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The picture of Christ buried by his disciples is one of Michael Angelo Caravaggio's most remarkable works, and can give an exact idea of his talent. It is easily seen, looking at this picture, why its author was so enthusiastically praised by his cotemporaries.

How brilliant the opposition that exists in the vivid light, illuming the figures of the group, and the broad shades of the interior of the sepulchre. The inanimate body of Jesus Christ, the anguish of St. John, the grief of Nicodemus, the dejection of the Virgin, the bitter tears of Magdalen, and the deep wailings of Salome, are expressions of such fidelity, that the beholder is as strongly struck with them, as with the simplicity of the composition and the vigour of the colouring.

The painter has shown his skill in the art of enhancing one thing by another. He has placed, near the cold figure of Christ, the head of St. John, beaming with youth, and that of Nicodemus, the vigour of which is extraordinary. Near our Saviour's legs, which are colourless, are seen those of Nicodemus, remarkable for the warmest tone.

This picture was painted to adorn a Chapel in the Ecclesia Nova, at Rome. It has been engraved by P. Audouin.

Height, 9 feet 11 inches; width, 6 feet 7 inches.

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