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Superintendent John A. Imrie called his institute

with LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as they cannot for October 28, 29, 30, at the county seat. Its most

reach the seat of the disease. Catarrh is a blood noticeable feature was the hearty enthusiasm and

or constitutional disease, and, in order to cure it, unanimity of the whole teaching body, the good

you must take internal remedies. Hall,s Catarrh fellowship among them and between them and the Cure is taken internally, and acts directly on the superintendent. This always insures a good insti. ¡ blood and mucous surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure tute. It is easy for a few malcontents to sprinkle

is not a quack medicine. It was prescribed by one cold water, spread wet blankets, defeat the highest

of the best physicians in tbis country for years, success of an institute anywbere; but Napa County

and is a regular prescription. It is composed of does't seem to have a single one of that kind.

the best tonics known, combined with the best Among the salient features of the gathering may

blood purifiers, acting directly on the mucous surbe mentioned:

faces. The perfect combination of the two ingre1. The scholarly lectures of the Rev. Ernest E.

dients is what produces such wonderful results in Baker on literary subjects. These were interesting

curing Catarrh. Send for testimonials, free. and inspiring to a high degree.

F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. 2. The cheerful and delightful singing by the

Sold by Druggists, 750. whole institute, led by Professor Merwin of the

Hall's Family Pills are the best. Napa High School. 3. The kindly and helpful talks of Job Wocd Jr.

City Superintendent Hughes and the city of These were along the lines of practical teaching

Alameda are to be congratulated on voting a hun

dred thousand dollars for school improvements. and good citizenship, and were highly appreciated

The National educational Association will meet by the teachers.

next year in Minneapolis. 4. The psychological and professional work conducted by Professor Snedden.

. ward Hyatt of Riverside. Mr. Hyatt worked along an original lead in this line and made a deep impression on the county, bringing along the actual

Patented Nov. 26. 1901 materials to work with and distributing them among the teachers, so that they could go back to their scliools with something tangible and ready to pass on to their pupils. Superintendent Imrie had provided a quantity of the common boulders and pebbles of Napa County, and a part of the nature work was based upon this. The teachers were delighted with'the simple and practical plan proposed, and many of them are already at work upon





6. The spontaneous and delightful talks of Jane Seymour Klink, along the lines of teaching the common branches.

7. A description of teaching school in the Phillippine Islands by one of the local teachers who had been there. She was listened 10 with the keenest

The accompanying cur represenis an adattention and made quite a sensation by declaring

justable attachment for the school disk its a

receptacle for pen, penci s. era-er, and ruler, that it was not possible for a teacher to make money and having atiached thereto a kid pen wiper. enough there for ordinary living expeases

By the use of this case much valuable time 8. The practical and helpful lectures of Professor will be saved to both pupil and tear her and Heaton, so highly appreciated by everyone.

more satisfactory work will be accomp ished There were many other good features, but these in many lines. The unavoidable noise in are the ones we have heard particularly mentioned.

handling a wooden box and rattling pencils is thus entirely done away with, and the

ruler can be used and replaced without the Pacific Coast Bureau of Education slightest sound. Pencils do no break and

pens remain in good condition much longer OLDEST TEACHERS' AGENCY

by being always wiped and kept where they

cannot drop upon the floor on the Coast. Recommends superior teach

The IMPROVED SCHOLARS' COMers. Services free to school officers Regis- PANION is highly endorsed by Superintration form mailed to teachers on applica

tendents and Boards of Education, and is tion. ANNA MCNEILL, Manager. being generally recommended for the use of 31 Flood Bldg., San Francisco.

pupils, to preserve quiet, and teach princi

ples of order and neatness. at about HALF USUAL RATES by

Samples will be mailed on receipt of 25 cents. MAGAZINES

ordering in clubs. For special club Comfort Manufacturing Company offers, address, ALVIN LONG, Lyons, Kansas.

Telephone James 661. 1769 Tenth St., Oakland, Cal

School Borlary Books

School Stationer and

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Modesto was the scene of the county institute No

Wholesale Dealers in vember 4, 5, and 6. It was managed by the genial and smiling J. A. Wagener, County Superintendent chool Books of Schools. Everything went merry as a marriage

: bell, and the teachers went home feeling that they had had a successful meeting.

The music was in charge of Professor Hintze, who was in high good humor over the election of his friend, Mayor Schmitz. One social evening

Pacific Coast Depository for the Educawas prepared by the Modesto teachers for their fellows from the county at large. Professor Roesman

tional Publications of Messrs. Ginn & Co., was master of ceremonies. Games, refreshments,

D. C. Heath & Co., The Macmillan Co., and dancing were the means of amusement.

Silver, Burdett & Co., Thos. R. Shewell The Hon. Frank J. Browne of Berkeley gave his

& Co., Allyn & Bacon, Williams lecture on Shakespeare at an evening session and his work on geography during the day.

Rogers, Sibley & Ducker, Longmans, President Frederic Burk of San Francisco gave

Green & Co., B. H. Sanborn & Co., The his vigorous and original talks on methods of Morse Co., Scott, Foresman & Co., Public teaching the common branches as practiced the School Publishing Co., Raub & Co.. San Francisco Normal School.

