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IF, when held at arms's length, some of the ab ve letters appear blacker

than others, you are in need of .. SEVD for booklet “How to Test Your



S. A. ACKER, Optician

1016 Market Street, opposite Fifth,



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EDUCATION; MRS I. D. RODGERS, Publisher California System
of Vertical Writing.


Society Card and Engraving Company


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Established nearly 40 years. Thoroughly teaches Shorthand, Typewriting. Bookkeeping. Telegraphy, Penmanship, Electric, Civil and Mining Engineering, Assaying, the English branches and everything pertaining to a Business Education. 25 Teachers, writing machines. 17,000 Graduates; over 300 Graduates annually placed in positions with the leading firms of the Coas.

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HOME OFFICE : 222 Sansome St., WM. CORBIN, Sec'y & Mgr


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Complete Catalogs and Terms on Application. THE WHITAKER & RAY COMPANY


San Francisco

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Diplomas and

Commencement Stationery

Our Facilities for executing this class of work are

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The Whitaker

Ray Co.

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Sec. 2.

Sec. 3

An Act Establishing a Department of Public Instruction in the

Philippine Islands. SECTION 1. A Department of Public Instruction for the Philippine Islands is hereby established, the central office of which shall be in the city of Mapila All primary instruction in the schools established or maintained under this act shall be free.

All schools heretofore established in the Philippine Islands, under the auspices of the Military Government, are hereby declared to be in the Department of Public Instruction established by section one and are made subject to the control of the officers of this department.

The chief officer of this department shall be denominated the General Superintendent of Public Instruction and shall be appointed by the Commission. His annual salary shall be six thousand dollars ($6,000). He shall have the following powers and duties, to be exercised and discharged under the general supervision of the Military Governor:

(a) He shall establish schools in every pueblo in the Archipelago, where practicable, and shall reorganize those already established, where such reorganization is necessary.

(6) He shall appoint, in accordance with Act No. 25, enacted October 17, 1900, a City Superintendent of Schools for Manila, and Division Superintendents of Schools for other parts of the Archipelago, and the teachers and clerks authorized by law, and shall prescribe the duties of such teachers and clerks.

(c) He shall fix the salaries of the division superintendents and teachers within the limits established by law.

(d) He shall fix a curriculum for primary, secondary and other public schools and shall decide in what towns secondary schools shall be established.

(e) He shall divide the Archipelago into school divisions, not more than ten (10) in number, and shall fix the boundaries thereof, with power to

The interest in the administration of schools in the Philippines is so great that the Act establishing a department of education is printed in full.

change the same when necessary, but the city of Manila and its barrios shall constitute one of such school divisions.

(f) He shall prescribe the authority to be exercised by the Principal Teacher of each school over the other teachers, if any, and his duties in caring for the schoolhouse and school property.

(9) He shall prescribe plans for the construction of schoolhouses to be built by the municipalities, the amount of land required in each case, and rules of hygiene which shall be observed in connection with the schools of the Archipelago.

(h) He shall make contracts for the purchase of school supplies authorized by law, and, whenever practicable, he shall invite bids by public advertisement and shall award the contract to the lowest responsible bidder.

(1) He shall have power to determine the towns in which English teachers, to be paid out of the Insular Treasury, shall teach. He may exercise this discretion in favor of those towns showing their loyalty to the United States by their peaceful condition, and in favor of those towns which shall construct and maintain suitable schoolhouses by local taxation or contributions.

(j) In case of a vacancy in the office of a division superintendent or that of the Superintendent of Manila, he shall discharge all the duties of such position during the vacancy, or may make a temporary appointment to fill the same.

(k) He shall examine and pass upon all requisitions made for funds by division superintendents and forward them, with his recommendation, to the Chief Executive for submission to the Commission.

(1) On or before January first and July first of each year, he shall make a report of his administration for the previous six months to the Military Governor and to the Commission, and such special reports as may from time to time be called for by either. In the regular semi-annual reports, it shall be the duty of the Superintendent to recommend changes in the school law which he deems expedient.

(m) He shall exercise general supervision over the entire department, and shall prepare and promulgate rules for the examination and determination of the qualifications of applicants for positions of division superintendents and teachers, and for the guidance of the officers and teachers of the department, adapted to carry out this law and not inconsistent with its provisions.

There shall be a superior advisory board of education composed of the General Superintendent and four members to be appointed by the Commission. It shall be the duty of the Board to hold regular meetings once in two months, on a day to be fixed by resolution of the Board, and such special meetings as shall be called by the General Superintendent. The General Superintendent shall act as President of the Board and keep minutes of its proceedings. It shall be the duty of the Board to assist the General Superintendent by advice and information concerning the educational needs and condition of the Islands ; to make such investigations as

SEC. 4.

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