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The History of the United States from 1850 to 1875, either term. Assistant Professor T. W. Page.

Practical Economics, single or double term.

History of American Industrial Development, single or double term.
Dr. W. S. Ferguson.

The History of Greek Civilization, single or double term.
The Transition from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire, single

or double term. Dr. C. B. Wakeman.

The History of England, either term.

Territorial Expansion in the United States, either term. Mr. Lincoln Hutchinson.

The Foundations of Western Civilization, either term.

The Commercial and Industrial Supremacy of England, either term.
ORIENTAL STUDIES. Professor John Fryer.

The Philosophies and Religions of China, either term.
The Philosophies and Religions of Japan, either term.
The Commerce of China and Japan, either term.
The Classical Literature of China, (from English translations) either term.

In re

Art Association of the University of California.

The object of the Art Association is to realize a higher culture among the students of the University of California by contact and familiarity with the classical and ideal in painting, sculpture, music, and poetry.

The status of membership is active and associate. The active members are registered women students of the University. A Board of Directors chosen from these carries on the work of the organization, which consists of providing four entertainments each semester. The associate members are those interested in the advancement of art. The associate members are subject to the payment of dues, which are $1.50 a year. The payment of these dues is the only burden imposed upon the associate members. turn each receives a ticket for every entertainment during one year, the total expense of which would be four dollars by single admission. Beside this material advantage associate members have the satisfaction of knowing that they are assisting in a most worthy object - that of bringing to the students the refining influence of music, literature, and art. The Board of Directors are as follows: Miss Eva Powell, President, Miss Abby Waterman. Corresponding 921 Myrtle Street, Okland.

S. cretary, 2511 Channing Way,

Miss Mary F. Jewett, Recording Miss Edna Wilde, Trearurer, 2420

Secretary, 2511 Benvenue Avenue, College Avenue, Berkeley.

Miss Elizabeth Adams,
Miss Carroll Day,

Miss Eliza McKinne, Miss Lucile Gaves,

Miss Mary Ratcliff, Miss Mary Kittridge,

Miss Inez Shippee, Miss Helen Winchester,

EDUCATIONAL MEETINGS. The California Teachers' Association, Pacific Chico, October 31, November 1-2. G. H. Stokes, Grove, December 30, 31, and Japuary 1, 2, 3. R. president. D. Faulkner, president; Mrs. M. M. FitzGerald,

The Southern California Teachers' Association secretary.

will hold its session in Los Angeles, DecemNorthern California Teachers' Association.

ber 19-20. Lewis B Avery, president.


Plumas Couuty, Supt. W. P. Donnelly; Quincy,

San Diego County, Supt. Baldwin; December October 8, 9, 10, and 11.

16, 17, 18. Shasta County. Supt. Margaret I. Poore; Red

San Benito County, Supt. Garper; October 22ding October 28-30.

Lake County, Supt, Haycock; October 22-24.
Glenn County, Supt. F. M. Reager; Willows,
October 28-30.

Kings County, Supt. Graham; December 16, 17,

18. T. hama County, Supt. Lepa Nargle; Red

Yolo County, Supt. Peart; October 28, 29, 30. Bluff, October 28-30.

Colusa County, Supt. Loughenour; October 23, Stanislaus County, Supt. J. Wagener; Modesto

29, 30. November 4-6.

Sacramento County. Supt. B. F. Howard; NoLos Angeles County, Supt. J. H. Strine; Decem- vember 25, 26, 27. ber 16, 17, 18.

Butte County, Supt. R. H. Dunn; Oc ober 28, 29, Santa Barbara County, Supt. W. S. Edwards; 30. December 16, 17, 18.

San Joaquin County, Supt. E. B. Wright: No Orange County, Supt. Greely; December 16. 17, vember 25, 26, 27, 18.


From every city in the western states comes the School of Mechanical Arts, Friday, September 20, report of largely increased enrollment of pupils 1901. The students and officers of the school parover previous years.

ticipated in the morning exercises. From 1 to The beautiful new school building at St. Helena

4:30 P. M. the school was open to the inspection of will be finished in time for Superintendent Imrie

the general public. to use for his institute.

