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Further proviso.

When board may appoint treasurer.

Powers and duties of board.

deposits, by publishing notice inviting bids for such deposits in one or more newspapers published in said city, for four successive weeks, and the person or corporation offering the largest amount of interest, and who shall comply with this section shall receive such deposits. The interest accruing therefrom shall be added to the school fund of such district: And, provided further, That said funds shall not be loaned to, or deposited with any member or officer of said board or of the city, or loaned to or deposited with any firm, company or corporation with which any member of said board or officer of said city is interested as partner, stockholder or otherwise, nor shall any member of said board or officer of said city be accepted as surety upon any bond provided for in this section. This proviso shall not apply to banks or bankers. If said city treasurer shall, within twenty days after being required by the board of education, fail to file such bond, as the said board is herein before authorized to require of said treasurer, and shall fail to comply with the directions of the board in that behalf, then and in such case said board may appoint some other person to be treasurer of the district for the unexpired portion of the term of said city treasurer. And the person so appointed shall, upon executing such bond as the board shall require and approve, be custodian of the funds of the district, and shall be entitled to demand and receive the same from the city treasurer from time to time as such funds may come into his hands. If the city treasurer shall fail promptly to comply with such demand, he shall be deemed guilty of embezzlement and be subject to the pains and penalties thereof. The board may fix and pay the person so appointed treasurer a suitable compensation for his services.

SEC. 250. The board of education shall have full power and authority to purchase school sites, improve and ornament the same, to hire or. build and furnish schoolhouses, to establish and maintain schools, employ a superintendent, teachers, janitors and such other officers agents and assistants as in its judgment may be necessary, to provide furniture, fuel, books, apparatus, tools and conveniences necessary or convenient for such schools, to fix the salary and compensation of the superintendent, the teachers and other employes of the district. Said board shall also have full power and authority to make by-laws and ordinances relative to taking the census of all children in said city between the ages of five and twenty years; relative to making all necessary reports and transmitting them to the proper officers as designated by law, so that the said school district may receive its proportion of the primary school funds; relative to visitation of schools; relative to the length of time schools shall be kept, which shall not be less than nine months in each year; relative to the employment and examination of teachers, their powers and duties; relative to the officers and employes of said district, and to prescribe their powers and duties; relative to the regulation of schools, the course of study and the books to be used therein; relative to anything whatever that may advance the interests of education, the

good government and prosperity of the schools in said city, and the welfare of the public concerning the same.

SEC. 251. Said board shall also have power to establish a May establish high school or schools and to grant certificates of scholarship high schools. in such form as it may deem proper to pupils completing satisfactorily the course of study.

mate amount


SEC. 252. Said board shall have the power and it shall be Board to esti its duty annually, on or before the twentieth day of June in needed to be each year, to determine by a majority vote of all the members raised by thereof which said vote shall be entered in the records of its proceedings, the amount of money necessary to be raised by tax on the property of said district to defray the expenses of the schools of said district for the ensuing year and the amount of money necessary to pay the interest and principal of any debt due in each year for such district, also the amount of money necessary to purchase sites for school buildings, and to build or repair any schoolhouse in said district; and the comptroller of said Bay City shall cause the said amounts of money so voted to be assessed upon the taxable property of said city in the first general city tax roll thereafter made, upon which general city taxes shall be assessed; and the comptroller shall have the same power and discharge the same duties, as to the assessment of said school taxes, that can or may be conferred or imposed by law upon him in relation to the general taxes of Bay City. Said taxes shall be collected at the same time and in the same manner as the other city taxes in said roll mentioned: Provided, That the amount which Proviso. may be raised by a tax in any one year for the expense of schools of said district, exclusive of such sum as may be required to pay the principal and interest of the bonded debt. of said district, shall not exceed the sum of one per cent on the assessed valuation of said district according to the last preceding assessment roll of the city.

School taxes,

how set forth,

etc., on roll.