Maynard, Merrill & Co., and Selling Edward Hyatt of Riverside gave some racy ex- Agents for all the other publishers. periences of a superintendent in visiting schools,

A Complete line of School Library Books. which made an entertaining and amusing way of

Send for Catalogue. teaching many a useful lesson to the younger teachers.

319-325 Sansome St. San Francisco Professor Thomas Downey of Modesto made a number of scholarly addresses on mental arithme- A Collection of Poems tic and other school topics.

Short talks were given by Professor Murtha of Oakdale, Mr. Hanscom of Modesto, Mr. Jones, Mr.

Arranged by Grades. ,; and Recitations Rhea, Mr. Williams, Mrs. Halverson, Miss Wheeler, Miss Monaco, Miss Turner, and ythers. The teach

POEMS FOR MEMORIZING Contains the complete

list of Poems selected ers took part in the discussions in lively fashion, by PROF. EILWOOD P. CUBBERLEY, of Stauford and they added greatly to the general result.

University Compiled, graded, and arranged by The institute was closed by a five minute talk

ALICE ROSE POWER from Superintendent Wagener to his teachers

These selections have actually been tried in the differ. which was a model of its kind - a graceful and

ent grades and approved by practical teachers It pointed close. It should be written out and sent

contaws the complete list of poems for grade work to THE JOURNAL for others to profit by.

I recommended by Prof. Cubberley for grade use with

the exception of three or four. The literary and ethical value of these poenis easily makes it the most valuable

list of poems published for school use. The poems are Dubbs's New Practical Arithmetic. By Eugene

selected from approved original sources. As a deck

book for teachers, as a library book for pupils and par. L. Dubbs. Boards, 12mo, 440 pages. Price, 60

ents, as a reader for all classes, it furuishes the best

material that can be obtained anywhere. cents. American Book Company, New York, Cin- The book contains upwards of 200 pages set in clear, cinnati, Chicago.

long primer type, printed on delicately shaded paper The aim of this book is threefold - first, to cul

so that the children's eyes are not injured while memor

iziug. tivate liabits of accuracy and rapidity in arithmeti

Favorable Comments cal computation; second, to develop the reasoning

“You have done a good piece of work."' – Prof. Elpowers; and third, to make the pupils familiar wood P. Cubberley with the ordinary commercial applications of arith- "It is a splendid collection." – Supt. Geo. S. Ramsay metic Special attention has been given to clear

"It is the finest collection I have seen. Send me six

copies for the Teachers' Library." - Supt. Hugh J. ness of explanation, conciseness of statement, and Baldwin. thoroness of drill. Each subject is introduced by carefully worded definitionis, followed by a statement of the principles involved in the process to Publishers and

723 Market Street be developed. After the study of the written solu


San Francisco tion of a model example, the rule is briefly stated,

THE A. YANDER NAILLEN and the problems bearing on the subject are then presented

School of Practical, Mining, Ciwil, Mechanical

Electrical Engineering, Metallurgy, Cyanide Pro. cess, etc. Surveying, Architecture, Drawing and

Assaving. (Incorporated ) Clay Har ton, superintendent of schools of Inyo County,

113 Fulton St., one block West of City Hall. has arranged to hold an institute at Bishop, December 17

Assaying of Ores, $25; Bullion and Chlorination Assay; 20. Superintendent A. B. Coffey and Superintendent

$25; Blowpipe Assay, 310; Full Course of Assaying. $50,

Prospector's Course, $15. Established 1864. Open ali Thomas J. Kirk have agreed to be present and assist him.!

year. Send for Catalog.

The Whitaker & Ray Co

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Size 6 feet by 5 feet 6 inches



A Political Map of our State

combined with the . his is not a PICTURE MAP, but the ELEVATIONS are brought out vividly and clearly by a NEW PROCESS OF LITHOGRAPHY, combined with the

this improved process the map shows clearly the Mountain Ranges, Principal Peaks, Watersheds,
Valleys. In fact, the EXACT geographical formation of California is as clearly shown as it would
te if the observer was looking down upon it from a lofty height.


With names, showing the COUNTIES IN SEPARATE COLORS


All drawn from the very latest official sources, thus producing the

Largest and Latest and Most Accurate Map of California in Existence

WITH THIS MAP not only can be seen the Elevations, Mountain Ranges, Depressions, etc., but the NAMES ARE SO PLAINLY SEEN that even a child in the lower grades, when viewing that great depression in the middle of our State, knows also without being told, that it constitutes the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys and that the elevation on one side is the Coast Range aud on the other the Sierra Nevada Mountains ;--- an object lesson that can never be forgotten. Besides being a POLITICAI, MAP, it is a vivid BIRD'S EYE VIEW of the Geographical Divisions. A BIAP FOR THE HOME, THE OFFICE, THE LIBRARY, BUT MOST PARTICULARLY


An Agricultural Map, a Mineral Map, an Oil Map, a Timber Map, and a Viticultural Map, together with

accurate, and valuable statistics, constituting on the whole the most valuable Educationa'
Map ever published.

For prices and further particulars, write the Pre


7.23 Market Street

San Francisco

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