The report published in the daily papers that There is to be erected in Stockton a new high

there were sixty weddings at Honolulu due to the

effect of moonlight nights on the steamer Thomas, school building. Under the direction of Superin. tendent Barr, it will undoubtedly eclipse anything

is a base fabrication. There were only two wed: in the state.

dings- one in a balloon, the other in a church. Prof. Edward S. Meany of the University of

The Supreme Court has rendered a decision, reWashington offers three prizes of $50, $30 and $20

versing the judgement of Judge Budd of the San for the best essays on the life of General Isaac I.

Joaquin Superior Court, in the case of the Stockton

School District versus E. B. Wright as County Stevens.

Superintendent of Schools. The decision sets at R. E. Friars of Everett, Washington, ex-county rest a question over which there has been much superintendent and member of State Board of dispute, namely, whether the public school money Education, has been elected to a position in the could be legally apportioned for the average daily Everett high school.

attendance in ninth grades and High Schools. Toe President Parker of the University of Arizona has

Supreme Court says that the money cannot be so been removed by the board of regents. In view of

paid. It is an important victory for County Superthe fact that President Parker had recently been

intendent Wright and a question which is of great re-elected for a term of four years a contest will

interest in educational affairs in general. The mat

ter has been in the courts over three years District occur.

Attorney Ashley has ably represented Mr. Wright Founder's Day was observed at the California

in the case.

There is a scarcity of teachers in Idaho. Dorothy Vogelsang, Clare E. Rodgers, May E. There is reported a great scarcity of teachers

A. Gray, Kathryn H. Daly, Mollie McLaren, in Minnesota.

Lois Angeline Peckham, Annie Whitley, Agnes

McDonald, Kernan Robson, Anna Dwyer, Ellen F. H. Plumb, of North Yakina Schools, C. Gaines, Ethel Washington, Ida L. Downing, Wash., has been called East by the death of his Clinton E. Miller, Annie Harrower, Adelaide M. wife.

Cobb, Emma L. Noonan, Edith S. Humphrey, Superintendent Jas. A. Foshay of Los Ange

Elvina Berard, Marie F. d'Or, Maude Schendel, les and Superintendent Greeley were in San

Helen M. Hogan, Margaret A. Noon, May T. Francisco the week of October 5th, attending

Gaffney, Anna G. Brittain. Masonic meetings.

Three of the above are graduates of the State

Normal School, San Francisco. Three are The citizens, teachers and officers are making

graduates of the Normal during the regime of preparations for an excellent meeting of the Miss Fowler and Mrs. Fitzgerald. Three are California Northern Teachers' Association at from Fresno County, one from Butte, one from Chico, Oct. 30, Nov. 1, 2.

Santa Clara, one from Tulare, one from San Arizona now has a compulsory school law

Joaquin, etc. which requires that all children between the The pupils of the Grant School, San Franages of eight and fourteen years, shall be com- cisco, have been corresponding with similar pelled to attend school at least six weeks in schools in Kentucky. The difference in the each year.

writing, the composition, the neatness and Charles E. Schwartz, a graduate of Stanford,

illustrations of the papers is very remarkable. son-in-law of John Swett, has been elected

Leslie A. Jordan, the deputy superintendent of successor to A. H. Suzzallo, of the Longfellow

schools of San Francisco, has taken great interSchool, Alameda. Mr. Suzzallo will study at

est in the correspondence, not only on account Columbia University next year.

| of the fact that it shows the superiority of the

work done by the pupils of the Grant School, Superintendent B. F. Howard and wife of but because in such a correspondence there is Sacramento have returned from a tour of two created a keen interest on the part of the pupils months in the east. They visited the musical for more adequate knowledge. centers as well as New York, Buffalo and other points of interest. Superintendent Howard is

Mrs. Phæbe A. Hearst announced that she back at the old stand at the Court House greatly

had offered to the university a department of improved in health.

anthropology, and to maintain it at a cost of

about $50,000 a year. The offer was accepted President Pierce, of the Los Angeles Normal, and in accordance with her suggestion the folhas invited Superintendent Hyatt to address the

lowing Advisory Committee selected: classes of the Normal on the practical side President of the University of California; F. W. of teaching in the rural schools. The movement

Putnam, curator of Peabody Museum, Harvard ; that President Pierce has inaugurated to bring Zella Nuttalb, honorary assistant in Mexican the Normal in closer touch with the rural schools archælogy, Peabody Museum; Alice C. Fletcher, is most excellent.

assistant in ethnology, Peabody Museum; Frank Vice-Principal S. P. Meads of the Oakland Boas, professor of anthropology, Columbia UniHigh School has resigned owing to the fact that versity; J. C. Merriam, assistant professor of the Board of Education a short time ago ma- paleontology, University of California. terially reduced his salary, under the pretext of

