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be elected or appointed to any office in the city who has been or is a defaulter to the city, or to any board or officer thereof, or to any school district, county, or other municipal corporation of the State. All votes for, or any appointment of any such defaulter shall be void.

SEC. 12. Justices of the peace elected in said city shall take Oath of justices, where and file an oath of office with the county clerk of the county of filed, etc. Jackson, within the same time and in the same manner as in cases of justices of the peace elected in townships. All other Other officers. officers elected or appointed in the city shall within ten days after receiving notice of their election or appointment, take and subscribe the oath of office prescribed by the constitution of the State and file the same with the recorder.



SEC. 13. Every justice of the peace within the time limited Bonds of for filing his official oath shall file with the county clerk of said whom apcounty the security for the performance of the duties of his proved, where office, required by law in the case of justices of the peace elected in townships, except that said official bond or security may be executed in the presence of, and approved by the mayor, and in case he shall enter upon the execution of the duties of his office before having filed his official oath and bond, or security and such other bond, or security to the city as may be required by law or by any ordinance or resolution of the council, he shall be liable to the same penalties as are provided in cases of justices of the peace elected in townships. And every other officer elected or ap- Other officers. pointed in the city, before entering upon the duties of his office, and within the time prescribed for filing his official oath, shall file with the recorder such bond or security as may be required by law, or by any ordinance or requirement of the council and with such sureties as shall be approved by the council for the due performance of the duties of his office, except that the bond or security of the recorder shall be deposited with the city treasurer.

of sureties.

SEC. 14. The council or the mayor or other officer whose Examination duty it shall be to judge of the sufficiency of the proposed sureties of any officer or person of whom a bond or any security may be required by this act or by any ordinance or direction of the council shall enquire into the sufficiency of such sureties and examine them under oath as to their property. Such oath Oath. shall be administered by the mayor or any alderman or other person authorized to administer oaths. The examination of any such surety shall be reduced to writing and be signed and sworn to by him and annexed to and filed with the bond or instrument to which it relates.


SEC. 15. The council may also at any time require any Council may officer, whether elected or appointed, to execute and file with require new the recorder new official bonds, in the same or in such further sums, and with new or such further sureties, as the council may deem requisite for the interests of the corporation. Any failure to comply with such requirement shall subject the officer to immediate removal by the council.



Failure to file bond vacates office.

Vacancy in
elective office,
how filled,

SEC. 16. Resignations of officers shall be made to the council or to the board or body having the appointing power. If any officer shall cease to be a resident of this city, or if elected in and for any ward shall remove therefrom, during his term of office, the office shall thereby be vacated. If any officer shall be a defaulter in office, the office shall thereby be vacated.

SEC. 17. If any person elected or appointed to office shall fail to take and file the oath of office, or shall fail to give the bond or security required for the due performance of the duties of his office, within the time herein limited therefor, the council may declare the office vacant unless previous to such declaration he shall file the oath and give the requisite bonds or security.

SEC. 18. A vacancy in the office of any elective officer, except school inspectors or supervisors occurring more than ninety days before an annual city or general election shall be filled by a special election, and any such vacancy occurring within ninety days before an annual city or general election, and vacancies in the office of school inspector or supervisor shall be filled at the next annual city or general election, but the council may ap point some person to fill the vacancy until the person who shall be elected to the office in which the vacancy occurs shall be In appointive. qualified and enter on the duties of the office. Vacancy in any appointive office shall be filled by appointment by the council, board, body or officer having the power of original appointment within twenty days after the vacancy occurs, such appointment being made upon nomination of the officer or board having the power of original nomination.

Removal not to exonerate officer from


To deliver books, etc., to successor.


SEC. 19. Neither the resignation nor removal of any officer nor the appointment or election of another to the office shall exonerate such officer or his sureties from any liability incurred by him or them.

