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1. Joint resolution proposing an amendment to section one, article nine, of the constitution of this State relative to the salary of the Attorney General.



2. Joint resolution to allow members of the board of supervisors of Newaygo county compensation for time spent in extra session in investigating the books and general financial condition of said county, and the disappearance from the clerk's office of certain records and files. Approved February 18, 1897.... 424 3. Joint resolution to amend section ten of article ten, of the constitution of the State of Michigan, so as to provide for a board of county auditors for the county of Kent....

4. Joint resolution authorizing the township board of the township of Delhi, in the county of Ingham, to settle with Simon Diehl, former treasurer of said township, for moneys received by him as such treasurer, for the years eighteen hundred ninety-two and eighteen hundred ninety-three, by him deposited in the Central Michigan Savings Bank of Lansing, Michigan. Approved March 1, 1897...

5. Joint resolution authorizing the Commissioner of the State Land Office to revive part paid primary school land certificate number nine thousand nine hundred and seventy-six, issued to Edgar O. Whitman of Newaygo county, June tenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, and authorizing the Commissioner of the State Land Office to issue a duplicate certificate to said Edgar O. Whitman, numbered nine thousand nine hundred and seventy-six. Approved March 12, 1897....




.... 426 6. Joint resolution to provide for restoring Fort Mackinac to the United States. Approved April 28, 1897.... 7. Joint resolution authorizing the payment to the county of Kent of moneys expended for Henry O. Baker, an indigent insane soldier, at the Kalamazoo asylum. Approved April 9, 1897... 427 S. Joint resolution for the relief of Mrs. Margaret Heimes of Calumet, Michigan, on account of the death of her son while in the active discharge of military duty. Approved April 28, 1897 ....





9. Joint resolution for the issue of a patent for certain primary school lands in Lapeer county to Elizabeth Buby. Approved April 28, 1897 ...

10. Joint resolution to designate and adopt a State flower. Approved April 28, 1897.....



11. Joint resolution to authorize and instruct the Board of State Auditors to examine into, and if they deem it justifiable, to allow the claim of Alphonzo Button for injuries sustained by him from a premature discharge of a cannon while engaged in the regular performance of his duty as a member of the gun squad of the Curtenius Guard (an organized volunteer uniformed militia company, organized under the laws of the State of Michigan), at Mason, Michigan, on the third day of July, eighteen hundred and fifty-eight. Approved May 7, 1897.... 430 12. A joint resolution directing the Board of State Auditors to settle, adjust and pay the claim of the Saginaw, Tuscola & Huron Railroad Company, against the State of Michigan, for freight paid by said company to the Michigan Central Railroad by the order and direction of the Board of World's Fair Managers for the State of Michigan. Approved May 13, 1897 430 13. Joint resolution authorizing the Commisisoner of the State Land Office to sell certain State tax homestead lands to John Staley. Approved May 21, 1897....

14. Joint resolution for the relief of Alpena county. Approved May 21, 1897 ..

15. Joint resolution for the relief of Charles E. Gibbons by making him the legal heir of Thomas Davis and authorizing and directing the board of escheats to convey to said Charles E. Gibbons certain lands which belonged to Thomas Davis at the time of his death. Approved May 29, 1897....




16. Joint resolution for the relief of Ira E. Lent and Frank Kelley, members of company E, First Infantry, Michigan National Guard. Approved May 29, 1897..

17. Joint resolution directing the Board of State Auditors to investigate and examine the claim of Charles A. Howind, of Michigan, against the State of Michigan, on account of personal injuries received by him while in the employ of the State, at the Michigan State Prison, and to provide for the payment to him of a sufficient sum of money to compensate him for his damages sustained. Approved May 29, 1897..

18. Joint resolution directing the Board of State Auditors to settle, and adjust and pay the claim of Morley Brothers of Saginaw, against the State of Michigan, for goods and materials furnished and other expenses incurred by the Board of World's Fair Managers for the State of Michigan. Approved May 29, 1897 ....

19. Joint resolution authorizing and directing the Auditor General to cancel certain State taxes due and payable from Manitou county at the time of and prior to its disorganization. Approved May 29, 1897.





[blocks in formation]

20. Joint resolution to provide for the transfer of certain funds to
the general fund. Approved May 29, 1897...
21. Joint resolution directing the Board of State Auditors to settle
and adjust the claim made by Joseph Schefneker against the
State of Michigan for services and money expended by him in
recruiting volunteers for the war of the rebellion from April,
eighteen hundred and sixty-one, part of four (4) different com-
panies, up to the organization of the fourteenth regiment of
Michigan infantry. Approved June 2, 1897.....



.. 439

22. Joint resolution authorizing the cancellation of primary school land patent covering south fractional half of southeast quarter of section sixteen, town forty-three north, range four west (s frlofs e sec. 16, t 43 n, r 4 w) and the issuing in lieu thereof of patent for southeast quarter of southwest quarter, section sixteen, town forty-three north, range four west (s e

of sw of sec. 16, t 43 n, r 4 w.) Approved March 26, 1897.. 439






1. Concurrent resolution relative to establishment of National Military Park at Vicksburg. Approved January 20, 1897......

2. Concurrent resolution endorsing the Hon. John B. Corliss in the matter of the immigration of foreign laborers. Approved February 5, 1897....

3. Concurrent resolution commending the efforts of Senator James McMillan to regulate the practice of vivisection in the District of Columbia. Approved February 24, 1897...


4. Concurrent resolution recommending the appointment of Col. William R. Shafter as brigadier general. Approved February 24, 1897 ...




5. Concurrent resolution relative to death of Hon. James B. Porter, ex-Secretary of State. Approved March 12, 1897..


6. Concurrent resolution relative to commemorating the admission of Michigan to the union....


7. Concurrent resolution providing for distribution of the "Michigan Manual." Approved March 26, 1897.....


8. Concurrent resolution relative to revocation of order combining
the pension agencies at Detroit and Indianapolis....
9. Concurrent resolution authorizing the State Librarian to ship
certain volumes of the Michigan supreme court reports and
session laws to the clerk of the United States circuit court for
the eastern district of Michigan, northern division, at Bay
City. Approved April 22, 1897...

10. Concurrent resolution directing Secretary of State to forward copies of "Michigan Manual" to county commissioners of schools. Approved April 28, 1897..

11. Concurrent resolution providing for committee on uniform legislation with other states on the subject of fish and game. Approved May 14, 1897.....





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