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real estate, and the assessment and collection fees thereon remaining unpaid, and the names of the persons to whom each parcel was assessed," and the improvement or work on account of which the assessment was made shall be named in such certificate.

be published.


SEC. 33. Within thirty days after the making and return of Statement to; said list the city treasurer shall cause said list to be inserted in an official newspaper printed and published in said city, together with notice in substance as follows: "It appearing from the Form of return and list of the city treasurer, that the assessment and collection fees on the above described parcels of real estate remain unpaid, notice is hereby given that said real estate will be exposed for sale in separate parcels at public auction on the .... ... day of ... A. D., 19.., at ten o'clock

in the forenoon, at the front door of the court house, or place of holding the circuit court for the county of Kent in said city of Grand Rapids, and sold to the highest bidder for the purpose of collecting said assessments and interest thereon and fifty cents for the cost of selling each lot or pay the same into the city treasury." The costs, if paid before sale, shall be twenty-five cents on each parcel so paid, the cost of advertising and the fees for collection prescribed in said roll.

erty struck off

SEC. 35. In case no person shall bid at such sale the amount When propof the assessment and costs on any lot or parcel so exposed for to city. sale, the same shall be struck off to the city of Grand Rapids, and the city treasurer shall certify to the common council, at its next regular meeting, a statement of the lots or parcels so struck off to the city, and the amount for which each lot or parcel so struck off, was assessed, and the amount of costs chargeable to each lot or parcel. The common council shall order any such assessment, with the costs thereon, to be paid out of the general fund of said city, and the city treasurer shall thereupon transfer from the general fund to the proper special fund the amount specified in said order.


SEC. 36. All real estate offered for sale for unpaid assess. To be sold to ments under the provisions of this title shall be offered and sold bidder. to the highest bidder: Provided, No bid shall be received for Proviso. a less amount than the assessment and collection fees added,, and the costs of sale and advertising, together with all other costs and charges legally chargeable against said real estate, under the provisions of this title. In case a greater amount Surplus, how is bid for any lot or parcel of real estate, and the same is sold, than the amount of the assessment and costs and charges against the same, the surplus money shall be deposited with the city treasurer, whose duty it shall be to keep the same for the benefit of the person or persons entitled thereto.



SEC. 39. Any distinct parcel of real estate sold under the When may be provisions of this title may be redeemed at any time within one year from the date of the sale thereof, by paying to the city treasurer the amount for which it was sold, together with two per cent of such amount to be added thereto for each month from the date of the sale until the time of redemption thereof.

Treasurer to keep records.

When treasurer to give deed.

Form of.

Assessment rolls, when filed.

When new roll may be made.

When mayor to attach

SEC. 40. Said city treasurer shall keep and preserve in his office, all books, papers and documents in relation to such assessment, the sale of the real estate for the non-payment of the same, and any redemption thereof, as are required to be filed and kept in his office by the provisions of this title, and the same shall be prima facie evidence of the matters contained therein.

SEC. 41. In case such lands shall not have been redeemed as aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the mayor of said city to execute and deliver to the purchaser a deed of the premises, which deed shall be in substance as follows: Whereas, on the day of... A. D. 19... at a public sale made by the treasurer [of] the city of Grand Rapids for assessments duly assessed by said city for the following purpose (stating the purpose for which said assessment was made); became the purchaser of the following described real estate, to wit: For the sum of..... that being the amount of the assessment, costs and interest of the

Now, therefore, know all men by these presents, that I, C........ D........, mayor of said city, in consideration of the premises, hereby grant, bargain, sell and convey unto the said A.............. B............. his heirs and assigns the real estate above described, as so purchased by him, to have and to hold the same to the said A. ., his heirs and

assigns forever.


Witness my hand and the seal of the said city, this day of .

... A. D. 19...

SEC. 44. The assessment rolls made pursuant to the provisions of this title shall be filed in the office of the city treasurer, and a true copy thereof shall be made, to which the warrant of the mayor shall be annexed for the collection thereof. In case of the loss or destruction of the said copy, a new one may be made, to which the warrant of the mayor shall be attached, and such new copy shall be as valid for all purposes as the first copy would be had full proceedings been taken under it. If any assessment be set aside, or adjudged void or illegal by a court, or otherwise, or if there are defects or errors in respect to the roll itself, or in the proceedings prior thereto, the common council, may by order, set aside the same and proceed de novo, and go back far enough to correct the proceedings and make a new roll. All street improvement rolls, all certified copies thereof, heretofore deposited with the city comptroller, under and by virtue of the provisions of section two of this title, shall be returned to the board of assessors by said comptroller and retained in the office of said board.

SEC. 50. If for any reason, not going to the validity of such alias warrant. assessment roll,. the time for the collection of any assessment roll shall expire in the hands of the city treasurer before all the assessments therein contained shall have been collected, the common council, by a vote of a majority of all of the aldermen elect of such common council, may instruct the mayor to attach an alias warrant thereto, and fix the time for the

running of such alias warrant, which said alias warrant shall be the same in form and substance as the original warrant, except that it shall be therein indicated to be an alias warrant and shall command the city treasurer to collect the balance of said assessments then remaining uncollected, as may be collectable under the provisions of this title, and the powers, duties and obligations of the city treasurer under the alias warrant shall be the same as they were under the original warrant.

