William Congreve

T.F. Unwin, 1903 - 486 páginas
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Her experiences at a summer camp in the California mountains in 1945 give twelve-year-old Annie Platt new insight into her overprotective family of German-Jewish immigrants. Sequel to "Silver Days."

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Página iv - What things have we seen Done at the Mermaid! Heard words that have been So nimble and so full of subtle flame As if that every one from whence they came Had meant to put his whole wit in a jest, And had resolved to live a fool the rest Of his dull life.
Página xv - I live a rent-charge on his providence. But you, whom every Muse and Grace adorn, Whom I foresee to better fortune born, Be kind to my remains ; and, oh defend, Against your judgment, your departed friend! Let not the insulting foe my fame pursue, But shade those laurels which descend to you : And take for tribute what these lines express ; You merit more, nor could my love do less.
Página 435 - And terror on my aching sight ; the tombs And monumental caves of death look cold, And shoot a chilness to my trembling heart. Give me thy hand, and let me hear thy voice ; Nay, quickly speak to me, and let me hear Thy voice — my own affrights me with its echoes.
Página 96 - em not mistake my patron's part, Nor call his charity their own desert. 50 Yet this I prophesy ; thou shalt be seen, (Though with some short parenthesis between), High on the throne of wit ; and, seated there, Not mine, that's little, but thy laurel wear. Thy first attempt an early promise made ; That early promise this has more than paid. So bold, yet so judiciously you dare, That your least praise is to be regular. Time, place, and action, may with pains be wrought, But genius must be born, and...
Página xxx - Love for Love," says Collier, " may have a somewhat better farewell, but it would do a man little service should he remember it to his dying day : " " The miracle to-day is, that we find A lover true, not that a woman 's kind.
Página 371 - My lady loves her, and will come to any composition to save her reputation. Take the opportunity of breaking it, just upon the discovery of this imposture. My lady will be enraged beyond bounds, and sacrifice niece, and fortune, and all at that conjuncture.
Página 372 - I will contrive a letter which shall be delivered to my lady at the time when that rascal who is to act Sir Rowland is with her. It shall come as from an unknown hand — for the less I appear to know of the truth, the better I can play the incendiary.
Página 405 - And, sir, I assert my right; and will maintain it in defiance of you, sir, and of your instrument. 'Sheart, an you talk of an instrument sir, I have an old fox...
Página 401 - Next, my wife shall settle on me the remainder of her fortune, not made over already ; and for her maintenance depend entirely on my discretion. LADY. This is most inhumanly savage : exceeding the barbarity of a Muscovite husband.
Página 96 - So much the sweetness of your manners move, We cannot envy you, because we love. Fabius might joy in Scipio, when he saw A beardless consul made against the law, And join his suffrage to the votes of Rome ; Though he with Hannibal was overcome. Thus old Romano...

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