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Erection of buildings.

Weights and measures.


Market places, parks, etc.

Public peace.

Disorderly houses.

Hotels, etc.


plumbers, etc.

Fifth, To prohibit and prevent the location or construction of any wooden or frame house, store, shop or other buildings on such streets, alleys and places, or within such limits of said city as the council may from time to time prescribe; to prohibit and prevent the removal and change of location of wood or frame buildings within said limits, or from any part of said city to any lot or lots on such streets or places within said limits, to prevent the rebuilding or repairing of wooden. brick or other buildings on said streets, alleys or places, or within said limits, when decayed, out of repair, damaged by fire or otherwise. To prohibit and prevent within such places, limits or districts in said city, as the common council may from time to time prescribe, the location of shops, the prosecution of any trade or business, the keeping of lumber yards, the storing of lumber, slabs, staves, edgings, wood or other easily inflammable materials, when, in the opinion of the council, the danger from fire is thereby increased; to regulate the use of lights in buildings, and generally to pass and enforce such ordinances and regulations as it may deem necessary for the prevention and suppression of fires;

Sixth, To appoint one or more inspectors, measurers, weighers and guagers of articles to be inspected, measured, weighed or gauged; to prescribe and regulate their powers and duties, fees and compensation;

Seventh, To provide for the protection and care of paupers, and to prohibit and prevent all persons from bringing. in vessels or in other modes, to said city, from any other port or place, any pauper, or other person likely to become a charge upon said city, and to punish therefor;

Eighth, To lay out, establish, make, alter and regulate 'market places and public parks and grounds,and regulate the measuring and selling of firewood, and the weighing and selling of hay and coal, and the selling of meats, vegetables, fish, fruits and provisions of all kinds;

Ninth, To prevent vice and immorality, to preserve public peace and good order, and prevent and quell riots, disturbances and disorderly assemblages and conduct;

Tenth, to restrain and prevent disorderly and gaming houses and houses of ill-fame, the holding, keeping or using of all instruments and devices used for gaming, and to prohibit all gaming and fraudulent devices;

Eleventh, To license and regulate the keeping of hotels, taverns and other public houses, groceries, and the keeping of ordinary saloons, victualing and other houses and places for furnishing meals, food or drink; to restrain, license and regulate saloons, and to regulate and prescribe the location thereof; to license and regulate the sale of manufactured tobacco and cigars and to license and regulate or prohibit the sale of cigarettes;

Twelfth, To license electricians, steam, gas and water plumbers, and such professions, occupations and callings as the council may deem for the public good and protection, and to regulate

and prescribe the manner of doing electrical work and plumbing;


Thirteenth, To apprehend and punish all drunkards, vag- Vagrants, rants, mendicants, street beggars, prostitutes, fortune tellers and clairvoyants, disorderly persons, and persons soliciting alms or subscriptions for any purposes, and to punish and prevent all intoxication, and disorderly conduct;


Fourteenth, To prohibit and prevent or license and regulate Itinerant the public exhibition by itinerant persons or companies. of natural or artificial curiosities, caravans, circuses, menageries, theatrical representations, concerts, musical entertainments, exhibitions of common showmen, sparring, boxing, physical skill, horse racing, feats of horsemanship and bowling alleys; mechanical contrivances and apparatus of every kind and description, or the use thereof in public for which money or other reward is directly or indirectly given or demanded; tricks of legerdemain, and all other public shows, exhibitions, entertainments and places of diversion and amusement, and to revoke such license at pleasure;

Fifteenth, To declare and define what constitutes a nuisance, and to prohibit, prevent, abate and remove all nuisances within said city, and to compel the owner or occupant of any grocery, tallow chandler's shop, butcher's shop or stall, soap factory, glue factory, tannery, slaughter house, stable, privy, hog pen, sewer, or other offensive house or place, to cleanse, remove or abate the same as often as it may deem necessary for the health, comfort and convenience of the inhabitants of the city;

houses, com

Sixteenth, To direct, regulate and prohibit the location and Slaughter maintenance of all slaughter houses, all markets and buildings bustibles, etc. for storing gunpowder, and other combustible substances, and prohibit and regulate the buying, selling, keeping for sale, storing and transporting gunpowder, naphtha, saltpetre, benzine, benzole, petroleum, kerosene, oil, firecrackers, fireworks, and all other combustible substances, and the using thereof, the using of lights in barns, stables or other buildings and the making of bonfires.


