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street clean

Forty-second, To regulate the soliciting of guests for hotels, Soliciting of and passengers and others to ride upon any railroad, boat, street car, omnibus or stage;

Forty-third, To fix and regulate the fees of jurors and wit. Fees for nesses in any proceedings under this act, or under any ordi- jurors. nance of the common council;

Forty-fourth, To sell or otherwise provide for disposing of Disposal of all dirt, filth, manure, cleanings or materials lying in or ings. gathered from highways, streets, avenues. lanes, alleys and public places, and all earth to be removed therefrom, or from the public squares and grounds of said city in grading, paving, repaving or otherwise improving the same;

Forty-fifth, To regulate the construction of partition fences, Construction and of partition and parapet walls; the walls of buildings, the walls, etc. thickness of walls; to regulate the construction of chimneys, hearths, fire places, fire hearths, ovens and the putting up of stoves, stove pipes. kettles, boilers or any structure or apparatus that may be dangerous in causing or promoting fire; to prohibit and prevent the burning out of chimneys, and chimney flues; to compel and regulate the cleaning thereof, and fix the fees therefor; to compel and regulate the construction of ash houses and deposits for ashes; to compel the owners of houses and other buildings to have scuttles upon the roofs thereof, and stairs or ladders leading to the same; to appoint one or more officers to enter into all buildings and enclosures, except private houses, to discover whether the same are in a dangerous state and to cause such as are in a dangerous state to be put in a safe condition; to authorize any of the officers of the city to keep away from the vicinity of fires all idle or suspicious persons and to compel all officers of the city and other persons to aid in the extinguishment of fires and the preservation of property exposed to danger therefrom;

Forty-sixth, To provide for the inspection and management Inspection of of stationary and portable steam boilers and steam generators, to appoint one or more inspectors of portable and stationary steam boilers or steam generators, and to prescribe and regulate their powers, duties, fees and compensation, and to license and regulate engineers and firemen of portable or stationary steam boilers or steam generators, and all action heretofore taken by the council in appointing an inspector of such boilers, and in adopting an ordinance for the inspection thereof and the licensing of engineers is hereby ratified and confirmed;

Forty-seventh, To restrain and regulate laying, continuing. Gas pipes. repairing or taking up or removing any gas pipes along and across any of the streets, sidewalks, lanes, alleys and public grounds in said city; Forty-eighth, To provide for calling meetings of the electors Elections.

Forty-ninth, To regulate the weight and quality of bread to Bread. be sold and used within the city;

Fiftieth, To regulate or prohibit, and to prescribe the loca- Telephones tion and height of telephone telegraph and electric poles and and tele

. wires within the limits of Bay City, and to regulate the manner


of the city;

of stringing wires on the same; to regulate the business of telephoning and conducting a telephone exchange in said city, and to compel all telephone and telegraph companies and others using electric wires to place their wires in conduits under ground, and to remove the poles, wires and apparatus of any person or company, in case of their refusal or neglect to comply with the provisions of any ordinance of the common council of Bay City; to compel all persons owning, managing, operating or using wires in said city, for the purpose of conveying electrical currents, or electricity for any purpose, to return such currents by aerial wiring or otherwise, so as to prevent electrolysis, and to provide for a liability by injury to public or

private property from electrolysis; Building Fifty-first, To require all persons, before constructing, alterpermits.

ing or enlarging any building or other structure within the city limits, to obtain a permit therefor; and to regulate by ordinance the terms and conditions on which such building

permit shall be granted and issued; City markets. Fifty-second, The council shall also have power, whenever it

may deem necessary, to cause to be constructed a city market or markets, or other pecessary public buildings, to acquire by purchase the necessary lands whereon to erect the same and to appoint the necessary officers thereof; to locate the same within or without the city limits, and to make such rules and regula

tions concerning the same as it may deem necessary or proper. City hospital. The council may provide for erecting and maintaining a city

hospital with any eleemosynary or charitable association, and provide for the joint management and control thereof. No such public building shall be constructed unless the council shall order the same by a three-fourths vote of all the alder

men-elect; License itin- Fifty-third. To require transient traders and dealers and erant vendors.

