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Decembe: the Twenty-Sixth, Nineteen Hundred and Seventeen

(Telephones-Unless otherwise stated, call Main 4600

or Central 1 for any of the officials listed below). EXECUTIVE


Thomas S. Farrell, Director. MAYOR-HARRY L. DAVIS.

Director's Secretary-Harold S. Weidel. Mayor's Secretary-Nathan E. Cook.

228 City Hall, Division of Water

George B. Dusinberre, Commissioner; J. T. Mar

tin, Deputy Commissioner, 211 City Hall. DEPARTMENT OF LAW

Division of Light and Heat-
W. S. FitzGerald, Director,

W. E. Davis, Commissioner, 228 City Hall.
Managing Clerk-J. M. Crawford.
Assistants--Wm. B. Woods.

Board of Control-Mayor Davi President, and James T. Cassidy.

Directors FitzGerald, Bernstein, Beman, Sprosty, A. A. Cartwright.

Neal and Farrell. Nathan E. Cook, Secretary. 304 City Hall.

Room 305 City Hall.
Assistant Prosecutors-James L. Lind.
Herman E. Kohen.

Civil Service Commission-Ralph W. Edwards, L.
Edward Stanton.

A. Deutsch and Benedict Crowell, Commissioners.
E. J. Russick.

E. A. Kline, Secretary, 414 City Hall,
W. B. Cole.
Central Police Station.

Sinking Fund Commission-Mayor Davis, PresiMain 1330

Central 4021

dent; Clarence J. Neal, Secretary, and President of City Council Wm. F. Thompson. J. H. Morris,

Asst. Secretary, 128 City Hall. DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SERVICE

Board of Revision of Assessments-Mayor Davis, Alex Bernstein, Director,

President; Clarence J. Neal, Secretary, Directors Director's Secretary-Floyd E. Waite, 314 City

FitzGerald and Bernstein, and President of City Hall.

Council Wm. F. Thompson, 305 City Hall.
Division of Streets-
John G. Tomson, Commissioner, 124 City Hall.

City Architect-F. H. Betz, 604 City Hall.
Street Lighting, Albert Moritz, Supt., 112 City
Hall. Şidewalks, 617 City Hall. Street Signs CITY STREET RAILROAD COMMISSIONER-
and House Numbers, Fred P. Troyan, Supt., 617

Fielder Sanders, 830 Leader-News Bldg., Main 5271, City Hall.

Central 348.
Division of Parks and Public Grounds-

Lyman 0. Newell, Commissioner, 436 City Hall.
H. C. Hyatt, City Forester, 435 City Hall. Chas.

Kibler, Supt. of Markets, Weights and Measures,
Central and West Side Markets. Cemeteries, 435
City Hall

Division of Recreation-
J. F. Potts, Commissioner, Room 435.

President-William F. Thompson.
Division of Engineering and Construction-


Address Robert Hoffman, Commissioner, 618 City Hall.

1 Alva R. Dittrick..

8700 Lorain Ave. 2 Charles V. Dickerson.

5834 Storer Ave. 3 Samuel B. Michell.


4 Frank J. Faulhaber.

2185 West 67th St. 5 John P. Becker..

3308 Fulton Rd, Lamar T. Beman, Director.

6 Clayton C. Townes.

3800 West 33rd St. Director's Secretary-Philmore J. Haber, 327 City

7 Jerry R. Zmunt.

2172 West 14th St. Hall.

8 W. J. Horrigan.

4607 Franklin Ave. Division of Health

9 J. J. McGinty.

2741 Commercial Rd, Dr. Robert H. Bishop, Jr., Commissioner.

10 John W. Reynolds.

1760 East 27th St. Dr. Martin Friedrich, Medical Expert,

11 Thomas W. Fleming

2171 East 30th St. 117 City Hall.

12 Benjamin H. Schwartz.

2544 East 50th St. Division of Employment

13 Charles A. Kadlecek.

5314 McBride Ave. Charles F. Arndt, Commissioner, 109 City Hall. 14 Jos. F. Sledz..

3593 East 65th St. Bureau Immigration

15 Wm. F. Thompson.

9213 Miles Ave John Prucha, Chief, 103 City Hall,

16 R. S. Taylor.

9308 Kinsman Rd. Bureau of Outdoor Relief-106 City Hall.

17 Wm. L. Wagner.

.5816 Woodland Ave. William A. Kenney, Supt.