Seventeenth, To prevent the encumbering or obstruction of Obstructing of streets, sidewalks or crosswalks, lanes, alleys, bridges, wharves, or slips in any manner, or with any material or things, of any kind or nature whatsoever, and to compel persons owning or occupying adjoining premises to keep the streets and sidewalks in front of such premises free from dirt and obstructions; to cause the removal of such obstructions or encumbrances by some city officer, and cause the expense of such removal to be assessed on the abutting property and the expense thereof to be levied and collected in the same manner as herein provided for the levy and collection of local taxes for special improvements, the expense of which is assessed on the property specially benefited, according to the benefits derived. Any assessment so made and tax levied shall be a lien on the lands so assessed after the assessment roll shall have been confirmed; to control,

Fast driving.



Obscene exhibitions.




prescribe and regulate the use and enjoyment of streets, alleys, squares and other public places in the city;

Eighteenth, To prevent immoderate riding or driving in any street; to compel persons to fasten or secure their horses or other animals while standing in any of the streets or alleys of the city, and to authorize the stopping and detaining of any person who shall be guilty of any immoderate riding or driving in any street, and to prevent persons from riding or driving in any street, and to prevent persons from riding or driving upon or across any sidewalk and to compel all persons to keep sidewalks in front of premises owned or occupied by them clear from snow, dirt, wood or other obstructions;

Nineteenth, To prevent and regulate the running at large of dogs, to impose taxes for the keeping thereof; to require them to be muzzled and to authorize their destruction when running at large in violation of any ordinance;

Twentieth, To determine and designate the route and grades of any railroad or street railroad now in or hereafter to be laid in said city, and to restrain and regulate the use of locomotives, engines and cars upon the railroads in the city, and to compel the owners and managers of such roads to station flagmen and to erect and maintain safety gates at street crossings and make such rules and regulations concerning the same as to secure the safety of the citizens;

Twenty-first, To prohibit and prevent any indecent exposure of the person, the show, sale or exhibition of any indecent or obscene books, pictures or pamphlets, all indecent or obscene exhibitions or shows of any kind, and all indecent, immoral, profane or disorderly conduct or language and to prohibit and regulate bathing in any public waters within or adjoining said city;

Twenty-second, To establish, regulate and maintain one or more pounds, and to restrain and prevent or regulate the running at large of horses, cattle, swine or other animals, geese or poultry, and to authorize the impounding and sale of the same for the penalty incurred and the cost of keeping and impounding;

Twenty-third, To prevent every species of gaming, and to prevent the violation of the Sabbath and the disturbance of any religious congregation or any other public meeting assembled for lawful purposes;

Twenty-fourth, To protect and regulate all cemeteries and graveyards within the city, and all such without the limits of said city as such corporation may acquire, and to regulate the burial of the dead and the keeping of the bills of the mortality; Twenty-fifth, To prohibit the bringing or depositing within offensive sub- the limits of said city any dead carcasses or other unwholesome or offensive substance, and to provide for the removal and destruction thereof wheresoever found;

Removal of


Erection of buildings.

Twenty-sixth, To erect and provide for the erection of a city hall and all needful buildings and offices, for the use of the corporation or of its officers, and to control and regulate the

same, and to purchase the necessary real estate on which to erect the same, and to purchase and sell real estate for the use of said corporation for corporate purposes, to acquire works by purchase or otherwise, for the purpose of supplying said city and its inhabitants with electric light, power or heat, and to prohibit and punish injuries to public buildings and property; Twenty-seventh, To regulate the setting of awning or other Awnings. posts, and to direct and regulate the planting of shade or ornamental trees in the streets and other public grounds, and to provide for the preservation of the same;

powers, etc.,

Twenty-eighth, To authorize and regulate the demand and Regulate receipt by officers of all fees and costs, and in such cases as the of city offcouncil may deem reasonable, and prescribe, fix, determine and cers. regulate the powers and duties of all officers of the city, subject to the provisions of this act;


