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Pacific Grove

As a Place of Meeting for the State Teachers' Association. The preparations now under way for the coming State Association have been sufficient to reveal the wisdom of that body in choosing Pacific Grove as the next place of meeting. Perhaps no place in California could offer a wider field of interest, as certainly none could present a more picturesque and beautiful setting of natural scenery. President Faulkner has twice

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visited the place in the last six months, and has expressed himself as much pleased with the outlook. Mr. Faulkner is a live man, and will undoubtedly take advantage of local opportunities in such a way as to give us a unique and interesting session.

To begin with, the nature study section can look for something out of the ordinary. The round-table sessions will be held in the Hopkins' Seaside Laboratory; and with Professor Jenkins himself as chairman, we may expect some good things. Just what these will be cannot as yet be definitely stated. There might be a series of lectures and demonstrations on sea-life. Some rare and interesting forms can be collected and exhibited in the glass

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Richard D. Faulkner was born in Irvington, Washington County, m, August 27, 1858. He graduated from the University of Illinois in 1877 He taught a district school during the school year of 1877–78. In 1878 he came to California. In 1888 he was elected vice-principal of the Lincoln Grammar School, San Francisco, after an apprenticeship in the district, grammar and high schools of the interior of the state. 1893 he was made principal of the Potrero Primary School, now the Irving M. Scott Grammar School, and in 1895 principal of the Franklin Grammar School. His individuality is stamped in both of these schools. The former was thru his personal efforts and influence reorganized and rebuilt, while under his principalship the teaching force of the latter has become widely known for its progressiveness.

Principal Faulkner is the author of the "Suggestive Correlations,"contained in the Hittell-Faulkner "Brief History of California," published in 1898; while his article, "The California State Text-Book System,” contributed to the "Educational Review,” June, 1900, is the most comprehensive review that has been made of the system.

tanks and aquaria. The local museum has also a very good exbibit of such specimens. So there will be unusual opportunities for the nature study section.

It has been suggested that the history section devote one-half day to visiting the monuments of early California history. Historical remains are numerous in the vicinity of Monterey, which adjoins Pacific Grove. Sup

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pose someone thoroly familiar with these scenes were secured as guide and instructor on such an expedition; let him point out the interesting places, and guide the party in the steps of the Mission Fathers from the cross where they landed, to the San Carlos and Carmel where they labored and taught; what fun to dig around inside the old custom house and the capitol building; and finally to get a few snap shots at some of the black-eyed children of a vanished day as they flock about the door of a tumble-down adobe!

Of course Del Monte will be the centre of social life. There will be rapid connections by rail with Pacific Grove. The hotel will throw open its six hundred guest-chambers, its parlors, billiard and ballrooms to the teach

If any want to, they can lord it in the clubhouse and on the golf links. Terms have been secured that put Del Monte accommodations within the reach of all who care to stay there. And yet the same bill of fare and the same courteous attention will be given the teachers that was received when Carnegie stopped here, or when the Princess Louise called it "the cleanest and best-kept hotel she had ever visited." A right good orchestra will be there; it may strike up some lively music at the New Year's reception. At

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this function, Mr. Junker promises to throw open the ladies' parlor and billiard-room in connection with the ballroom and enclosed veranda. There will be plenty of space for all who come from Pacific Grove, as well as for those that may be staying at the hotel. I shall not say there won't be dancing

Many teachers will find quarters in Pacific Grore. El Carmelo is a good hotel, and there are many excellent boarding places within easy reach of Assembly H-11. The attractions of Pacific Grove are well known. To those who have not visited the place in winter we will say that there are no fogs at this season, that the air is warm - almost balmy- and that the big waves thundering on the rocks out toward the lighthouse are more fascinating than the gentle wash of those in summer; while the numerous paths that wind under overbanging boughs, thru brakes and mossy banks by lake



and cypress groves, are just as attractive as ever. To prove this, we call to witness the fourteen newly-married persons that recently met all on a day at the El Carmelo.They say marriage is catching. Let it be so ! If there is a thinning of the schoolma'am ranks as a result of all these social opportunities, if some are consolidated out of the profession, it will only leave more room for the rest. However, as a pious resident of Pacific Grove, the writer feels it his duty to warn the schoolmasters against the bar of the Half Way House - the Last Chance Coming and First Chance Going - and the scene of many a wreck.

Pacific Grove is a favorite place for rest and recreation among Stanford people and others. It will be a delightful change from the grind of teaching. This fact will not, however, interfere with the serious work of the

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