Announcement was also made that Mrs. economy. For twenty-three years he has been Hearst has given $2,000 for a geological and at the head of the scientific department o the paleontological research of the gravel formations school. His salary was reduced from $2,100 per

of California, with reference to a determination, year to $1,650. Professors Koch and Beiden- if possible, of the geological time when man bach both left the department because of the

first appeared. Professor J. C. Merriman will reduced salaries.

have charge of this work. The San Francisco Board of Education has

The “Atlantic Monthly" for October contains elected the following teachers to the eligible

a most touching tribute to McKinley. It has list: Elizabeth B. Moore, Cecilia M. Gilchrist,

many other able and high class articles.



Southern California Teachers' am much better. I think this change is exactly Association.

what I needed and that the climate will agree

with me. The annual meeting of this association will be

I am living with Mr. and Mrs. Brink in one held December 18, 19 and 20 of this year in Los

of the finest Filipino houses the country affords. Angeles. The prospects are for the largest

There are six in the family besides the six sergathering in the history of the organization.

vants - the postmaster, Mr. Brink's secretary, The teachers' institutes held in the various

another teacher and myself. We have a good county seats will close their sessions Wednesday

sized orchard in which grows nearly every afternoon, December 18, and teachers will go to

variety of tro, ical fruit. The river, heavily Los Angeles to be present at the opening of the

wooded on both sides, flows in front of the house. S. C. T. Association Wednesday evening. A

The "bancas," or long, narrow boats, going up rate of one are for the round trip has been ob

and down, make a beautiful picture. My school tained - the best concession the railroads have

house is near, so I can walk even in the worst ever allowed the association. A very large at

weather. tendance will surely result. Five of the seven

General Funston's headquarters are here. He southern counties have agreed to unite in this

entertains frequently and is very nice to the meeting, and the others will probably join.

people in general. With the co-operation of the State Association,

Many wealthy natives are here also, and aš E. Benjamin Andrews of the University of New York has been obtained for this meeting and

they open their homes to us I get a great deal

of amusement and pleasure out of them. Dr. Jordan and Dr. Wheeler of the California

J. ANNABEL REED. universities have consented to be present. It is expected that Dr. Livingston C. Lord, President of the Eastern State Normal School of Illinois, will attend. He will take part in the institute work of some of the counties. Programs for the

Teachers' Institutes. meeting are about to be arranged. Foll wing are the officers of the association: L. B. Avery,

Dan H. White held a most interesting session

of his annual institute at Vallejo this year, Redlands, president; Edward Hyatt, Riverside, first vice-president; Ednah A. Rich, Santa

Sept. 24, 25, 26. L. Dupont Syle, Job Wood Barbara, second vice-president; F. W. Guthrie,

Jr., T. H. Kirk, Professor H. M. Bland and

Rev. Dr. C. R. Brown were among his instruetRedondo, recording secretary; F. A. Bouelle, Los Angeles, financial secretary; C. A. Kunou,

The people of Vallejo entertained the Los Angeles, transportation secretary; E. P.

teachers delightfully and Dan White entertained Rowell, Los Angeles, treasurer.

everybody. The institute was a success, and the ability with which it was conducted reflects

credit on Superintendent White. Teaching in the Philippines.

Superintendent J. B. Brown held his institute

at Eureka, Sept. 16, 17, 18. The instructors SAN FERNANDO, PAMPANGA, P. I., were Professor T. L. Heaton, Miss Jennie Long

August 18, 1901. and Mr. Lemon, the tree expert. Miss Long's Mr. Harr Wagner, 723 Market St., San Francisco. "Common Sense in Reading " was greatly ap

MY DEAR MR. WAGNER:- Manila is all right; preciated by the teachers. Professor Heaton : ave however I am at San Fernando, Pampanga, a practical work along the teachers' experience town of perhaps twenty thousand inhabitants. in primary and grammar schools. SuperintendIt is on the railroad about forty miles north of ent Brown conducted the institute in a business Manila. It is said to be the finest town in the like way. The most notable event of the instiprovinces and I believe that it is true. My work tute was the strong rendition of a chapter from is very easy. The school hours are from seven- the Bibleby Miss Long. thirty to ten in the forenoon, and from twothirty to four-thirty in the afternoon. As far as the climate is concerned I have not found it unpleasant, quite the reverse. After living so

“Who is that whistling?" asked the teacher, many years in a dry country I really enjoy the looking over tne assemblage of juveniles. heavy rain'all. I have not entirely recovered

“Me,'' promptly replied a new pupil. "Didn't from the sickness I had in San Francisco, but

you know I could whistle? - Chicago News.



