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measuring, gauging or weighing of all groceries, food and food products, liquid or solid, sold by measure, at wholesale or retail, in packages or otherwise. To regulate the weights and measures to be used in said city, and compel every merchant. retailer, trader and dealer in merchandise, groceries, provisions, or articles of every description which are sold by measure or weight, to use weights and measures to be sealed by the city sealer, and to be subject to his inspection and alteration, so as to be made conformable to the standard of weights and measures established by the general laws of the State. To direct and regulate the inspecting and measuring of wood, lumber, shingles, timber, posts. stone, heading and all building material; the inspecting, weighing and measuring of coke and all kinds of coal, and the inspecting of hay, straw, fodder and other food products for animals. To provide for the appointment of one or more inspectors, measurers, weighers, and gaugers of all products to be inspected, measured, weighed or gauged, and to prescribe and regulate their powers and duties, and to fix their compensation. To punish any person who shall violate any ordinance or other measure or regulation passed by it, in pursuance of the provisions of this subdivision. To impose a reasonable license fee upon the persons engaged in such respective business: Provided, That nothing herein contained shall authorize the common council to restrain in any way or license the sale of fresh [and] or wholesome meat by the quarter, within the corporate limits of said city; nor to prohibit any farmer selling without a license the products of his own farm, within said corporate limits. Nothing herein contained shall be construed to authorize the inspection, weighing, measuring or gauging of any article or product which is to be shipped beyond the limits of this State, except at the request of the owner thereof, or of the agent having charge of the same;

Eighteenth. To pass all needful ordinances and regulations governing sextons and undertakers for burying the dead, and scavengers and chimney sweeps, and regulating their compensation, and the fees to be paid by them for licenses;

Nineteenth, To provide for and regulate the lighting of streets, highways, alleys, lanes, courts, public places and public grounds and public buildings in the city, and to enter into contracts in relation to the same, provided that no such contract shall extend beyond a period of three years at any one time; to provide for the protection of public lamps and other lighting apparatus of the city, and to employ a suitable person or persons to superintend the same, and to prescribe the duties of such superintendent, and fix the compensation therefor;

Twentieth. To provide for the punishment of vagrants and all persons drunk or disorderly on the streets or public places of the city;

Twenty-first, To prescribe the duties of all officers appointed by the common council, and their compensation, and the penalty or penalties for failing to perform such duties, and to prescribe the bonds and sureties to be given by the officers of said city for the discharge of their duties, and the time for

executing the same, in cases not otherwise provided for by law;

election, etc.,

Twenty-second, To provide for and regulate the election and Regulate appointment of all officers, and for their removal from office, of officers. and for the filling of vacancies, subject to this act;

Twenty-third, To authorize and regulate the demand and Fees, etc. receipt by officers, of such fees and costs, and in such cases as the common council may deem reasonable;

Twenty-fourth, To provide for public parks and squares, Parks. make, grade, improve and adorn the same, and all grounds in said city belonging to or under the control of the corporation, and to control and regulate the same, consistently with the purposes and objects thereof;


Twenty-fifth, To sell or otherwise provide for the disposal Disposal of of all dirt, filth, manure, cleanings and all other substances, street cleanlying in or gathered from the highways, streets, avenues, lanes, courts. alleys and public places and public grounds, to be disposed of by the city of Grand Rapids; to sell or otherwise dispose of all earth to be removed from such highways, streets, avenues, lanes, courts, alleys, public places and public grounds of said city in grading. paving or otherwise improving the same;

streets, etc.

Twenty-sixth, To provide for and regulate the cleaning of the Care of highways, streets, avenues, lanes, alleys, courts, public places and public grounds, crosswalks and sidewalks in the city; to remove any obstructions therefrom; to prohibit and prevent the exhibition of signs on canvass or otherwise, in and upon any vehicle, standing or moving upon the streets of the city; to control, prescribe and regulate the mode of constructing and suspending awnings, and the suspension of signs thereon; to control, prescribe and regulate the manner in which the highways, streets, avenues, lanes, alleys, courts, public grounds and public places within said city shall be used, and to provide for the preservation of and the prevention of injury to the gutters, street, lawns. and parks, in said highways, streets, lanes alleys, courts, public places and public grounds; Twenty-seventh, To prohibit all practices, amusements and Dangerous practices. doings in said streets, having a tendency to frighten teams and horses, or dangerous to life and property, and to punish persons indulging therein; to remove or cause to be removed Certain walls, therefrom. all walls and structures that may be liable to fall therein, and in thus falling endanger life or property, or cause bodily harm; and to provide for and regulate the erec- Hitching tion and use of suitable hitching posts and blocks in the city; Twenty-eighth, To prohibit and prevent any riot, rout, dis- Disorderly orderly noise, disturbance, or assemblage in the streets or else. noises. where in the city and to preserve quiet and order therein at all times;



pictures, etc.

