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State Board of Education.

SACRAMENTO, CAL., March 17, 1900. The State Board of Education, pursuant to the call of the Secretary, met in the office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, at 9:30 o'clock, A. M., Saturday, March 17, 1900.

The meeting was called to order by Secretary Kirk.

Present, Edward T. Pierce, Samuel T. Black, James McNaughton, Frederic L. Burk, C. C. Van Liew, Benjamin Ide Wheeler, Thomas J. Kirk.

Absent, Governor Henry T. Gage, Elmer E. Brown.

On motion Mr. Pierce was made President pro tem in the absence of the Governor. The minutes of the meeting held October 21, 1899, were read and approved.

The Secretary reported that he had submitted to the Attorney-General the question:

"Shall experience as a county or city superintendent of schools be counted the same as teaching experience for the same length of time under Sub. 4 of Sec. 1521 of the Political Code ?" and that he had received from that official an opinion to the effect that such experience as superintendent should not be so counted.

The following motion was then duly made and carried.

That the Secretary be requested to obtain the opinion of the Attorney-General on the following question:

"Suppose the person is a regularly certificated teacher and actively engaged in teaching and is afterwards elected and appointed a county superintendent of schools, does such person then cease to be a teacher or will his supervision of the schools of the county be counted as experience as a teacher.” The same in regard to a regularly certificated teacher who may afterwards be elected or appointed a city superintendent of schools.

The Secretary submitted twenty-two chapters of the revised Advanced History manuscript which had been received from Mr. C, H. Keyes in response to demands made upon him by order of the Board On motion the same was referred to a committee consisting of Dr. Wheeler and Dr. Brown for examination.

On motion it was ordered that a peremptory telegram be sent to Mr. Keyes demanding that he send the balance of the revised Advanced History manuscript to the Secretary at once, same when received to be immediately forwarded to the special committee named above for examination.

The following persons, being favorably reported by the Committee on Credentials for Diplomas, and having complied with the law, were granted diplomas and documents:

Life Diplomas of the High School Grade-Alfred C. Abshire, recommended by the Sis kiyou County Board; Milton E. Blanchard, San Francisco; J. H. Francis, Los Angeles Fannie W. McLean, Alameda; Eva Pogue, Tulare; Chester Wetmore, Solano.

Life Diplomas of the Grammar Grade—J, H. Allen, recommended by the Sonoma County Board; Margaret Anderson, Sacramento; Nettie Arnold, Mendocino; Clara B. Bailey, Sa Francisco; B. M. Bainbridge, San Joaquin; Martha D. Baker, Alameda; Alice V. Baxley Alameda; Kate E. rown, Napa; Luella H. Bryan, Los Angeles; Aaron A. Bumgarner Napa; Mrs. M. L. Campbell, Tuolumne; Haddie C. Clark, Sonoma; Lida C. Clark, Sant Clara; Mrs. Annie W. Clothier, Solano; Josephine Cohn, San Francisco; Lizzie Cole, Yol Ella Peart Clevinger, Yolo; Juanita V. Conley, Sonoma; Mrs. Lottie M. Cornwell, Star islaus; Mrs. Ella M. Cox, Santa Clara; R. L. Crane, Yolo; Olive Harper Dempster, Al meda; Mrs. Minnie de Vilbiss, Yolo; Kate C. Devine, Santa Clara; J. F. Dibble, Mend cino; Mary Frances Doyle, San Mateo; Laura Duncan, Los Angeles; Serena Elenor Elde Siskiyou; Zader Eley, Fresno; Etta Ellerhorst, Alameda; Theresa M. Fredericks, si Francisco; Nellie G. Gallagher, San Francisco; Mary C. Gann, Calaveras; Rachel Goldne Amador; Daisy T. Brooks-Goldring, San Diego; Sarah F. Goss, San Francisco; Eva Griffin, Contra Costa; Mabel E. Hale, San Diego; Inez E. Hancock, Riverside; Lym

