
Great Britain, progress of, under the Insects, formation of rocks by, 465,466-

navigation laws, 108 — her colonial those of America, 467.
policy, 471-her position in relation to INSURRECTION IN BADEN, the, 206.
the continental powers, 587—origin of Intellect, predominance of, in France, 299.
the national debt of, 657, 662-state of, Ireland, the round towers of, 36--the
under James II., 657—progress of the Queen's visit to, 361--recent statistics
national debt, 666.

of crime in, 522-depressed state of
Greeks and their poetry, Christopher on, agriculture in, 774.

25-emblems employed by the, for im- Irish, resemblance of the Sardes to the, 40
mortality, 380.

-transported convicts, superiority of,
GREEN HAND, the, Part III., 183–- Part and its causes, 531.

IV., 305—Part V., 436--Part VI., 723. Iron, produce, &c., of, in Wales, 329, 330.
Grey, Earl, on the Reform Bill, 146. Irreligion, influence of, in France, 224.
Gröben, General Von, in Baden, 214. Italy, proceedings of Lord Minto in, 587
Grove, Mr, on the co-relation of the phy- -the Spanish army in, 709.
sical sciences, 460.

James II., revenue, &c., of Great Britain,
Gurney, Mr, on the cost of the army, &c., under, 657.

Jean le Trouveur, romance of, 612.

on, 131,

et seq.

Jeffrey's exposition of Alison on Taste, on, Lovat, Lord, connexion of, with the case

of Lady Grange, 347.
Jews, revolutionary tendency of the, in Lowell, rapid progress of, 472.

Germany, 435-early connexion of the, Lucretius, description of thunder by, 15.
with stock-jobbing, 663.

Lyell, Mr, on gradual subsidence and up-
Johnson, Boswell's life of, 296.

heaval, 465.
Johnston's Physical Atlas, review of, Lyndhurst, Lord, Lord Campbell's attack

Joint-stock companies, rise of, 669—those LYNMOUTH REVISITED, 412.
of 1823, &c., 673.

Macaulay, Mr, examination of his picture

of England under the Stuarts, 658.
Journalists, the, the leaders of revolution Macbeth, criticisms on tragedy of, 621,

in France, 219-their political predo- et seg.-Lady, on the character of, 622.
minance there, 299.

Mackay, J. R., revelations of parliamen-
KALOOLAH, review of, 172.

tary bribery by, 666.
Kames, Lord, on Virgil's description of M`Neill, Mr, on the proposed Marriage
thunder, 12.

and Registration bills, 266, 270.
Khoona wur, pass of, 463.

Madden, Mr, on the state of Cuba, 711,
Knight, Payne, on Virgil's Æneas, 375–
on Macbeth, 621.

Mail-Coach, the, or the glory of motion,
Kossuth, views of, in Hungary, 589. 485-going down with victory, 496—-
Krauss, Major, 690.

continued, 741.
Labouchère, Mr, on Canada, 478.

Malta, proposed to be made a penalcolony,
Ladenburg, skirmish at, 212.

LAMARTINE'S REVOLUTION OF 1848, 219- Malte Brun on the transportation system,

on his history of the Girondists, 220, 528.
221—his Confidences, and Raphael, 298, Malthus, Mr, on the corn-law question,
301--his vanity, 300.

Lamb, CHARLES, 133-Miss Mary, 137. Man that wasn't drowned, the, 691.
Lamoricière, General, during the June Manasa, lake of, 463.
conflict, 231.

Manchester, (U.S.,) rise of, 472.
Land, the protective system in its rela Manning, letters of Lamb to, 147.
tions to, 111.

Manufactures, protective system toward,
Landed interest, predominance given by 110-French, effects of the late revolu-
the Reform Bill over the, 113.

tion on, 233—progress of, in the United
Landsca painter, qualifications neces- States, 471-profits on them there, 473
sary for he, 412.

-of Spain, the, 719.
Language, effects in Wales of the differ- Manufacturing population of Wales, cha-
ences of, 327.

racter, &c., of the, 329.
La Patrie on the industrial state of Mar, the Earl of, 352-Lady, 354, et scq.
France, 233.

Mardi, remarks on, 172.
Laudenbach, revolutionary attempt at, Marriage bill, the proposed Scottish, 263,

Massachusetts, advantages from manu-
Lawrence, (U.S.,) rise of, 472.

factures to, 472.
Le Grice, Mr, account of Charles Lamb Materialism, on, 261.
by, 135.

Mayo's Kaloolan, review of, 172.
Leiningen, Prince, manifesto of, 434. Medina the Jew, 663.
Lloyd, Charles, 139.

Meiroslawski, the leader of the Baden in-
Locke on the principles of trade, 777. surgents, 210, 212.
London, consumption of game in, 72- Melville's REDBURN, review of, 567----

importation of grain into, 120--the Mardi, remarks on, 172.
great plague of, 506—the fire of, 508— Méry, M., le Transporté by, 619.

importation of grain into, 767. Metternich, a Baden leader, 208.
London Tavern, Hungarian meeting at, Meyer, Dr, 329.

Military, revolt of the, in Baden, 430.
Long Parliament, revenue raised by the, Milnes, R. M., the Hungarian question

brought forward by, 590.
Lopez, Mannasseh, stock exchange fraud Miners of Wales, character of the, 329,331.
by, 668.

Minto, Lord, proceedings of, in Italy, 587.
Lord Advocate, the, his Marriage and Mitford, Rev. Mr, on Gray's elegy, 242.
Registration bills, 263.

Monetary crises, danger of, 762, 771.
Lotteries, evils, &c., of the, 671.

Moneyed interest, rise of the, 112-its
Louis Philippe, conduct of, during the origin with the Revolution, 663.

revolution of 1848, 227, 228--intrigues Monitorial system, the, as used by Pesta-
of, in Spain, 722.

lozzi, 95.


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