SEC. 20. Whenever any officer shall resign or be removed from office or the term for which he shall have been elected or appointed shall expire he shall on demand deliver over to his successor in office all the books, papers, moneys or evidences of value and effects in his custody as such officer and in any way appertaining to his office, and every person violating this provision shall be deemed guilty of misdemeanor and may be proceeded against in the same manner as public officers generally for the like offense under the general laws of this State now or hereafter in force, and applicable thereto, and every officer appointed or elected under this act shall be deemed an officer within the meaning and provisions of such general laws of the State.

Mayor, duties, etc.



SECTION 1. The mayor shall be the chief executive officer of the city. He shall from time to time give the council information concerning the affairs of the corporation and recommend

such measures as he may deem expedient. It shall be his duty to exercise supervision over the several departments of the city government and to see that the laws relating to the city and the ordinances and regulations of the council are enforced. SEC. 2. The mayor shall be a conservator of the peace and To be conas such may exercise within the city powers conferred upon peace. sheriffs to suppress disorder and shall have authority to command the assistance of all able bodies citizens to aid in the enforcement of the ordinances of the council and to suppress riot and disorderly conduct.

servator of


SEC. 3. The mayor may suspend any appointive officer at May suspend any time and shall report such suspension to the officer. board or body having the power of appointment or confirmation of such officer, at the next meeting of such board or body and shall state his reasons for such suspension in such report. The mayor may also suspend any clerk or subordinate employee of the city, for neglect of duty or for other cause, and shall report such suspension to the officer, body or board having the power of appointment of such clerk or subordinate employee, and state his reasons for such suspension. Such suspension shall continue until the officer, body or board having the power of appointment shall act thereon.

books, etc.

SEC. 4. The mayor shall have authority at all times to ex- May examine amine and inspect the books, records and papers of any department of the city government or any agent, employee or officer of the corporation and shall perform generally all such duties as are or may be prescribed by the ordinances of the city.

member cer

SEC. 5. The mayor shall be ex officio a member of the follow- Ex-officio ing administrative boards: Board of public libraries, board of tain boards. park and cemetery trustees, board of city hospital, and as such member may act with such boards in all particulars the same as the regularly appointed members thereof.

SEC. 6. The mayor shall receive an annual salary of one Salary. thousand dollars, payable monthly.

in absence

SEC. 7. In the absence or disability of the mayor or in the Who to act event of any vacancy in his office, the president of the council of mayor. shall perform the duties of mayor during such absence, dis

ability or vacancy.

todian of


SEC. 8. The recorder shall be the custodian of all the docu- Recorder, cusments, official bonds, contracts, papers. files and records of the records, etc. city not by this act or the ordinances of the councii intrusted to some other officer, and shall keep the corporate seal. He Clerk of shall be clerk of the council but shall have no vote therein. He shall also act as secretary of the board of public works and of the board of fire commissioners, as the clerk of the board of park and cemetery commissioners, and secretary or clerk of such other boards of the city as the council may from time to time direct. He shall attend the meetings of the common council and the meetings of the boards of which he may be clerk or secretary and record all their proceedings, ordinances and resolutions, and shall countersign and register all licenses

To be general accountant.

Keep books, countersign bonds, etc.

To report to council.

granted. He shall, when required, make and certify under the seal of the city copy of the papers and records filed and kept in his office, and such copies shall be evidence in all places of the matters therein contained to the same extent that the original would be. He shall possess and exercise the powers of a township clerk so far as the same are required to be performed within the city, and he shall have authority to administer oaths and affimations. He shall be the custodian of the ballot boxes, tickets and all property, except voting machines, pertaining to elections, which shall be by law required to be kept or furnished by said city.

SEC. 9. The recorder shall be the general accountant of the city and all claims against the corporation shall be filed with him for adjustment; after examination thereof he shall report the same with all accompanying vouchers and counter claims of the city and the true balance as found by him, to the council, for allowance, and when allowed shall draw his warrant upon the treasurer for the payment thereof, designating thereon the fund from which payment is to be made and take proper receipts therefor, but no warrant shall be drawn upon any fun after the same has been exhausted. No warrant shall be valid until countersigned by the mayor. When any tax or money shall be levied, raised or appropriated the recorder shall report the amount thereof to the city treasurer, stating the objects and funds for which it is levied, raised or appropriated, and the amounts thereof to be credited to each fund.