SEC. 253. All taxes assessed and levied under and by virtue of this act for school purposes, shall be set forth in the assessment roll of said city in a separate column, apart and distinguished from all other taxes; and the treasurer of said city shall collect said taxes in money. In the warrant required by law to be annexed by the comptroller to the tax roll upon which such school taxes are assessed, said treasurer shall be commanded and it shall be his duty to levy and collect the school taxes in the same way and at the same time as the general city taxes. Said treasurer shall have and possess all the powers requisite to enforce the collection of said taxes which are given him by the laws of the State for the collection of other taxes. But said treasurer shall not receive in payment of said taxes, any liability or evidence of debt against said city. The Relative to taxes remaining delinquent upon the said roll after the time taxes. allowed for the collection of the same, shall be in all respects returned, managed, treated. collected and enforced in the same way and in the same manner as is provided by law for the return, collection and enforcement of the general city taxes of said city, and the provisions of the general tax laws of this


Board authorized to borrow money and issue bonds.

submitted to


State shall apply to and govern in the proceedings relative to the assessment, collection, enforcement and return of such school taxes, so far as the same may be applicable, except as in this act otherwise provided. The treasurer of the city shall demand and receive from the county treasurer of Bay County all moneys collected or received by him for and on account of such school taxes, and all primary school funds apportioned to said district.

SEC. 254. The board of education of Bay City is hereby authorized from time to time to borrow money and to issue the bonds of said district therefor, for the purpose of purchasing sites for school houses, ornamenting the same, and for buildQuestion to be ing and repairing and furnishing schoolhouses thereon. No money shall be borrowed by said board of education until the same shall be approved by a majority vote of the tax paying electors of said city. Said board shall not contract to pay interest upon any such loan, at a greater rate than five per cent per annum, and no bond shall be sold or negotiated by said board of education, or by any person or officer acting for said board, at less than par. and the interest accrued thereon up to the time of such negotiation and sale. Said loan shall not exceed one-half of one per cent on the total valuation of property on the last preceding assessment roll of said city. Whenever said board of education shall deem it necessary to borrow money for the purposes mentioned in this section, it shall so declare by resolution; said resolution may be in the Form of reso- following form, viz.: Resolved, That this board deems it necessary to borrow the sum of dollars upon the bonds of the district for the purpose of (here state purpose generally); such bonds to be made payable in not less than


Notice of time and place of holding elections.

Form of ballot.


years, nor more than....

years, and to draw .per cent per an

interest at the rate not exceeding.
num." The question of raising such money by loan may be
submitted to a vote of the electors of said city at any general
election held under this act, or at a special election called for
that purpose, said board, shall thereupon, by resolution, direct
such special election to be held in the several wards of said city
at a time and at a place in each ward respectively to be fixed
by said board not less than twenty days thereafter. Thereupon
the recorder of said city shall cause notice of such resolution
and of the time and places of holding such special election to
be posted in three public places in each ward of said city,
and to be published in one or more newspapers printed and
circulated in said city for at least two weeks preceding the time
fixed for holding such special election; such special election
shall be held upon the day and at the places in each ward so
designated in said notice. The vote upon the question of rais-
ing said money by loan shall be by ballot, having written or
printed thereon the words "In favor of the loan" or "Against
the loan." The election shall be conducted in the manner here-
inbefore provided for. The inspectors in each ward respective-
ly shall canvass the votes and certify the result of such election
in such ward to the board of education, and file the same with

the recorder. The board of education shall canvass such certificates and declare the results of such election in the city. Proof by affidavit of the posting and publication of said notice shall be filed with the recorder. Such affidavit and the certificates of the inspectors of such election and the action of the board of education in canvassing the same and declaring the result of such election may be recorded at length upon the records of said board, and a certified copy of such record shall be prima facie evidence of the contents thereof and the genuineness of the signatures thereto.