itinerant merchants to obtain a license before engaging in business in said city, and to prescribe and regulate the terms and

conditions of issuing such license; Protection of Fifty-fourth, The council shall have power to make all such healtb, prop

other by-laws, ordinances and regulations as it may deem necessary for the safety and good government of the city, and to preserve the health, and to protect the persons and property of the

inhabitants thereof. Council to fix SEC. 30. The council, except as herein otherwise provided, salary of

shall fix and determine the salary or compensation to be paid to the several officers and employes provided for in this act, or now or hereafter provided by any general law of the State, for whose salary or compensation the city is or may be made liable. The salary or compensation of all other officers and employes not herein specified shall be such sum or sums as the council shall direct. The salary or compensation of any officer or person elected, appointed or employed for a definite period of time shall not, after the election, appointment or employment of any such person, be increased or diminished for or during the period of time for which he is elected, appointed or employed, except by a two-thirds vote of all the aldermen elect.

erty, etc.

certain of cers.



health officer.

Sec. 39. The common council of Bay City shall have power May borrow and authority, during the years nineteen hundred three, nine to pay certain teen hundred four and nineteen hundred five, to borrow such sum or sums not exceeding sixty-one thousand dollars, as said council may deem necessary for the purpose of paying waterworks bonds heretofore issued by said city of Bay City, which mature and become due during the years nineteen hundred three, nineteen hundred four and nineteen hundred five and for paying certain “Bridge bonds” heretofore issued by said city, which mature and become due during the year nineteen hundred five.

Sec. 89. The said board of health shall have such power and powers of authority as ordinarily pertains to such boards and as are now health. or hereafter may be conferred upon boards of health by the general laws of the State relating to the public health; and shall perform such duties as are or may be required by such general laws: Provided, That when said board appoints or employs any officer or person for whose salary or compensation the city is or may be liable, such salary or compensation shall be fixed and determined by the common council, whose action thereon shall be final. Said board shall also appoint to appoint one of the members thereof health officer of said city, who shall be secretary of said board. Such health officer shall perform such duties as may be required by said board and the general laws of the State in regard to health officers, and shall have such powers as are or may be conferred by such general laws; he shall be selected with special reference to his knowledge of chemistry, hygiene and sanitary matters. Said health officer may be removed from office by the board of health, a majority of its members voting for such removal. The members of said Board to board of health shall serve without compensation, but the compensation. health officer shall receive an annual salary, to be fixed by the council. Each member of said board shall have full police power in matters appertaining or belonging to said board, and it shall be the duty of any one or more of them to arrest any person who within his or their view, shall violate any general law of the State, or any by-law, ordinance or regulation of said city or board, relating to the public health.

Sec. 106. There shall be two assessors appointed by the Council to common council, who, together with the comptroller, shall be assessors designated and known as and perform the duties of assessors. The two assessors so appointed shall hold their office for the Term of ofice. term of three years and until their successors have been appointed and qualified. One of said assessors appointed by the common council, shall be designated and known as chief assessor, who shall perform all clerical work of said board, supervise the making of the several rolls and perform such other duties for and of said city, not connected with or incidental to the assessment and taxation of persons and property, and not herein otherwise provided for, as are or may be required by the general law of township supervisors. Šaid chief as Salary of sessor shall receive an annual compensation of one thousand dollars, and the other of said appointed assessors shall receive

serve without

chief assessor.


to office.

When roll returned to


an annual compensation of five hundred dollars: Provided, That such compensation shall be full compensation and payment for all services rendered and performed by said assessors, under the requirements of this act or any State law now in force or hereafter adopted. The office of chief assessor shall be filled by John H. Wilkins, one of the assessors of said city, until the expiration of his term, after which his successor shall be appointed as and required to perform the duties of chief

assessor. The other of said appointed assessors shall continue Who eligible in office for the term for which he was appointed. No person

who holds any State, county or other city office, except the comptroller, shall be eligible to or hold the office of assessor. The comptroller shall be chairman of said board, and any two members shall constitute a quorum.