Twenty-ninth, To prohibit or prevent in the streets or else- Obscene where in said city, indecent exposure of the person, the show, sale or exhibition for sale, of indecent or obscene pictures, drawings, engravings, paintings and books, and all indecent or obscene exhibitions or shows of any kind;






Shade trees.

Thirtieth, To establish, construct, maintain, repair, enlarge and discontinue within the highways, streets, avenues, lanes, alleys and public places of said city such bridges, culverts, sewers, drains, and lateral drains and sewers, as the common council may see fit, with a view to the proper draining and sewerage of said city; to compel the owners or occupants of all occupied lots, premises and sub-divisions thereof within said city, to construct private drains and sewers therefrom to connect with some public sewer or drain; said private drains and sewers shall be constructed in such manner and of such form and dimensions and under such regulations as the board of public works may prescribe;

Thirty-first, To assess, levy and collect an annual assessment or tax on the real and personal property of said city, for the purpose of cleansing and keeping in repair the public sewers of said city;

Thirty-second, To survey and establish the boundaries of the city and all highways, streets, avenues, lanes, alleys, courts, public parks, squares, public grounds, and public places; to prohibit and remove all incumbrances and encroachments on the same by buildings, fences, or in any other manner; to prohibit the use of barbed wire for fences on street lines, and to Numbering of regulate its use in other places in said city; to number buildings, the expense of such numbering to be assessed against and collected out of the owner thereof; to regulate the planting, preservation and removal of shade, ornamental or other trees in the public streets, avenues, courts, public grounds and public places, and the trimming and care thereof, and the trimming and care of trees adjoining thereto, in such manner as not to interfere with public travel or obscure public lights thereon, and to require the same to be done at the expense of the owner of the premises adjoining the same; and if such owner shall refuse or neglect, after reasonable notice so to do, to conform to such regulations, to cause such regulations to be carried out and enforced at the expense of the city, and to be assessed upon and to become a lien upon such adjoining premises until paid, and collected in the manner and in accordance with sections nineteen, twenty and twenty-one of title five of this act, for the assessment of the expense of constructing and repairing sidewalks;


Thirty-third, To regulate plumbing, house draining and ventilation, to appoint an inspector of plumbing, and to regulate his duties and provide for his compensation; to direct and regulate the location, construction and alteration of all cellars, slips, barns, private drains, cesspools, sinks, privies. and water closets; to compel all owners or occupants of houses or premises to fill up, drain, cleanse, alter, relay or repair the same, and to compel the owners or occupants of houses or premises having water closets attached thereto to use the water from the water mains of the city in order to properly cleanse the same; to compel the owners or occupants of houses or premises to repair or renew all defective, broken or worn out plumbing, and to provide sufficient and proper ventila