18 Harry C. Gahn.

4912 Cedar Ave. Parole officer-

19 Wm. Stolte..

10813 Fairchild Ave. A. E. Maska, 327 City Hall.

20 Charles B. Stannard,

1679 East 82nd St. City Chemist

John Sulzmann...

1338 East 81st St. W. White, 609 City Hall.

22 Edward A. Meyers

1739 East 70th St. 23 Adam J. Damm.

1046 East 74th St. 24 E. H. Krueger.


25 J. E. Smith

1376 East 112th St. 26 William Rolf.

15322 St. Clair Ave. A. B. Sprosty, Director. Division of Police

Clerk-R, E. Collins, 316 City Hall.
W. S. Rowe, Chief, Central Police Station, Main
26, Central 542. Secretary of Police Department,

W. W. Norris, Room 330 City Hall.
Division of Fire-
George A. Wallace, Chief, 328 City Hall. Fire

Prevention Bureau, Thomas F. Connell, Chief
Warden, Room 328 City Hall, Secretary of the

Civil Branch
Fire Department, Room 330 City Hall.
Division of Buildings-

Chief Justice-William H. McGannon.
E. W. Cunningham, Commissioner, 605 City Hall.

Judges-Geo. P. Baer. William L. Hemmings, Commissioner of Di

Daniel B. Cull. vision of Smoke, 330 City Hall.

Wm. B. Beebe.
Frank C. Phillips.

Samuel H. Silbert.

David Moylan.

Pierre A. White,
Clarence J. Neal, Director.

Bailiff-Chas, L. Selzer,
Division of Accounts-

City Hall Main 4600, Central 1.
C. S. Metcalf, Commissioner, 226 City Hall.
Division of Treasury-

Criminal Branch
B. H. Dayton, City Treasurer, 216 City Hall.

Judges - Wm. C. Keough. Division of Assessments and Licenses

Samuel E. Kramer. L. C. Cukr, Commissioner, 226 City Hall.

Central Police Station. Main 1330, Central 4021 Division of Purchases and SuppliesEdward Shattuck, Commissioner, 219 City Hall.

Clerk--Peter J. Henry.


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VOL. 4


No. 208

The City Record

W., from W. 101st pl. to W. 105th Maybach, making certain additions

st., be and the same is hereby ap- to and amending contract No. Published weekly under authority proved.

11565, in the sum of $112.76, covof the Charter of the City of

File No. 5093.

ering the_paving of Lake Shore Cleveland By Director Bernstein.

blvd. N. E., from E. 140th st. to

Resolved, by the board of control, the east line of E. 156th st. Subscription (by Mail) 50cts a year that contract No. 11826, with Paul File No. 5099.

Ciraci, amounting to approximately By Director Bernstein. Address all communications to

$4,500.00, covering the construction Resolved, by the board of control, R. E. COLLINS,

of a sewer in E. 125th st., from that subsidiary agreement No. 824, Clerk of Council,

Williams ave. to Buckeye rd. S. E., with R. P. Burnett, making certain 316 City Hall.

be and the same is hereby ap- additions to and amending contract Entered as second-class matter proved.

No. 11553, in the sum of $124.00,

File No. 5094. February 18, 1914, at the post-office

covering the repaving of_E. 40th at Cleveland, Ohio, under the Act

By Director Bernstein.

st., from Payne ave. N. E. to St. of March 3, 1879.

Resolved, by the board of control, Clair ave. N. E., be and the same that contract No. 11827, with Paul is hereby approved.

Ciraci, amounting to approximately File No. 5100.