Harford, Sonoma; Edward T. Harms, Alameda; Annie Harney, San Francisco; Cora F. Hart, San Francisco; J. T. Hennessy, Nevada; Elizabeth K. C. Hill, Contra Costa; Annie J. Hopkins, Alameda; Leoline Hopkins, Santa Clara; Eugenia Huffaker, Kern; Franc J. Humphrey, Fresno; Mrs. Alcy L. Hutton, Kings; Edna Orr James, San Joaquin; Melvania Jones, Los Angeles; Alice L. Joslin, Contra Costa; Lizzie A Keenan, Nevada, Geneva Shaw Kemble, Alameda: Kate A. Kennedy, Calaveras; May E. Kennedy, San Francisco; Charles E. Keyes, Alameda; Mary B Killefer, Los Angeles; Maggie R, Kottinger, Santa Clara; Annie Lane, San Mateo; Martha E. Leathers, San Diego; Teresa C. Leonard, Santa Cruz; David William Lindsay, Tulare; Gertrude W. Littlejohn, Alameda; Annie A. Lyons, Sonoma; Mrs. Clara E. Maddox, Alameda; Belle Maines, Tehama; M. Alice Malline, San Francisco; Jessie I. Martin, Butte; Catherine A. Maxwell, San Francisco; Mrs. L. A. Maxwell, Napa; Julie A. Michelson, San Francisco; Minnie A. Mullen, Alameda; Minnie A. McLean, San Mateo; S. Elien McFarland, Alameda; Maria Pioda, Santa Cruz; Nevada Porch, Tulare; Mrs. Cora Ralph Post, San Joaquin; Nellie T. Reardon, Monterey; Nancy Ellen Reavis, Los Angeles; Olive Wilson Reed, Yolo; Carrie Reeves, Los Angeles; Dorothy E. Rockefellow, Alameda; Minnie Roth, Sacramento; Julia E. Saalburg, San Francisco; Mrs. Elizabeth S. J. Shanahan, Shasta; Abbie W. Shipp, Fresno; Sarah S. Simpson, San Francisco; James M. Sinclair, Calaveras; Ellen A. Sleator, San Francisco; Caddie Boynton Smith, Nevada; Jessie R. Smith, Sonoma; Joel H. Smith, Tulare; Annie M. Smullen, Contra Costa; Jennie Snook, Sacramento; Florenco Starr, Tulare; Sadie Summerville, San Joaquin; Julia G. Sweeney, Solano; Kate M. Tindall, Mendocino; Kate Augusta Turney, Ventura; Ida Upp, Mendocino; Henry S. Verney, Butte; Clara M. Walker, Tehama; Milcena Wilcox, Sacra. mento; George Williams, San Mateo; M. Ellen Wilson, Alameda; Esther Alice Wright, Tehame.

Educational Diplomas of the High School Grade-Henry G. Crocker, recommended by the San Diego County Board; Irvin C. Hatcb, Sonoma; L. B. Scranton, Yolo.

