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SEC. 4. The persons forming such corporation shall adopt Incorporators

and by-laws, and execute and acknowledge them in the same man- execute by. ner as the articles of association above provided for, and such laws. by-laws shall be recorded in the office of the register of deeds of the county where such corporation is to hold its regular meetings. Such by-laws shall prescribe the qualifications of what to pro

scribe. members; the manner in which they shall be admitted, suspended or expelled; the officers of such corporation; their official title; their term of office; the manner of their election and removal from office; their official duties; the time and manner of calling and holding meetings; how far such corporations shall be subject to the by-laws of any other corporation, which corporation shall be named; the manner and condition under which personal property and real estate may be acquired, held and disposed of, and such other by-laws as may be deemed necessary for the management of the affairs of such corporation. Such by-laws shall also prescribe the manner in which they may be altered, amended or repealed. Sec. 5. Every such corporation may adopt a corporate seal, Corporate

rights may sue and be sued, may take and hold personal property and such real estate as may be necessary for the proper execution of the purposes for which it was incorporated, may sell, mortgage and convey real estate under such conditions and in such manner as shall be prescribed by its by-laws.

SEC. 6. Such corporation may receive bequests or gifts of Corporation money for investment upon bond or mortgage when the inter- gitis and est of such investment is to be used by such corporation for bequests. the lawful purposes of the corporation, and may receive gifts or bequests of real estate for like purpose, but such real estate Real estate to so received shall be sold within ten years of the time it becomes the property of such corporation, and the proceeds derived from such sale shall be invested in like manner as if the original bequest had been in money.

SEC. 7. Any corporation organized under the provisions of Extension of this act whose corporate existence is about to expire by limita- existence. tion may extend its corporate existence for a term not exceeding thirty years, by filing with the Secretary of State and the register of deeds of the county where such corporation is located duly attested copies of a resolution adopted by such corporation at a meeting called in accordance with the provisions of its by-laws expressing a desire to so extend its corporate existence, and upon the filing of such resolution as above speci. fied, the corporate existence of such body shall be extended in accordance with the terms of such resolution for a term of not exceeding thirty years from the date of the expiration of its former term, and all rights of property and of contract shall remain unimpaired and the corporate identity of such body shall remain unchanged.

SEC. 8. Whenever any number of churches or other corpo. Provisions for rations organized for the purposes enumerated in this act central or

uniting in desire to unite in a central organization for the accomplish- ganization.

be sold.



ment of any such purpose they may become incorporated by severally adopting at meetings specially called for the purpose, resolutions expressing their desire to become members of such corporation; and by filing in the office of the Secretary of State duly attested copies of such resolutions together with a copy of their articles of association and by-laws of such corporation which articles of association and by-laws shall conform to the provisions of sections three and four of this act so far as such

provisions can be made applicable to such corporation. Central organ: SEC. 9. Corporations organized under section eight of this ization may, acquire real act may hold real estate and personal property subject to the estate.

provisions of sections five and six of this act. All religious Sec. 10. All churches, religious societies, Sunday schools societies to incorporate or other societies for the purpose of diffusing moral or religious under this

knowledge hereafter incorporated shall be incorporated under

this act. Acts repealed. SEC. 11. Chapters one hundred and seventy, one hundred

and seventy a, one hundred and seventy-one, one hundred and seventy-two, one hundred and seventy-three, one hundred and seventy-four, one hundred and seventy-five, one hundred and seventy-six, one hundred and seventy-six a, one hundred and seventy-seven, one hundred and seventy-seven a, one hundred and seventy-seven b, one hundred and seventy-eight, one hun.

dred and seventy-eight a, of Howell's annotated statutes are Proviso as to hereby repealed: Provided, however, That notwithstanding the existing rights. repeal of the above mentioned acts, all rights of whatever

nature whether of incorporation, existence, franchise, property or action now existing are expressly preserved, and the above mentioned acts for the enjoyment and enforcement of any such rights shall be deemed to be still in force, but for no other purpose whatsoever.

Approved May 29, 1997.

[ No. 210. ]

AN ACT to authorize the State Board of Agriculture to hold

institutes and to establish courses of reading and lectures for the instruction of citizens of this State in the various branches of agriculture, and making an appropriation there. for.

State Board of SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That Agriculture authorized the State Board of Agriculture is hereby authorized to hold to hold institutes.

institutes and to maintain courses of reading and lectures for the instruction of citizens of this State in the various branches of agriculture and kindred sciences. The said board shall formulate such rules and regulations as it shall deem proper to


of organiza


more than

hold one an


tute to pro

carry on the work contemplated in this act, and may employ May employ an agent or agents to perform such duties in connection there. with as it shall deem best.

SEC. 2. When twenty or more persons, residents of any Requirements county in this State, organize themselves into a society to be tion. called the

County Farmers' Institute Society, for the purpose of teaching better methods of farming, stock raising, fruit culture, and all the branches of business connected with the industry of agriculture, and adopt a constitution and bylaws agreeable to rules and regulations furnished by the State Board of Agriculture; and when such society shall have elected such proper officers and performed such other acts as may be required by the rules of said board, such society shall be deemed an institute society in the meaning of this act: Pro- Proviso. vided, That not more than one such institute society in any one institute county shall be authorized by this act: And provided further, in any county. That any existing organization, approved by the Board of Agriculture, shall be considered a legally organized institute society under the terms of this act.