Literary Notes.

Publications. We have received from Lewis B. Avery a The Story of a Child. Translated from the copy of the Course of Study of the Redlands

French of Pierre Lotti. By Caroline F. High School. It has many unique features.

Smith, with an introduction by Edward How

ard Griggs. C. C. Birchard & Company, 221 A most attractive catalog of the Los Angeles

Columbus Avenue, Boston, Mass. Military Academy has been recieved. This ex

Edward Howard Griggs in the introduction cellent school is now conducted by Walter J.

writes as follows: “It is peculiarly necessary Baily, formerly Superintendent of Schools of

that teachers harassed with the routine of their San Diego County.

work, and parents distracted with the multitude

of details of daily existence, should have such The Review of Reviews for October contains

windows opened thru which they may look a most excellent account of Mr. McKinley, also

across the green meadows and into the sunlit of Theodore Roosevelt.

gardens of childhood. The result is not theories The National Magazine of Boston held a vot- of child life, but appreciation of children. ing contest recently on the foremost living Ameri "It is fortunate that the translator has caught can authors. Three Californians are near the the subtle charm of Lotti's style, so difficult to head of the list: Joaquin Miller, Edwin Mark- render in another speech, in an amazing degree. ham and Jack London. The letter of Bertrand This is peculiarly necessary here, for accuracy Waterman, champion of Joaquin Miller, drew of translation means giving the delicate changes the first prize. Here it is :

of color and elusive chords of music that voice “Joaquin Miller is foremost among American the moods and impressions of which the book is men of letters now living. His work, it may be made.” Handsomely bound in cloth, and well conceded, is done; he will probably not produce printed on excellent paper. $1.25. anything hereafter of the rank of his great epic, "Sapho and Phaon.'

Ward's Letter Writing and Business Forms Yet he is spared to us in

Vertical Edition. Numbers I and II, ten cents person, and long may he be spared! I place the each Numbers III and IV, 15 cents each. 'Poet of the Sierras' first because he has, alone American Book Company. among American literary men, given adequate This series presents social and business letpoetic expression to the majesty and beauty and ters and forms of all kinds, in the vertical style romance of the far West's deserts and rivers, of penmanship, with very complete directions its mighty mountains and forests, and to the and definitions to aid the pupil in reproducing Pacific ocean. He has been better known in the similar forms without copy. He learns to do East and in Europe for his less meritorious early by doing, guided by directions at the head of pieces than for the later and immeasurably the page, and assisted by his own powers of obgreater productions. Altho other living Ameri- servation. The books seem to cover very comcan authors of the first class have reached very pletely the subjects treated, and to be admirably much larger audiencies during their lifetime, adapted for successful teaching in elementary there is in my mind no doubt that Mr. Miller's schools. fame will expand after his death for hundreds of years, until he shall come to his rightful place as the one American, Walt Whitman alone ex

Translations cepted, who has created great Homeric poems

Literal, 50c. Interlinear, $1.50. 147 vols. out of material characteristically American. I do not forget, In this connection, the claims

Dictionaries made for Henry W. Longfellow as an epic poet,

German, French, Italian, Spanish,

Latin, Greek, $2.00, and $1.00. on the strength of ‘Hiawatha' and 'Evangeline.' Far greater than these, in power, beauty and the

Completely Parsed Caesar, free spirit that is the essence of all really great

Book I. Has on each page, interlinear

translation, literal translation, and poetry, are Miller's song of the Sunset Seas,'

every word completely parsed. $1.50. his ‘Rhyme of the Amazon,' and his ‘Sapho and

Completely Scanned and Parsed AePhaon,' the last named a magnificent epic of

neid, Book I. $1.50. Ready August, 1900. the Pacific."

HINDS & NOBLE, Publishers, Silas G. Pratt has written a most interesting 4-5-6-12-13-14 Cooper Institute, N.Y. City. book. It is entitled “Lincoln in Story,” and is

Schooibooks of all publishers at one store. published by D. Appleton & Co. Price, 75 cts.

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