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said, also the easterly line of the city of Detroit; thence northwesterly along said westerly line of said township to the place of beginning, is hereby incorporated as the village of Fairview.

Sec. 2. The first election of officers of said village of Fair. First election, view shall be held on Monday, June first, A. D. nineteen hundred three, at the residence of Peter Defer, situated on the northwest corner of Jefferson avenue and the St. Jean road, so called, in said portion of said township incorporated as such village as aforesaid, and notice of such election shall be given by posting notices at four public places within said territory so incorporated as a village at least ten days before the holding of such election. Such notice shall be signed by a majority of the board of election inspectors hereinafter designated.

Sec. 3. Daniel J. Campau, Louis Claeys, Matthew A. Kramer, Who to be Charles Paye and Thomas W. Corby are hereby constituted a

inspectors. board election inspectors and election commissioners for such first election to be held in such village and also a board of registration for the purpose of registering the names of voters for the first election to be held in such village, and said board of registration are hereby required to meet at said residence of Peter Defer the Saturday next preceding said June first, nineteen hundred three. All proceedings in respect to said registration and election shall be carried on in the manner provided by the laws of this State with reference to registration and election in villages.

Sec. 4. If for any reason the first election provided for as When may aforesaid shall not be held at the time and place specified for holding the same, it shall be lawful to hold the same at any time and place thereafter by giving at least ten days' notice of the time and place of holding such meeting by posting notices thereof in four public places in said township, within the limits of said village, which shall be signed in the manner above provided.

Sec. 5. If for any reason all or any of the inspectors hereby When electors appointed shall neglect or be unable to attend said first election inspectors. at the time specified, it shall be lawful for the voters of said township, who shall be present at the time and place desig. nated for opening the polls of said election, to choose from the electors present suitable persons to act as inspectors of said election in place of those inspectors who shall neglect or be unable to attend said election.

Sec. 6. The said village of Fairview shall in all things not Village how herein otherwise provided be governed by an act entitled “An governed. act to provide for the incorporation of villages within the State of Michigan and defining their powers and duties," approved February twentieth, eighteen hundred ninety-five, and all acts amendatory thereto.

Sec. 7. All that portion of the funds now in the hands of the When certain township officers of said township of Grosse Pointe, which paid to were raised by the sale of bonds of said township, in pursuance treasurer. of “An act to authorize the township of Grosse Pointe, Wayne county, to grade, pave, plank, gravel, macadamize, curb and

hold first election.

may choose

funds to be

otherwise improve the highways known as Jefferson avenue and
Mack avenue in said township, and to provide the necessary
funds therefor," approved February twenty-sixth, nineteen hun-
dred one, which were designated for the improvement of Jeffer-
son avenue between the easterly city limits of the city of
Detroit and the Cadieux road, so called, according to the esti-
mate made therefor by Thomas Campau & Son, engineers and
surveyors, in connection with the proceedings to issue said
bonds in pursuance of said act, together with all accretions
thereon by way of interest and premium upon the sale of said
bonds shall be paid over by the officers of the township of
Grosse Pointe, aforesaid, having the same in charge, to the
village treasurer, as soon as he is elected and qualified, and
said funds shall be used for the purpose of improving said
Jefferson avenue between the easterly city limits of the city
of Detroit and the Cadieux road, so called, such improvement
to be made by and under the direction of the village council
of said village, in accordance with the law of this State rela-
tive to the control and improvement of public highways in

This act is ordered to take immediate effect.
Approved May 28, 1903.

[No. 502.]

AN ACT to provide for the nomination of candidates for elec

tion by popular vote and relating to primary elections in Muskegon county, and to repeal all acts and parts of acts inconsistent herewith.

Primaries when held.

The People of the State of Michigan enact: SECTION 1. On the eighth Tuesday preceding any election at which members of the State legislature or officers of the county of Muskegon are to be elected, a primary election shall be held in the several townships of said county and wards of the cities of Muskegon, North Muskegon and Muskegon Heights, and at said primary elections the candidates for all the elective county officers, representatives in the State legislature and all other elective officers (excepting circuit judges, senators in the State legislature, members of the school boards, and all township officers) who are to be voted for at the ensuing election shall be chosen by popular vote as hereinafter provided.

On the third Tuesday preceding any charter or special election, a primary election shall be held for the nomination, by direct vote of the people, of all elective officers for the cities of Muskegon and Muskegon Heights, except the elective members of the school boards of said cities.

held at same time.

to file


fee to pay.

SEC. 2. The primary elections of all political parties shall be to all be held at the same time and place and in the manner provided for in this act (and not otherwise), and the person or persons who to be

candidate. who receive on each party ballot the greatest number of votes for the nomination of any office he seeks, shall be the candidate of his party for that office or position at the next ensuing election. The judges of primary election provided for in this act shall be appointed, designated and compensated as are inspectors of general elections in said county or cities.

Sec. 3. At least ten days and until five o'clock in the after- Candidates noon of the tenth day before the primary election day, any aindavits. person or persons, who desire to become a candidate for any office and shall be eligible therefor, shall appear personally or by his representative, duly authorized in writing, before the city clerk, if a candidate for a city office, and before the county clerk, if a candidate for representative in the State legislature or county office in said county, and shall then and there subscribe to and make affidavit that it is bona fide the intention of such person to run for the nomination for such office as he may specify, and shall then and there pay to said county clerk Amount of or said city clerk, as the case may be, the sum of fifteen dollars, except candidates for the legislature and all ward officers and supervisors for the cities of Muskegon and Muskegon Heights who shall pay to the county clerk or city clerk, the sum of five dollars each, a receipt for which shall be given them.

