Planets in Play: How to Reimagine Your Life Through the Language of Astrology

Penguin, 2007 - 335 páginas
Planets in Play is the first foundational book that lets the reader reimagine his or her inner life through the self-exploratory language of astrology. Author Laurence Hillman-a widely respected astrologer with a loyal following and a formidable online presence-reconnects the planets with the character traits given them by the ancients.

Whether one accepts astrology as being "real," its language and concepts can go a long way toward helping us see the archetypes that play on our lives. In observing the strengths, weaknesses, and character traits of each planet and zodiac sign, readers will receive a toolbox filled with instruments with which to newly understand their lives.

The reader will then be able to make more conscious choices about how he or she is living out these different aspects. To that end, Hillman provides specific tactics and highly practical ideas of how to expressly nourish or minimize these tendencies through choice of behavior, lifestyle, and personal surroundings. Case examples, stories, and anecdotes run throughout the book to demonstrate and ease this process.

In its appendices, Planets in Play provides a guide in how to get a quality astrological reading, with an emphasis on one's dominant archetypes. In addition, Hillman offers a basic grounding in astrology for those readers, therapists, or counselors who wish to learn how the ancient art works at a psychological level without necessarily committing themselves to its study.

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Planets in Play: How to Reimagine Your Life Through the Language of Astrology

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This is less an astrology book than an opportunity for the author to offer his opinions about most everything under the guise of planetary influence. Hillman is a proponent of merging astrology with ... Leer comentario completo


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Laurence Hillman is a highly regarded professional astrologer, teacher, and lecturer, and a force in the movement to merge astrology with depth psychology. He has lectured internationally and writes a monthly column at

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