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trict of Crystal Falls shall become and be the debts and liabilities of said school district of Crystal Falls.

whom to

SEC. 37. All money raised or being raised by tax, or ac- Moneys to crued or accruing to the said township school district of Crystal belong. Falls as heretofore organized, shall hereby become and be the money of the school district of Crystal Falls by this act incorporated, and no tax heretofore ordered, assessed or levied for school purposes within the territory included in said district, or other proceedings, shall be invalidated or otherwise affected by means of this act.

powers of

SEC. 38. The board of education shall have power to create Further and appoint such officers and employes not herein otherwise board. provided for as it may deem necessary or expedient for transacting the business of such school district and may prescribe their duties and compensation.


SEC. 39. The compensation of the members of the board of Compensaeducation shall be two dollars for each day's actual service rendered for said school district, and the secretary and treasurer of said board shall receive such compensation for their services respectively, as the said board shall determine.


SEC. 40. All acts or parts of acts in any manner contraven- Repealing ing the provisions of this act are hereby repealed. This act is ordered to take immediate effect. Approved June 4, 1903.

[No. 507.]

AN ACT to reincorporate the board of education of the city of Hastings, and to repeal act number three hundred forty-seven of the Session Laws of eighteen hundred seventy-three, approved April second, eighteen hundred seventy-three.

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

SECTION 1. The city of Hastings shall constitute one school district. The members of the board of education shall be a body corporate, by the name and style of "The Board of Education of the City of Hastings," and by that name may sue and be sued, and shall be subject to the laws of the State relative to corporations that may be applicable thereto. They shall hold and control all moneys, real and personal property, or other rights belonging to said school district, and shall use and expend the same solely for the benefit of the public school, or schools, within said city.

Board to be

body corpor

ate, etc.


SEC. 2. The board of education of the city of Hastings shall How consist of five members, one member for the city at large, and one member for each of the four wards of said city. All the qualified electors of said city may vote for the member for the city at large, while only the qualified electors of each ward may

board to remain in office.

Whenelected. vote for the member from such ward. The members of said

board shall be elected at the annual city election on the first Monday in April, and must be elected by ballot, and the ballots must be separate and contain only the names of the nominees for members of the school board. At the annual city election to be held on the first Monday in April, nineteen hundred four,

the five members of said board of education shall be elected as Term of ofiice. follows: The member for the city at large and the members

for the first and fourth wards shall be elected for a period of two years, beginning July first, nineteen hundred four, and the members for the second and third wards for a period of one year from July first, nineteen hundred four. At the city election in April, nineteen hundred five, successors to the members who were elected at the previous April election to represent the second and thir wards shall be electe!, who s'?/1 hold office for a period of two years from July first, nineteen hun.

dred five. Thereafter the terms of office for the five members of Time school

said board shall be for two years each. The school board of said city of Hastings, as constituted under act number three hundred forty-seven of the Session Laws of eighteen hundred seventy three, approved April second, eighteen hundred seventythree, as amended, which board consists of twelve members, shall continue in office and transact all business of said board until July first, nineteen hundred four, when they shall be succeeded by the new board elected the first Monday in April, nineteen hundred four, as provided herein.

Sec. 3. The board of education shall meet from time to time to meet, etc. at such place in said city as they may designate. A majority

of all members shall constitute a quorum. They may elect from their number a president, a secretary and treasurer. The said board shall keep a record of their proceedings, which shall be signed by the president and secretary; and any proceedings of said board certified by the president and secretary shall be evidence of the fact there in contained. The justice of the peace shall have jurisdiction over all the prosecutions for the yiolation of the by-laws and ordinances passed by said board.

SEC. 4. The board of education of the city of Hastings shall

have power and authority and it shall be their duty: To purcbase First, To purchase sites and build school buildings or other

buildings for school purposes in said city, provided the expense for same shall not exceed five thousand dollars;

Second, To establish and maintain a high school in said city high school.

and prescribe the course of study therein; To employ Third, To appoint and employ a superintendent and all superintend

teachers for the high school and common schools of said city, teachers. who shall be under the authority of said board, and whose

compensation shall be fixed by said board. No immediate relative of any member of said board shall be eligible to hold the position of superintendent, teacher or other employee of the board:

Fourth, To establish and maintain a school library in said sekool library, city, and to designate the place where the same shall be kept,

to appoint a librarian and fix the compensation for same, to

Board of edu

Powers and duties.

sites, etc.

To establish

ent and

To maintain


charge of

purchase books for the school library, appropriating therefor from the school fund raised by taxation in said city not exceeding three hundred dollars in any one year and applying to such purchase all moneys received from the county treasurer or city treasurer which the law permits to be used for support of such library;

Fifth, To apply and receive from the county or city treasurer To expend or other officers all money appropriated or belonging to the library money. school library fund of said city, or for library purposes, and to expend the same according to law;

Sixth, To make by-laws and ordinances for taking the census Further of children of said city; for making reports, and all things that powers and shall be necessary to draw the proportion of the primary school fund belonging to said city; for the visitation of schools and the length of the time school shall be taught (which shall not be less than nine months in each year); for the employment and examination of teachers and their power and duties; for the regulation of school and books to be used therein; for the appointment of necessary officers, and to prescribe their powers and duties; for all necessary purposes that may advance the interest of education in said city and the good government and prosperity of the public schools.

Sec. 5. The treasurer of said city shall collect the money Who to have and keep all school funds belonging to said city separate from schvor all other funds, and he shall pay over to the treasurer of said moneys. board all money on the order of said board. He shall report to the board the condition of the school fund whenever requested by them.