The county clerk, or the city clerk, as the case may be, shall Who to place then place or cause to be placed the name of said person or ballot. persons upon the primary election ballot of the designated party as hereinafter provided. The said county or city clerk shall number each petition in numerical order as received. All fees paid to the city clerk under the provisions of this act, shall be by him paid into the city treasury, on or before the last day for filing their declaration to be candidates for nomination, and all fees paid to the county clerk shall be by him paid into the county treasury on or before the last day for filing their declaration aforesaid. The affidavit heretofore provided for Form of may be substantially in the following form: "I,

being duly sworn, say that I reside in the city or township of

.., county of Muskegon, State of Michigan, and am a qualified voter therein, and a

(name of party). That I am a candidate for nomination to the office of

to be made at the primary of said party, to be held in hereby request my name to be printed upon the official primary ballot as provided by law, as the candidate for the party.


Subscribed and sworn to before me this of ...



SEC. 4. The method of voting on said primary election shall Voting to be be by ballot, and all ballots voted shall be printed and pre

by ballot.

Who to prepare.

Form of ballots.

pared as herein mentioned. On the tenth day before any primary election, the county clerk or the city clerk, as the case may be, shall group all the candidates for each political party by themselves and shall at once prepare in writing separate ballots for each political party, which ballots shall be posted in some conspicuous place in his office for the purpose of inspection, and he shall then proceed to have printed separate ballots for each political party, which ballots shall be prepared and printed in the following manner:

Each party ticket shall be printed in black ink on white paper, and all ballots used at any election shall be uniform in color and size. Across the head of each ticket shall be printed in plain black type, the name of the political party and the words “Primary Election Ballot.” On the next line and in smaller type shall be printed the words, “list of candidates for nomination to be voted for in the ward or township (naming the ward or township) (naming the ward that said ballot is intended for), following by "city of Muskegon" or "city of Muskegon Heights” or “county of Muskegon” as the case may be. The balance of the ticket is to be made up under the hea , in two columns, with a design of parallel or filigree rule, one inch wide, to separate the columns. At the top (and at the top of each column, if the ticket shall be made up in two columns) shall appear the words “To vote for a person mark (X) in the square at the left of the name of the person for whom you desire to vote." This sentence shall be inclosed in a rule the same as the names of each candidate, and at its end shall be a square directly over the squares in which marks are to be made. In that square there shall be a black cross to show the voter how to mark the ballot. Beginning at the top of the left hand column, at the left of the line in black type, shall appear the position for which the names following are candidates. Following this shall come the names of each candidate for the position enclosed in light face rule with a square to the extreme left. The parallel rules containing the name to be onesixth of an inch apart. Each position, with the names running for that position, shall be separated from the following one by a black face rule, to separate each position clearly. The positions shall be arranged as follows: Provided, Nominees for such positions are to be selected in said county or city under the provisions of this act: Judiciary; next, legislative; next, county officers; next, city and ward officers.

SEC. 5. The name of each candidate for each office shall be printed on the ballot and the position shall be changed on the ballot after each hundred ballots have been printed. The printer shall take the line of type at the head of each office division and place it at the bottom of that division shoving up the column so that the name that was second before the change will be first after the change. The ballots of each political party shall be alike. They shall be kept in separate piles, one pile for each change of position, and then shall be piled by taking one from each pile, and placing it upon the pile to be cut, the intention being that every ballot in the pile shall have a


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Names, how printed on ballots.

different position as near as may be. After the pile is made in this manner they may be cut and placed in piles as provided by the general election laws.

There shall be no printing on the backs of the ballots or any marks to distinguish them but the initials of the chairman of the board of inspectors.

Sec. 6. It shall be the duty of the city clerk of Muskegon, Number of the city clerk of the city of Muskegon Heights, and the county to prepare clerk of the said county of Muskegon, as the case may be, to provide and prepare a sufficient number of ballots to be used at such primary elections; at least three ballots to every two electors of each party according to the vote at the last preceding general election. A proof copy of the ballot shall be placed on

file at the office of the said city clerk of the city of Muskegon, city clerk of the city of Muskegon Heights or the county clerk of the said county, as the case may be, to be opened for the inspection of candidates named thereon, at least five days prior to said primary election. The ballots shall be delivered by the said several city clerks, or the county clerk of the said county to the several chairmen of the several boards of inspectors in the several wards or voting precincts of said cities, and the said township and election districts of said county in the manner provided by the general election laws of the State of Michigan for the delivery of ballots.

Sec. 7. It shall be unlawful for the printer of such ballots Unlawful to or any other person to give or deliver to any one, or knowingly ballots. permit any of said ballots to be taken by any person other than the city clerk and said county clerk, for whom such ballots are being printed, or print, or cause, or permit to be printed any primary election ballot in any other form, than the one prescribed by this act, or with any other names thereon, or with names misspelled, or the names arranged in any other way than that authorized and directed by said county clerk, or said city clerk as the case may be.

SEC. 8. A primary election shall be held in each voting pre- Pri naries, cinct in said cities and county and at the place designated by

where held. the officers whose duty it is to designate the places for holding elections. At least ten days prior to the time herein set for the Who to give holding of such primary elections, the city marshal, if a city notice of. election, and the sheriff of Muskegon county, if a county or legislative election, shall give notice of the holding of such election, which notice shall be in writing, and delivered to the township clerk of each township, and to the several chairmen of the several boards of primary election inspectors in said cities. The notice required by the general election law, or provided Notice of

registration. by the charters of the several cities of Muskegon and Muskegon Heights, as the case may be, for the registration of electors, shall be required and given with reference to all primary elections. Said notice shall also designate the offices for which candidates are to be chosen. SEC. 9. The several boards of primary election inspectors Inspectors,

how appointto manage and conduct such elections, in the various voting ed.

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