Sec. 3. In each county where an institute society shall be State Board to organized and maintained under the provisions of this act the nual InstiState Board of Agriculture shall hold one annual institute at such place in the county, and at such time as said board may deem expedient, and shall furnish for the institute a lecturer or lecturers, with all expenses paid. The county institute County instisociety shall provide a suitable hall for the institute, furnish vide hall, etc. fuel and lights, and pay other local expenses, and shall provide speakers who shall occupy one-half the time of the institute that is given to set addresses: Provided, That upon Proviso. the request of any institute society which desires to conduct its When instiown institute and to employ lecturers from outside of the conducts its county in lieu of lecturers sent by the State Board of Agri- own institute. culture, the said board may, in its discretion, grant to the society from the institute fund money not to exceed twenty. five dollars, said money to be expended by the society entirely in payment of services and expenses of said lecturers.

SEC. 4. The State Board of Agriculture is further author- State Board ized to hold a number of one day institutes in such counties to hold instias it may deem expedient. Also, if the funds appropriated by tutes as it this act permit the said board may hold a number of four day expedient. institutes at such places and times as said board may determine, at which the primary object shall be to furnish a school of instruction in practical agriculture and kindred sciences.

Sec. 5. The State Board of Agriculture shall maintain the Maintain course of reading known as the Farm Home Reading Circle, reading. and may expend from the moneys appropriated by this act a May expend sum not to exceed two hundred dollars for each of the two

appropriayears for which the appropriation is made, for the mainte. tion. nance and extension of said course.

SEC. 6. For the purposes mentioned in the preceding sec- Use of tions the said Board of Agriculture may use such sum as it money not shall deem proper, not exceeding the sum of five thousand five



money from

to .

hundred dollars in the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen
hundred ninety-eight, and five thousand five hundred dollars
in the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred ninety-
nine; and such amounts are hereby appropriated from the gen.
eral funds of this State, which sums shall, respectively, for the
years named, be included in the State taxes apportioned by the
Auditor General on all the taxable property of the State, to
be levied, assessed and collected as are other State taxes, and
when so assessed and collected to be paid into the general fund
to reimburse said fund for the appropriations made by this act.

This act is ordered to take immediate effect.
Approved May 29, 1897.

Tax to be levied and collected.

[ No. 211. ]

AN ACT making an appropriation for promoting the horticul

tural interests of the State and the editing and compiling of
the reports of the Michigan State Horticultural Society.

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Appropriation SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That
for Michigan
State Horti- the sum of one thousand dollars per year for the years eighteen

hundred and ninety-seven and eighteen hundred and ninety-
eight be and the same is hereby appropriated from any moneys
in the general fund for the use of the Michigan State Horticul-

tural Society, to be used as hereinafter provided.
How money: Sec. 2. The moneys hereby appropriated shall be paid by
shall be paid. the State Treasurer on the warrant of the Auditor General

on presentation of receipted vouchers duly certified by the
president and secretary of the Michigan State Horticultural
Society, showing that the moneys asked for have been actually

expended and for the purposes prescribed in this act.
Moneys to be SEC. 3. The moneys hereby appropriated may be used by
used by offi-
cers for pro-

the officers of the Michigan State Horticultural Society for curing lec- procuring lectures, employing scientists or experts to investitures.

gate the diseases and insect enemies of trees, vines, plants or
fruit, to determine and promulgate the best method of prevent-
ing or destroying said diseases and insects; or in such other
manner as in the judgment of said board will best promote the
horticultural interests of the State, also in the work of col-
lecting material, securing cuts for illustrations, and in the pre-
paration of the copy of the reports of said society for the years
eighteen hundred ninety-seven and eighteen hundred ninety-

Auditor Gen- Sec. 4. The Auditor General shall incorporate in the State
eral to incor
porate in

tax for the year eighteen hundred ninety-seven the sum of one State tax.

thousand dollars, and for the year eighteen hundred ninety-
eight the sum of one thousand dollars which when collected

shall be credited to the general fund to reimburse the same
for the moneys hereby appropriated.

This act is to take immediate effect.
Approved May 29, 1897.

[ No. 212. ]

AN ACT to provide for the testimony of a husband and wife

in certain cases, and to repeal all existing acts and parts of acts conflicting with the provisions of this act.

SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That Husband and

wife may tega husband may testify for or against his wife without her con- tify for or sent, and a wife may testify for or against her husband without against

each other in his consent, in all criminal prosecutions, for bigamy: Pro- prosecutions

for bigamy. vided, however, That nothing herein contained shall be so con

Proviso as to strued as to permit a husband or wife to testify against the communicaother without the consent of both concerning any communica- tloner dureng tions made by one to the other during the marriage.

SEC. 2. All acts or parts of acts conflicting with the provis- Acts repealed. ions of this act are hereby repealed.

Approved May 29, 1897.


[ No. 213. ]

AV ACT to amend act number one hundred and fifty-six of the

public acts of eighteen hundred and ninety-three entitled "An act to provide a penalty for cruelty to children,” and to repeal all existing acts and parts of acts conflicting with the provisions of this act.

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SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That Penalty for any parent or guardian or person under whose protection any punishment child may be, who tortures, cruelly or unlawfully punishes, or cruelty to or wilfully, unlawfully, or negligently deprives of necessary food, clothing or shelter, or who wilfully abandons a child under sixteen years of age, or who habitually causes or permits the health of such child to be injured, his or her life endangered by exposure, want or other injury to his or her person, or causes or permits him or her to engage in any occupation that will be likely to endanger his or her health or deprave his or her morals or who habitually permits him or her to frequent public places for the purpose of begging or receiving alms, or

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