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May cause railroads to maintain drains, etc.

Waters of
Flint river.


sports, ex

Twelfth, The council shall have power to require and compel any railroad company and any street railway company to make, keep open and in repair such ditches, drains, sewers and culverts along and under or across their rilroad tracks as may be necessary to drain their grounds and right of way properly and in such manner as the council shall direct, so that the natural drainage of adjacent property shall not be impeded. If any such railroad company or street railway company shall neglect to perform such regulations according to the direction of the council, the council may cause the work to be done at the expense of such company and the amount of such expense may be collected at a suit of the city against the company in a civil action before any court having jurisdiction of the cause; Thirteenth, To preserve the salubrity of the waters of the Flint river and other streams within the limits of said city; to prohibit or regulate bathing therein, and to provide for cleansing the same of driftwood and other obstructions; to fill up all low ground or lots covered or partially covered with water within the limits of said city, or to drain the same as they may deem expedient;

Fourteenth, To prohibit, restrain, license and regulate all hibitions, etc. sports, exhibitions of natural or artificial curiosities, caravans of animals, theatrical exhibitions, circuses or other performances and exhibitions for money;

Vagrants, etc.


of prisoners.

Fraudulent games.


Sale of meats, etc.

Weights and


Fifteenth, To restrain and punish drunkards, vagrants, street beggars and other disorderly persons;

Sixteenth, To employ all persons imprisoned for the nonpayment of any fine, penalty, forfeiture, or costs, or for any offense under this act or any ordinance of the common council of the city of Flint in a city lockup or in the jail of Genesee county, at work or labor upon the streets of said city, or any public work under the control of said council;

Seventeenth, To prohibit and suppress mock auctions and every kind of fraudulent game, device or practice, and to punish all persons managing, using, practicing or aiding in the management and practice thereof;

Eighteenth, To license auctioneers, auctions and sales at auction, to regulate or prohibit the sale of live or domestic animals at auction, upon the streets, alleys or public grounds in said city; to regulate or prohibit the sale of goods, wares, property or anything at auction, or by the manner of public biddings, or offers by the buyer or seller after the manner of auction sales or Dutch auctions, and to regulate the fees to be paid by auctioneers, but no license shall be required in cases of sales required by law to be made at auction or public vendue;

Nineteenth, To prohibit and suppress the sale of every kind of unsound or unwholesome meat, poultry, fish, vegetables or other articles of food and provision, and to punish all persons who shall knowingly sell the same or offer or keep the same for sale;

Twentieth, To provide for the inspection and sealing of weights and measures, and to enforce the keeping of proper weights and measures by vendors;

Twenty-first, To provide for the protection and care of Paupers. paupers, and to prohibit and prevent all persons from bringing to said city from any other place any pauper or other person likely to become a charge upon said city or on the public, and to punish therefor;

Twenty-second, To provide for the burial of strangers and Burial of poor deceased persons;


Twenty-third, To protect and regulate all public graveyards Graveyards. within the city limits or adjacent thereto belonging to said city, and all grounds procured, or that may be procured for the purpose of public burial, and to compel the keeping and returning of bills of mortality; and may cause the same to be vacated and the remains of persons buried therein to be removed under such restrictions and regulations as they may prescribe: Provided, Proviso. No burial grounds shall be vacated until the question of vacating the same shall be submitted to and approved by a vote of the electors of said city, at some special election to be held at such time and conducted in such manner as the common council shall prescribe;

Twenty-fourth, To provide for public parks and squares; Parks, etc. make, grade, improve and adorn the same; to care for all grounds in said city belonging to or under the control of said city, and to regulate and use the same consistently with the purposes and objects thereof;

Twenty-fifth, To regulate and establish the line upon which Building lines. buildings may be erected on any street, lane or alley of said city and to prevent such buildings being erected nearer the street than said line;

Twenty-sixth, To establish, order and regulate the markets, Markets and to prohibit forestalling the same, to regulate the vending of wood, meats, vegetables, fruits, fish and provisions of all kinds, and prescribe the time and place for selling the same;

