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Sec. 20. Any person who shall request said commissioners, Penalty for or any of them, to be selected or returned as a juror or who etc., to be

requesting, shall request that any other person be so selected and returned, drawn. and any commissioner who shall cause any person to be selected and returned, who shall have made any request, or in whose behalf any such request shall have been made, or shall make known to any other person any name selected and returned on any jury list, before the same may have been drawn from the jury box, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail not more than one month, or by a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars, or by both such fine and imprisonment. Sec. 21. Special juries shall, upon demand of either of the Special juries,

when drawn. litigants, be struck from thirty-six names selected by the commissioners for that purpose, and such service shall not debar them from serving as jurors at the next term of court.

SEC. 22. Said board of jury commissioners shall, when Duties of comordered by the circuit court for the county of Kent, make a relative to list of suitable persons having the qualifications of petit jurors krand juries. to serve as grand jurors. Such list shall contain one hundred and fifty names, and shall be made up from the county at large, without reference to any division into wards or townships; and when a grand jury shall be ordered to be drawn, the jury commissioners shall give the same notice and take the same proceedings as is provided in the case of drawing petit jurors for drawing the names of twenty-three persons from said list of grand jurors, to serve as grand jurors, and the same shall be summoned and served in like manner and with like pay as petit jurors. If any of the persons whose name shall be drawn as grand jurors shall not appear or shall be exempted or excused, the court may order a sufficient number to be drawn and summoned, to complete the panel.

Sec. 23. Jurors shall be paid mileage at the rate of ten Compensacents per mile for their traveling expenses from their residence jurors. to the place of holding court and for returning thereto, and for each day of actual attendance at sessions of the court, at the rate of two dollars and fifty cents per day: Provided, That Proviso. jurors residing more than five miles from the place of holding the court may be paid for not more than two days if their personal attendance is not required on such days: And pro- Further

proviso. vided further, That the court may excuse any juror or jurors from attendance without pay for any portion of the term. Jurors excused for more than two days without pay may, by order of the court, receive mileage for traveling in going to their residences and returning to the court. It shall be the duty of the court to excuse jurors from attendance on days when it is not expected that trials will be had of jury causes. Any clerk or deputy clerk of the court who shall wilfully issue anv certificate of attendance of a juror, and on which said juror shall receive pay, excepting as provided by this act, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail not more


from jury duty.

Persons court may excuse.

than six months or by a fine not exceeding five hundred dol

lars, or by both such fine and imprisonment. Exemptions Sec. 24. The following persons shall be exempt from serving

as jurors, to wit: All officers of this State, or the United States, all county officers and their deputies, all employes in any postoffice or custom house of the United States, or in the custom department of the United States; all city officers of the city of Grand Rapids and their deputies, all constables and justices of the peace, all officers and members of any organized police department, attorneys and counselors at law, practicing physicians, officers and professors of the University, officers and professors in colleges, settled ministers of the gospel, preceptors and teachers of incorporated academies, superintendents and teachers of public schools, all presidents, managers, superintendents, engineers and heads of departments and conductors of any railroad authorized by the laws of this State, and actually constructed and used, all constant ferry. men, all chiefs and assistant engineers, and the members of any fire department organized according to law; all persons more than seventy years of age, and all active and contributing members of any military company organized and mustered under the laws of this State.

Sec. 25. The court, in its discretion, may excuse any juror from serving at such court whenever it shall appear:

First, That he is a practicing physician or surgeon, and has patients requiring his attention; or

Second, That he executes any other civil office than those specified in the preceding section the duties of which are at the time inconsistent with his attendance as a juror; or

Third, That he is a teacher of any school, actually employed and serving as such; or

Fourth, That he is more than sixty years of age; or

Fifth, When for any other reason the interests of the public or of the individual juror will be materially injured by such attendance, or his own health or that of any member of his family requires his absence from said court.

SEC. 26. The board of jury commissioners, as provided for ers to proceed by this act, shall, as soon as may be after their appointment appointed. and organization, proceed to select the names of persons to

serve as jurors as herein provided, which said lists shall be
filed with the clerk of the court for which they shall be selected,
and by him deposited in the manner prescribed by section seven,
and thereupon the ballots containing the names of jurors.
which may have been previously selected and returned, shall
be destroyed: Provided, That nothing in this act shall affect
the validity of a panel of jurors which may have been drawn
for any term of court before the returning of the list provided
for by this act.

This act is ordered to take immediate effect.
Approved June 4, 1903.


• as soon as


[No. 506.)

AN ACT to incorporate the school district of Crystal Falls,

in Iron county.


The People of the State of Michigan enact: SECTION 1. The following described territory, situate and Territory to being in the county of Iron, is hereby reincorporated as a school district, to be known in law under the name and style of the “School District of Crystal Falls,” to wit: The territory now included in the organized township of Crystal Falls and the territory now included in the corporate limits of the city of Crystal Falls.

Sec. 2. The said school district shall be subject to the gen. Laws to eral laws of the State, so far as the same may be applicable, and shall have all the powers and privileges conferred upon primary and graded school districts by the laws of this State, all the general provisions of which shall apply and be enforced in said school district, except such as shall be inconsistent with the provisions of this act; and all schools organized in said district in pursuance of this act shall be public and free to all persons actual residents within the limits thereof five years of age and over, and to such other persons as the board of education thereof, hereinafter provided for, shall admit: Provided, That whenever the majority of the electors in any Proviso. surveyed township in said district shall petition the board of education to establish a school or schools therein, said board of education is hereby authorized and directed, within three months thereafter, to organize such school or schools. Sec. 3. The board of education of said school district shall Board of

education, consist of five trustees, two of whom shall reside outside of the how consticorporate limits of said city of Crystal Falls, and three within the limits of said city of Crystal Falls, to be elected as herein. after provided, each of whom shall have one vote therein.

