Ambassadors of Christ Handbook: Deed to Dominionship

AuthorHouse, 2008 M05 29 - 108 páginas
Written by myself and inspired by God's Holy Spirit, this book is designed to uplift the reader's spirits and confidence. There are fourteen inspired chapters depicting God's gracious plans that are used to enhance Christ-like growth. The first seven chapters represent Gods holy number Seven. Seven represents God's completion. My life-lived testimony has allowed me to relate to many afflicted men and women. The accumulated power that God has invested in my life motivates me to pray for complete wholeness for the body of Christ. Together, we can accomplish God's perfect will and purpose for our lives. The goal of this book is to teach, inform, correct and edify those who are dedicated to becoming mature Christians. From the beginning of time our omnipotent God, who is all-powerful, has established the structure of dominionship, which is essential to the body of Christ. God the Father and the Son of God Jesus, are co-equal, as is the Holy Spirit. These three-in-one have power and full dominionship over all creation. As you study God's Word, you will see that God had given authority to man (Adam) on earth; man gave it to Lucifer; Lucifer gave it back to man (Jesus); and now though Jesus Christ our Lord we the Church have free range to rule and reign in this earth. We, the chosen vessels of God, must realize that we have power in Christ to be victorious over Satan. Satan only comes seeking to steal, kill and destroy all righteousness lived in Christ. As you read this God inspired book, my prayer is that you will claim and walk in your own dominionship and use the power given to you by God though our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. All glory and honor goes to God Andre Valentino Curtis

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