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This picture is by Madame Haudebourt whose talents were first appreciated when she bore the name of Mlle Lescot. A pupil of M. Lethiere, she was a long time in Italy, and her portfolios, as also her mind, are filled with those agreeable scenes met with at every moment in the environs of Rome, where the people of all classes have always grandeur in their attitudes and gracefulness in their attire.

The Saltarello is a dance of two persons accompanied by the Guitar and the Tambarine : it is the complete developing of a declaration of love. By skipping and turning round each other, both the dancers display the passion they feign to feel, successively expressing joy or grief, jealousy or despair : at last the lover bends on one knee to soften the heart of his beloved, who, still dancing, gradually approaches him. When she bends forwards with a smile, as if to challenge a kiss, the lover rises, and after a few lively and light steps the pantomime ends. If one of the dancers feels tired, it is allowable to mix in the crowd and the place is taken by another who continues the Saltarello, which lasts indefinitely.

This picture appeared in the exhibition of 1824. It belongs to M. Schrot, and has been engraved in mezzotinto by Rey. nolds.

Width, 2 feet 1 inch; height, I foot 10 inches.


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