$4,900.00, covering the construction By Director Bernstein.
of a sewer in E. 128th st., from Resolved, by the board of control,
Williams ave. to Buckeye rd. S. E., that subsidiary agreement No. 827,

be and the same is hereby ap- with The Cleveland Trinidad PavThe regular meeting of the board proved.

ing Company, making certain addiof control was called to order by

File No. 5095.

tions to and amending contract No. Director FitzGerald at 10:00 a. m.

By Director Bernstein.

11602, in the sum of $35.00, coverFriday, December 21st, 1917.

Resolved, by the board of control, ing the paving of Adelaide ave. S. Present: Directors FitzGerald,

that the director of public service W., from West blvd. to W. 101st Bernstein, Beman, Sprosty and be and he is hereby authorized and pl., be and the same is hereby apFarrell.

directed to enter into subsidiary proved. Absent: Mayor Davis and Di

agreement No. 837, with The Bald- File No. 5101. rector Neal.

win Brothers Company, making By Director Bernstein. RESOLUTIONS

certain additions to and amending Resolved, by the board of control,

contract No. 11619, in the sum of that subsidiary agreement No. 834, File No. 5090.

$23.34, covering the paving of E. with The Cleveland Trinidad PavBy the President.

117th st., from Euclid ave. to May- ing Company, making certain addiResolved, by the board of control, field rd. S. E.

tions to and amending contract No. that the mayor be and he is herehy File No. 5096.

11688, in the sum of $6.00, covering authorized and directed to enter By Director Bernstein.

the paving of E. 103rd st., from into a contract with S. J. Monck,

Resolved, by the board of control, Rosehill ave. to Shaker blvd. S. E. the lowest and best bidder, for the that the director of public service be and the same is hereby apprinting, distribution and mailing

be and he is hereby authorized and proved. of the City Record, and the print- directed to enter into subsidiary File No. 5102. ing of past ordinances in slip agreement No. 836, with The Bald- By Director Bernstein. form, for the year beginning Janu- win Brothers Company, making Resolved, by the board of control, ary 1st, 1918, and ending December certain additions to and amending

that contract No. 11825, with 31st, 1918, in accordance with his contract No. 11567. in the sum of Nicoal Infarnaro, amounting to apbid received December 8th, 1917. $31.05, covering the repaving of proximately $4,400.00, covering the File No. 5091.

Mayfield rd. S. E., from Euclid construction of a sewer in E. 124th By Director Bernstein.

ave. to 50 feet east of E. 116th st. st., from Williams ave. S. E. to Resolved, by the board of control, File No. 5097.

Buckeye rd. S. E., be and the same that subsidiary agreement No. 831, By Director Bernstein.

is hereby approved. with McHugh Brothers, making Resolved, by the board of control, File No. 5103. certain additions to and amending that contract No. 11821, with The By Director Bernstein. contract No. 11667, in the sum of Otis Elevator Company, amounting Resolved, by the bo rd of control, $15.95, covering the paving of Coit to approximately $3,000.00, cover- that the commissioner of purchases rd. N. E., from E. 140th st. to The

ing the furnishing and installing of and supplies be and he is hereby Cleveland Shore Line R. R., be and one (1) plunger freight elevator authorized and directed to purchase the same is hereby approved. and safety gates at the easterly the following described real estate File No. 5092.

sewage treatment works, be and the from Walter E. Wright and Mania By Director Bernstein. same is hereby approved.

H. Wright, the owners thereof, Resolved, by the board of control, File No. 5098.

needed for opening and widening that subsidiary agreement No. 833, By Director Bernstein,

Morgana ave. S. E.: with Roehl Brothers, making cer- Resolved, by the board of control, Parcel No. 1. Situated in the tain additions to and amending that the director of public service city of Cleveland, county of Cuyacontract No. 11753, in the sum of be and he is hereby authorized and hoga and state of Ohio and known $38.01, covering the paving of directed to enter into subsidiary as being a art of block "A" and Bertha ave. (now Almira ave.) S. agreement No. 835, with Gould & parts of sublots Nos. 43 and 44 in

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