SEC. 255. All orders drawn on the treasurer for school Orders, how signed. money shall be drawn and signed by the recorder and countersigned by the comptroller. The comptroller, city treasurer and all the employes of the board of education shall take notice officially of the acts, orders and proceedings of said board. SEC. 256. At the first regular meeting of the board held Board to elect presiafter the school election, the board shall elect one of their num- dent, adopt ber president and another vice-president. The president shall by-laws, etc. preside at all meetings of the board, and shall possess the powers and perform the duties provided for in the by-laws and ordinances of the board. In case of the death, continual absence from the city or resignation of the president, or in case of his inability to perform the duties of his office, the same shall, for the time being devolve upon the vice-president. No member of the board shall be personally interested in any contract with the board or with the union school district of Bay City, nor interested in any way in the sale of any property, either real or personal, to said board, or to said union school district, and no member shall vote on any question in which he shall be personally interested, but on all other questions he shall vote unless excused by the unanimous consent of the board. The board may, from time to time, by a two-thirds vote of all the members-elect, adopt such by-laws, ordinances and rules as are not inconsistent with this act. The president, or vice-president when acting as president, may file with the clerk of the board his objections in writing to any by-law, ordinance, resolution, motion or order of the board within five days after the passage or adoption of the same, setting forth the reasons for his disapproval thereof, and in such case such bylaw, ordinance, resolution, motion or order shall not become operative or take effect unless again passed or adopted by a two-thirds vote of all the members elect.

rights, etc., to

SEC. 257. All of the property rights or credits now held or Property existing in the union school district, Bay City, and the board be vested in of education of West Bay City, are hereby confirmed and con- new district. tinued in the union school district, created by this act. Taxes levied for and on account of school purposes in Bay City and West Bay City, or other proceedings had for the collection and enforcement thereof, shall not be in any way affected by the passage of this act, but the same shall be continued and enforced in the same way and manner as now provided by law, except as in this act otherwise provided.

Debts, liabilities, etc.

How may extend time of payment of bonds.

By-laws, etc.. to remain

in force.

SEC. 258. All of the debts and liabilities of the present union school district of Bay City, and of the public schools of West Bay City, whether in the form of bonds or other express contracts, or in any other form, and whether liquidated or not, shall be and become the debts and liabilities of the union school district of Bay City, to the full extent of their present validity.

SEC. 259. Whenever it shall be deemed necessary by the board of education to extend the time of payment of any bonds falling due, new bonds may be issued in place of former bonds so falling due, in such manner as merely to change but not to increase the indebtedness of said school district. Each bond shall show upon its face the fact that it is a refunding bond, and for the refunding of which bond or bonds, it is issued. Such bond shall be issued in any denomination not less than one hundred dollars and not more than one thousand dollars each, as directed by the board of education, and shall be signed by the president and clerk of said board of education, and countersigned by the treasurer thereof. And all bonds issued by said union school district, shall be issued and signed as above provided.

SEC. 260. The by-laws, rules and regulations of the board of education of the Union School District of Bay City, and of the board of education of West Bay City, shall remain in force and continue operative in the territory of the said re spective cities as now constituted, until repealed, amended or modified by the board of education of the union school district of Bay City, except as they may be inconsistent with the provisions of this act, or the general laws of the State.

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SEC. 261. At the first meeting of the board of education herein provided for, or as soon thereafter as convenient, said board shall appoint six persons, who, together with the president of said board of education, shall be trustees of the public library or libraries of Bay City, except as herein otherwise provided; one of said trustees shall hold his office for the term of six years, one for five years, one for four years, one for three years, one for two years, and one for one year, and annually thereafter at the second meeting of said board in the month. of April, there shall be elected one trustee for the term of six years. The said board of education shall designate which of the trustees so first appointed, shall hold for the several terms above mentioned; in case of a vacancy occurring in said board of trustees by death, removal from said city, resignation or otherwise, the said board of education shall appoint a person to fill the said vacancy. Each trustee so appointed shall hold his office until his successor shall have been appointed and *shall have qualified, and for one, two, or more years, as the

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