Sec. 4. The board of registration for said school district Board of regshall consist of the president, the treasurer and the secretary constituted. of the board of education, and, in case of the absence of any of them, or his inability to serve, the trustee not holding the office of president, whose term of office will soonest expire. shall act in his stead, but any two of such board of registration shall have authority to act and transact business to the same extent as if all the members thereof were present. Sec. 5. It shall be the duty of the board of registration to To provide

"register of provide, at the expense of such school district, a suitable book, electors" to be known as the "register of electors," so made and arranged as to be capable of containing an alphabetical list of the respective christian and surnames, in full, of all persons entitled to vote at the meetings of said school district, the date of registration of each such person, and the street or other locality of his residence.

Sec. 6. As soon as practicable after this act shall take effect, who to copy the secretary of the board of education shall copy into the neces, etc., or



to be in

register of electors the names, residences and dates of registration of all the qualified electors of the city of Crystal Falls and of the township of Crystal Falls, as the same shall appear

according to the several books of registration thereof for the City clerk to last preceding general election. The city clerk of said city and furnish facilities for the township clerk of said township shall furnish the said secre

tary of the board of education all reasonable facilities and opportunity to use the respective city and township books of registration for the purpose aforesaid. The register of electors so made up, subject to the additions and other changes lawfully made by the board of registration of said school district at any regular session thereof, shall be the register of electors for use at the then next annual or special meeting of said school

district. When board Sec. 7. On the Saturday next preceding an annual meeting of registration

or any special meeting, of said school district, and on such session.

other days as shall be appointed therefor by the board of edu. cation, not exceeding three days in all, previous to any such meeting, the board of registration shall be in session at such place in said school district as shall be designated therefor as hereinafter provided, from eight o'clock in the forenoon until eight o'clock in the afternoon, for the purpose of completing the list of the qualified electors of said school district; during which session, it shall be the right of every person who, at the then next approaching meeting of said school district, may be a qualified elector of said school district, and whose name is not already registered as a qualified elector of said school district, to have his name entered in the register of electors as a qualified

elector of said school district. Qualifications Sec. 8. Every person who shall have resided in said school of electors.

district twenty days next preceding any annual or special meeting of said school district, and shall also possess the qualifications of an elector under the constitution of this State, shall

be a qualified elector of said school district at such meeting. Notice of Sec. 9.' At least two weeks previous to the commencement of meetings of board of any such session of the board of registration, the board of eduregistration.

cation shall fix the place in said school district where the board of registration will meet, and, at least eight days before such session of the board of registration, the secretary of the board of education shall give notice by handbills posted in ten public places in said school district, and by publication in one or more newspapers printed in said school district, of the time and place when and where the board of registration will meet. Er. cept as in this act otherwise provided, the general laws of this State relating to the registration of electors in townships shall apply to the registration of electors in said school dis

trict. When re-regis. Sec. 10. At the session of the board of registration next pretration to be - ceding the annual meeting of said school district to be held made.

in the rear one thousand nine hundred five, and every fifth year thereafter, a re-registration of the qualified electors of said school district shall be made in a suitable book to be provided for that purpose at the expense of said school district, of which

swear vote in.

re-registration, notice shall be given with the notice herein. before provided of the time and place when and where such session shall be held; and, after such new registration shall have been made, all previous registers of electors of said school district shall be invalid and no longer used, but the new register of electors shall thereafter be the only register of electors to be used at any meeting of said school district.

Sec. 11. At any annual or special meeting of said school Who to give district, and as soon as the polls are opened, the secretary of inspectors. the board of education shall cause the register of electors to be placed in the hands of the inspectors of election for said meet. ing, to be used by them during the meeting and to be returned to such secretary immediately thereafter; and they shall not receive the vote of any person whose name is not written there in. But, in case any person shall offer and claim the right to When may vote whose name is not so registered, his name may then and there be registered by one of the clerks of election, under the direction of the inspectors, upon the terms and conditions following: One of the inspectors shall administer to him an oath in the following form, viz.: You do solemnly swear that Form of oath. you will true answers make to such questions as shall be asked you touching your qualifications as an elector at this poll; go help you God; or an affirmation to the same effect; which oath or affirmation, if he be unable to understand the English language, may be interpreted to him by an inspector, or by an interpreter sworn by an inspector, which interpreter shall also interpret to him the questions, and his answers thereto to the inspectors. If, in his answers so given on oath or affirma- When person tion, he shall state positively that he has resided in said registration. school district twenty days next preceding said meeting, designating particularly the place of his residence, and that he possesses the other qualifications of an elector at such meeting, stating such qualifications, and shall furthermore swear or affirm that, owing to sickness or bodily infirmity of himself, or some member of his household, giving the name of such member, or owing to his absence from said school district on public or private business and without intent to avoid or delay his registration during the then last session of the board of registration, he has been prevented from causing his name to be registered previously; and, if furthermore some qualified elector of said school district, not a candidate for any office at that meeting, shall take an oath before said in. spectors, which oath any one of said inspectors may administer, that he is well acquainted with such applicant, that such applicant has, in fact, resided in said school district twenty days next preceding such meeting, and that he, such elector, has good reason to believe, and does believe, that all the statements and answers aforesaid of such applicant are true, the inspectors may, in their discretion, direct one of the clerks of election to register such applicant's name and residence, with the date of such registration, as a qualified elector of said school district. If such applicant or such elector shall in said matter wilfully make any false statement, he shall be deemed guilty of perjury,

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