Educational diplomas of the grammar grade-Mary A. Ames, recommended by the Napa County Board; F. Fern Andrews, Sacramento; May E. Ayres, Calaveras; Alice Bagley, Amador; Ada Banker, Mendocino; Ada M. Banta, Napa; Mrs. R. W. Barnett, Amador; James A. Beaver, Kings; Rosaline N. Bell, Shasta; Julia L. Bellingall, Santa Clara; Theodora Ione Birdseye. San Diego; Nellie I. Bonham, Lake; Mary Eugenia Boyd, Marin; Lottie Braddy, Amador; Margaret Bradley, Alameda; Louise H. Bradshaw, Orange; Mame T. Brady, Tuolumne; R. Gertrude Brokaw, Sutter; Rose McMabon Brosnahan, Sonoma; May Burgess, Sacramento; Le Roy Burns, Sutter; Mary A. Call, Sonoma; C. H. Campbell, Contra Costa; Blanche Carpenter, Alameda; Lucy A. Carpenter, Solano; Nellie V. Casey, Son Mateo; Lulu M. Chaney, San Benito; Alfred E. Clark, Placer; Katie E. Coats, Fresno; La Verne Coggeshall; Sacramento; May C. Crawford, Yuba; Elvira S. Crosby, Placer; Mrs. Bernice Cunningham, Merced; Kate J. Curley, Santa Clara; Ella Dakan, Santa Cruz; Mary Gertrude Donnelly, Alameda; Rebecca M. E. Donahue, San Mateo; Edith Easton, Riverside; C. Belle Ebe, San Joaquin; J. J. Finney, Solano; Annie M. Ford, Alameda; Mary T. Ford, Stanislaus; Anna Foster, Yolo; Eva Hopkins Freeland, Calaveras; Haidee S. Glasscock, Ventura; James W. Grace, Butte; E. May Grant, Santa Cruz; F. J. Gundry, Yuba; Jennie E. Hall, Monterey; Pearl W. Hall, Santa Clara; Edith F. Henry, Tulare; Jennie M. Hewlett, Marin; Clara Hinds, Kings; Vernie C. Nixon-Holland, Santa Clara; Mattie Humphrey, Yolo; Edith Johnson, Tehama; Loretta B. Kaler, Calaveras; Zinie Kidder, Santa Cruz; Alice Kilgo, Placer; Freda Lambert, San Joaquin; Will S. Lavy, Nevada; Bessie L. Leavitt, Fresno; Fred H. Leutzinger, Humboldt; Esther Lovingston, San Francisco; Mary H. Manning, Shasta; D. E. Martin. Sonoma; Alice McCollum, Los Angeles; Lizzie Grace McCormack, Marin; Thomas H. Maguire, Nevada; Mary E. Pater. 300, San Benito; Walter B. Pemberton, Mendocino; Rose B. Porter, Amador; Mrs. Russie Martin Rader, Fresno; Ida M, Reagan, Butte; Mrs. Lucy Richards, Butte; Lillian Rogers, Sonoma; Henrietta Rose, San Diego; Minnie J. Ross, Butte; Mrs. Mabel G. Ross, Ventura; Margaret Sackett, Napa; Lorinda M. Sauber, Tehama; Frankie Shomate, Korn; Catherine E. Skinner, Napa; Nora Smith, Mendocino; George E. Springer, Butte; Lottie M. Stanley, Nevada; Adelaide Stites, Sonoma; Lina P. Stone, San Diego; Nettie Louise Stover, Plumas; Belle Temby, Nevada; Marguerite Vineyard, Yuba; M. Edna Walker, Los Angeles; Annie

M. Wasgatt, Fresno; Maude Watkins, San Diego; Mrs. Katie West, Glenn; W. H. Whited, Mendocino; Alice E. Whiteside, Santa Clara; Minnie Wren, Madera.

