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By sending orders for School Supplies Water Color Paints and Kindergarten Materials to our NEW BRANCH HOUSE here. All goods sold at EASTERN PRICES.

Our new 80-page Catalog mailed Free. Address MILTON BRADLEY CO. 122 McAllister Street, H. O. PALEN, Manager.


and Loan Association

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300-306 Post St., San Francisco, Cal.

210-212 N. Main St., Los Angeles, Cal. School Furniture and Supplies, Hyloplate Blackboards, Maps, Charts, Globes, Organs, Etc.

Adjustable School

Library Globes

High School Adjustable Desk and Chair
All sizes.
U.S.Bunting Flags,etc.

Also at
North West School Furniture Co.

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291 Yamhill Street, PORTLAND, Or. sond for Catalog

Home Black Boards.


Edited by ESTELLE M. HURLL Each number 12mo, about 100 pages, with fifteen representative pictures and a portrait of the artist; and with explanatory text, introductions, suggestions to teachers, and a pronouncing vocabulary.

Each Number, Paper, 35 cents; Cloth, 50 cents

Issued in October, December, February, and April. Subscription Price for any Four Consecutive Issues ; Paper, $1.25; Cloth, $1.80 1899–1901.-1. Raphael. 2. Rembrandt. 3. Michelangelo. 4. Jean François Millet.

5. Sir Joshua Reynolcs 6. Murillo. 7. Greek Sculpture. 8. Titian. 1901–1902.—9. Landseer (in preparation). 10. Corregio. 11. Tuscan Sculpture.

12. Van Dyck.

Descriptive circulars will be sent on application

HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN & COMPANY 4 Park Street, Boston 85 Fifth Avenue, New York 378-388 Wabash Avenue, Chicago

The Raymond Coaching School

TEACHERS; Send for catalogue oL

465 Eddy St., San Francisco Preparing Candidates for Teachers' Cer

tificates a Speciality.
REFERENCES: University Professors and Normal
School Presidents.
For circulars, address W. H. V. RAYMOND,


Embossed, Fringed, Frosted, Gift Cards, Drawing, Reading, History, Language, Composition,

Busy Work, Alphabet, Number, Merit, Honor, Perfect, Sentence, Credit. Prize Cards. Entertainments, Speakers, Dialogues, Plays, Drills, Marches, Tableans, and Teachers' Books, School Aids, Diplomas, Certificates, School Reports, and various useful supplies for teachers. Address, A. J. FOUCH & CO., WARREN, PA.

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FRANK J. BROWNE, BERKELEY. MANY courses of study have come under my observation, courses for states, for cities, and for counties. There is usually to be found in them some indication that the authorities are trying to keep up with the latest educational thought. They direct attention to the newest methods for teaching reading, and recommend the latest books on the market. Spelling is “reformed,” and one would think that the present generation of pupils are to vie with the dictionary in correct orthography. Writing, too, has been “reformed,” and from the old Spencerian slant we now have the "roundhand," "semi-slant,” or some “natural ” or “national” system of vertical penmanship which saves nervous energy and stimulates mental alacrity. All sorts of "richness" has been injected into the course of study, with all degrees of success and failure. Latin has been brought down into the grammar grades, and algebra and geometry has taken part of the time once given to arithmetic. Only here and there has the subject of history received adequate attention. A few good books have been published on history in the grades, but no universal awakening has been set on foot.

Wherever children are observed, whether on the playground, on the streets, or in any public place, never is their conversation upon grammar, writing, or arithmetic. The parsing of a verb does not appeal to the life interest of a child. It is interested in what med have done, what they are now doing. Action is eloquence. The abstract theory of anarchy attracts no attention — the DOING of anarchy arouses the civilized world. There is surely a call for more history, more heroism, more bravery, more adventure, in the school course. The deeds of humanity in the past, the conditions of

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