Twenty-seventh, To establish and regulate one or more Pounds. pounds, and to restrain and regulate the running at large of horses, cattle, swine or other animals, geese, poultry, and to authorize the impounding and sale of the same for the penalty incurred, and the cost of keeping and impounding;

Twenty-eighth, To prevent or regulate the running at large Dogs. of dogs; to impose taxes on the owner of dogs, and to prevent dog fights in the streets;


Twenty-ninth, To regulate the rining of bells, and the crying Disturbing of goods and other commodities for sale at auction or otherwise, and to prevent disturbing noises in the streets;

Thirtieth, Concerning the lighting of the streets and alleys, Lighting.

and the protection and safety of public lamps;

Thirty-first, To establish, regulate and preserve public reser- Water works. voirs, wells and pumps; to provide an adequate supply of water for fire purposes, for lawn and street sprinkling, and also of water fit for domestic use, and to prevent the waste of water;

Thirty-second, To adopt rules and regulations for cartmen Drays, etc. and their carts, hackney carriages and their drivers, omnibuses and their drivers, scavengers, porters and chimney sweeps, and

Soliciting of passengers.


Carriage stands.

Bonds of officers.


Powers and

duties of

city officers.

City jail.

Fire limit.


Streets, etc.

their fees and compensation, and the fees to be paid by them into the city treasury for license;

Thirty-third, To prevent runners, stage drivers, and others from soliciting passengers or others to travel or ride in any stage, omnibus or railroad, or to go to any hotel or otherwheres;

Thirty-fourth, To license, regulate and restrain hawking and peddling in the streets; to license and regulate pawnbrokers and auctioneers;

Thirty-fifth, To prescribe and designate the stands for carriages of all kinds which carry persons for hire, and carts and carters, and to prescribe the rates of fare and charges, and the stand or stands for wood, hay and produce exposed for sale in said city, and to regulate the sale thereof;

Thirty-sixth, To prescribe the bonds and sureties to be given by the officers of the city for the discharge of their duties, and the time for executing the same in cases not otherwise provided for by law;

Thirty-seventh, To restrain, license and regulate saloons and other places where intoxicating or spirituous liquors or malt, brewed, fermented spirituous, or vinous liquors are sold or to be sold, and to regulate and prescribe the location thereof; to forbid and prevent the vending or other disposition of any intoxicating liquors in violation of the laws of the State; Thirty-eighth, To prescribe the powers and duties of all the officers of said city, except as herein otherwise provided, and their compensation, and the fines and penalties for their de linquencies;

Thirty-ninth, The common council shall have power to provide for, or to construct and maintain a city jail or lockup, and to provide by ordinance or resolution for the control and management of the same and the confinement of persons therein; Fortieth, To establish fire limits within which no wooden building or structure shall be erected, enlarged or placed; to prescribe the manner of constructing, and to designate the materials to be used in the outer walls and roofs of buildings in such limits; and to compel the construction and maintenance of proper fire escapes, with a view to protection against fire and the loss of life;

Forty-first, To regulate and control the running or operating of automobiles, or self-propelling machines, or vehicles upon or along the streets, lanes and alleys of the city;

Forty-second, The common council is hereby invested with full power and control over any and all streets. lanes, alleys and public places within the city, and said council may provide for the repair and improvement of the same in such manner and with such material as it shall determine to be for the best interests of the city, and all taxes and assessments for highway and street purposes shall be expended thereon as the common council shall order and direct. The council shall provide adequate and careful inspection of said streets, lanes, alleys and public places, and all sidewalks and cross-walks therein and keep the same and all parts thereof in repair;

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any necessary


Forty-third, And further, they shall have authority to enact May enact all ordinances, and to make all such regulations consistent ordinances for with the laws and constitution of this State, as they shall deem safety, good necessary for the safety, order and good government of the city, etc., of city. and the general welfare of the inhabitants thereof; but no exclusive rights, privileges or permits shall be granted by the council to any person or persons, or to any corporation for any purpose whatever. For the purpose of carrying into effect the powers conferred by this section. the common council shall have power to prescribe in any by-law or ordinance made by them that the person offending against the same shall forfeit and pay such fine as they shall deem proper, not exceeding one hundred dollars or be imprisoned in the county jail or city lockup for a term not exceeding three months, or by both such fine and imprisonment in the discretion of the justice or court that shall try the offender: Provided, The right of trial by Proviso. jury, when demanded, shall in all cases be preserved, and also the right of appeal according to the general laws of this State.



raise neces

sary tax.