Documents to accompany Normal School diplomas–Gertrude Abel, recommended by the Santa Clara County Board; Josephine Alexander, Orange; Mary F. Anderson, Santa Clara; Julia L. Bellingall, Santa Clara; Bonnie E Berdrow, Santa Clara; Mabel C. Black, Sonoma; Helen A. Bradley, Santa Barbara; Annie E. Britton, Santa Clara; Mellie L. Burns, Siskiyou; Nellie Carr, Sonoma; Ella Camper, Yuba; Margaret Clausen. Monterey; Margaret Collins, Yuba; Alice 1. Crichton, Santa Clara; Harriet Cuthbertson, Santa Clara; Serena M. Davis, Santa Clara; Edith F. Eberle, Santa Barbara; May Evans, Santa Clara; Mildred I. Farrell, Marin; Evaline Fishbeck, Madera; Gertrude A. Forrester, Shasta; Susie Gallimore, Santa Clara; Lena Agusta Geraldson, Placer; Alice G. Hall, Los Angeles; Lenore Harlan, Santa Clara; La ira Irene Hickman, Santa Clara; Mary Sue Hickman, Santa Ciara; Vernie C. Nixon Holland, Santa Clara; Avis Hopkins, Yuba; Alice M Hyde, San Joaquin; Loma E. Jordan, Santa Clara; Alice L. Joslin, Contra Costa; Minnie L. Kellogg, Santa Barbara; Mary Ruth Kirby, Solano; Adeline B Lathan, Shasta; Grace A. Laughlin, Santa Barbara; Florence May Longley, Los Angeles; Ida M. Love, Santa Clara; Beeda Metcalf, Los Angeles; Virginia Morgan, Fresno; Sara A. Murray, Santa Clara; Martha McClure, Los Angeles; Ethel McCormack, Santa Clara; Alice S. McDougall, Santa Clara; Jeanette Nason, Plumas; Lizzie G. Newkirk, Los Angeles; Laura Peterson, Monterey; Nellie T. Reardon, Monterey; Cora A. Reavis, Los Angeles; Nancy Ellen Reavis, Los Angeles; Mrs. I. M. C. Smith, San Joaquin; Annie M. Smullen, Contra Costa; Myrtle G. Stein, Los Angeles; Clara Stewart, Santa Clara; Maud A. Thomas, Los Angeles, Roberta A. Thompson, Santa Clara: Lulu Thorp, San Joaquin; Helena Barbid Thorp, Kern; Lilla Irene Todd, San Joaquin; Martha M. Trimble, Santa Clara; Anna M. Tritt, Los Angeles; Addie S. Turner, Monterey; Agnes M Wallace, Los Angeles; Emma McClain Wallace, Orange; Emma Weed, Butte; Ada M. Weld, Santa Clara; Nellie L. Wentworth, San Benito; Sarah F. Whitehurst, Santa Clara; Eldana Agnes Wilson, Solano; Bessie G. Wyman, Sonoma; Augusta F. Anderson, Lucy A. Barker, Margaret E. Church, Teresa Goodman, Bernard C. Healey, Lydia D. Killifer, Antoinette Knowles, Myrth E. Small, Maud A. Thomas, Agnes M. Wallace.

Documents to accompany University diploma-Eleanor V. Bennett, recommended by the Fresno County Board; Cecelia B. Cronise, Solano; George B. Finnigan, Nevada; Florence N. Hamilton, Alameda; Philip Benjamin Smith, San Mateo.

The following named persons, having surrendered their life diplomas granted prior to June 2, 1893, were granted in lieu thereof life diplomas of the new issue:

Ida E. Coles, Lulu F. Durkin, Anna Dwyer, Sovia A. Folsom, Cora Gallagher, Bertha Goldsmith, Rosalie Harby, Marguerite E. Hayburn, Sophie A. Hobe, Marie J. Johnson, William Leggett, Georgie Libby, S. Jennie Mann, Annettie D. Miley, Mrs. Ruth McClellan, George McDonald, Thomas W. Power, Mary E. Roberts, Mrs. Isabella D. Rodgers, Annie Rollins, Manuela G. Salcido, E. Louise Smith, Mary S. Moulthrop, Mary F. Traynor, Marie Von Buchholtz.

Henry B. Everett was granted a duplicate educational diploma of the grammar grade, having filed an affi lavit to the effect that his original diploma had been destroyed by fire.

Alice M. O'Connor was granted a duplicate life diploma of the grammar grade on the same conditions

The following resolution was passed:

Resolved, That in future, no application for any of the diplomas or documtent: granted by this Board, will be consid -red that are not in the hands of the Secre ary of the Board by the last mail arriving at least forty-eight hours before the meeting o the Board.

The special committee of three, appointed at the last meeting to investigate an define what in the judgment of this Board, constitutes an acceptable official Stat educational journal, submitted the following report which was adopted:

"The Committee on State Educational Journal desires to submit the following "report:

“We believe that a State educational journal, in order to be a worthy represen"tative of State educational interests, should aim at the following characteristics:

"(1) Freedom from personal or institutional praise, particularly in all cases where "such commendation might in any way be subject to misconstruction.

(2) Freedom from over illustration, especially by cuts of individuals, which "always adds to the expense of a magazine.