SEC. 10. The recorder shall have charge of all books, vouchers and documents relating to accounts, contracts, debts and revenues of the corporation. He shall countersign and register all bonds issued, and keep a list of all property and effects belonging to the city, and of all its debts and liabilities. He shall keep a complete set of books exhibiting the financial condition of the corporation in all its departments, funds, resources and liabilities with a proper classification thereof and showing the purpose for which each fund was raised. He shall keep an account with the treasurer in which he shall charge said treasurer with all the tax and assessment rolls of the city and all rolls for water rates that may be placed in the hands of said treasurer with all the tax and assessment rolls of the city, and all rolls for water rates that may be placed in the hands of said treasurer for collection, and with all moneys received from any source for each of the several funds of the city, and credit said treasurer with all the warrants drawn thereon that may be paid by him, keeping a separate account with each fund. When any fund has been exhausted the recorder shall immediately advise the council thereof.

SEC. 11. The recorder shall report to the council on the first Monday of each month a statement showing the condition of all the funds of the city, and whenever required a detailed statement of the receipts, expenditures and financial condition of the city, of the debts to be paid and moneys required to meet the estimated expenses of the corporation, and shall per

form such other duties pertaining to his office as the council may require. The recorder shall receive an annual salary of Salary. sixteen hundred dollars, payable monthly, which shall be in full for all services rendered by him except the fees to which he may become entitled for filing chattel mortgages and bills of sale intended as securities, and renewals of the same. Also Fees such fees as he may become entitled to as a witness for private parties or for making copies of papers in his office and certifying the same at the instance of parties not connected with the city government.


SEC. 12. The recorder shall appoint a deputy recorder who May appoint shall have and exercise in the absence or disability of the recorder all the powers and duties of the recorder. He shall hold his office during the pleasure of the recorder, and shall receive an annual salary of nine hundred dollars, payable monthly: Provided, That in case of a permanent vacancy in the office of Proviso. the recorder, from death or other cause, the deputy recorder shall receive the salary provided for the recorder, upon furnishing the bond required by law, until such vacancy shall be filled as provided by law.

SEC. 13. The treasurer shall be the collector of all taxes and Treasurer, duties, etc. assessments levied within the city, and of the State and county taxes upon property therein, and he shall perform all such duties in relation to the collection of taxes and assessments as the council shall prescribe. The treasurer shall have the custody of all moneys, bonds, mortgages, notes, leases and evidences of value belonging to the city. He shall receive all money belonging to and receivable by the corporation and the receipt of any other officer than the treasurer will not be valid as against the city, except as herein otherwise provided, or as the common council may hereinafter by ordinance direct. He shall pay no money out of the treasury except in pursuance of and by authority of law and upon warrants signed by the recorder and countersigned by the mayor, which shall specify the purpose for which the amounts thereof are to be paid. He shall cancel such warrants when paid by writing or stamping across the face thereof the word "paid," and the date of payment, and enter in a book to be kept by him the number, date, amount and time of payment of such warrant and the name of the payee named therein. He shall keep an account of and be charged with all taxes levied and all water rate rolls, and all money appropriated, raised or received for each fund of the corporation, and shall keep a separate account of each fund, and shall credit thereto all moneys raised, paid in or appropriated therefor, and shall pay every warrant out of the particular fund against which the warrant was issued, having the name of such fund endorsed thereon by the recorder.

SEC. 14. The treasurer shall render to the council on the To report to first Monday of every month, and oftener if required, a report council. of the amounts received and credited to him by each fund, and on what account received, and the amounts paid out by him from each fund during the preceding month, and the amount of money remaining in each fund on the day of his report, and

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