tion and plumbing in and around their buildings and premises, or cause the same to be done by some proper person designated in the ordinance governing the same, and assess the expense thereof on the lot, building and premises having such cellar, slip, barn. private drain, cesspool, sink, privy or water closet thereon, or having the repairs, renewals and insufficiencies in the drainage, ventilation or plumbing made in the building or on the lot or premises, which assessment shall be a lien on the lot, building and premises and appurtenances thereto, until paid, to be collected in the manner and in accordance with the provisions of sections nineteen, twenty and twentyone of title five of this act, for the assessment of the expense of constructing and repairing sidewalks; to direct and regulate the construction of lateral sewers or drains for the purpose of effectually draining all lots, cellars, yards, low grounds and sinks within the city, whenever it may be necessary: Pro- Proviso. vided, That if such lateral sewer or drain be laid or constructed through any of the streets, lanes, alleys, courts, avenues, public grounds or public places adjoining or in front of the premises through which such sewer or drain shall be ordered constructed, the expense thereof shall be assessed on such lots and premises benefited thereby, which assessment shall be a lien upon such lots and premises until paid, and shall be collected in the same manner as like assessments imposed by the authority of the common council, are collected; Thirty-fourth, To prohibit, prevent and suppress the keep Houses of ing of houses of ill-fame or assignation, or for the resort of ill-fame. common prostitutes, and disorderly houses or places of all kinds; to restrain, suppress and punish the keepers of all such houses and places as aforesaid; to punish common prostitutes and disorderly persons of all kinds; to prohibit, prevent and Fraudulent suppress mock auctions, and every kind of fraudulent game, device, or practice, and to punish all persons managing, using, practicing, or attempting to manage, use or practice the same, and all persons aiding or abetting in the management, use or practice thereof. To prohibit, restrain or prevent persons Gambling. from gaming for money or other property or thing, with cards, dice, billiards, nine or ten pin alleys, tables, ball alleys, wheels of fortune, boxes, machines or other instruments, or device whatsoever. in any building or place in the city, and to punish the person keeping the building, instrument or means for such gaming, and to compel the destruction thereof. To prevent, Lotteries. prohibit and suppress all lotteries for drawing and disposing of money, or any other property or thing whatever, and to punish all persons maintaining, directing or managing the same, or aiding in the maintenance, direction or management thereof;


Thirty-fifth, To license and regulate solicitors of guests for Soliciting of hotels, taverns, restaurants, public houses or other public trade. places; to license and regulate solicitors for passengers or baggage for the benefit of any railroad, boat, street car, omnibus, stage or other public conveyance. To license and regulate draymen, carmen, truckmen, porters, runners,



drivers of cabs, hackney coaches, omnibuses, stages, carriages, sleighs, express vehicles, and vehicles of every description used and employed for hire, and to fix and regulate the amount and rate of their compensation. To prescribe and designate the stands, places and locations in the city, within which all such solicitors and persons as aforesaid may operate, and all such conveyances and vehicles as aforesaid may stand; and to prescribe the stands, places and locations in which all wood, hay, straw, produce and all goods, wares and merchandise of whatever nature, exposed for sale in the city, may stand;

Thirty-sixth, To license and regulate auctions and auctioneers hawkers, peddlers, pawnbrokers, junk dealers, dealers in second hand goods and merchandise, and transient tradesmen ---whoever loans money on deposit or pledges of personal property, or who purchases personal property or choses in action, on condition of selling the same back again at a stipulated Employment price, is hereby defined and declared to be a pawnbroker. To license and regulate employment agencies and [offices] officers, intelligence offices, labor bureaus, and all persons whose business it is to find employment for others for hire or reward, to require references and bonds to be given by every person, company, corporation or association engaging in such business, before the same shall be licensed, in order that the public and persons dealing with such offices and agencies may be protected; to license and regulate bill posting, the putting up of advertising signs or matter, and the distributing of such matter in the city;

Itinerant vendors.

Hotels, etc.


Thirty-seventh. To prohibit and prevent, or license and regulate public exhibitions, by itinerant persons or companies, of natural or artificial curiosities, caravans, circuses, menageries, theatrical representations, concerts, musical entertainments, exhibitions of common showmen and shows of any kind;

Thirty-eighth, To license and regulate the keepers of hotels, taverns and other public houses, keepers of ordinaries, saloons and victualing houses or places for furnishing meals or food; Thirty-ninth, To license and regulate butchers, to license hucksters, etc. and regulate or suppress hucksters, and to license and regulate the keepers of shops, stalls, booths or stands at markets or any other place in said city for the sale of any kind of meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, food or provisions;

Billiard rooms.


Burial of paupers.

Fortieth, To tax and regulate keepers of billiard tables, pin alleys, nine or ten pin alleys, but not for the purpose of gaming;

Forty-first, To provide for the protection and care of paupers, and to prohibit and prevent all persons from bringing in cars or any other mode to said city, from any other place, any pauper or other person likely to become a charge upon said city, and to punish therefor;

Forty-second. To provide for the burial of indigent strangers who may have died within the city, and for the burial of poor deceased persons who, before their deaths, resided in the city;

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