(3) It should not get tied up to any one paid contributor so as to limit its free"dom to avail itself of the best whenever and wherever it can get it and is able to pay for it.

“(4) It should in some regular and systematic way present the main facts of all "educational movements of interest to educational work in California.

(5) It should offer thoro and efficient reviews of current educational literature.

(6) It should maintain a department for such official decisions and acts (e. g. "of the doings of the State Board of Education) as should become matters of gen"eral educational intelligence; and for a calendar of some of the most important "duties falling to the school boards for each month in question.

(7) It should offer stimulating and workable suggestions with reference to the "daily duties of the school room.

(8) It should maintain a department for school trustees.

(9) The form best adapted to such a journal is that ordinarily used by the pop"ular monthlies and by some of our educational journals, (as the Educational Re"view and Pedagogical Seminary) for in such form they are readily placed on file "and more likely to be preserved for future reference.

(10) In this form all commercial matter should be carefully segregated from "the educational contents and the different departmemts maintained by the journal "should be carefully placed and headed.

“C. C. VAN LIEW, Chairman,


A communication was received from the County Board of Education of San Diego County, charging Miss Ella E Ale, of Fallbrook, Cal., with unprofessional conduct, and praying that her life diploma granted by this Board be revoked. After reference to the Committee on Grievances and Charges, Miss Ale was cited to appear at the next meeting of the Board to show cause why her diploma should not be revoked.

A communication was received from Messrs. Houghton, Miffin & Co., publishers, of Boston, Mass., requesting payment of royalty on matter used in the State text-books as per contract. On motion payment of the claim was ordered.

A communication was received from the County Board of Education of Siskiyou County, re-referring to the Board the case of A. C. Barbour, charged with unprofessional and immoral conduct, submitting further evidence. The same was referred to the Committee on Grievances and Charges, and upon the report of that committee the life diploma of Mr. A. C. Barbour was duly and formally revoked. The Board then took a recess until 1 P. M.

AFTERNOON SESSION. The Board re-convened at 1:45 P. M. with members present as at morning session and Elmer E. Brown.

The Committee on Accrediting Colleges submitted a report recommending that the University of Illinois be placed upon the accredited list. The report was adopted.

The Board then went into executive session to consider matters relative to State text-books.

EXECUTIVE SESSION. In executive session the prices of State text-books for the ensuing school year were fixed as follows:

[blocks in formation]

Report of the Sub-Committee of the California Educational


Gentlemen—The sub-committee appointed to outline matter for your consideration, during the meeting that convenes Thursday, April 12, 1900, adopted the following:

"Resolved, That we recommend to the Educational Commission the following order of business:

(1) The consideration, in general terms, of the report of this sub-committee, the seroral items being taken up as printed seriatim;

"(2) The appointment of committees to embody, in the form of proposed legislative enactments, the several measures which the Commission shall approve;

“(3) A later session of the Commission to be held in the ensuing fall, to which these committees shall report; the measures so reported to be then put in final form for presentation to the Logislature."

The following is a synopsis of the recommendations approved by the sub-committee. CERTIFICATION OF TEACHERS-DUTIES OF COUNTY BOARDS OF EDUCATION.


1. No changes should be made that impair the validity of existing certificates, and such certificates should be renewable as heretofore.

2. Statistics show that the formal examination as a basis for certification is becoming obsolete, and that the credential basis is rapidly increasing in favor. Also, that our professional training schools are supplying as many teachers as the schools require.

3. The large excess of certificated teachers in the State makes it practicable to raise the requirement for teachers' certificates.

4. (a) High-school certificates should be issued on credentials only; (6) Elementary, kindergarten, and special certificates should be based on credentials, or on examination in accordance with higher standards than now prevail, such examinations should be held not oftener than once a year; (c) The issuance of primary certificates and of educational diplomas should be discontinued.


In addition to present duties, members of the County Board should assist the Superintendent in the work of school supervision and receive additional compensation therefor. Leader of Discussion

County Superintendent ROBT. FURLONG, San Rafael.

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