SEC. 2. For the purpose of defraying the general expenses Conncil may and liabilities of said city, the common council may cause to be raised annually by tax upon the real and personal property within said city, such sum as it may deem necessary, not exceeding six-tenths of one per cent of the valuation of such real and personal property within the limits of said city, according to the valuation thereof, as shall appear on the assessment rolls for the year, as equalized by the board of equalization and review; which sum the common council shall vote to raise, on the first Monday of June in each year, or as soon thereafter as practicable. The sum so raised for general expenses shall be General fund known as the general fund and divided into a contingent fund and department funds as follows:



Water Supply Fund, To provide a water supply for fire pro- Water supply tection and other purposes;

Lighting Fund, For lighting the streets and municipal build Lighting.


Fire Department Fund, To defray the expenses of the fire Fire departdepartment;


Police Fund, For the maintenance of the police department; Police. Salary Fund, To pay the salaries of the city officials which Salary. are to be paid from the salary fund;

Building Fund, To repair municipal buildings or build new Building.


Damage Claim Fund, To pay the expenses and costs of de- Damage fending or settling damage claims;



Contagious Disease Fund, To pay all claims certified by the Contagious board of health, and audited and allowed by the council and chargeable to the county of Genesee;


Transfers may be made in funds.


Contingent Fund, To defray the incidental expenses of the city for which no other provision has been made.

Transfers may be made from any one of the foregoing funds to any other of the same, by a three-fourths vote of all the aldermen elect, but no transfer shall be made from any of said funds Proviso as to to any fund not named above: Proyided, The amount to be raised for the water supply, lighting, fire department, police, salary and building funds, shall be determined by an estimate of the requirements of each fund to be made by the committee on finance, and approved by the common council, on the first Monday in March of each year, or as soon thereafter as may be; all claims or bills against the damage claim and contagious disease funds shall be paid from the contingent fund; and the total of the estimates so made, including the amount necessary for the contingent fund, which shall be estimated in like manner on the third Monday in May, or as soon thereafter as may be, shall not exceed six-tenths of one per cent for any one year and shall constitute the city tax for the purpose of convenient Street fund, levy. The said common council may also, and at the same time,

how ex


Bridge fund.

by a vote of not less than three-fourths of all the aldermen elect, cause to be raised such sum, not exceeding two-tenths of one per cent of the said real and personal property within the limits of said city, as they may deem advisable, as a street fund, to be used for street and highway purposes, and for paving street crossings, and for grading, macadamizing; graveling or repairing such portions of the thoroughfares of the city as they deem advisable, and for no other purpose; one-half of this amount shall be levied and assessed on the June roll, and the other half shall be levied, assessed and collected on the same roll as the State and county taxes, and shall be passed to the credit of the street fund of said city. The common council of said city is hereby authorized to cause to be raised, in addition to all other taxes, a sufficient amount of tax annually to be known as the "Bridge Tax," to build and keep in repair its bridges, and no part of it shall be used for any other purpose. When raised. It may be raised on the June or December roll, as the council shall deem best. All bridges within the limits of said city shall be built and kept in repair at the expense of said fund. No temporary or other loans shall be made from either the street, bridge or contingent funds to any other fund or funds, either general or special. Any violation of any of the provisions of this section shall be deemed a misdemeanor on the part of any and all officials concerned or taking part therein.

Council may provide for special


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SEC. 7. The common council shall have the power to provide by ordinance or resolution that any or all special assessments for the construction of pavements, sidewalks and sewers within said city may, at the election of any or all of the persons assessed therefor (and which election shall be at a time certain to be fixed by the council) be divided into equal annual installments, bearing not to exceed five per cent annual interest, and which installments shall not exceed five in number.

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