Twenty-ninth, To survey, ascertain and establish the bound- Surveying of aries of the city, and all highways, streets, avenues, lanes, alleys, parks, squares and spaces in said city; to prohibit and remove all encroachments, encumbrances or obstructions upon the same in any manner, and to number the buildings; Thirtieth, To license and regulate or prohibit auctioneers, Auctioneers.. hawkers, peddlers and pawnbrokers, and to regulate auctions, hawking and pawnbrokerage;


Thirty-first, To license and regulate butchers and keepers of Butcher shops. shops, stalls and stands, for the sale of meats, vegetables and provisions of all kinds; and to license and regulate all draymen, common teamsters, hackmen, and all persons who carry or transport persons or property for hire; to designate stands for all carriages, carts and drays, used in carrying persons and property for hire, and to prescribe their fare and compensation; Thirty-second, To regulate the weights and measures used in Weights and the city; to appoint one or more sealers of weights and measures, and to prescribe the powers and duties thereof, and the penalty for using false weights and measures not conforming to the standard as established by the laws of this State; Thirty-third, To assess, levy and collect taxes for the pur- Assessing of poses of the corporation upon all property made taxable by law, which taxes shall be a lien on the property until paid; to appropriate money, provide for the payment of the debts and expenses of the city, and make regulations concerning the same;


of prisoners.

Thirty-fourth, To employ all persons confined for the non- Employment payment of any fine, penalty, forfeiture or costs of any offense under this act or any ordinance of the council, in any jail, workhouse, or prison, at work or labor, either within or without the same, or upon any street or public work under the control of the council; to allow any person thus confined for the non-payment of any fine, forfeiture or costs, to pay and discharge the same by such work or labor, and to fix and value the price of such work and labor;

Thirty-fifth, To punish all offenders for violations of or Punishment of offenses against this act, or any by-law or any ordinance of the


May purchase cemeteries.

Fire wardens.


Regulate construction of drains, etc.

Disturbing noises.



common council adopted and passed under this act or any other act of the legislature, by holding to bail for good behavior, by imposing fines and costs, and by imprisonment in the jai! of Bay county, or any jail, prison or workhouse of said city, or by either, in the discretion of the court or magistrate before whom such conviction may be had. If only a fine be imposed, with or without costs, the offender may be sentenced to imprisonment until the payment thereof, for a term not exceeding three months. The limit and character of punishment for offenses against the ordinances of the council shall be prescribed in the ordinance creating or specifying the offense to be punished, and no fine shall exceed three hundred dollars, and no imprisonment one year.

Thirty-sixth, It shall have power to purchase for the use of the city, so much land without the limits of the city, as may be required for the purpose of a cemetery, the same to be located not exceeding four miles beyond the boundary of the city;

Thirty-seventh, To provide for the appointment of such a number of fire wardens as it may deem necessary, and for the examination by them from time to time of the stoves, chimneys and flues, furnaces and heating apparatus, and devices in all dwellings, buildings and structures in the city, and in all places where combustibles or explosive substances are kept, and to cause all such as are unsafe with respect to fire to be put in a safe condition;

Thirty-eighth, To provide, for the lighting of the streets and alleys, and the protection and safety of public lamps and lights;

Thirty-ninth, To direct and regulate the construction of cellars, slips, barns, private drains, sinks and privies; to compel the owner or occupant to fill up, drain, cleanse, alter, relay, repair, purify, or abate any cellar, vault, slip, barn, private drain, sink, privy, lot, place or premises within the city which shall be damp, unwholesome, offensive, filthy or injurious to the public health, or be covered during any portion of the year with stagnant or impure water, or in such condition as to produce unwholesome or offensive exhalation, or to cause the same to be done by some proper officer of the city, and to assess the expense thereof on the lot or premises specially benefited thereby, in the manner herein provided for assessments for local improvements, and when the assessment rolls shall have been confirmed, the taxes so levied shall be a lien on the lands so assessed, and shall be collected in the same manner as herein provided for collecting taxes for such local improvements;

Fortieth, To regulate the ringing of bells and the crying of goods and other commodities for sale at auction or otherwise and to prevent disturbing noises in the streets;

Forty-first, To prescribe rules to govern undertakers for burying the dead, to govern scavengers, porters and chimney sweeps, and their compensation, and the fees to be paid by them into the city treasury for licenses;

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