Sec. 156. Within two days after the return day mentioned

in said warrant, the treasurer shall return said roll to the comptroller.

comptroller. All taxes assessed and collected as school taxes, shall be applied to fill the school fund; all taxes collected and paid as city taxes shall be applied to fill the city fund, and taxes assessed and collected as highway taxes in each

ward, shall be applied to fill the highway fund of County tax that ward. The county tax roll hereinbefore mentioned shall roll, how regarded. be treated and regarded as the assessment roll of Bay City, in

connection with the matter of equalization of assessment rolls by the board of supervisors, and for all purposes of assessing the county and State taxes apportioned to the city: Provided, however, That the equalization of value of the real property shall be of the city entire, as a unit, and not by wards. The total assessed valuation of the real property of said city, as shown by the several ward rolls thereof, shall be the basis of equalization by said board, of the equalization of said prop

erty: Provided, further, That it shall be sufficient to certify proviso.

said equalization upon the highest numerical ward roll only of said city.

SEC. 213. All process issued against said city shall run served on city.

against said city in the corporate name thereof, and such process shall be served by leaving a true and attested copy of such

process with the mayor or recorder at least ten days before City not re- the day of appearance mentioned therein. The said city shall quired to give security, not be required to give any bond or furnish any security for

costs in any action at law, or suit in chancery or for the removal thereof by appeal or otherwise to an appellate court. It shall not be necessary to pay or tender any fees whatever to any witness subpoenaed on the part and behalf of said city in any action at law, or suit in chancery, but such witness, upon due service upon him of a subpoena, shall be bound to attend as if the fees allowed by law had been duly paid him. All such fees shall be allowed and paid by the common council upon the recommendation of the city attorney: Provided, That no witness fee shall be allowed or paid to any city officer or employe receiving a stated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly salary, for attendance as a witness in any cause on behalf of


How process


said city, unless such attendance shall create a diminution of such salary.

Sec. 2. All acts and parts of acts contravening or in con- Repealing flict with the provisions of this act are hereby repealed.

This act is ordered to take immediate effect.
Approved April 2, 1903.


(No. 394.]

AN ACT to amend sections fourteen and eighteen of title six,

and to add eleven new sections to said title six of act number four hundred twenty-four of the local acts of eighteen hundred ninety-five, entitled "An act to incorporate the city of Traverse City in the county of Grand Traverse, and to, repeal all acts and parts of acts in conflict therewith," as amended by the several acts amendatory thereof.


The People of the State of Michigan enact: SECTION 1. Sections fourteen and eighteen of title six, of Sections act number four hundred twenty-four of the Local Acts of eighteen hundred ninety-five, entitled "An act to incorporate the city of Traverse City in the county of Grand Traverse, and to repeal all acts or parts of acts in conflict therewith," as amended by the several acts amendatory thereof, are hereby amended to read as herein, and that eleven new sections be added to said title six, which shall read and be numbered as hereinafter recited:


City Treasurer.

Sec. 14. The city treasurer shall be ex-officio collector and to collect shall collect the State and county taxes and all other taxes and assessments levied within the city; he shall perform his duties in relation to the collection of taxes as the laws of the State and the ordinances of the council may prescribe and shall be subject to all the requirements of the general laws of the State relating to the collection of such State and county taxes; and for that purpose shall give bonds to said city in To give bonds. such sum and with such surety or sureties as the council shall require and approve; and such treasurer shall also give to the treasurer of the county of Grand Traverse such further surety as is, or may be hereafter required by law of the several township treasurers of the several townships of this State; and he to keep shall keep an accurate account of and be charged with all the taxes and moneys appropriated, raised or received for each fund of the city, and shall keep a separate account for each



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