urer may

SEC. 58. A purchaser at the sale mentioned in section thirty- When treasthree of this title, shall, if the treasurer requires it, make imme- cancel bids. diate payment of the amount of his bid, and in case of his neglect or refusal to make such payment, the treasurer may declare the bid canceled, and offer the real estate for sale again. In case any person neglects or refuses to pay any bid made by him as aforesaid, he shall not thereafter be entitled to have any bid made by him during such sale received. In all other cases the purchasers shall pay the amount of their respective bids within forty-eight hours after the sale is closed. In case any purchaser shall fail to pay the amount of his bid within said forty-eight hours, any other person paying such amount shall have a certificate of the sale issued to him in accordance with the provisions of said section thirty-four of this title. But if no such person pays such amount, said real estate shall be set down as struck off to the city of Grand Rapids, in the same manner and to the like effect as if there had been no bidders for such real estate at such sale.

on part of par

SEC. 59. If, in any event, it shall occur that any real estate When bidder is advertised for sale under the provisions of this title, and shall cel to pay all be struck off to a purchaser other than the city of Grand assessments. Rapids, and at the same time the whole or any part thereof, has heretofore been struck off to the city of Grand Rapids on account of any previous unpaid tax or assessment, and the whole of such real estate, or any part thereof as aforesaid, shall remain unredeemed from such previous unpaid tax or assessment at the time said purchaser on the sale first herein before mentioned shall become entitled to receive a deed of said real estate, he shall before receiving said deed, pay to the city treasurer the full amount of all of such previous unpaid taxes or assessments, costs and charges, for which said real estate, or any part thereof, shall have been struck off to the city of Grand Rapids, and which remains unredeemed as aforesaid, anything in this title to the contrary notwithstanding. All bids made at any sale of real estate as provided for in this section shall be deemed to be made subject to the provisions thereof.


SEC. 60. Whenever the common council shall discover that When description of propany real estate, on which any tax or assessment remains erty may be unpaid, has been so imperfectly or erroneously described that corrected on the same cannot, in its opinion, be located with certainty, or that the sale thereof would not convey to the purchaser a valid title to the real estate intended to be charged with such assessment, by reason of the imperfect or erroneous description


thereof, the common council shall by an order entered in its minutes, accurately describe such real estate intended to be charged with such tax or assessment, and shall direct the city treasurer to correct the assessment roll on file in his office, containing such imperfect or erroneous description so as to make it correspond to the accurate description contained in said original order of the common council, and thereupon all copies of such assessment roll required by the provisions of this title to be made, shall be made to correspond therewith as corrected: Provided, That no such imperfect or erroneous description shall be corrected until, the owner of the real estate shall be appraised of such intended correction by a printed or written or partly printed and partly written notice, either served upon him personally, or by leaving the same at his place of abode with some suitable person of proper age and discretion at least three days before such correction shall be made. In case such owner is a non-resident of the city, such notice shall be published in one of the official newspapers of the city at least three days before such correction shall be made.

Treasurer to give receipts.


SEC. 30. Whenever any payment is made to the city treasurer, either for taxes or for the redemption of any real estate sold for taxes, he shall give a receipt therefor to the person making such payment, and immediately make a duplicate thereof, which shall be filed in his office and kept as a part of the official records of his office.

This act is ordered to take immediate effect.
Approved May 21, 1903.

Village may issue bonds.

[No. 486.]

AN ACT to authorize the village of Harrisville in the county of Alcona and State of Michigan, to borrow money and issue its bonds therefor, with which to construct a water-works plant, for said village, and to levy a tax for the payment of said bonds and the interest thereon.

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

SECTION 1. The village council in the village of Harrisville, in the county of Alcona, shall be and is hereby authorized to borrow money on the faith and credit of said village, and to issue the bonds of said village therefor, to an amount not exceeding ten thousand dollars, which shall be expended for the construction of a water-works plant for said village of Harrisville, under such rules and regulations as the village council

shall provide: Provided, That a majority of the electors of said Proviso.
village voting at an election held in accordance with this act,
shall vote in favor of the said loan in the manner specified in
this act and not otherwise.

submitted to

order special

SEC. 2. The question of raising the said money shall be Question to be submitted by the village council of said village to the electors electors. thereof, and the vote shall be taken as near as may be in accordance with the provisions of an act, entitled "An act to provide for the incorporation of villages within the State of Michigan, and defining their powers and duties," approved February nineteenth, eighteen hundred ninety-five. The village council shall Council may have power to order a special élection when it may, by said election. council, be deemed necessary to carry out the provisions of this act, and the proceedings at such election shall be the same as at the general elections held within said village as near as may be. Said village council shall cause notice of any election held under this act to be published at least twice in a newspaper published in said village, if any is published therein, and copies of such notice shall be posted up in six of the most public places in said village at least two weeks before such election is held. Those electors voting for said loan shall have written or printed on their ballots the words: "For the loan," and Form of those electors voting against the loan shall have written or printed on their ballots the words: "Against the loan." SEC. 3. If said loan shall be authorized by a majority of such When bonds electors, said bonds may be issued in such sums not exceeding the amount herein before limited, payable at such times with such rates of interest, not exceeding six per cent per annum, as the said village council shall determine and direct. Such How signed. bonds shall be signed by the president of the village, countersigned by the clerk of said village and negotiated by or under the direction of the village council, and the money raised therefrom shall be appropriated in such manner as said village council shall determine for the purposes aforesaid. The said village Tax to be council shall have the power, and it shall be their duty, to raise by taxes upon the taxable property of said village such sum or sums of money as shall be sufficient to pay the amount of said bonds and the interest thereon as fast as the same shall become due.

This act is ordered to take immediate effect.
Approved May 21, 1903.


may be issued.

raised for.

[No. 487.]

AN ACT to incorporate the village of Marlborough in the county of Lake.

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

SECTION 1. All that territory situate and being in the town- Territory to ship of Pleasant Plains in the county of Lake, State of Michi


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