SEC 6. The board of education of said city are hereby au- Board to thorized, and it shall be their duty, once in each year, to ascertain and determine, by resolution passed at any regular meet- needed. ing of the school board, by a yea and nay vote of a majority of all members elect, to be entered on the record, the sums necessary and proper for any and all the following purposes :

First, To lease, enlarge, alter, improve and repair school For houses and their outhouses and appurtenances;

repairs, etc. Second, To purchase, exchange, improve and repair school Apparatus. apparatus, books, furniture and appendages, and to maintain the school library;

Third, To procure fuel, and defray the necessary contingent Fuel, etc. expenses of the schools as well as of the board;

Fourth, To pay teachers' wages after the application of pub- Wages. lic money which may by law be appropriatel und provided for that purpose; and the city supervisors whose duty it shall be to assess the ordinary city taxes, shall levy the sums so certified to them upon the taxable property of said city in the same manner as other taxes are levied. SEC. 7. The treasurer of said board shall have charge of Duties of

treasurer of all moneys or funds belonging to the board and shall out only upon the order of said board, signed by the president and countersigned by the clerk thereof. Said treasurer shall give bonds with good and sufficient securities for at least double

determine amounts

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pay them


A mounts needed, how assessed.


Vacancies in board, how filled.

the amount of moneys entrusted into his hands, for the faithful discharge of his duties.

SEC: 8 Whenever the said board shall, from time to time, determine by resolution what sum or sums of money may be necessary to erect school buildings, or other buildings used for school purposes, not exceeding in cost for any one building, the sum of five thousand dollars in any year, said sum or any part thereof, as they may deem necessary, shall be assessed and levied on the real and personal property of said city, for such building or other school purposes, to be collected as other school moneys, and applied by said board for the purposes aforesaid: Provided, Said resolutions shall have been first approved by a two-thirds vote of the common council of the city of Hastings.

SEC. 9. In case of a vacancy in the office of a member of said board, the same shall be filled by appointment by a majority of said board, of a person in the ward in which such vacancy exists, which appointment shall be until the next an. nual election, and until his successor is elected and qualified.

Src. 10. All provisions of the general law of this State relative to common and union schools shall apply and be in force in said city. except such as may be inconsistent with the provisions of this act or with the by-laws and ordinances of the board of education, and made under this act.

SEC. 11. No member of the board of education shall be di. rectly or indirectly interested in any contracts as principal, surety, or otherwise, the expense or consideration whereof are to be paid under any act or ordinance of said board of education, nor be surety or bondsman on any contract or bond given to said city or board of education.

Sec. 12. Act number three hundred forty-seven of the Session Laws of eighteen hundred seventy-three, entitled "An act to incorporate the board of education of the city of Hastings," is hereby repealed.

This act is ordered to take immediate effect.
Approved June 4, 1903.

General law, how applied.

Members not to be interested in contracts, ete.

Act repealed.

No. 508.]

AN ACT to provide a method for the determination of benefits

and assessment of taxes for the construction of drains, together with the review thereof, in the county of Berrien.

County exempt from certain act.

The People of the State of Asichigan enact: SECTION 1. The county of Berrien, from and after the passage of this act, shall be exempt from the provisions of chapter five of act number two hundred fifty-four of the Public Acts of eighteen hundre: ninety-seven, entitled "An act to provide for the construction and maintenance of drains, and the assessment and collection of taxes therefor, and to repeal all other laws relative thereto," and in lieu thereof shall be subject to the provisions of the following sections :



missioner to

SECTION 1. When the county drain commissioner has com- Drain completed his determination of the route of any proposed drain, make map. he shall cause maps to be made of such route, showing the distances in chains and links across each survey description or parcel of land over which such drain shall pass, for each township into or across which the drain has leen so determined to pass, and shall furnish the proper map to the supervisor of each township to be affected by such drain. On receipt of the Aprortionmap of any proposed drain, the supervisor shall apportion the supervisor. per cent of the cost of the construction of such drain which the township should pay by reason of the benefit to the public health, convenience or welfare, or as a means of improving any highway, and he shall also apportion the per cent of benefits which will accrue to any piece or parcel of land by reason of the construction of such drain, over and above the per cent assessed against the township as aforesaid, and which per cent of benefits he shall apportion upon and assess against the lands benefited.

Sec. 2. The supervisor shall, as soon as his duties under sec- to report to tion one of this chapter have been completed, make report there. probate judge. of to the judge of probate of his county, and make written request that the probate court take cognizance of the matter, and appoint two freeholders of the township to act with him, the said supervisor, as a board of review of his findings and his apportionments and assessments of the per cent of benefits, as provided in section one of this chapter; but it shall be unlawful for the supervisor, in any manner whatever, to suggest to the judge of probate the persons who should be by the said judge of probate appointed as members of said board of review. The Board of re:

view, appointsaid judge of probate shall thereupon appoint two freeholders, as above provided. who shall act with the supervisor as a board etc. of review of the findings, apportionments and assessment of benefits made by the said supervisor, and shall in such appointment name a day when the said board of review shall meet together and go over so much of the route of the proposed drain as many lie in the township for which they were appointed to act, and also a day when the said board of review shall meet at the office of the probate court anil examine in detail the tindings, apportionments and assessment of benefits made by the supervisor; and when said board of review have so met together, having previously together gone over the route of the proposed drain, they shall go over each separate item of the findings, apportionments and assessment of benefits, made by the super

ment, duties,

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